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HEALTH Be proud of YOUR

HEALTH Be proud of YOUR SMILE Introducing Dr Richard Marques who is one of the UK’s leading celebrity dentists and is known as ‘The King of Smiles’. For more information on Dr Marques and his London based dental practice please see: 0207 637 1672 Follow @ask_the_dentist @ask_the_dentist THE celebrity’s CHOICE It’s been all go at the clinic as usual, with a dazzling mix of famous faces, including the stunning Ashley James, who popped in to freshen up her Dr Marques smile ahead of her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. We thought her smile looked great. What did you think!? THIS MONTH’S product recommendation One of the most popular products from my ‘By Richard Marques’ ( dental range is the Co-Enzyme Q10. I would highly recommend this product because it is a supplement that’s amazing for the strength and health of gums and can be used to improve periodontal health in combination with treatments from your dentist. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MY TOP TEN DIET TIPS FOR A HEALTHY MOUTH! Eat lots of greens like spinach and kale that are high in anti-oxidants as well as vitamins including Vitamin K, which is an important nutrient for a healthy mouth. Believe it or not, raw onion works wonders for your oral health because onions contain antibacterial compounds that kill the harmful bacteria found on your teeth. Natural yoghurt is a great source of calcium, which helps keep teeth strong and protects the enamel that covers them. Just make sure it’s sugar free! Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are a superfood for teeth. They’re high in Vitamin D and calcium, which are both really important for keeping teeth strong, as well as Omega-3 which is proven to have multiple health benefits. Take Co Enzyme Q10, a vital molecule that’s every dentists favourite for overall gum health. It’s very difficult to get enough of this from diet alone, so I recommend taking supplements to boost intake. Stock up on orange foods! Carrots, sweet potato and mango are all deliciously high Vitamin A content, which is amazing for protecting and strengthening tooth enamel. Avoid sugary food and drinks. Bacteria in the mouth feeds on sugar, turning it into acid that can lead to tooth decay, so it’s best to steer clear on things like sweets and fizzy drinks. If you’re suffering from gum disease add some shiitake mushrooms to your diet. They contain lentinan, which helps fight the harmful bacteria that attacks the gums. Raw ginger helps remove plaque that builds up on teeth and can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Pop some into a healthy smoothie or add to hot water for fresh ginger tea. Snack on almonds which contain lots of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps balance the levels of bacteria in the mouth.

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