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travelite Catalogue 2018

travelite product catalogue 2018


54 LIL´ LEDY PRESENTED BY © 2018 Manu Lizenz durch: ProSiebenSat.1 Licensing GmbH

LIL´ LEDY 55 Not perfect – just special A positive brand for a positive sense of life NEW Lil’ Ledy is a character-based lifestyle brand for young women. Established in 2014 by the company Manu in London, Lil’ Ledy made its way over the pond in its first year into the American market. In 2015, the lifestyle brand has won the “One To Watch Award” in the category best new brand at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo. Lil’ Ledy loves the life and inspires with its positive manner. It doesn’t embody the image of a perfect life, but a lifestyle that should encourage women in their selfesteem. Everybody is beautiful on the outside and inside. Pressure by the community doesn’t count. Making own decisions, following your own dreams and rules – these are the key statements of the brand. Being yourself with your strengths and weaknesses – authentic and special. The eye-catcher and main recognition feature: the smile. It assures “everything is going to be OK”. The design is sophisticated and unique. In combination with the positive attributes it addresses the lifestyle and emotions of young, but urban women that want to achieve their goals while remain the little girl inside. (Target audience: Teens & Young Adult aged from 14 to 21.) Winner of the „ONE TO WATCH AWARD 2015“ At the Las Vegas Licensing Expo the lifestyle brand has won in 2015 the “ONE TO WATCH AWARD” in the category best new brand print same as before print same as before

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