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Wifi Hacker


A Guide to Hacking Into A Wi-Fi Network Have you had a time when you have no Wi-Fi connection, while a lot of wireless Wi-Fi is is floating around you? You badly want to access one of those but you don't know the passwords. Here is a way to hack into that connection. It would be wise not to make it a habit, but this is a fun thing for a hacker to do. If the Wi-Fi is a WPA2-PSK then there are applications that you can use to hack into the Wi-Fi like "Aircracking" or "coWPAtty". Network Encryption A Wi-Fi network is usually secured by securing the data into data packets that are encrypted. They use a security key to access the wireless data. Encryptions are usually of either WEP or WPA type. Here we will learn to crack the WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) form. Equipment for cracking the code You need a wireless adapter that is compatible with the software used for hacking. Here is the list of software used for a wifi hack in USA. CommView: This software captures the data packets from the network adapter. Aircrack: This software cracks the packets that were captured so you can access the internet. Steps to crack Wi-Fi 1. Once you download and install CommView, click the play icon to scan for Wi-Fi networks. 2. Once you have the list of network, choose the one you want to crack, select a WEP connection with strong signals. 3. Select the WEP with the lowest dB, and then select "Capture". 4. To make sure that the net is from a selected channel, right-click the channel and copy it's MAC address. 5. Select rules on the top tab and choose MAC address.

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