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20 Get Your Dancing

20 Get Your Dancing Shoes On The OIR Dance Group meet on a Monday at 1.30pm in the Clark Memorial Hall, Largs. Dancing consists of Ballroom, Sequence, Old Time and Scottish. All new members are made welcome, so dust off your old dance shoes and come along and join us, come alone or bring a partner. Contact: Bill Alexander 01475 522043 or Archie Adams 01475 649008. Pre Festival Sunday 11th: Come & Try Lindy Hopping Bowling Club, 1 to 3pm £5, book in advance Festival starts Tuesday 13th: Small Fezzes Concert ‘ANNIE’S SONG’ McKillop Hall (bar), 7.30pm Free - Donations to Corseford School Wednesday 14th: Official Opening Lochwinnoch Library (invitation only), 7pm Free, Charity St Vincent’s Hospice Thursday 15th: Christopher Brookmyre McKillop Hall, 7.30pm £4/£5.50 Friday 16th: A Buddy Good Laugh McKillop Hall 7.30pm £10/£8 Bar and raffle Photography Exhibition Opening 23 Main St (invitation only), 7pm to 9pm Free entry, donations to St Vincent’s Billy Hampson Corner Bar 9pm Pub night Saturday 17th: Photography Exhibition 23 & 37 Main Street, 10am to 5pm, Free entry, donations to St Vincent’s Craft Fair McKillop Hall1 to 4pm Free entry Susie Lamont’s Pupil Concert Lochwinnoch Parish Church 4pm - 6pm Free entry, donations to the Red Cross Laura McDonald & Rose Room McKillop Hall, 7.30pm £10/£8 Bar and Raffle Sean’s Session Corner Bar, 9pm, Pub night Sunday 18th: Photography Exhibition 23 & 37 Main Street, 1pm - 4pm, Free entry, donations to St Vincent’s Sing for St Vincent’s LCS Lochwinnoch Parish Church, 2pm - 4pm, Donations, Everyone welcome Come & Try Samba Drumming Percussion Calder Church, 2pm & 3pm £5 adult £3 children RSNO Brass Quintet Matthew McAllister Lochwinnoch Parish Church, 7.30pm, £4/£5.50 ‘ Monday 19th: Badger the Mystical Mutt Author Event Lochwinnoch Primary School Accordion Orchestra & Gospel Choir McKillop Hall, 7.30pm £4/£5.50 Tuesday 20th: Witches’ Brew McKillop Hall, 11am Free entry Rock Choir & Witches’ Brew Lochwinnoch Parish Church, 7.30pm £4/£5.50 Wednesday 21st: Glasgow Theatre Guilds Musicality Lochwinnoch Parish Church, 7.30pm £4/£5.50 Thursday 22nd: Calder Drama Society McKillop Hall 7.30pm £4/£6 bar Jammin’ at The Junction £20.95 and £24.95 Friday 23rd: Calder Drama Society McKillop Hall, 7.30pm £4/£6 bar Jammin’ at The Junction £20.95 and £24.95 Southpaw Three Churches, 9pm Saturday 24th: Corinne Hutton McKillop Hall, 10.30am £4/£5.50 Craft Fair McKillop Hall, 1 to 4pm, Free entry, tea &coffee Krafty Kids McKillop, 1 to 4pm £3 Drop in Rock Night ‘Howlin’ Radio’ & Willie Gamble McKillop Hall, 7.30pm £4/£6 Bar and raffle Graham McIver Brown Bull, 9pm Pub night Sunday 25th: Come & Try Pottery McKillop, 10am to 4pm £5 book in advance Come & Try Felting McKillop, 10.30am - 12.30pm £5 book in advance Mixed instrument Workshop McKillop, 10.30am - 12.30pm £5 book in advance Ukulele Workshop McKillop, 1pm - 3pm £5 book in advance Arts Festival Finale Concert Lochwinnoch Parish Church, 7.30pm £4/£6 March 13th - 25th Carrick Nights The Landmark Snail and Bottle Legal Case. the advertizer All concerts will take place in the Carrick Centre, Main Street, Houston commencing at 8.00pm. Friday 2nd March 2018 Kentigern Quartet + Maria Wilson and Accompanist Violinists Barbara Downie and Feargus Hetherington, violist Nicola Boag and cellist Jessica Kerr bring their collective experience in chamber music, working at home and internationally with leading British Orchestras and as educators to this ensemble. Their repertoire includes works by Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Britten and Ravel. Recent performances include Glasgow cathedral, St Mary’s Cathedral, the BBC Club at City Halls, Renfield St Stephen’s, and the Drake Chamber Series in Glasgow. Maria Wilson (soprano) runs Starlight Youth Music Theatre group in Paisley. Tonight is her night to perform, come along and enjoy a varied selection of music. Ticket Prices (single concert): Adults £12, Children/Student £5. Option to have a meal in our Café at 6.30pm prior to the concerts, but early booking recommended as space is limited. (2 courses £15 – BYOB) Should you wish more information or to request tickets please call 01505 229597 or e mail We are grateful to Enterprise Music Scotland, through funding provided by Creative Scotland, for their award of a grant to help make these Concerts a reality. The faded black and white photograph shows a beaming woman proudly bearing a baby girl in each arm. But far from being just a doting grandmother, May Donoghue earned a place in legal history as the claimant in the world renowned the ‘snail and the bottle’ legal case. Now Paisley-based artist Mandy McIntosh will use the precious family photo - the sole surviving picture of May - as the inspiration for a bronze statue. Mandy, who says she was keen to take on the project as there is such a dearth of female statues in Scotland, said: “...There are more statues of dogs in Edinburgh than there are of women so it’s very fitting that Mays’ legacy is celebrated in this way. May was a single mum living in poverty in Glasgow’s East End who had lost three children and had one surviving son. She successfully sued the ginger beer manufacturer Stevensons after falling ill when she found a dead snail in a bottle in Paisley’s Wellmeadow café in 1928. Her actions changed the laws on negligence, not only in her native Scotland, but across the globe. Mandy added: “The statue shows May holding her twin granddaughters Elizabeth and May on their christening day in 1952, which is like the scales of justice, her holding these two equal weights. “May was ridiculed in the press at the time by people saying she was only pursuing the legal case for the money, but she kept going and won the case... But although she came up out of poverty, she managed to change history.” It’s expected the statue will be installed – very fittingly – on 1 May at The Tannahill Centre in Paisley’s Ferguslie Park. May’s granddaughter Maggie Houston-Tomlin, the younger sister of the twins, who are 65 and now live in Oban and Bournemouth, says she and her siblings are delighted that her grandmother will be honoured and she plans to be at the unveiling. To book places or more information via the website or by telephone – 07868 752814 for Junction Jammin … call 01505 842225. “I’m so sorry not to be able to join the festival celebrations this year. I hear nothing but the most wonderful things about Lochwinnoch and wish everyone at this year’s festival the most fantastic time!” Nicola Benedetti deadline date for our april issue - Friday 16th March - You don’t want to miss it!!

march 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: Calder Drama Society Renfrewshire unveils dates for 2018 events programme 21 Renfrewshire 2018 Major Events! Paisley and Renfrewshire are in line for another bumper year of major events Selected highlights of the 2018 events programme include: Thursday 22nd and 23rd March Calder Drama Society Comedy ‘Lady Loversley’s Charter’ by our own Felix Lando (John Dolan)! McKillop Hall 7.30pm £4/£6 bar/raffle Sponsored by Miller Biofuels It is the year 1878. Constance‘s honeymoon to Lord Clifford ends abruptly when they return home prematurely to Murkleston Hall. Immediately on their return Clifford receives orders to join his military unit which is destined to fight in South Africa. Clifford’s closest friend Dr. Henry Livingstone is in love with Constance, but since her marriage she has spurned his advances. One day she is down by the river and falls in, fortunately being rescued by Mellors, the new gamekeeper and is immediately attracted to him. Shortly after this, there is an investigation which could lead to fraud charges being brought against her. Repair work on the Murkleston House which seems to have been going on interminably uncovers an age old parchment which pertains to a Charter which could solve Constance’s financial problems. There is also a priceless pendant which has gone missing and only Aunt Matilda knows of its whereabouts but unfortunately she cannot tell because she is slightly dead. Enter a Medium, who is asked to locate the missing pendant which all builds up to a thrilling and surprise ending. Gryffe Advertizer - Current & Past Issues What: When: Paisley Food Festival 27th - 28th April What: CAMRA’s Paisley Beer Festival When: 25th - 28th April What: When: What: When: What: When: What: When: What: When: What: When: What: When: The British Pipe Band Championships 19th May Sma’ Shot Day 7th - 8th July Pagliacci by Scottish Opera (at Seedhill Playing fields) 26th - 29th July Doors Open Day Renfrewshire 15th - 16th September The Spree Arts Festival 12th - 21st October Paisley Halloween Festival 26th - 27th October Paisley Fireworks 3rd November “With bigger events in the 2018 programme it is shaping up to be the best year yet.” (Iain Nicolson Renfrewshire Council Leader) @GryffeAds

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