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The Weekly Times - 7th March, 2018


30 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 7 March, 2018 Brush Park Women Social Pairs C Minogue A Ross dr N Waddell D Kitchener Social Triples P Bedford M Fransman P Warwick d V Carter J Mc- Creadie P Lyons, R Newton F Laney M Dewhirst dE Maher R Pacey H MacKenzie MARIE DEWHIRST Gladesville Women Tue Feb 27 Trophy Day Bowler of the Day Maria Tennant Fours Winners M Tennant C Stock E Craven M Luckey d K Dare R Birchenough Jill Forster E Malcolm Pennant Teams playing at Denistone today and Gladesville Thursday. JILL FORSTER Ryde X Phoenix Women Tue Feb 27 Rd 1 Major Singles R Isaacs d M Caldwell, H Simmons d H Tumminello Social T Little M Arthurs d H Naudin P Lancett, M Wade B Smith A Cusack d B Reynolds J Tum- ineo tansfied utun Triples Carnival Mon Apr 23 BETTY SMITH North Ryde RSL Women Tue Feb 27 Pennants Rd 3 No 1 North Ryde 1 Carlingford 4 No 3 North Ryde 4 Beecroft 1 Thu Mar 1 No 1 North Ryde 5 Greenlees 0 No 3 North Ryde 4. ½ Carlingford 1/2 Well done pennant players. With thanks Jill Wendy Valda Katherine for preparing Morning Tea Lunch runnin the ae. ashion arade next Mon see you there COLLEEN RENWICK Hunters Hill Women Tue Feb 27 Social Pairs G Guice JMcBrided CCampbellV Wahlquist, J Cutler J Maclaine d J Castaldi A Allum, P Hirst F Palmer d J Beale B Gibson Pennant Gr 2 Tue Feb 27 Hunters Hill d North Epping Thu Mar 1 Gladesville d Hunters Hill BJ before Mar 10 Social J Brownlow C Dale D Walker d B Prentice M Caruso J Lowe 20/17 K Jennings P Harris R Rust d M McVicar R Rees J McConnell 19/16 D Brown B Lancett J Stanton d P Smith L Ager J Carrington 22/14 P Dobie P Gray R Marrinds d P Brown B Prentice I Purcell 22/14 J Hanna G Butt ALong d B Jasprizza M Cadby J Cunningham 34/18 Jackpot winners $198 with margin of 3 Teams Walker Rust Beatty/ Jarvis JOCK CUNNINGHAM North EppingMen Wed Feb 28 Club J Royer A Robinson d J Taylor J Kaine 28/12 M Havron R Gallop d J Fry R Phillips 20/13 A McCoy G Giudice M Hollier d A Macleod K Avis K Young 26/16 T Cooke R Monteith R Peterson d B Edwards R Monteith J Pavela 27/20 B Swan R Crowne B Fletcher d R Kern C Watford K Riley 25/12 Sat Feb 24 Club R Crowne J Boulos d S Mewburn D Singleton 29/14 T Warner P Harbrow d P Cummins B Wallen 15/14 H Kennedy M Havron d B Forrest M Hollier 20/17 J Pavela G Stace d C Chan R Vass 19/18 G Giudice P Brown R Phillips d L Driessen J Havron K Douglass 24/9 B Gill R Monteith J Fry d D Quessy J Clough R Gallop 33/12 T Cooke A Mc- Coy W Fletcher d A Macleod K Riley W Spaul 23/23 (on ends) J McClintock K Avis K Beacom d O Sherrard C Watford K Young 29/14 B Swan R Kern P Hinds d A Robinson J Taylor N Swancott 21/18 Mid-Week Pennants Trial v Nth Ryde RSL Gde C1 K Douglas P Brown won 24/12 G Scott N Swancott P Cummins lost 16-27 Grd C3 T Holden K Beacom lost 12/25 B Gill J Clough B Spaul lost 12-25 Min Pairs Rd2: K Riley dN Swancott31/18 G Scott d D Dyer F KEN DOUGLASS North Ryde RSL Men Wed Feb 28 Pennant Gde C Trials North Ryde won Pairs 23/17 North Epping won Triples 22/18 Wed Feb 28 Socials G Davies W Wood R Culotta d J Carson J Yuen T Pisano 18/16 Sat Mar 3 Socials B Dyer W Coelho A Woods dr E Sinanian N Ferris J Lundberg 18/18 P McPhee A Wray M Richardson d J Brennan S Harrison D Hope 25/14 A Benson S Palmer J Grabiec d B Worboys S Skinner J French 28/16 D Carr A Perry S Layburn d C Costa G MacPherson T Pisano 17/13 N Cicchini J Glen R Culotta d W Walsh P Lavery A Moylan 23/7 PETER LAVERY Hunters Hill Men In anexciting MajorPairs C/ ships Final this morning, Steve Crowhurst and Peter Nightingale won the last four ends to run out victors over Greg Stuart and John Stewart 25/18. S Crowhurst P Nightingale d G Stuart J Stewart 25/18 Sat Pennant Trial against Putney Hunters Hill were successful in both grades. Gde 3 Hunters Hill d Putney 46/42 R Schilling J McDonald P Nightingale R Rose won 22/10 R Bauer O VandorosT Burt I Ross won 14/12 R Carabetta K Uyeda K Stuart G Stuart lost 10/20 No 5 Pennants Hunters Hill dPutney 75/36 D Hanrahan B Stuart J Juniper S Donnelly won 31/4 G Thongsophonson I Radovnikovic G Gorton J Hirst won 19/15 M Shaw G Cooper P Langwill J Owens won 25/17 Minor Singles C/ships D Hanrahan d D Tritt 31/28 P LangwilldB Stuart 31/18 J HirstdK Uyeda31/27 N Clancyd M Shaw 31/20 K StuartdJ Owens 31/15 R CarabettadG Cooper 31/18 J Lowe d S Donnelly31/23 Thu Social V Walquhirst M Tennant d P Hirst G Cooper 15/14 PETER JACKSON Brush Park Men Wed Feb 28 Pairs G Willis M Lal d J Arkins B Goldsworthy 33/11 J Leek G O’Donell snr G O’Donell jnr d B Logan A Mercier N Elder 34/7 J Uren (Carl) P Murphy d R Summerhayes J Stuart 20/19 J Klueckmann A Stone d J Hobson B Took 27/16 G Monk R Preston (Carl) dr R Richardson W Dewhirst 23/23 B McCaw J Roddy d A Beloe T Siviour 22/21 R Hoare D Kensett-Smith d N Holman R Watkins 19/16 J Wedderburn A Burgoyne d D Livesey R French 28/8 S Merani R Hurley d R Milner P Roy 26/23 Thu Mar 1 Social R Dickinson J Forbes d Bowling Round-up C Norgate R MacKenzie 19/14 A Moore R French dr E Rayner P Roy 25/25 D Wilson T Carter A Stone d H Jones B Hon B Godsell 25/18 R Wilson D Tyrrell A Cukon d C Carmichael P Stokes G Wilson 20/19 Sat Mar 3 Social R Milner R Hoare R French d T Slater B McCaw A Cukon 27/22 G Strickland E Rayner R Summerhayes d D Emerton G Monk J Leek 24/17 R MacKenzie A Burgoyne d P Stokes R Richardson 23/22 A Stone W Higgins P Dunleavy d P Sellars A Carter G McDonald 26/9P RoyT Gardiner T Siviour dG YoungT Todorovski B Logan 24/20 J Forbes N Holman N Elder d J Hobson D Hosking P Murphy 26/19 A Mercier G Willis R Palmer d J Arkins Mrs M Mr Lal M Lal 30/12 A Moore R Watkins W Dewhirst d C Carmichael J Wedderburn D Kensett- Smith 20/17 GEOFF YOUNG Lane Cove Bowls Wed Minor Singles R Moran d B Paxton 31/16 Social D Madson D Erskine d B Patterson G Moon 32/11 L Hattersley R Aitken S Creedy d H Fox F Markar W Capeletto 18/17 Di Erskine B Srtacker S Hobson d L Heap D Mitchell M Popovic 18/15 G D’Souza P Wade d S Horwood J Bowring 26/9 Sat Social B Stacker F Markar G Screen d B Paxton/M Gordon D Mitchell L Kay 23/16 L Hattersley M Terry J Bowring d Di Erskine R Aitken M Screen 23/9 R Pike R Moran M Pike d L Heap G D’Souza M Popovic 30/16 Congratulations to those bowlers who played in the Zone Reserved Pairs Sun Minor Singles B Patterson d A Gordon 31/29 Major Singles S Cole d H Fox 31/4 J Lloyd d G Screen 31/18 Sun bowls available from 3pm-5pm to book ph 9428 3425 before 2.30pm DAVID ERSKINE Gladesville Men Putney Tennyson Men Wed 28 Feb Social K Findlay Wed Feb 28Minor Singles C/ R Gledhill d A Bolster J Roberts 24/16 G Gear J Tonkin C ship Semi Final K Beatty d A Jarvis 31/28 Kerry to play in the Paterson d S Rotondo F Profiio hatfied hu ar fina aainst the inner of the other sei fina eter arris v 1 H’cap Pairs G Douglas C J McWilliam to be played on or Sandstrom d M Southcombe P Newcastle end Sydney FC’s unbeaten run SYDNEY FC’s unbeaten rampage in this year’s A- eague nally ame to an end on the weeend in a tense, to of the table clash with Newcastle Jets. Until Saturday night, Sydney’s 15-game run provided an unassailable points uer a ut onfirin the League Premiership title. But it was the way Newcastle disposed of Sydney FC on the weekend that signalled they are a real threat to the Sky Blues plans for back-to-back championship and premiership titles. Down to 10 men after just 10 minutes, after a straight red card for strikey Roy Donovan, Newcastle showed character and exceptional spirit, taking the lead following a controversial penalty, converted by former Sydney FC player Dimi Petratos. Bob‘ put the Sky Blues back on level terms, but number after times after down in the end,” Arnold onfidene to o on. the joy was short-lived as this, it wasn’t to be as Graham Arnold’s men tasted “When we got back to performance during the said after the game. “We’ll have a look at the the Brazilian’s goal was can cancelled out by a defeat for only the third 1-1, I thought we would week. The boys are hurting in the change room but long-range cracker from time in over two seasons. go on w Andrew Nabbout. “We didn’t stop trying ith it but a wonderful goal we’ll learn from this. I expect a great reaction now.” Despite coming close a but the execution let us from Nabbout gave them Sy dney F C ’ s F amily F u n Af ternoon s net math in the eague will be on arh at home against risbane oar, with the fo- us oer the net wee on their home and away tures against their net hamions eague oonent, ashima ntlers, based in berai refeture, aan. But the wait will be worth it for the Sky Blue’s younger fans, with the club setting up for a ‘Family Fun’ afternoon ahead of the showdown with their Queensland visitors. Sydney FC’s partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, will see the family animated movie “Ferdinand” on both big screens at Allianz Stadiu prior to io p providing a fantastic two-forone experience for members and casual match ticket holders. Gates for the match on Saturday March 17 will open at 5pm, with the screening beginning at 5:10pm on the north and south super screens. “Ferdinand portrays universal values that are applicable in all walks of life and the club as a whole is delighted with this opportunity to engage and excite our junior and young family supporter base,” said Chief Executive er ann onsend. Additionally, for those that arrive early for the movie 1,000 free Ferdinand face masks will be handed out on Coyle 16/1 K Miller K Russell d A Kavanah G Bricknell16/12 M Carpenter J Roberts d P Varga C Ross 26/8 P Musumeci J McCarthy d L Pullen W Cappelletto 15/12 Sat Mar 3 Social L Dodd K Findlay P hatfied d otondo rofiio osato oster C Sandstrom dr A Macdonald W Cappelletto 19/19 J Tokin F Alcuri T Beno d A Crockart G Merchant P Coyle 23/16 Sun Mar 4 Major Pairs Rd 2 J McCarthy L Szita d F Alcuri C Ross 16/13 C Bass R Brennan d C Paterson T Beno 30/24 K Ho (sub B Cutrone) V Moscato d A Bolster James Roberts 21/17 J Roberts (sub A Macdonald ) J Restaino d G Jones G Merchant 28/21 COL PATERSON Ryde X Phoenix Men Wed Feb 28 Social A Cusack V Ardino D Galati d J Roberts L Hall R Howell 24/17 J Laws W Carpenter L Hansen d C Peters A Locascio B Kennedy 24/20 J Roberts W Carpenter B Iacono d A Marcellino J McPherson G Carroll 24/20 at ar oia tansfied L Walker G Carroll d J Roberts E Coleman L Hansen 30/18 D Douglas W Carpenter B Iacono d J Hui A Marcellino F Cirina 27/23 Averel Cusack V Ardino R Howell d A Rozsnyoi A Locascio J Falsone 23/20 Pierce Smith Betty Smith P Cusack d J Laws L Hall D Galati 28/22 Sun Mar 4 Club Pairs C/ship E Coleman J McPherson d N Garten L Hansen 24/8 D Douglas A Marcellino d V Ardino P Cusack 25/14 LES HANSEN Putney Tennyson Men Pennant Trial v Hunters Hill. Grade 5 P.Dobey, K Beatty, M.Caruso, P.Gray lost to M.Shaw, G.Cooper, P.Langwill, J.Owens 17/25 B.Jasprizza, C.Dale, B.Lancett, P.O’Sullivan lost to G.Thoms, I.Pedronovic, G.Gordon, J.Hirst 15/19 A.Jarvis, G.Butt, M.McVicar, A.Hayes lost to D.Hanrahan, B.Stuart, J.Juniper, S.Donnelly 4/30 Grade 4 J.Hanna, B.Prentice, K.Lake, A.Long def B.Carabretta, K.Uyeda, K.Sturt, G.Sturt 20/10 L.Ager, I.Purcell, R.Rust, J.Stanton lost to R.Shillington, J.McDonald, P.Nightingale R.Rose 10/22 R.Rees, J.McConnell, P.Joint, R.Marrins lost to R.Bauer, O.Venderos, T.Birt, I.Ross 12/14 JOCK CUNNINGHAM Denistone Sports Men Wednesday social: T.Stanis, J. Myers, M. Barton 28 def L. Crow, B. Morton, N. Martelli 16. B. Woods, A. Tooke, J. Mohan 24 def K. Johnson, J. Fleming, K. Smith 15. D. oo . adafiio . Linnert 20 def R. Ralston, I. Christopherson , J. Woods 18. D. Stewart, A. Haworth, F. Mc Garry, 20 def J. O’ Brien, R. Goggin, M. McRae 15. C. kennedy, R. Johnston 19 def A. Rawding, M. Little 11. Sat Social : A.O’ Brien K. Miners def . adafiio . artelli 15. L. Crow, L. Thomson, K. Smith 35 def G. Scott, M. Little, J. Kennedy 11. N. Felstead, B. Batho, J. Woods 27 def I. Lum, J. Fleming, G. Harper 21, K. Nafranowicz, J. O’ Brien, D. Moody 28 def D. Pocock, J. Davey, J. Hiotellis 14. K. Johnson, B. Morton 26 def D. Kelly, C. Piddick 10 Club Fours Championship: Sat: D. Pope, J. Knight, K. Graham, G. Knight 20 def J. Mohan, T. Stanis, J. Myers, D. Roughley 19. G. Hatch, J. Dominiak, D. Linnert j. Mc Shane 19 def R. Goggin, R. Court, G. Gubmunson, P. Dawson 16. Sunday: semi fina . rien . utt M. Little, J. Hiotellis 32 def D. Pope, J. Knight, K. Graham, G. Knight 8. G. Hatch, J. Dominiak, D. Linnert, J. Mc Shane 20 def I. Christopherson ( Sub) A. Haworth, J. Woods, K. Miners 16 Bare Foot bowls last Sunday of the month starting at 1.15pm Twilight bowls Thursday 5-7pm. Bistro is now open 6 days per week. Phone club 98743650 VIC TAGG Centenary celebrations for Tildesley Shield Tennis H ssoiation of Heads of ndeendent irls hools H will host years of the ildesley hield ennis tournament when the eent is staged this month. This prestigious event will celebrate the longest running tennis tournament in Australian history. It will be held at Pennant Hills Park tennis courts on Wednesday March 21 and Thursday March 22 and features 455 girls from 25 schools across NSW. The iconic tournament as first paed in and was won by Daphne Akhurst, who went on to become one of the best female tennis players Australia has ever produced. The Tildsley Shield - which emphasises team spirit and not individual competition - is the longest running tennis event in Australian history and these ideals remain a key to the success of the tournament to this day. To celebrate the centenary of the Tildesley Shield Tennis tournament, AHIGS will host an opening ceremony and morning tea for past players on March 21 from 8am. Opening ceremony will feature a display match showcasing how the game has changed over the past 100 years, with players wearing replica uniforms from the early decades. The day will showcase the extraordinary depth of talent that this tournament has produced including presentations from past winners Taysha Blessington, Poppy Goh and Wimbledon semifinaist ranne ra. Throughout the tournament, AHIGS will also interview past players and families that have seen three generations of Tildesley players. entry, giving you the opportunity to win throughout the afternoon. In a special promotion by the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust and Delaware North, the first hidren to visit the food and beverage outlet outside Gate C will score a free small popcorn and slushie to enjoy during the movie, with special $10 combo deals available all evening. Townsend was excited about the value proposition. “We know we haven’t had the ability to host too many fai friend ios this year and we think this opportunity provides a great chance to do that plus provide exceptional value for the family,” he said. “A family ticket to watch the best team in the league, a family ticket to watch a movie, free food and beveraes on oer and free pui transport to the game is exceptional value”. he eely imes is giing three readers the hane to win a double ass for ydney s net home math against risbane oar on arh at ydney ootball tadium, i ooff .m. o be in the running, go to s website weelytimes. li on the tab on the to right hand orner and omlete the online form.

Wednesday 7 March, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 31 Rodgers’ ep ic 1 5 1 p u ts igers in finals mi BIG centuries and Sydney Cricket Club’s capable young opening batsman Matthew Rodgers (pictured) go hand in hand. The Denistone native carved out one of his nest last aturday at oogee al when he clouted to pilot the igers to an emphatic si wicket ictory oer andwicketersham in the remier ricket rst grade competition. ith his teas finas hopes on a nifes ede oders dispaed the teperaent and stroe pa to steer the outhfu dne outfit aross the ine. t as oders fourth ton of the sea son and seond in the top rade fooin his uneaten aainst aesur in the se ond round and tenth overa sine he as raded the iers in . he forer t osephs oee unters i student aso opied to enturies in seond rade this suer and no oasts a season run areate of .. hasin for vi tor dnes top at tin order stood up to e ounted ith first rade deutant uan assan peein o an uneaten o as aainst his forer u to hep the visitors post and ove to third spot on the adder. he iers are no oed in an intriuin atte ith eeven other us for a fina top si erth ith one preii nar round to e staed this aturda. deterined od ers faed as and aid the foundations for a vita in rain oundaries and to si es durin his epi no. e aso shared ruia top order partnerships ith nthon osa arr aton and deu tant uan assan an openin stand of ith osa seond iet union of ith aton and o ined ith assan for a athturnin stand of for the third iet. t as oders fourth sore over in rade after previous top rade innins of and not out and a seond rade no of . he proifi assan apped a eorae top rade deut ith the dne u nothin an uneaten haf entur to ontinue his run ava anhe this suer. fter previous stints at estern uurs and andietersha assan has found a hoe ith the ru oneased iers and ust ie oders has aassed an ipres sive runs for the u to date at an averae of . hih inudes four seond rade enturies. aean anie as as the pi of the an d etes oers snar in o overs. hird paed dne points suare o ith fifth paed uther and this aturda at ruone va in first rade iited overs a tion and an onsoidate a top three erth ith vitor. apetona den and arraatta ead the first rade tae on points fro dne dne niversit utherand and ordon and ans ton . ther us in the top si finas i are an arrinah astern u urs and andi e tersha a on points. his aturdas fina round features dne v utherand anston v astern uurs ap etonaden v d ne niversit airfied iverpoo v aesur ordon v aton an v osan orth dne v orthern is trit arraatta v and i etersha niver sit v enrith and estern uurs v t eore. and etes seond rade a rounder oshua ohan non apped a super ath sorin an un eaten and rain in his sides vitor over dne at ru one va. E andwick etersham dec (Joshua Bohannon no, ames ahony rack , ack ector , att alder , Ash uire d ydney elray awlins , att asternatsky , ohannon , Ale eller Liam ibson , ris ten conald no, awlins no, atrick agann . I andwick etersham ylan owell , en tares no, Ashley urton , Lachlan odges , raig i lasio , yan orns , ark rei , Liam cott d ydney orns , ayank harma , rais Lo ton , rei , tee ing , L cott , om cenie , A urton , oug Loth . ydney ustin elsch , ominic onkin , Ahmed assan , Ale ashleigh no, ac night , ichael o , od taord , Luke adford d andwicketersham taord , a oser Ahmed , L ad ford , ayden o , A ashleigh , A assan , yler eyer , ylan ent , ackson Edwards . I ydney am haikh , Liam obson , ack ’rien , a shad ime , Liam ’Loughlin , arly Leeson , Luca Lopes , orey her ri , scar achs d andwicke tersham ergus owen , Ed ouse , L Lopes , her ri , Aery eilandt , Ellis herri , haikh , itch ell low , ime ime , E herri , A eilandt , low . Premiership glory for Under 14 Epping Boys High cricketers MEET the Epping Boys High School junior cricketers that demolished Normanhurst Boys High to bring home the North West Metropolitan Under 14A schoolboys premiership. n the to da hirt ath fina staed at ead oan ar the ppin side produed a stunnin perforane ith the a to disiss a previous infor oranhurst for a patr tota of in the eeventh over. harp paean aenie unro oed a super four over spe to finish ith the inredie fiures of and as a supported sip per i veritt o four overs pus a run out ae rotoeros o one over and i ron o to overs. he previous da the p pin side anaed to post o its aotted overs despite the top order faiin to fire ith the at. e perforanes fro id de order and taied atsen ian rine osh ip not out ristan hun and aeron ithe ave ppin a opeti tive sore to defend. ppin os riet oah and teaher aeron or don said the tea fooed its ath pan to a tee and reaped the dividends. IE standing l to r r ameron ordon coach, ick Eeritt cap tain, ill rown, arry owen, illan ringle, Ashton leeson, ake ro togeros, umbeen han, Andrew hillip front osh lip, ackenie unro, ameron itchell, Liam ilson and ristan hung ice captain. orth ydney ears launch omen’s rugby league team H ydney ears hae oially launhed their inaugural en women’s rugby league team to participate in the Harvey Norman NSW Women’s Premiership competition in 2018. This exciting and new initiative is proudly supported by the Norths Group who are extremely passionate about strengthening women’s sport in the local community. Norths Group CEO Luke Simmons said they are proud to be associated with a women’s rugby league team. “This is a great day for the club, women make up over 50 per cent of our membership base and we look forward to supporting women in our community even further,” he said. “As soon as the Bears presented the opportunity to get involved we believed it was a no-brainer as connecting with women is one of our goals throughout our community. This is another initiative that will increase women in sport and engagement to ensure the sustainability of all codes across the world”, added Simmons. The Bears have also announced Ben Gardiner as Head Coach of their Intrust Super Premiership squad for 2018. “Ben is very familiar with the Bears culture and brand from his stint coaching the men’s ISP NSW Cup over the past few seasons and understands the significant importance of this day,” revealed Bears General Manager Greg Florimo. “I’m really proud to be part of this historic day for the Bears and look forward to contributing and enhancing the women’s game,” he said. “Our preparation is going really well, we have some quality players with a very good mix of experience coming from a range of codes. The standard of the women’s game is improving and I look forward to seeing the Bears supporters coming on board in getting behind our first women’s team.” The Bears have recruited new players for 2018 including the experienced Barbara Waddell. “We are really looking forward to being part of this season, preparation has been really good and getting to know the girls and understanding combinations is really important and exciting,” said Barbara. “This whole new competition has allowed women to play in a more professional environment which is great”, she said. Local girl Isabella Parkman is also one of the Bears’ newest recruits. “The pathway looks incredible and the support from all the Bears staff has been fantastic,” said Isabella. “Ben’s tough but fair and I look forward to the season ahead, including playing with Barb who I have enjoyed playing with in the past”, she said. “This is a community club of which I have been a part of as a local resident and understand the importance and value of the Bears brand in this local area.”

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