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The Proof of Prophethood

In this precious book written by Imâm-ı Rabbânî Ahmed Fârûkî Serhendi, one of the greatest savants of Islam, explained are the proof of Prophethood, the special features of a Prophet that distinguish him from other men, a miracle, the Prophethood of Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm. In addition to this, the lives of great savants of Islam such as Sayyed Abdülhakîm-i Arvâsî, Sayyed Fehîm-i Arvâsî, Sayyed Tâhâ-i Hakkârî and Hüseyn Hilmi bin Sa’id Effendi are briefly narrated.

The Proof of

Hakikat Kitabevi Publications No: 9 ITHBÂT AN-NUBUWWA The Proof of Prophethood Turkish version by HÜSEYN HİLMİ IŞIK TWENTY-FIRST EDITION Hakîkat Kitâbevi Darüşşefeka Cad. 53/A P.K.: 35 34083 Fatih-ISTANBUL/TURKEY Tel: 90.212.523 4556–532 5843 Fax: 90.212.523 3693 e-mail: JUNE-2014

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