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282 March 2018 - Gryffe Advertizer

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34 the advertizer Auchenbothie by Douglas Forrest bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir Bridge of Weir Tenants and Residents Association The latest meeting of Bridge of Weir TARA was well attended, and our thanks go to our three local Councillors, the Police and the Renfrewshire Wardens Service for their attendance. The Police report for the last month showed that there were a total of five recorded crimes committed within the confines of the village. These were, a burglary at business premises, a robbery and three road traffic offences. Three of the crimes have been detected. The Wardens Service report that there had been four reports for dog fouling in various areas of the village and that there were also two reports of fly tipping. One of the fly tipping incidents concerns the charity bin at the bottom end of Livery Walk car park, which we are informed by a member of TARA is there without permission and will be removed shortly. The main talking point of the evening however was the decision by McGills Buses to withdraw both the No 19 and No 8 buses as from the 24th March. The fact that residents of Bridge of Weir haven’t been given more than five weeks notice of the withdrawal of these services, and that no consultation had been forth coming prior to their decision is shocking. While the SPT are looking at alternatives and once more putting the routes out to tender, there is the real possibility that no one will take these routes on because they are not deemed commercially viable. This will leave the village having no direct route public access to Paisley, the centre of local Government, and the commercial hub of Renfrewshire. And what of the people from Bridge of Weir who work in Johnstone, Paisley and Inchinnan who rely on the No 19 for transport? Some of them could be facing a three bus journey to and from work. We hope there will be some kind of resolution to preserve these public transport links. There have been a number of issues regarding gritting coverage this winter and the misuse of grit bins for litter and dog waste. There has also been a lot of blocked drains which have caused flooding across many roads. If you have a problem with either, please contact your local Councillors, or why not come along to a TARA meeting and air your views. The next meeting of Bridge of Weir Tenants and Residents Association will be on Tuesday 20th March at 7.30pm in the Pirie Centre, Freeland Church. bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir Bridge of Weir Community Council Bridge of Weir Community Council has reached its quorum of co-opted members and as others have shown an interest in joining, we, now under Renfrewshire Council rules announce an interim election for new members. The process will involve formally intimating an announcement of an Interim Election to fill vacant places at the Community Council meeting in March. This will be followed by nominations from 19th March until 30th March. It is anticipated that numbers nominated will be fewer than the maximum number allocated for Bridge of Weir as no Community Council elections have occurred in Renfrewshire since 2001, however if the numbers nominated exceed the maximum then election will be called and administered by Renfrewshire Council Officials. Posters and nomination forms will be placed at various locations in the village and can also be had from our Chair who can be contacted at sandyclark01@ you can also follow Bridge of Weir Community Council on our Facebook Page for any up to date information. If you want to help provide a better Bridge of Weir now is the time to volunteer. At the February meeting there was a large turnout of visitors attending and many of their concerns referred to roads issues that included what is the long term programme for road maintenance, the supervision of contractors carrying out road and pavement works, gritting in the village or rather the lack of. Places of concern, Livery Walk Car Park and Shopping Centre, and Main Street pavements. Issue was raised to the number of potholes appearing especially after previous maintenance and the method of repair carried out during wet weather fill in’s. The poor condition of pavements on Kilbarchan and Prieston Roads was also reported. Due to the number of complaints received the Community Council will invite The Head of Roads to a meeting soon. The Police in attendance informed the meeting that if you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned call 101 however due to the process it may take some time before removal. The Planning Convener reported that the Bull’s garage site planning application was progressing slowly. A clothing bin has appeared at Livery Walk car park which once again is causing inconsiderate people to dump rubbish in the surrounding area. We were asked if we had any involvement in the bin being in place, as we do not, we will contact Renfrewshire Council to see if they have given permission for the bin to be there and if not will demand its removal. Our Renfrewshire Councillors reported on a number of matters, Kilbarchan Road is to be resurfaced in the next programme of capital works, looking into problems with street lighting on Hazelwood Road, Riverside View street lighting adopted by Renfrewshire Council and chasing up repairs to the traffic calming Safety Island on Kilmacolm Road. Two Community Councillors agreed to attend the Flight Path drop in session in Johnstone Town Hall, they will report back to the next meeting prior to us making a submission to the consultation. The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 6th March at 7pm in the Cargill Hall. Your Ward 11 Councillors ... for Bishopton, Langbank & Bridge of Weir deadline date for our april issue - Friday 16th March - You don’t want to miss it!!

march 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: 35 bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir Let's hear from our Councillors Cllr Natalie Don Most of you will now be aware of the announcement by McGill’s to discontinue the No. 19 bus service, which runs from Paisley to Johnstone, via Inchinnan, Houston and Bridge of Weir. McGill’s have stated that the service will end on the 26th March. McGill’s have blamed a drop in passenger numbers for this announcement, claiming that it is not financially viable to continue the service. This is terrible news for Bridge of Weir and Houston and I am extremely angry that McGill’s have taken this decision. The number 19 bus has been a staple in our villages for as long as I can remember and is used regularly by the local community. To announce this decision with such short notice and without any consultation shows a lack of respect for the local people who rely on this service. At the time of writing, I do have a meeting with McGill’s organised to discuss further their decision to pull the service and any alternative solutions that they would be willing to explore. I would be happy to keep any constituents updated who contact me directly. We are drawing ever closer to the day of the budget and I must say, I am very excited that finally, the SNP administration will be able to make our mark on Renfrewshire Council. Although I am unable to comment on any specifics at the time of writing, I am extremely positive that the SNP will present a budget which appeals to residents across Renfrewshire. From the correspondence I have with constituents, the state of the roads and the cleanliness of our streets are two of the main complaints and I am very positive that the SNP group will make these issues a priority. I look forward to reporting back on this next month. Cllr Colin McCulloch It was with great alarm and consternation that I heard of the plans to cancel the ‘19’ bus service that acts as a vital link for Bridge of Weir to Paisley, Johnstone and Inchinnan Industrial Estate. Many local residents rely upon this service to go to work, to go to their place of study or to simply do a bit of shopping and socialising. We risk becoming a rural island and I will be doing everything possible to have McGill’s reverse this appalling decision. As bus services were deregulated in the 1980s, the government and local authorities have little or no say in what services private bus companies can and cannot deliver, so I will also be pushing the Scottish Government to introduce immediate legislation that allows local authorities to regulate local bus services, bringing them into public hands wherever necessary to ensure a quality service is offered to all. The Council will vote on its budget on 1st March 2018 and I will be absolutely crystal clear that I will not be voting for a budget that doesn’t protect local services, local jobs and doesn’t invest substantial sums into our local roads and pavements. Renfrewshire’s roads and pavements are in a shocking state (mainly due to government cuts to local authority budgets) and I hope that the burden of austerity will finally ease so we can bring our surroundings back up to standard. Elsewhere, I have been working with the Council to seek improvements to the annexe of Langbank Primary School (I will update further at Langbank Community Council) and have been busy seeking out road repairs in Bishopton, in particular at Newton Road and Cawdor Crescent, both of which have seen considerable neglect. I have also been liaising with BAE, developers and the Council regarding road traffic concerns raised by residents of Millbank Drive in Bishopton and hope that solutions will be forthcoming very soon to alleviate concerns there. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have issues of your own that you wish to raise. Please add your community hall details to our list - email to info@ Cllr James McLaren This seems to be a particularly harsh winter and it has had a bad impact on the roads, which seem to be breaking up badly. This is partly due to the salt being spread on the roads, which causes repaired potholes to breakup. Council is now getting round to repairing potholes and some roads are now being resurfaced. A revised Section 75 is being drawn up to give some benefits to the Bishopton community for all the house building in Dargavel. It is not as good as the original Section 75 of 2006 but still has a number of benefits to the village. There is some progress being made for a new health centre, although the design and build still needs the approval of the Health Board themselves. The existing health centre is not far off capacity. The design for a new primary school has been approved, though whether it will be large enough is very questionable. Two new housebuilders, Avant Homes and Bellway Homes will be on site soon. All the development on this brownfield site should be taking some of the pressure of the greenbelt. More of this can be found in the BAE newsletter that should have dropped through your door recently. One Sunday evening recently, I was told that cars were getting stuck in the Bridge of Weir car park because of snow and ice, as I wasn’t far away, I grabbed my snow shovel and started spreading the grit from the bin there. It seemed to help drivers get out the car park and it was pleasing to receive a number of cheery thank yous. It reminded me of just how many people we have in our villages that go out of their way to help the community. Please remember to thank them, when you can. It is appreciated. Check out my Facebook page for more information and articles www.facebook. com/councillormaclaren. Please feel free to contact me with any of your concerns, and I am happy to meet with you at a mutually convenient time. bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir Langbank SWI Our February evening was a huge success. Our local family history expert, Margaret White, gave an excellent insight into researching a family tree, and the audience loved it. Her own experience was very entertaining. We all now know where to start looking, and leaflets and websites were issued so we can all get started. Our March speaker is from Branching Out Charity based at Parklea Garden Centre in Port Glasgow. Join us on Thursday 15th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Competition categories are, a sugar craft flower, a flower arrangement in a kitchen utensil, and a handwritten gardening tip. All welcome to come along. churches in Bishopton, Langbank & Bridge of Weir...................... Langbank Parish Church: Sunday Services 10am with Sunday School, Crèche and young people’s group, the Welcomers. Tea/coffee after the service. Church service starts at 10am. Come along and meet in the Hall from 9.50am. Charity No. SC015085. Freeland Church: Rev KN Gray BA BD. Morning Service 10.30am. Crèche, Sunday School, Lynx and Cornerstone. Evening Service 7pm Holy Week Services: Monday 26th March 7.30pm - Gathering Storm. Tuesday 27th March 7.30pm - Finest Hour. Wednesday 28th March 7.30pm - Darkest Hour. Friday 30th March 2pm - The Final Hour. Sunday 1st April 10.30am - Easter Sunday Family Service St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Johnston Rd, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3EE. St Mary’s Episcopal Church is a small, lively and mature Christian community. We are united by our belief in Jesus, the One in whom God fully revealed Himself and through whom we have life in all it’s fullness. Come and worship with us. Our main Service is held on Sundays at 10am. A warm welcome awaits you. Contact: Rev. Heller G. 01505 872961 St Machar’s Ranfurly Church: Holy Week Services: Thursday 29th March 7.30pm - Communion. Friday 30th March 7.30pm - Good Friday Service. Sunday 1st April 10.30am - Easter Sunday Family Service. Everyone welcome Hope Hall: Sun 1pm Sunday School, 4.30pm Gospel Service; Mon 6.30pm Investigators for Kids, 8pm Bible Study and Prayer. bishopton, langbank & bridge of weir @GryffeAds

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