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FILM INTERVIEW Olivia Cooke The UK’s next big star on the ‘pure adventure’ of working with Steven Spielberg. I f you haven’t already heard of Oldham native Olivia Cooke from her numerous hit films and TV series, 2018 will no doubt be the year to change that. The British actress has been incredibly busy the last four years, making a name for herself in horror movies Ouija and The Quiet Ones, breaking everyone’s hearts in Me, Earl and The Dying Girl, and appearing on TV show Bates Motel. This month, however, she gets her dream role in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. “I read the script first, and it just felt like pure adventure” she says of the sci-fi fantasy, set within a virtual reality game where a young boy from a poor neighbourhood seeks to find the treasure left by the game’s creator. She plays Art3mis, a fellow gamer also out for the treasure. “It was Willy Wonka, it was Indiana Jones, and also this chance to work with Steven Spielberg, it feels very surreal. When you’re a kid you’re like ‘I want to be an actor, I want to be in a Steven Spielberg film’ and it seems so absurd!” Many characters in the film play two roles – that of their character and that of a virtual avatar that represents them in the game. For Cooke, it was a chance to experience acting from a different perspective as many scenes involved motion capture technology. “Yeah it was really fun” she beams at a press conference for the film. “These avatars are sometimes the idealised version of themselves or a completely different creation, So working with that kind of duality in mind, because some of us in motion capture had to adopt different characteristics and different physicalities so to work with that was really fun and interesting, unlike anything I’ve had to do before. It’s a challenge for us all I would say, speaking on behalf of everyone!” Finally, with the futuristic technology not a million miles away from the type of technology we have today, the young actor admits to feeling a sense of dread that the dystopian world of the movie made come to pass in the reality. “This feels scarily close to a world that we’re entering!” she says, warily. Although, with a new movie with Oscar Isaac and her own mini series also in the works, the immediate future looks very bright for her! When you're a kid you're like 'I want to be an actor, I want to be in a Steven Spielberg film' and it seems so absurd! Ready Player One is released 29th March 34

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