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JEFFCON ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. OPERATION PRINCIPLE JH Series Roots Blower is a positive displacement, constant volume machine which operates against varying pressure. The two impellers which are mounted on parallel shafts, rotate in opposite direction and with every movement of the impeller across the blower inlet, a definite volume of air is trapped and carried across the casing to the blower outlet where the air is discharged. With a constant speed operation, the displaced volume is essentially the same at a constant pressure or temperature. Whereas increasing the speed of the blower against a constant pressure increases the volume of air delivery. In addition, the timing gear fitted in a blower control the relative position of the impellers to one another and maintain small but definite clearances. This allows operation without the need for lubrication inside the air casing. MAIN FEATURES § Positive displacement blower with no compression, able to maintain a stable gas flow with very small variation in flow rate despite the changes in inlet pressure. § Delivers a stable pressure pulses of air with linear type impeller and thus, reduces the noise level by 5- 8 dB(A) lower than twin-lobe blowers. § Special impeller of mesh curve and small enclosure making roots blower high efficiency, low energy consumption. § Has longer service life with high precision synchromesh hard-toothed surface gears. § Delivers clean pressurized air supply without any oil particulates. § Features streamlined design, smart appearance, small size and light weight. § Ease of installation and maintenance. APPLICATION AREAS § Aeration in wastewater or sewage treatment plants § Pneumatic conveying § Oxygen supply for fish farms § Filter flushing § Plating Bath § Drying processes § Dust collection systems § Sand blasting processes § Grain handling Page | 1

JEFFCON ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. INSTALLATION DIAGRAM EXPANSION JOINT (TYPE KXT-III) DISCHARGE SILENCER (TYPE DCV) CHECK VALVE (TYPE DCV) GATE VALVE (TYPE DCV) ANTI-VIBRATION BASE FRAME ANTI-VIBRATION RUBBER MODEL NUMBER DESIGNATION Name of the series JH - 150 HB Type None : Normal pressure type HB : High pressure type Discharge bore in mm STANDARD ACCESSORIES § Baseplate § Safety Valve § Suction Silencer (with Filter) § Pulley § Discharge Silencer § V-Belt § Belt Cover § Check Valve § Flexible Joint § Anchor Bolts § Pressure Gauge Page | 2

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