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282 March 2018 - Gryffe Advertizer

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the advertizer 4 Musical Instrument Amnesty Is there a musical instrument that is lurking in the back of the cupboard or up in the loft, that hasn’t been played since you were at school? Not sure what to do with it? Pass it on! Pass It On Week runs from 10th-18th March and this year’s theme is musical instruments. LEAP will be collecting old instruments and related equipment (e.g. music stands, microphones, guitar pedals, sheet music), to be reused by others. Items (including damaged instruments) can be dropped off at the LEAP offi ce in Lochwinnoch or Bridge of Weir; a St Vincent’s Hospice Shop; the RAMH Re-use Superstore in Johnstone; or any participating school, including Lochwinnoch Nursery and Kilbarchan Primary (see our Facebook event page for full list). The instruments will be re-used by the drop off organisation (used for music tuition in schools, or sold on for fundraising in charity shops), or passed to local music groups (e.g. bagpipes and chanters can be rehomed with Kilbarchan Pipe Band) with any excess or damaged instruments being passed on to Music Broth, a new charity in Glasgow, to be refurbished and added to their Musical Instrument Library. Many people are put off learning a musical instrument due to the expense and re-use makes it more accessible, affordable… and more environmentally friendly! For more information, visit our Facebook page - www.facebook. com/myleapproject - or email Join LEAP Car Club NOW and receive £25 worth of free driving LEAP Car Club offers convenient, 24/7, not-for-profi t community car hire and can help you cut the costs of driving. Cars can be hired for as little as an hour or for as long as you want. The Car Club has helped members by allowing them to sell additional cars or to not have to buy one. What our members say: • “Reliable cars there when I need them.” • “For someone who does not own a car it is very useful to have access to a car at any time for short periods.” • “It is so easy to book online. Great value for money too.” To fi nd out more contact Car Club Coordinator Mike Callaghan T: 01505 842530 E: deadline date for our april issue - Friday 16th March - You don’t want to miss it!!

march 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: Has Your Double Glazing Steamed Up? Established for over a decade Cloudy2Clear windows have become a leading company for glass replacement. Issues with double glazing can often be gradual and may only be noticed during a clear sunny day or during the winter. Why not spend a few minutes checking your home to see if you have any failed double glazing? Now, you may think you need to replace the whole window including the frames and all the hardware, however Cloudy2Clear have come up with a simple and cost saving solution … Just replace the glass!! We will send out our highly experienced engineers for a free no obligation quote. Once the quote is completed, we will sit down with you and explain the problem and tell you how we can fi x it. Cloudy2Clear have a wealth of knowledge and are recognised as a Which Trusted Trader, plus our work is backed by an industry leading 25 year guarantee. Cloudy2Clear also replace faulty locks handles and hinges on all windows and doors. Your friendly local Cloudy2Clear specialist is Peter Brummitt and he services the Wider Gryffe area. So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Peter a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118. 5 @GryffeAds

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