Annual Review






Welcome to our annual review






Tourism nationally is 10% of GDP and accounts

for about 10% of jobs. Its growth rate is faster

than the digital sector. Cheshire is not

your typical tourism proposition, but our

combination of heritage, luxury, unspoilt

countryside and unique attractions

such as Jodrell Bank and Chester Zoo

seems to have a wide appeal. Our

visitor economy is worth £3.3bn and

is consistently growing at over the

Visit England target of 4%. Indeed,

the visitor economy in Chester and

its surroundings is growing at twice

that rate.

Apparently, the phrase “May you live in

interesting times” is an old Chinese curse but

for me it is much more of a blessing. For the

next year or so Brexit will ensure that we are

all on our toes so that we can capitalise on the

opportunities it presents and the challenges it

could bring. As I write, Visit Britain is lobbying

the government for a tourism sector deal which,

if it comes off, will deliver major benefits to our

industry, especially in the areas of training,

image, the abolition of red tape and innovation.

Technology will deliver enormous benefits to

tourism businesses in the shape of data and

revenue. I am still convinced that to promote

our region effectively we need to embrace

micropayment systems that enable us to

generate adequate budgets by eliciting small

contributions from our current visitors. We are

investing in a brand-new website to help us

promote Chester and Cheshire more effectively

and to sell as many tickets and experiences as

possible to our visitors before they come.

Finally, I am extremely proud that Marketing

Cheshire is one of the most awarded destination

management organisations by the Discover

England Fund. We have been awarded two pilot

projects: one to explore the feasibility of luxury

horse racing holidays for visitors from the Gulf

and one to create science tourism add-ons for

the many international visitors who come to

the North West for conferences. We are also

extremely active in The Collection: thirteen

historic cities working together to create new

itineraries and augmented reality experiences

to delight younger US visitors; Gardens and

Gourmets, a project with Visit Kent to promote

horticultural tourism and gourmet experiences;

and the Manchester Gateway project, creating

and promoting itineraries across the North from

the entry point of Manchester Airport.

As always, I want to close by thanking

our excellent board members and all our

commercial partners, especially Chester Zoo

and Chester Racecourse who continue to fund

our senior tourism executive.


We are Marketing Cheshire

But for the consumer we will now be promoting

a new identity – Chester, Cheshire and Beyond.

Why the change? A couple of reasons:

• Chester is clearly our best-known asset and

has been growing in popularity over the

past few years as a short break destination

both domestically and internationally. But

our job is to ensure that more visitors stay

overnight and to do that we need to position

ourselves as a destination with lots to do

and a broad appeal.

• Visitors aren’t really interested in

administrative boundaries – they want to

zig zag across Cheshire popping into Wales,

Wirral, Merseyside, Manchester and the

Peak District as they please, the synergies

with those areas make Cheshire a stronger


• We want to be attractive to more partners

because it is our partners that keep us

sustainable. Our box office continues

to grow and our accommodation

booking interface now offers hotels a

much smoother experience and lower

commissions than the big aggregators.





Take a tour of our new website. It offers a much

better experience for our visitors and better

promotional opportunities for our partners.

Promoted BlogSpot anyone?

Alongside our new site, we are evolving the

way we communicate the destination from a

campaign focus to an “always on” programme

of themes that provide a reason to visit

across the year – not just in the summer or at

Christmas (although we certainly won’t forget

those). The world of tourism is changing. We

need to focus on things that are “only here and

only now” by which I mean on Cheshire’s most

distinctive experiences and creating an urgency

around visiting. We have seen some significant

investments in our hospitality infrastructure

with more in the pipeline. So, we need to keep

Cheshire top of mind. We all know that word of

mouth is our best channel, so the more people

visit the more will come.

In a world of

and TripAdvisor, why

do we still need a

destination management

organisation? Well, in the

words of Carly Simon,

nobody does it better.

We live in Cheshire, we

care about Cheshire and

we want to promote the

best of Cheshire, great

and small … not just those

who can pay the most or get

the most likes.




• Gulliver’s Hotel placed in the top 1% of UK hotels for

family breaks according to TripAdvisor

• HS2 bill laid before parliament

• The FIA World Rally Championship came to Cheshire

• Wild Rumpus won 2017 Northern Soul Award for Small

Business of the Year

• New season of Peaky Blinders filmed at Arley Hall

• Lion Salt Works Museum named ‘Best Northern Museum

of the Year’

• Anderton Boat lift opened a new bespoke children’s


• New vintage style rail posters launched to showcase


• Chester listed as one of the ‘Top UK Cities’ as voted by

2017 Condé Nast Traveller readers

• Cheshire named 6th Best Hospitality Destination in


• Chester named ‘Most Accessible City in Europe’

• Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire named #3 in ‘Top 10

Happiest Places to Live’

• The Chester Grosvenor crowned ‘World’s Best Classic


• Chester Zoo ranked best in the UK and 3rd best in the

world by TripAdvisor

• The Secret Life of the Zoo’s latest series began airing in

November 2017

• World-exclusive Pokemon GO event hosted by Big

Heritage in Chester

• Chester Cathedral hosted world-class sculpture exhibition


• Chester Castle opened for the first time in seven years

• Storyhouse, Chester’s new £37m cultural centre, opened

its doors and smashed visitor targets



Visitor Economy:

The Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity

Monitor (STEAM) provides a measure

of the value of the visitor economy. For

2016, Warrington took part in the research

programme to ensure that we captured the

full economic impact of the visitor economy in

Cheshire and Warrington.

The results showed impressive growth. In 2016,

Cheshire and Warrington’s visitor economy was

worth £3.37 billion, growing by 8.8% since 2015.

This is more than double the national growth

rate of 4%. The total employment for the sector

has also grown steadily, up 6.1% to 42,615.

Cheshire West and Chester in particular has

grown at a prodigious rate of 10.5% in 2016,

one of the fastest in England.

Hotel Occupancy:

Hotel occupancy also continues to rise. Cheshire

and Warrington hotels have seen a 5% increase

overall, and self-catering and Airbnb-style

accommodation has risen by 10%, albeit from a

much lower base. Total visitor numbers are up

7.3% to 62.2m which is clearly helping to drive

this growth. However, the average stay remains

fairly low at 1.07 days, indicating that we need

to keep finding ways to encourage longer stays.



Cheshire’s Angle on Arts and Culture


The sub region was successful in securing

£300,000 Cultural Destinations funding

from Arts Council England for a 3-year

project which started in April 2017. The

investment will support culture and

tourism organisations in Cheshire East,

Cheshire West and Warrington to

team up and develop a more joinedup

approach to promoting the area’s

cultural offer. Building on current

investment, we are working to embed

arts and culture in local economic

plans and attract new visitors to the

area. This is timely due to the growth

in the region’s tourism industry over the

last few years, as well as the opening of

Chester’s major new arts venue Storyhouse, a

brand-new theatre, cinema and library.

The aim is to position C&W as a different

cultural proposition from our metropolitan

neighbours, taking advantage of our location,

showcasing our best, innovative arts and

cultural product as an umbrella programme

and promoting the edgy and distinctive, whilst

supporting the development of a mutually

beneficial partnership between the arts, cultural

and tourism sectors for the long term.

In June 2017, the new identity for the programe

was launched at an outdoor event at Nunsmere

Hall. Slant, the new umbrella brand name,

highlights the fact that Cheshire offers an

alternative way for people to engage with

culture. The programme presents unique

events in unexpected locations, breaking out of

traditional theatres and galleries into innovative

spaces and out into the Cheshire countryside.

The programme includes world class events

and festivals – where we are breaking ground in

terms of digital cultural experiences with SHIFT,

combining arts with science at Bluedot, and

embracing the magical countryside with Just

So festival. Slant will bring these exciting and

innovative events to the forefront of the cultural

scene and introduce Cheshire as a major player

in this sector. It also helps to reposition culture

as a prominent offering in a county traditionally

known for countryside, pretty villages and

historic towns. It will focus on increasing the

profile of the county’s arts and culture offer with

new audiences, and on strengthening links with

the tourism industry. The objective is to support

the delivery of activity already within the region,

by publicising it, unifying arts organisations and

encouraging the growth of the sector.

The Slant programme headliners for 2018

include: Storyhouse, Shift Digital, Blue Dot

Festival, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre,

Moonlight Flicks, Trust New Art, Clonter

Opera, Just So Festival, Spare Parts at Crewe

Traction Festival, Warrington Contemporary

Arts Festival, the Enchantment of Chester Zoo,

and the Lead Artists programme. There is also

a wider group of cultural partners involved

from across the sub region. Discover Cheshire’s

angle on arts and culture here


Augmented Reality App

We have been working as project

managers for the England’s

Historic Cities Discover England

Fund project. We received

£250,000 to develop a mobile app

which used augmented reality

to bring the stories of England’s

Historic Cities to life.

England’s Historic Cities are

13 cities covering the length

and breadth of England. We are

well-connected via rail and road

and possess an offer which is

inherently similar, thereby acting

as a common thread joining our

cities together. But at the same

time the offer is unique in terms

of the specific experiences and

stories that can be brought to life

in our destinations.

England’s Historic Cities work

together on lobbying and

benchmarking, but we have

started to collaborate more

particularly on international

initiatives. The Discover

England Fund provided

us with the opportunity

to come together once

again and address a key

issue; that whilst heritage

is one of the main products

on which England is sold

to international audiences, in

heritage settings beyond London

it is difficult to attract the attention

and interest of international

visitors beyond the core market

of couples over 45. There is also a

lack of relevant tools for the trade

and consumer to use to both sell

and experience the product.

For this project we collaborated to

develop an innovative augmented

reality (AR) product that is set to

bring heritage to life. It consists of

an app and videos that transport

the user back in time to unveil the

hidden lives of some of history’s

most fascinating characters at

historic cities across the country.

The premise of the app is to

capture significant historic

moments in time whilst providing

tourists the opportunity to explore

England’s most historic cities. It

uses cutting-edge technology to

give the historical moments a fresh

perspective and make history’s

fascinating characters come to

life. In a rapidly changing and

competitive tourist environment,

the use of AR technology will

offer a point of difference that will

attract visitors and showcase the

best of the city.

In Chester, the AR experience

takes the user back to the

grizzliest reconstructions of its

bloody and brutal past. Visitors

will be able to look through the

beautiful ornamental planting that

surrounds the amphitheatre today

and instead be transported to the

amphitheatre as it was in Roman

times. They will see for themselves

and learn through the app why

such brutality was a fundamental

part of Roman culture, all while

standing in the very spot where

the history happened.

The app ‘England’s Historic Cities’

is available to download for free

on the app store or at




‘The Collection’ is a £1m project from summer 2017

until March 2019. This is a follow-on project to our

augmented reality app and Marketing Cheshire is

again the project manager.


The Collection represents a journey through

England’s past via 15 of the most historic cities in

regional England.

• This is the first time that England’s Heritage Cities

have been packaged with London and presented

as one product for the international market.

• Aimed at younger travellers from the US who are

into independent exploration, known as ‘cultural


• Brings fascinating people and momentous events

from the past to life, using augmented reality to

fully immerse visitors in the history and culture

of England. Builds on the original DEF project by

highlighting more of each city and connecting

them literally, thematically, and geographically.

• London is the main gateway but also exploring

Manchester and Birmingham because there are

direct air connections to the US.

• Again focused on rail as main method of travel,

but introducing limited driving options to explore

city hinterlands, and promoting other types of

public transport as a means of getting further into

regional England.

• Sourcing commissionable product in each city and

helping businesses to work with the trade.

The project objectives are, by the end of 2020, to:

• Simplify heritage product in regional England,

making it easier for international visitors to plan

and book a trip.

• Increase the appeal of England’s heritage product

for US pre-nesters under the age of 40.

• Attract 22,500 additional international visitors to

England’s regional heritage destinations.

• Raise the profile of England’s regional heritage

offer, focusing on the US eastern seaboard.

• Support tourism businesses to be more effective

heritage ambassadors and advocates for their


• Strengthen relationships between heritage

destinations and national heritage organisations,

and between regional heritage destinations

and London.



A £280,000 Discover England Fund project from

summer 2017 until March 2018, for which

Marketing Cheshire is the accountable body and

project manager.


A partnership project between Marketing Cheshire,

Marketing Manchester and Visit Stoke to develop

the regional science tourism offer and promote it to

delegates attending science based conferences in the


We will also be looking to attract new scientific

conferences to the region with a stronger science

narrative and a portfolio of unique opportunities and

experiences that will strengthen our bids.

The project will include the following;

- Research into the target market, establishing

end user benefits/desire, logistics, parameters,

what will work and what won’t work. This will

be a combination of in-depth interviews and

focus groups. We will additionally research the

conference opportunities for Cheshire for smaller

associations by matching them with our key

scientific developments.

- Education programme to help our attractions

understand the conference bidding process and

how they can best develop their business to make

the most of the opportunity.

- Product Development and Booking – each

attraction will receive business support tailored

to their needs to outline their key products and

we will work with a ground handler to develop

the packages and booking process. There are five

nuclear focused conferences in 2019 so we will

specifically develop a nuclear focused itinerary.

- Distribution – we will then promote our new

packages to booked conferences and to new

associations, via a launch at World Association

Congress in Antwerp and dinners in Paris and




Another £280,000 Discover England Fund project from

summer 2017 until March 2018, for which Marketing

Cheshire is the accountable body and project manager.


The core objective for this project is to develop a new

proposition that brings together England’s premier

racecourses, along with the luxury product offering

available in their vicinity, targeted at high spend

international markets within the GCC.

England boasts a significant racing heritage and a

number of very special racecourses. Individually they

enjoy strong domestic visitor numbers, but struggle

to secure international profile. By packaging racing

related itineraries across the partner racecourses

involved in the project – Ascot, Chester, Newmarket,

York and Windsor – with luxury accommodation in

unique heritage destinations, there is great

scope to develop the racing break offer for

international markets.

An important part of the project will be scoping the

relevant audiences and target markets to ensure that

itineraries are developed with maximum potential pull,

combining the racecourse experience as one element

within broader itineraries which showcase the

luxury product offerings and combined added value

experiences nearby.

The project objectives are, by the end of 2020, to:

The Discover England research programme

has identified that the potential visitor markets

in China and GCC* have registered the highest

propensity to visit England within the next 5 years

(82% and 72-75% respectively).

We have chosen to focus on the GCC market due to

the superior connectivity, proximity, and the higher

spend of that market. On average, visitors from

GCC countries spend approximately £2,200 per visit

(average spend per visit across all international

markets is £599). The four main countries that make

up the GCC market are in the top 10 of visitors

most likely to visit a luxury store. Our intention is to

maximise the potential economic impact of the

visitors attracted.

Of all international markets, visitors from the GCC

in particular maintain a desire to book face-toface,

which means we can directly benefit from the

relationships already built by Visit Britain to secure a

direct route to market. In addition, 44% of visitors from

GCC would buy tickets for a sporting event in advance

of their visit (compared to an average of 28%).

The new product will be targeted at lifestyle

travellers. Again, they demonstrate a high propensity

to visit England (42% register an interest to visit

within the next year), and an interest in attending a

sporting event (66%).



For summer 2017, Marketing

Cheshire worked with CH1 Chester

Bid on a social media campaign to

reinforce the message that Chester

offers a wealth of things to do

for a short break over summer.

The campaign was image driven

and, inspired by Chester Zoo’s

‘Play’ campaign, took a playful,

irreverent approach to connecting

the city and its surrounding

assets together. Romans were

pictured in a lingerie store with

the caption ‘Romans, romance and

frilly pants”, a young girl cuddling

a deer sculpture at Chester

Cathedral’s ARK exhibition had the

copy line ‘for old deers and young

dears of all years”.

The campaign was pushed on

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

using #ChesteringAround to

support the playful theme.

Marketing Cheshire also created

a series of vox-pops to support

the campaign. Filmed at various

locations including Storyhouse,

the cathedral, the racecourse and

the walls, each film showcased

a key asset but cross-promoted

a number of others. This content

became a key driver for the

campaign, with the films viewed

over 17,500 times.

The summer campaign was also

featured on BBC Radio 6 Music on

the Steve Lamacq show which has

over 1m listeners, and profiled on

his twitter feed which has over 85k





For 2017, the Christmas campaign focused on

the idea that Chester offers a more nostalgic,

less commercialised destination for a festive

break. The Christmas markets showcase

70 independent retailers, surrounded

by the boutique stores on the rows.

The city’s surrounding assets focus

on the magical, with the Lanterns at

Chester Zoo and the epic Christmas

tree at Cheshire Oaks, and our

accommodation and food and drink

offer is stand-out, not standard.

The campaign featured a new,

illustrative style which seeks to capture

that nostalgic feeling. Activity included an

overhaul of the Christmas in Chester website,

embedding it into the main destination site to

enhance the user journey and increase reach.

Targeted social media and digital advertising

pushed campaign messages to people from

a 90-minute drive time. We also worked

with campaign partners to create a bespoke

Christmas destination film for use online.

A key area of success was the media

engagement which saw Cheshire Christmas

content featured in the Guardian, the

Independent, the Mirror, on i News, AOL and

Yahoo, and within a raft of local publications.

A feature within the Saturday Guardian (print

and online) highlighting things to do across the

country at Christmas included five suggestions

for the North West, three of which were in

Cheshire. It is estimated that this article was

viewed 111,000 times online, and the AVE of the

print coverage is valued at over £42,000. Some

other highlights of the activity and results are

outlined as follows:

• Incorporating Christmas content into the

main destination site definitely helped with

stats for November and December up by

28.84% from 2016.

• The Chester Christmas Market Facebook

likes grew from 31,947 to 34,942 (an

increase of 2,995), and Twitter followers

grew from 76,627 to 99,800 (an organic

increase of 23,173).

• For 2017 we launched an Instagram channel,

posting 28 new images and generating 1,195

likes. We also created a Snapchat filter in the

new design which was found by over 2,000

people, used more than 500 times and those

uses were viewed by over 33,000 people.

• Our Google adwords campaign secured

over 19,000 impressions, with some of

the most searched for terms including

Christmas Markets and Christmas Shopping,

showing how important it is to have a strong

Christmas Markets and retail offer.

• Our Christmas competitions (we ran two,

each featuring a selection of campaign

partners) achieved a reach of over

34,000, and the competition that we ran in

partnership with Virgin Trains on their Red

App surpassed the success of the summer

competition, with almost 30,000 impressions

and over 15,000 entries.


MIPIM (Le marché international

des professionnels de l’immobilier)

is the annual gathering of the

world’s property professionals in

Cannes. Cheshire had been absent

for around 9 years, but in 2017 the

Cheshire and Warrington Local

Enterprise Partnership, supported

by Marketing Cheshire, led a

delegation of over 20 partners.

The Cheshire and Warrington

LEP area is one of the UK’s most

successful in economic terms

– we are growing faster, more

productive, more highly educated

and better connected than any

other destination north of Oxford.

But these facts need to be much

more widely known. The initiative

generated over 200 contacts

and £600k of media coverage for

investment propositions such as

the Cheshire Science Corridor and

the Constellation Partnership.

In 2018 we will again be

supporting the LEP at MIPIM with

an extended partnership and

programme. We want everyone

to know what an outstanding

investment proposition Cheshire

and Warrington offers.




The Stage 3 leg of the Tour of Britain which

came through Cheshire East received

overwhelming, widespread praise.

Targeting residents as well as individuals from

outside the borough, the aim was to raise the

national and international profile of Cheshire

East as a visitor destination, and to generate

economic impact both from the event itself and

in terms of future legacy. This was achieved

by ensuring there were plenty of events, deals,

activities and promotions to offer families on

the day, and making sure visitors were aware.

The event was unique in the way it set such a

legacy for cycling in the area. From successfully

hosting this race Cheshire achieved:

• Increased economic and business


• Enhanced media profile

• Tourism boost and promotion of specific

destinations in Cheshire East

• Cycling development and uptake in


• Further promotion of safe cycling

• Successful linking with sustainable cycling

transport initiatives, including cycle hire

schemes, cycle to work, Love2Ride

• Promotion and awareness of cycle networks

and cycle tourism

300,000 visitors attended the race (the same as

in London), 63% came from outside Cheshire

East and 93% of people described the race as

‘very enjoyable’ with 59% of people inspired to

cycle more often. Average rating on a scale of

1-5 was 4.8.

The economic data report showed 93% of

visitors also associated Cheshire East Council

with the race – which was the highest brand

association by far among all the sponsors

(British Cycling & Skoda both achieved

83% respectively).



Cheshire’s first ever Residents’

Festival took place in March 2017,

organised by Marketing Cheshire

on behalf of Cheshire East Council

and Cheshire West and Chester

Council. The festival was the

Councils’ way of saying thank you

for the warm welcome residents

give to Cheshire’s 62 million

visitors, and to encourage them to

be a tourist in their own county and

discover the attractions and hidden

gems on their doorstep. Over 20

attractions signed up to participate

in the festival, from Tatton Park to

Cholmondeley Castle, Macclesfield

Museums to behind-the-scenes

at Storyhouse in Chester, offering

free entry, discounted tickets and

special, ‘money can’t buy’ events.

which is extremely high for a free

promotion. Perhaps even more

importantly, over 25% of people

had revisited one or more of the

attractions featured just three

months after the festival ended.

The 2018 festival is set to be even

bigger and better, with Warrington

taking part as well as Cheshire

East and Cheshire West and

Chester. Timed to coincide with

English Tourism Week, we will

be working with Visit England to

secure maximum profile.

We will also ramp up our media

engagement so that all residents of

Cheshire and Warrington can get


The festival was a great success,

with tickets and offers sold out

in just three weeks. Over 80% of

people redeemed their tickets,



The Amazed by Science festival continues to go from

strength to strength, engaging thousands of children and

their families over the May half term. Long term sponsors

National Nuclear Laboratory, Urenco and Waters were

joined by Essar in 2017, delivering over 90 activities across

14 different venues. The festival remains hugely popular,

with over 92% of visitors rating it 8 out of 10 or above, and

more than 93% of people saying that they learnt something

new. With the average age of children attending just 7 years

old, the festival is a great way to inspire the scientists of

the future, as well as celebrating Cheshire’s strengths in

science and technology.




In 2016 Marketing Cheshire

created a new website for

the Constellation Partnership

which was launched at

MIPIM 2017 in Cannes –

We have also been tasked with

refreshing the Cheshire Science

Corridor Enterprise Zone website

that was originally built in 2015

to shift focus to the Science

Corridor itself. This site will

be relaunched in early 2018 –

Our two main visitor-facing sites

currently receive 160,000 visits

per month, combined. Having

been in their current guise for

3 years, we felt it was time for

a refresh and so are currently

working on a brand-new website

for Chester and Cheshire. In 2018

we will be combining our two

current sites, and, into one

fresh new site, and investing in

SEO to ensure that we continue to

rank highly in search engines.


Consumer – Our popular

consumer e-newsletter is

sent out on a monthly basis to

63,000 organic subscribers.

The e-newsletter is themed by

season and includes events and

promotions from our partner

venues and attractions. The

newsletter currently has an

average open rate of 14% and an

average click through rate of 10%.

Weekly Bulletin – Our Weekly

Bulletin, including good news

stories from Cheshire and

Warrington, continues to grow in

popularity and is now distributed

to over 2,500 business contacts in

the North West and beyond, with

an above average click through

rate of 40%.


We are integrating video

content more and more with

our own marketing campaigns

such as #RoomsToBreathe,

SLANT, #FestiveCheshire and

#ChesteringAround, all with

great engagement and results.

Throughout the year we have also

worked with many new clients

who are embracing the power

of video as a marketing tool.

Whether it’s promoting conference

facilities, accommodation, events

or attractions, video could be the

solution for you.

These include:

The Port’s the Place

Chester Digital Artworks

Experience Cheshire’s Canals

Anderton Boat Lift

Christmas in Cheshire



In 2017, we managed social media accounts for partners including Favourite Days Out in Cheshire, Cheshire’s

Gardens of Distinction, Anderton Boat Lift, National Waterways Museum, SHIFT, Amazed by Science and Cheshire

& Warrington LEP in addition to our own core channels.

One of the highlights included a strategy to drive organic reach via competitions. This was trialled very effectively

in support of the Slant campaign, for which partners pulled together an impressive competition to win tickets to

Sleepwalk at Little Moreton Hall, the Just So Festival and the Grosvenor Open Air Theatre, plus a three night stay

at Crewe Hall. The competition achieved a reach of 55,000, 43,000 of which was organic, and delivered 676 likes,

269 comments and 589 shares.





Twitter @VisitCheshire @MktgCheshire @invest_cheshire


@cheshireconf @candwep





@visitchesterandcheshire @chesterxmas




@VisitCheshire – 14K

@ChesterChristmasMarket – 34K

Total = 48K


@VisitCheshire – 34.7K

@visitchester_ – 16.9K

@chesterxmas – 99.5K

@MktgCheshire – 6.3K

@invest_cheshire – 2.9K

@cheshireconf – 1.1K

@candwep – 2.3K

@CheshireSciCorr – 478

Total = 641.7K


@visitchesterandcheshire – 3.2K

@chesterxmas – 634

Total = 3.8K



2017 has been an exciting year

for Chester’s Visitor Information


The retail offer has been

transformed, both in terms of

presentation and the products

available. New ranges have been

introduced, including a Christmas

in Chester range, featuring locally

themed decorations and cards.

Expansion of the VIC’s popular

Alice in Wonderland range,

the introduction of Chester FC

memorabilia and the remarkable

success of the Mid Cheshire Line

railway posters & postcards have

further helped lift retail sales.

The opening of Storyhouse in

the heart of the Chester has

contributed to very healthy

theatre & concert ticket sales at

the VIC, while demand remains

strong for tickets to a wide range

of local visitor attractions and

Cheshire events. The ticketing

offer continues to expand, with last

year seeing the VIC begin to sell

tickets for Arriva North West &

North Wales buses and EasyBus to

complement the existing National

Express ticket offer. Jones

Holidays UK breaks (now part of

Alpine Travel) can now be booked

at the VIC, further expanding the

range of services on offer to local

residents as well as visitors.

One day events at the VIC have

really taken off over the last

year. Regular ‘Meet the Artist’

days have given local artists the

opportunity to showcase their

work while helping generate

additional footfall, while the VIC’s

involvement in Chester’s 2017

Pokemon Go event resulted in an

unprecedented level of visitors

coming through the door over a

weekend in July. Local supplier

events, including tea merchants

and biscuit bakers have added to

the mix.

The VIC now has its own

social media presence, further

encouraging visitors and locals

alike to pop in and see what the

VIC has to offer.


‘In just six months we

secured 37 pieces of

coverage, with an online

readership of 638m, over

1.77k social shares and a

total estimated coverage

views of 738k’


In 2017, Marketing Cheshire

took the decision to really push

the media profile for Cheshire.

We appointed Travel Tappers,

a specialist PR agency based in

London (which although not as it

should be, is where the national

media are based). It is led by Kate

Simon, ex Travel Editor of The

Independent on Sunday, who is

originally from Cheshire. In just six

months they helped us to secure

37 pieces of coverage, with an

online readership of 638m, over

1.77k social shares and a total

estimated coverage views of 738k.

Some of the highlights have

included Jodrell Bank being

covered by the Guardian in their

hugely popular ‘places to take

the kids this weekend’ feature,

The Enchantment of Chester Zoo

featuring in ‘i News’ article on

things to do in October half term,

and a whole raft of publications

picking up on our ‘top ten things

to do in Cheshire this Christmas’

release. This included the

Guardian, which on Saturday 9

December created UK-wide list

of things to do at Christmas in

both print and online. Of the four

suggestions given for the North

West, three were in Cheshire,

which was a great result.

Another highlight for Cheshire in

the news in 2017 was the article

written by Guardian journalist

Frances Ryan, an accessibility

specialist who visited Chester on

the back of the city’s award as

‘Most Accessible City in Europe’.

It was clear that she was doubtful

of the claim before she came,

and indeed there are areas of the

city that it is impossible to make

completely accessible. However,

with help from our partners,

including Hallmark Hotel The

Queen, Chester Tour Guides,

Chester Boat, Chester Cathedral

and Chester Zoo, Frances was able

to see for herself how Chester

has overcome the challenges of

a listed, historic infrastructure

to provide the greatest possible

level of accessibility. Her article

was highly complimentary and is

testament to the hard work that

Cheshire West and Chester Council

and the city’s attractions have put

into meeting the needs of disabled




In 2017, working with Hainan Airlines, Marketing Cheshire

welcomed 17 Chinese Tour Operators to Chester, showcasing

the cities key attractions and accommodation. Working with

Travel Specialists Cox and King Chester also welcomed 7

US Tour Operators to experience Chester. Later in the year

Cheshire welcomed over 40 Group Travel Organisers as part

of the annual AGTO conference, encouraging them to visit 10

of Cheshire’s top attractions.

In 2017 Marketing Cheshire also attended ExploreGB,

VisitBritain’s flagship Travel Trade event, providing an

invaluable opportunity to meet and do business with over 80

hosted international travel buyers from over 35 countries.

During the one-to-one meetings, international travel

buyers were shown an image led presentation, highlighting

Cheshire’s central location as well as images and details of

our Travel Trade partners.

Other key activities include a full website re-fresh with more

itineraries and FAQ’s, to make accessing information and

booking as easy as possible. Plus, the development of our

Travel Trade database, which now includes over 2000 quality

contacts who are sent targeted communications throughout

the year.




The #RoomstoBreathe Business Tourism

Campaign focuses on the beautiful location,

stunning views and excellent value Cheshire

offers the meeting and conference organiser.

The Marketing Cheshire Team has been busy

filming at 6 venues across Cheshire, creating

a library of images and footage showcasing

spaces which offer open windows, green vistas,

outdoor meeting spaces and even picnic spots -

all proven ways to boost productivity, creativity

and decision making. Video content, imagery

and promotional copy will be hosted on the website and a mixture

of Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Twitter

advertising will be used to drive traffic to the

site. The campaign launched mid-November and

a partner took kit has been created. We have

also placed articles in key event and conference


The Meetings Show

Marketing Cheshire attended the Meetings

Show on the 13th – 15th June, Olympia London.

Partners included, De Vere, Valor, Boutique

Hotel Group, Rookery Hall and The Chester


We met with over 200 conference bookers to

highlight the great conferencing facilities in

Cheshire and showcase how accessible we are

as a destination.

Competitions on Twitter proved very successful

with a reach of nearly 350,000 and 867,000

impressions using #RoomstoBreathe. And so

did the gin tasting, courtesy of Hunters Gin.



The Ultimate Guide to Chester & Cheshire

In April 2017 we launched a new magazine in collaboration with

Storyhouse, called The Ultimate Guide to Chester & Cheshire. This

replaced the What’s On guide but continues to showcase events across

the region. The magazine has an upmarket feel and is produced three

times a year. We hired a new editor, Susie Stubbs, who has written for the

Guardian, the Independent and Time Out. 60,000 magazines are printed per

issue, distributed to carefully targeted high footfall areas.

By the launch of the second edition in autumn 2017 we had achieved an

online readership of more than 20,000 views.


The Ultimate Attractions &

Shopping Map and The Ultimate

Food & Drink Map

The Chester Area Mini Guide has been replaced

with two leaflets/maps with a combined print

run of 325,000 copies. Distributed to high

footfall areas and key gateway sites, the leaflets

showcase all there is to see and do in Chester

and Cheshire, and provide inspiration on

fantastic places to eat and drink. They are also

available to download on our website.












Approved Venues Brochures

Marketing Cheshire produces an annual Cheshire East

Weddings Guide on behalf of Cheshire East Council, featuring

the beautiful venues Cheshire East has to offer. In 2017, we

also produced a Weddings Guide on behalf of Cheshire West

and Chester Council, featuring over 60 venues.

The brochures are made available in print and online.



In 2017 we provided marketing consultancy

services for a range of clients both in the private

and public sectors.

SHIFT Digital: Social Media and Marketing

SHIFT is Cheshire East’s borough-wide

programme celebrating digital arts and creative

technology. The objectives for this project are

to engage children and adults of all ages across

the county in digital, tech and arts. We have been

doing this through the social channels to engage

a variety of audiences in the events, exhibitions

and activities on offer as part of the programme.

Keeping the content fresh and varied, using film,

live stories, interviews, gifs and competitions

with in-house designed prizes to keep the

audience informed and engaged. Working with

the SHIFT team to provide poster & flyer design,

email marketing and support at live events.

Social Media Management Courses

During 2017 we ran two social media courses

exclusively for members. These courses were

a back to basics overview, for social media

beginners and those who want to refresh their

skills and reinvigorate their social strategy.

The courses cover a range of topics from

platforms, engagement and analytics to crisis

management and content. Keep an eye on your

members monthly email for the next course date.

National Waterways Museum

National Waterways Museum was a new social

media marketing contract for 2017. Marketing

Cheshire are supporting this Canal & River Trust

property in running their social media accounts,

using targeted ads and PPC to get their

messages to the right people. The success of the

Christmas campaign was such that for the first

time the Museum had a 100% sale rate on their

Christmas cruises and has seen a large jump in

engagement on their Facebook page.


The Port’s the Place

In Autumn 2017 Marketing Cheshire launched

a new campaign: ‘The Port’s the Place’, which

is set to shine a spotlight on Ellesmere Port

as a residential destination, supporting house

builders. The new initiative will target home

buyers and boost the town’s reputation as a

superb place to live, whilst supporting the work

the house builders and Ellesmere Development

Board are doing. The first wave of activity,

which included good news stories and a film,

gained wide coverage in local press and a great

response from the housebuilders.

Anderton Boat Lift

Following the success of 2017, Anderton Boat

Lift, managed by Canal and River Trust, has

outsourced their entire marketing activity to

Marketing Cheshire for the third consecutive

year. This includes management of their social

media channels, design, print, leaflet distribution,

event specific advertising and radio campaigns,

PR management and digital marketing. The Boat

Lift are also using our Digitickets website as

a box office for 2018 after Marketing Cheshire

successfully sold 900 tickets for their 2017

Firework Display.




Chief Executive


Commercial Director


Tourism Director


Finance Manager


Head of Sales


Sharon Pond, Executive Assistant and Board Support

Stephen Jones, Finance Executive

Anna Williams, Head of Marketing

Kate Boyle, Head of Events

Laura Gilling, Marketing Manager

Leonie Hallam, Event Manager

Phillippa Meachin, Digital Manager

Jake Johnson, Digital Manager

Leanne Eaton, Freelance Sales Manager

Rebecca Wainwright, Tourism Manager

Amie Piper, Marketing Executive

Lotti Littler, Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice

Abigail White, Marketing Intern

Sarah Harvey, PR Manager

Isabel Robertson, VIC Manager

Martin Webb, VIC Supervisor

Pat Jones, VIC Assistant






The agency that

champions Cheshire

Marketing Cheshire is the agency for promoting Cheshire and Warrington nationally

and internationally to investors, business and leisure visitors and those lucky enough

to live and study here. 2018/19


Included as part of your membership

(all levels)




PR - Opportunities to be included in press visits &

editorial where relevant

DISCOUNTS - On advertising in Marketing Cheshire’s

suite of printed publications including the Ultimate

Guide to Chester and Cheshire, Graduation Guide,

Ultimate Attractions & Shopping Map plus the new

Ultimate Food & Drink Map

TRAINING - Attend one to one workshops to make the

most of your page on the website

OFFERS - Upload your offers onto the website

EVENTS - Upload your events onto the website

(and receive a full list of key event dates)

BRANDING - Add the official Marketing Cheshire

Member Logo onto your website

NEWSLETTERS - Receive quarterly update newsletters


Our previous web stats

Visit Chester’s traffic would cost you

£84,000 per month if you bought it

through pay per click!









Ireland • Australia

Germany • Russia


Twitter 51,700

@VisitChester & @VisitCheshire


@Invest_Cheshire & @MktgCheshire






Facebook likes





25-44 (60%)



18 – 24 = 14.01%

25 – 34 = 23.17%

35 – 44 = 19.26%

45 – 54 = 18.54%

55 – 64 = 13.94%

65+ = 11.08%



18 – 24 = 8.57%

25 – 34 = 21.15%

35 – 44 = 21.91%

45 – 54 = 19.57%

55 – 64 = 15.47%

65+ = 13.32%




page views per month

Unique Users: 707,535 • Page Views: 2,743,300

Outbound links to members: 114,052

VIEWS: Bronze 3,888 / Silver 10,429 / Gold 21,578


page views per month

Unique Users: 699,032 • Page Views: 2,284,451

Outbound links to members: 118,188

VIEWS: Bronze 1204 / Silver 4,774 / Gold 12,261


The Bronze Membership



annual or




Additional pages will be charged at

£75 per page ie Restaurant, Golf etc)

Videos extra £25 per video



The Silver Membership

Additional pages will be charged at £75

per page ie Restaurant, Golf etc)

Videos extra £25 per video £300

annual or











The Gold Membership


annual or











1 OF 8 TO BE






The Platinum Membership


annual or













• Quick setup and can run parallel

with your ticketing system

• Receive all customer details

• View sales in real time

• Individual system login

• Flat rate commission of 12.5%

• No booking fees or additional charges




Appear in the dropdown navigation

link under the relevant category and

promote your business first.

Only 6 spaces per choice of section.

£1,500 + VAT per year



Average 27,049 Impressions a

month with an average click

through rate of 0.27%, average

monthly click throughs 88.

£150 + VAT per month or

£350 + VAT for 3 months

(internal pages ie accommodation

& attractions)

£200 + VAT per month (homepage)









£475 & VAT

Entire content

your own, ideal

for competitions

with added value

social media






• Sent to a database of 52,000

unique email addresses

• 12% Average Open Rate

• 4% Average click through rate

Member Price - £150+Vat

£175+Vat (Footer Ad)

Non Member Price + 25%


• Sent to a database of 52,000

unique email addresses

• 12% Average Open Rate

• 10% Average click through rate

Member Price - £475+Vat

Non Member Price + 25%





@VisitChester & @VisitCheshire


@Invest_Cheshire & @MktgCheshire





Facebook likes

77% 22%

25-44 (60%)





Commissioned guest blog post advertorial-style narrative, with a ‘magazine’ feel in tone and style

putting people at the centre of the story. Can be top 10-style round up or personality profile-led

stories based around a main interviewee.

• Why now: a topical, newsworthy hook to anchor to a particular timeframe, ideally previewing

something coming up rather than reviewing something that has now passed

• Context: signposting to research data, reports, key statistics

• Contacts: named interviewees who are happy to talk on the record and briefed to expect a

phone call/email/visit

• Human interest: stories, anecdotes, examples from interviewees to share their insight/

experience/personal reaction. This will help to engage readers.

To include 500 words with digital images/basic video. They will be boosted and promoted on

social media and the destination homepage of the website.

Member Price - £450+Vat / Non Member Price + 25%


Promote your product or event to the masses from a valid and trustworthy source with a

loyal following.

Our competition posts receive, on average, 256 likes, 1016 Post clicks and a reach of 23,558.

• The competition will be promoted on the destination homepage and via our social

media channels

Member Price £150+Vat / Non Member Price + 25%


Maximise your exposure with a bespoke social media package comprising several dedicated

posts/tweets. Our expert social media team will target your relevant audience and provide a full

evaluation afterwards to track your ROI:

Social media paid-for package over time period 1 month

• Boosted Facebook posts x 4

• Instagram posts x 4

• Tweets on Visit Channels x 8

Member Price - £399+Vat / Non Member Price + 25%


Advertising & Bespoke


April: Easter Family Fun

May: Gardens

June: Amazing things to do

July: Getaway with the girls

August: Here comes the sun

September: Favourite Days Out

October: Action and adventure

November: As the nights draw in

December: Christmas

January: Spa and detox

February: Romance

March: Wear out the grandkids

April: Easter Family Fun...

Included within 1 x theme

of your choice

1 x banner ad on the website

Inclusion in 1 x blog

Inclusion in 1 x Enewsletter,

1 of 7 to be featured

3 x Social media posts

Member Price - £599+Vat

Non Member + 25%



In today’s climate every business should have

their own website. There are a few reasons for

this but the main one is to make your business

visible on the web.

A good website will help you to build your

brand and showcase your business and

services to a much wider audience than

traditional marketing methods and will give

you credibility and instil a certain level of trust

in you from your customers.

If you wouldn’t know where to start don’t

worry, we can help you with this! We have

the inhouse skills required to build a fully

responsive multi page website that will work

across all browsers and will be search engine

optimised to help your business to be visible

and rank on google. The site can be built using

your branding, colours, imagery and fonts to

get the exact look and feel you require. We will

also install google analytics for you so that you

can track the success of your website and work

out what content is working for you.

We have built various different websites for

lots of different clients so far, see some of our

work here:

Price quoted on requirements

VIDEO From £499 Members / Non Members + 25%

Why Video Content?

• Recently online video content has shifted from a Luxury to a Necessity.

• Video results now appear in 70% of the top 100 listings on Google.

• The chance of getting a page one listing on Google increases a staggering 53 times

with video.

• Your customers are now using online video to chose where to stay.

• 81% of business travellers watch videos before making a booking.

• 74% of travel shoppers were prompted to book by online video during planning.

• This year video is set to represent 74% of all internet traffic.

• Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

• Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10%

when reading text.






Package 1

12 x month Homepage Navigation link and image

1 x commissioned guest blog with boosted social media -

1 x competition promoted through social media and the homepage of

the destination website

1 x targeted social media campaign

Always on campaign included within 6 x themes

6 x banner ads on the homepage of the website

Inclusion in 6 x blogs

Inclusion in 6 x enewsletters - 1 of 7 to be featured

Inclusion in 18 x social media posts

Member Price: £4,999+VAT reduced from £6,099+VAT

Non Member Price + 25%

Package 2

12 month Homepage Navigation link and image

1 x commissioned guest blog with boosted social media

1 x competition promoted through social media and the homepage

of the destination website

Always on campaign included within 3 x themes of your choice

3 x banner ads on the homepage of the website

Inclusion in 3 x blogs

Inclusion in 3 x enewsletters - 1 of 7 to be featured

Inclusion in 12 x social media posts

Member Price - £2,999+VAT reduced from £3,597+VAT

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Package 3

6 month Homepage Navigation link and image

Always on campaign included within 2 x themes of your choice

2 x banner ads on the homepage of the website

Inclusion in 2 x blogs

Inclusion in 2 x enewsletters - 1 of 7 to be featured

Inclusion in 6 x social media posts

Member Price - £1,499+VAT reduced from £1,798+VAT

Non Member Price + 25%

Package 4

Included within 1 x theme of your choice

1 x banner ad on the website

Inclusion in 1 x blogs

Inclusion in 1 x Enewsletter - 1 of 7 to be featured

3 x Social media posts

Member Price - £599+VAT

Non Member Price + 25%

Produced by


Graduation Guide & Favourite Days Out


MARCH 2018



Essential Information

Graduation Guide (£175+VAT PER ISSUE)

Marketing Cheshire work with the University of Chester

to produce their Graduation Souvenir brochures twice

a year which are sent out with students results to help

plan their graduation celebrations with their families.

There is a small amount of space available to advertise

your graduation offer which will work on a first come

first served basis.

For information and prices

please contact Leanne Eaton -

Non Member Price: + 25%

Favourite Days Out (£999+VAT, Annual Price)

Favourite Days Out in Cheshire is Marketing Cheshire’s

main family fun campaign targeting ‘explorer families’

within a 1.5 hour time of Cheshire, promoting the wealth

of quality attractions across the county. The new 2018

the campaign message is ‘#Favouritedays every day’ and

will focus on the opportunity to experience old favourites,

new favourites, favourite lazy days, favourite active days,

favourite spring days etc...

Participate in this campaign and join a consortium of over

25 attractions and benefit from:

• Inclusion in the Favourite Days Out guide - 80,000 copies

produced and distributed across the north west

• Listing on the FDO website, average of 15k views

per month

• Your news events and special offers shared on the FDO

Facebook Page - 11.6K followers

• Join us at various events including the Geronimo Festival

and the Just So Festival to meet a core family audience

• Inclusion in a new FDO video to be used across

all channels


Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction

Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction

(£550+VAT, Annual Price)

Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction

celebrates and promotes the diverse

range of horticulture on offer in Cheshire.

In 2018 the campaign will lead with a

‘Cheshire’s Glorious Gardens’ message

and will focus on three areas of activity;

1. Inclusion in the Cheshire’s Glorious

Gardens guide - 60,000 copies

produced and distributed across the

north west

2. A dedicated ‘Cheshire’s Glorious

Gardens’ area at the RHS Flower

Show Tatton Park and the opportunity

to create a show or feature garden.

Targeting a core horticultural

audience of 50,000+

3. Inclusion in the dedicated Gardens

pages of the Visit Cheshire website


Travel Trade

From £500+VAT per year

The Travel Trade campaigns aims to increase the number of domestic and international visitors

to Chester and Cheshire by positioning the area as a ‘must see’ short break destination for

Coach and Tour Operators, Agents and Groups.

• Travel Trade dedicated website making it easy for Travel Trade providers to access

information, see what is on offer, provide suggested itineraries and give them a contact

where they can discuss options and get advice

• Quarterly e-newsletters to our dedicated database of 2000+ travel

trade contacts

• Inclusion in regular FAM visits across the county where relevant

• Promotion at events across the UK including ExploreGB

• Inclusion in our NEW 2018/19 Travel Trade online pdf guide

• Access to specific training courses e.g China Welcome

• Promotion through social media & LinkedIn

£1500+VAT Gold package

Full page advert in PDF travel

trade brochure

3 x bespoke Enewsletters to

travel trade organisers

Lead feature within the travel

trade video

Dedicated advert within a key

travel trade publication

12 month hero image on the

travel trade page

12 social media posts

Dedicated content within a

travel trade blog

FAM trip inclusion when


Promotion at Explore GB and

travel trade events

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I drop off my passengers in Chester?

A. There are new drop-off restrictions in Chester city centre, please note

drop-offs are limited to 10 minutes. Current drop-off points are:

• Vicar’s Lane (westbound, CH1 1QU)

• Grosvenor Street (southbound, CH1 2DD)

• Pepper Street (eastbound, CH1 1DW)

• Little Roodee Car Park (Castle Drive, CH1 1SL)

• Foregate Street (eastbound, CH1 1HE)

• *Hunter Street (CH1 2AR)

£1000+VAT Silver package

Half page advert in PDF

travel trade brochure

2 x bespoke Enewsletters to

travel trade organisers

Feature within the travel

trade video

Inclusion within editorial in key

travel trade magazines

6 month banner ad on the


6 social media posts

Dedicated content within a

travel trade blog

*Coaches can use the space in the old bus station (Hunter Street) until

further notice however they are not permitted to enter the new bus

station on Gorse Stacks

Q. Where can I park my coach in Chester?

A. The Little Roodee coach and car park

• Up to three hours - £5.50

• Three to six hours - £8

• Over six hours - £10

• Arrivals after 5pm - £5

• *Multiple Access - £10

FAM trip inclusion when


Promotion at Explore GB and

travel trade events

£500+VAT Bronze package

Quarter page advert in

travel trade brochure

Inclusion in Enewsletters

Listing within editorial in key

travel trade magazines

Inclusion within social media


FAM trip inclusion when


Promotion at Explore GB and

travel trade events

Listing within a travel trade blog

*If you wish to obtain a multiple access ticket, you must first take a ticket

from the entry machine, this can then be discarded and you should collect

a ‘Coach Ticket’ from the payment machine (£10). You will also be issued

with another ticket allowing you to enter and exit the Roodee for the

remainder of the day.

Large vehicles which exceed the size of a standard marked bay should pay

for the number of spaces occupied.

The car park is open 24 hours; vehicles may be parked overnight but

should be moved by 9am the following morning.

There are on site toilet facilities for passengers and coach drivers. There is

a radar key toilet situated outside of the building.

When the fair arrives in May, alternative coach parking is available at the

Park & Ride on Wrexham Road.


Business Tourism #RoomstoBreathe

#RoomstoBreathe is the Marketing

Campaign to support Business


The campaign focuses on our beautiful

location, stunning views and excellent

value Cheshire offers the meeting

and conference organiser. We have

partners across Cheshire and have

created a library of images and

footage showcasing spaces which

offer open windows, green vistas

and outdoor meeting spaces. All

proven ways to boost productivity,

creativity and decision making in turn

highlighting Cheshire as a great place

to host meetings within unique venues

so that key messages are remembered.

The Video content, imagery and

promotional copy is hosted on the website and

a mixture of Google AdWords, LinkedIn

and Twitter advertising is being used

to drive traffic to the site.

The Campaign includes:

Gold Membership on to

* include 6 Images, copy and direct

click throughs to your website,

special offers promoted, social media


* Gold members will be listed first on

the venues page and showcased on


* Digital Advertising - 2 x Homepage

banner adverts on plus one

bespoke newsletter to our database

of 8600 organisers

* Individual LinkedIn and Twitter

advertising of your 10 USP’S and

individual video

* Representation at MeetGB to which

we will meet with 40 international

conference and event organisers

* Dedicated editorial within key

conference publications

* Individual video or for year 2 partners

an advert within a key conference


The price for the campaign is


If you would just like to be listed on the

website the following memberships are


Bronze Website Entry ~ 2 Images,

copy and direct click throughs to your

website, special offers promoted, social

media functions, access to statistics

and inclusion within Enewsletters -


Silver Website Entry ~ 4 Images,

copy and direct click throughs to your

website, direct enquires, special offers

promoted , Social media functions,

access to statistics and inclusion within

Enewsletters - £750+Vat

The Ultimate

Guide to



& beyond

Version 2


Rate Card 2018/19

Marketing Cheshire’s

flagship publication

‘The Ultimate Guide to

Chester, Cheshire and

Beyond’ is growing from

strength to strength. 2018

is going to be another

exciting year...





beautiful and


With a new and highly

esteemed Editor, Susie

Stubbs has written

for The Guardian, The

Independent and has

published art, history

and travel books for

publishers ranging from

Time Out to the Tate.

She was a columnist for

The Big Issue, and her

features have also been

published in Corridor8,

Manchester Evening

News and the Museums


The Ultimate Guide

to Chester, Cheshire

and Beyond will touch

on various themes

throughout the year

including key events, food

& drink, family days out

and what’s on in the area.

The magazine will also

include interviews and

stories from across the

city and county plus

sophisticated features

on shopping, dining out

and the region’s beautiful


Produced to a high

specification with a new,

modern design in a

handy-sized B5 format.

There will be three

editions published per

year and the distribution

will be very carefully

targeted in and around

Chester, North Wales

and the Wirral and now

to Liverpool, Manchester

and Staffordshire.





The 50,000 copies will be distributed to high footfall locations including

shopping centres, railway stations, motorway services, major hotels, large

attractions, visitor information centres, corporate organisations and major

supermarkets in and around Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, the Wirral and

new for this year, Liverpool, Manchester and Staffordshire.


Prosperous planners, free and easy mini breakers,

explorer families and couples visiting the area as well

as coach visitors to the city and surrounding area,

international visitors, day trippers within a 1 ½ hour

drive time, and local residents.


Digital views 59,645

per 3 issues

Example Key Sites

Shopping Centres: Grosvenor Shopping Centre,

Broughton Shopping Park, Octagon Shopping

Centre, Burton Upon Trent (NEW)

Railway Stations: Chester, Crewe, Liverpool Lime

Street, Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly,

Burton Upon Trent (NEW)

Chester M56 Services,

Stafford South Roadchef Services (NEW)

Visitor Information Centres: Chester, Cheshire Oaks,

Delamere Forest, Wrexham, Nantwich, Northwich,

Macclesfield, Congleton and Warrington

Top / large hotels within Chester, Cheshire, North

Wales, Wirral, Liverpool and Stafford (NEW)

Corporate Organisations: MBNA and M&S Financial


Large Attractions: Chester Zoo, The Ice Cream Farm,

Chester Racecourse, Ness Gardens, Vue Cinema,

The Beatles Story, National Brewery Centre, World

of Glass, Liverpool FC and Alton Towers (NEW)

Supermarkets: Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and

Morrisons (NEW)



Advertisers receive guaranteed inclusion on the map within the guide




Back Cover (a) £1,750

Inside Front Double (b) £2,300

Inside Back (c) £995

Full Page (d) £825

Half Page (e) £550

Quarter Page (f) £395

All prices + VAT / Non Member Price + 25%


Size - 165mm x 240mm

(+3mm bleed on all



Size - 310mm x 220mm

Bleed Size - 330 x 240mm

(+3mm bleed on all edges)

Please Note: The publication is PERFECT BOUND.

Please keep text or important information away

from the gutter (at least 25mm)


Size - 145mm x 107


PAGE (f)

Size -

70mm x



PAGE (f)

Size -

70mm x




Size - 145mm x 220mm

Bleed Size - 165 x 240mm

(+3mm bleed on all








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Quarter page: £395

Half page: £550

Full page: £825

Inside back cover: £995

Inside Front Double: £2,300

Back cover: £1,750


Quarter page: £395

Half page: £550

Full page: £825

Inside back cover: £995

Inside Front Double: £2,300

Back cover: £1,750


Quarter page: £395

Half page: £550

Full page: £825

Inside back cover: £995

Inside Front Double: £2,300

Back cover: £1,750

Non Members: +25%

All prices + VAT

Please return form and send artwork to:



1. Marketing Cheshire retains the right to edit the advertisers’ copy if deemed necessary.

2. Marketing Cheshire has the right to refuse acceptance of certain advertisements and can issue the publication with amended advertisements without assigning

a reason.

3. Proofs must be carefully checked and returned immediately with corrections and additions clearly marked. All additions and alterations except recognised

printing errors will be charged at an extra rate.

4. In submitting the advertisement you are warranting that the description and information provided is accurate in every respect.

5. The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 makes it an offence for any person in the course of any trade or business to give any false indications or statement, direct

or indirect about any goods supplied by him. The Act also applies to services; accommodation or facilities and advertisers are strongly advised to check their

advertisement copy very carefully before submitting it for publication.

6. Whilst Marketing Cheshire will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of advertisement details the advertiser accepts that Marketing Cheshire

not its Agents will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur.

7. Marketing Cheshire will not be liable for any consequential loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by the advertiser resulting from any errors or nonpublication.

8. If you attempt to cancel your order at any stage after the order has been placed with Marketing Cheshire you will not be entitled to a refund.

For more information please contact

Ashley Shacklady at

or call 01244 405626


The agency that

champions Cheshire

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