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How to keep your bathroom mould free

How to keep your bathroom mould

How to keep your bathroom mould free February 5, 2018 Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, you never want to see mould in your bathroom. It looks unsavoury and can damage both your home and your health. That’s why it’s important to keep your bathroom mould free and tackle it whenever you first see it and get it under control before it gets out of hand. Fortunately, while you’ll never completely eliminate mould in your bathroom, there are a number of steps you can take to significantly reduce the chances of it growing – most of which are low-cost and easy to do. Here’s how you can keep your bathroom mould free: Make sure your drains are doing their job Mould loves water, which is why all of your drains (bath, shower, sink, floor, etc.) need to be doing their job properly and allowing any excess water to run away quickly. Keep your drains clean and free from debris by inspecting them on a weekly basis. It’s also worth checking how efficiently the water in your bathroom runs away. Maybe there’s a high spot in your shower where water hangs. You’ll either have to remove the water manually or get this issue fixed properly in the long-term. Fix any leaks 1/2

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