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282 March 2018 - Gryffe Advertizer

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10 the advertizer Charity raises £72,000 on their 30th Anniversary St. Vincent’s Hospice raised more than £72,000 at their 30th Anniversary Ceilidh Ball, gathering hundreds of guests, supporters and sponsors from across the community on Friday 2nd February. The event, which took place at the Hilton Glasgow, marked 30 years of St. Vincent’s providing palliative and end of life care for thousands of people and families since they first opened their doors in 1988. Commenting on the evening, Chief Executive of St. Vincent’s Hospice, Kate Lennon, said: “We are absolutely overwhelmed by the success of our 30th Anniversary Ball, and wanted to say a huge thank you to so many people that made this possible. “The evening was the culmination of months of work from our Fundraising Team and Volunteer committee who worked tirelessly to make sure the event was a success. Our entertainers on the night were also on top form, from our host, Andy Cameron M.B.E, keeping the evening on track with jokes and entertainment, Natasha Raskin Sharp kept the bids flying at our Grand Auction, to First Class providing an amazing night of pop and traditional Scottish music, who had the entire room on their feet from start to finish.” As part of the anniversary, Pearl Sponsors came forward from across the community and will be supporting St. Vincent’s throughout 2018. As a small token of thanks, the Hospice wanted to give them something unique to mark the occasion Kate added: “Our Pearl Sponsors have been so generous and we wanted to thank them with something truly special. We contacted renowned artist, John Damari, who is well known for his work with charities and commissioned a unique work: ‘The Many Caring Hearts of St. Vincent’s Hospice.’ We arranged for a very limited number of prints to be made and framed, presenting these to each of our Sponsors as part of our celebrations on the night.” St. Vincent’s Pearl Sponsors came from multiple sectors in the community, specifically: A&D Logistics, Acre Industrial and Cleaning Services, Barr and Wray, Benston Motor Engineers, Chemtech Consultancy, Intu Braehead, John Roach Funeral Services, MacDuff International, MacAsphalt, Marbill Coaches, NCT Leather and W.J & W. Lang Limited, Peak Scientific, Phoenix Car Company, Spar Scotland, Spectrum Service Solutions and WH Malcolm. Guests were also presented with a limited edition St. Vincent’s Whisky, provided courtesy of MacDuff International as a keepsake of the evening. For more information about St. Vincent’s Hospice, and how you can get involved in their 30th Anniversary year, visit: Anniversary Dinner and Quiz 2018 is RAMH’s 40th Anniversary, to celebrate we have organised a celebratory fundraising Dinner and Quiz event on Friday 25th May at the Normandy Hotel. We are delighted to announce that local broadcaster and writer, Vanessa Collingridge will be the host for the evening. The event is proudly sponsored by University of the West of Scotland. Tickets are now on sale! Just £400 for a team of 10 or save £50 on bookings made before 7th March 2018. All proceeds go directly towards mental health services for local people. To book please contact or phone 0141 847 8900. deadline date for our april issue - Friday 16th March - You don’t want to miss it!!

march 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: 11 Over a third of Scots rush to work New campaign reminds road users - In Town, Slow Down New research reveals over a third of people in Scotland (34%) rush through town if they’re running late for work, with more than half (58%) admitting to taking risks when travelling in built-up areas such as jumping amber lights (19%) and travelling over the speed limit (19%) in a bid to be ‘on time.’ One in twenty also admit to travelling on ‘autopilot’ every day and don’t pay full attention to their surroundings or other road users. The findings of the survey by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) mark the launch of a new campaign with a clear message for all road users; In Town, Slow Down. A number of organisations including Living Streets Scotland, Cycling Scotland and local authorities have already backed the initiative to unite road users and create a greater sense of shared responsibility to help reduce the number of casualties on Scotland’s roads. Minister for Transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf said: “We are committed to achieving safer road travel in Scotland for everyone and it’s important drivers and riders travel at an appropriate speed for the environment and the conditions, especially in built-up areas where there are many vulnerable road users. Whether we drive, ride, cycle or walk, we all share the same road and our actions can have serious consequences. So don’t risk it - the message is simple, in town, slow down.” Figures show 96% of accidents involving pedestrians happen in built-up areas, with most casualties occurring between 4-6pm on weekdays and between 1-3pm on weekends. Speed causes accidents. And the harsh reality is that you don’t have to be breaking the limit to be going too fast. With two-thirds of people walking as a method of travel at least once a week and cycling on the rise, these figures highlight how important it is for all road users to take greater care and consideration when travelling in built-up areas. For more information log onto or check out the Road Safety Scotland Facebook and Twitter (@roadsafetyscot) pages. Gryffe Advertizer - Current & Past Issues @GryffeAds

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