The Albion Cuppa, Volume 1 Issue 1


The Albion Cuppa is the twice a month newsletter of Albion Tea Co. full of fun features, behind the scenes info, and more.

The Albion Cuppa

Volume 1 Issue 1


Regency Collection

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• English

Breakfast Tea

• Bergamot Herb

• Lavender

• Orange Peel

Loveliness Itself

• Jasmine Green


• Rose Petals

Putting on Eyres

• Oolong Tea

• Almonds

• Almond







Sense &


• Spearmint

• Lavender



• Raw Cacao

• Coconut Sugar

• Lavender

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our Regency Collection

is more than handsome (and tasty) enough to tempt most ladies

and gentlemen who have an affinity for a delicious beverage.

We recently released four brand new teas, and a new drinking

chocolate in our Regency Collection - all of which are currently

available in our shop!

So, get out the tea things in preparation for these classically delightful


Exciting news! We will be

taking part in the NERD SALE

event starting this Friday,

March 9!

NERD stands for Never Ending

Ridiculous Deals, and the sale

will run from Friday, March 9

to Monday, March 12!

The sale includes shops from

all over Instagram and you can

use the code: NERDSALEMAR18

for a variety of discounts at all

participating shops!

When you use the discount

code on the Albion Tea Company

website, you’ll get 15%

off your purchase from March


Be sure to check out all the

other shops involved over on

Instagram @nerdsale to see

what discounts they’re offering


The Albion Cuppa, Volume 1 Issue 1 The Albion Cuppa, Volume 1 Issue 1

Hello fellow steepers!

I feel like this week’s column should be titled “Evolution

of a Tea”. In which case, if you’ve been with

us for a while you probably know exactly which tea I

am going to talk about…Cardigan Cuppa! This tea

has rapidly become a best-selling customer favourite

with a fun origin story that I am keen to share with


Last autumn we started work on our first line of

seasonal teas. Autumn is my heartsong, so I admit

I went a little crazy crafting autumnal blends. One

blend, inspired by a customer suggestion, started

taking the form of a Ceylon tea with cinnamon

chips, vanilla bean and chocolate covered cacao

nibs. It needed pumpkin but we couldn’t find a

reliable source for organic candied pumpkin. So,

we taught ourselves how to craft candied pumpkin

from locally grown sugar pumpkins! The result was

delicious, and beautiful…the bright orange chunks

of freshly candied pumpkin sparkled like crown jewels

in an already amazing blend! And so, Cardigan

Cuppa was born. And my was it ever good!

As a side story here, we often get so busy creating

new blends and crafting orders and such that we

forget to actually enjoy the fruits of our own labors.

My hubby has the awesome habit of getting up before

me, putting the kettle on, and bringing up a cup

of tea or coffee in the mornings before my feet even

hit the floor. (Yep, he’s a keeper!) At any rate, one

morning, I wrapped my sleepy hands around the

hot mug and took a sip of the contents. I literally


Cuppa Conversation



shot straight up in bed the next moment, exclaiming,

“WHAT tea is this?! Dang this is good!” Brock

just smirked and said it was my own tea, Cardigan

Cuppa. Forget being humble, I really, really do love

my own tea creations. Especially this one.

With a tea this good, we couldn’t stand to think of

it phasing out with the rest of the autumn blends.

After pondering a while, we hit on the idea to keep

the same base recipe, but swap out the pumpkin

for cranberries to make a wintry, holiday blend.

It turned out to be just as delicious and sold like

crazy right up until the last day of February when

we pulled it with the winter blends to make way for

Cardigan Cuppa: Spring!

So how is this tea evolving at present? The cranberries

have been replaced with lavender buds, bringing

a springy twist to what is now an Albion classic.

Don’t miss this stunner of a tea that will only be

available March through May! We like to steep ours

for a good solid 5 minutes and especially love to

take it with a generous splash of milk and a hint of

coconut sugar. Enjoy!



P.S. Yes, Cardigan Cuppa will be morphing again for

summer before returning to pumpkin for autumn.

Can you guess what we will be adding for Cardigan

Cuppa: Summer!?

Do you have a question or

topic you’d love to have covered?

Let us know & maybe you’ll see

your question featured!

Email us now!

Maker Feature: Melinda Pound

from The Healthy Farm Girl

Recently Albion Tea Co. collaborated

with The Healthy Farm Girl

on an exclusive tea blend featured

in their Pride & Prejudice themed

Valentine’s Day gift box. Not only

was the tea itself included – but the

blend was also infused into other

products featured in the box – including

a soap!

The Healthy Farm Girl is a beauty

company dedicated to providing

affordable, healthy products for

those seeking a natural, chemical-free

experience. Owned and

operated by Melinda Pound since

2013 – the business offers natural

deodorant, lotions, lip balms, face

creams, soaps, and more.

Melinda began making her own

deodorant and hair gel several

years ago, wanting something natural

without the synthetic ingredients.

Eventually she also started

making other body care products

for family and friends - leading her

to start The Healthy Farm Girl.

“It’s been a learning process to

improve my product, design and

build my own website, and learn

the business/advertising side of

things,” she says.


While developing a fun Valentine’s

Day gift box for this year,

Melinda was inspired by Pride

and Prejudice, one of her favourite

books and movies. With an English

Regency theme – tea was of course

a necessity, and Melinda came to

Albion Tea Co. for a custom blend.

Melinda says she has always enjoyed

the fragrance and taste of

earl grey and imagined that a blend

also including rose and vanilla

would make a romantic combination.

With guidance from Deborah

at Albion Tea Co., Tea at Rosing’s

Park was developed.

“Working with Deborah was

awesome! She helped me choose

the kind of black tea and suggested

various tweaks to my desired taste

and scent,” says Melinda. “I appreciate

her wisdom in the area of tea


In addition to including the tea

itself, Melinda also wanted to incorporate

the tea into a soap – thus

Ardent Love Soap was born. Reminiscent

of Mr. Darcy’s passionate

affection for Elizabeth, this beautiful

soap features a design of hidden

hearts – what could be more


Melinda notes that infusing tea in

soap is a long process that requires

patience, but is well worth the

work. She says there are two processes

that she typically uses when

infusing tea into her soaps.

“I can mix up my oils, add the

tea, and let it sit in the sun for two

weeks, or I heat the oils up to about

100-115 degrees and add the tea

and let it infuse for several hours,”

she explains. “Then I strain the majority

of the tea out and make soap

from the infused oils.”

Although the boxes are no longer

available for purchase – you

can still get some of the individual

items (at least until they sell out) –

including 5-serving sample packets

of Tea at Rosing’s Park and the

Ardent Love Soap at The Healthy

Farm Girl’s online shop under the

Literary Inspired Products page.

A Lady Rose Grey lip balm – also

infused with the tea is available as


Be sure to check out Melinda’s

shop and website at

Magazine Title

“But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” -Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

The Albion Cuppa Volume 1 Issue 1


Meet the Albion TEAm

Deborah Wilkie: Owner & Founder

Brock Wilkie: Owner & Founder

How you found Albion:

It is my brain child.

What do you do:

To quote my husband, I am the “force of nature”

behind Albion. And I get to live out my

fandom obsessions by creating inspired tea


Fun fact about you:

I was a professional Celtic harper and vocalist,

have two CDs under my belt and opened

for Anthony Kearns of the Irish Tenors, plus

toured with Ciaran Sheehan of Phantom fame.

Current read:

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Favourite fandom:

Lord of the Rings is my first love, but Outlander

is stealing my heart at present.

Current favourite Albion beverage:

Cardigan Cuppa

Author you’d love to have tea with:

This is a really tough question! I would really

love to sit down and share a cuppa with Sir

Walter Scott. After all, he practically invented

the concept of historical fiction, a favourite

genre of mine. And he is Scottish. So…

Regency book character you most

identify with:

Elizabeth Bennet, without a doubt.

How you found Albion:

I started it.

What do you do:

I’m the sole male involved in this venture.

And I make the teas!

Fun fact about you:

I served as a US Marine Corps Infantryman.

Current read:

Voyage of the Dawn Treader for a C.S. Lewis

class at CCU.

Favourite fandom:

Lord of the Rings

Current favourite Albion beverage:


Author you’d love to have tea with:


Regency book character you most

identify with:

Mr. Darcy, because its the only person I can

think of a name for. ;)

Jessica Laurie: Social Media Coordinator

How you found Albion:

Bookstagram! Which, for those who aren’t familiar

with the term, it’s the book community

on Instagram. I was curious when I saw tea

inspired by some of my favourite fandoms, and

when I also saw they were organic with no artificial

ingredients, I knew I had to purchase

some. I fell in love with their desire to help

youth who are aging out of foster care, and I

wanted to support that.

What do you do:

Most of the posts you see on Instagram, Facebook,

and Twitter are curated by me!

Fun fact about you:

I published a YA novel a few years back,


Current read:

The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows.

Lauren Stewart: Production Assistant

How you found Albion:

Through Instagram!

What do you do?

Professional tea packer and taste tester.

Fun fact about you:

I graduated college with a degree in zoology

(muggle-speak for magizoology).

Current read:

Fellowship of the Ring

Favourite fandom:

Oh, that’s a hard question! But if I had to

choose ONE I’d probably have to say Harry


Current favourite Albion beverage:

I’m still trying all their blends, but so far,

Misty Mountain Chai from our Lord of the

Rings’ Collection is the one I brew the most


Author you’d love to have tea with:

C. S. Lewis or Jane Austen

Regency book character you most

identify with:

Probably Jane Bennet, if she were a bookworm

like Catherine Morland.

Favourite fandom:

Lord of the Rings

Current favourite Albion beverage:

Chai, you fools! (Gandaaaaaaalf!)

Author you’d love to have tea with:

Tolkien (are we sensing a theme here?)

Regency book character you most

identify with:

Please don’t judge me for not reading classics.

Adrianna Card: Administrative Support Manager

How you found Albion:

It’s more like Albion found me! I met Deborah

in highschool, then lost touch when my family

moved away. I would see her posts on Facebook,

and a few years ago saw that she was

moving to Colorado, close to where I was living!

I went to visit, and we got talking about

Albion. When they started getting lots of orders,

I BEGGED her to let me come help! I was

able to help several times and loved hearing

about their vision for the company. They asked

me if I would consider being their manager as

their company was growing, and I said YES!

What do you do?

Basically I make sure everything that needs to

happen keeps happening! And I lend a hand

wherever needed.

Fun fact about you:

I am fluent in French and Spanish, am attempting

to learn Chinese, and would love to

Tallitha Reese: Newsletter Curator

How you found Albion:

Through Bookstagram! I’m actually fairly new

to the world of tea, and last year I found Albion

through the Bookstagram community when I

bought a mug & tea gift set that featured some

of their LOTR samplers. Eventually, I became

one of their first brand reps as well, which was

a ton of fun! When I saw they were looking for

someone to help with the newsletter, I knew I

had to apply!

What you do:

I put together the newsletter – which means

researching article topics, reaching out to

guest writers & people to interview, writing

and editing content, and laying out the format!

Fun fact about you:

My name was inspired by the name of a heroine

in a Harlequin romance novel.

Magazine Title

learn Korean and Italian as well.

Current read:

I just finished Outlander!

Favourite fandom:

Ah so difficult. I am a hardcore C.S. Lewis fan

though, so anything he has written.

Current favourite Albion beverage:

Cardigan Cuppa, with Chai, You Fools!

Author you’d love to have tea with:

C.S. Lewis

Regency book character you most

identify with:

I love Jane Eyre. More than identifying with

her, I’d say I aspire to be like her. Her strength

of character has always been an inspiration to


Current read:

I’m currently re-reading The Mortal Instruments

series and am on City of Lost Souls right


Favourite fandom:

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit hold a special

place in my heart.

Current favourite Albion beverage:

Probably Sherlock (I’m a chocolate fiend!)

Chai, You Fools is up there as well.

Author you’d love to have tea with:

JRR Tolkien for sure!

Regency book character you most

identify with:

I honestly think I identify with Darcy quite a

bit…not so much the arrogance and pride, but

I’m not super comfortable with people I don’t

know well. I’m also very slow to forgive and

can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. “My

good opinion, once lost is lost forever.”

The Albion Cuppa, Volume 1 Issue 1



Just click the photos for more

details or to purchase!

Recipe & photo from Tea Thoughts

Note: Deborah recommends using Albion’s Elven Lore Chai

with this recipe for a springtime touch or Tree & Crown for

a more classic chai taste - Enjoy!

Beyond the

Brew Auction

March 9-11

If you follow us on social media, you’ll

have noticed that we’ve been prepping

for our upcoming fundraiser auction for

Beyond the Brew, and we are excited to

announce that the auction will be going

live on Friday, March 9 at 7 am MST and

running through Sunday, March 11 at

8:45 pm MDT at 32Auctions.

We will have a variety of wonderful items

available, including a chance to work personally

with Deborah to create your own

custom tea! We will also have one of our

first Leaf & Page subscription boxes up

for auction!

In addition to our products, we also have

been fortunate enough to receive donated

items from a variety of generous shops

and artists, including several subscription

boxes! We can’t wait for you to see what

will be up for grabs! Proceeds will benefit

our Beyond the Brew program!

Beyond the Brew is the mission branch

of Albion Tea Co. We are currently building

the framework of an outreach program

that will support and equip youth

who are transitioning out of the foster

care program and find themselves thrust

into the world with little to no experience.

The purpose of the Beyond the Brew

program is to offer a safe environment to

these youth by providing them with stable

housing and employment within our

company. We aim to empower these individuals

by offering a mentorship program

that will equip them with the necessary

skills and responsibility to thrive as mature,

confident, and capable young adults.

This auction will raise funds and awareness

for the program, helping us to begin

the official launch of our business mission.

We would deeply appreciate your support

in our endeavors to raise awareness

and assist the needs of these at-risk youth.


The Albion Cuppa, Volume 1 Issue 1

Are you participating in our March Regency

themed challenge on Instagram?

If not, there’s still time - enter for a

chance to win one of our first Leaf &

Page subscription boxes!

Did you know?

During the Regency Era, tea was generally formally

served after dinner. The concept of an afternoon

tea was not yet a common practice.

Do you know who was credited with the introduction

of afternoon tea?

If so - let us know! If you’re the first to submit a

correct answer you’ll win a free tea sample!

Submit Your Answer

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While steeping, tea

leaves need space to

unfurl and flow freely

through the water. Tea

bags and small, enclosed

infusers don’t

allow for much of this,

which is why loose leaf

tea made in an open

nest infuser or teapot

will always result in a

better tasting tea!

Upcoming Events!

We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to travel

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April 20-22: Sasnak City - Kansas City, MO

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July 13-15: Outlander Official Convention - Las Vegas, NV

Aug. 17-19: Outlander Official Convention - Secaucus, NJ

Oct. 19-21: Outlander Fan Gathering - Glen Innes, NSW,



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