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SAMPLE TIMELINE CONTINUED 4:15 - 6pm Creative Session 3:45 –4:15pm Group shot & family portraits I usually allow for roughly half an hour to get a quick group shot & family portraits. Please allow more time if you have big families. It is super important to be organised & delegate family members to coordinate your group pictures. I cannot do this for you, I need to focus on shooting. Plus unless we’re best friends I have never met your extended family & I have no idea who is important to you, who is divorced etc. My favourite part of the day! During the creative session I will get a variety of portraits of the bride & groom plus some bridal party shots. This is our chance to be creative. We can travel to a location/s close by but if you chose to do this please ensure that you have transport organised. I will do my best to accommodate any requests however the light will determine the best areas to shoot in. You may like to bring along an esky & some finger food. I definitely recommend shooting until sunset.

6pm The Reception Time to party! I’ll head in a couple of minutes before you, let your MC know that you are ready to make your entrance & be set up ready to capture it. I will stay to document all the moments as the night unfolds - guests enjoying themselves, speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dance plus any wild dance moves. I usually take off after the formalities but if you have a spectacular exit planned let me know & I can stay for that too. Please only use this timeline as an example - its your big day & there is so much opportunity to be creative & make it unique. Almost every wedding day has unexpected delays - weather events, vendors are late, not enough time is allowed for travel, family members disappear before family photos, wardrobe malfunctions etc. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be well organised & factor in additional time when creating your timeline.

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