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Anand talc is a leading Calcite powder manufacturer in India as well as it is also a exporter & supplier in India.

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Uses of Calcite for Various Industries offered by Best Calcite

Powder Manufacturer in India

Calcite Powder is a natural form of Calcium Carbonate with extremely high

whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature. White Calcite Powder is widely

used in plastics as filler, due to its high dispensability, low oil absorption,

high impact resistance, smooth surface finish, easy processing,

compatibility with polymers and other organic additives and excellent

dimensional stability

Calcite, as the name suggests is a naturally occurring mineral calcium

carbonate (CaCO3). Its composition is identical to that of limestone but the

latter occurs as sedimentary beds. Calcite is present extensively in

Rajasthan, India, where Anand Talc is located. Anand Talc is a leading Talc

Powder Manufacturers in India .That offers you all mining minerals for

mining industries used as in form of raw materials.

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Calcite veins 30 to 150 cm thick, running uniformly sometimes for long

distances, are usually found. Calcite of very high brightness of up to 99% is

found in Rajasthan. Calcite structure is formed by an ionic interaction Ca2+

(calcium cation) and CO32- (carbonate anion). For every one carbonate anion

there is one calcium cation, thereby making the structure electrically

neutral. Thick, running uniformly sometimes for long distances, are usually

found. Calcium also occurs as calcareous tufa, travertine, stalactite and

stalagmite. Anand Talc is a Calcite Powder Manufacturer in India,

Rajasthan & Udaipur. It is also a supplier & exporter of calcite for industrial

uses in Powder form.

The Calcite Mineral is naturally mined in the form of lumps. Calcite crush

formed is using in filler in rubber and textile goods, used in the ceramics

industry, preparation of glazes, manufacture of paint and distemper,

manufacture of cement, metal polish, calcium carbide, transparent clear

crystals used in the optical industry, use in optical instruments. Calcite

forms mineral coatings that cement existence rock grains together. It used

in Mining Industry That is the reason it is offered by us because we are

leading Mining Mineral Manufacturer in India .

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Uses of Calcite in Various Industries:-

Calcite is a naturally occurring mineral; it is subject to considerable

variation. Its industrial application depends upon properties such as

composition, particle size and shape, specific gravity, hardness, and color.

1. Calcite in Paper: In the paper sector, micronized calcite has been used

in paper and cardboard production by adding it into cellulose in

different proportions. Since calcite increases the whiteness of paper,

naturally. We are offer Calcite Powder Exporter for Paper Industry in

India .

2. Calcite in Paint: The excellent whiteness of our carbonates avoids

interference with the paints colors and contributes to their opacity

and that the paint will cover, without dripping, the surfaces.

3. Calcite in Plastic: Calcite mineral widely used as mineral fillers in

order to obtain high humidity retention, to improve the consistency

and dryness of the final mass. These polymers have various

applications like in bags, pipes, automotive parts, furniture,

containers etc. So we are the Calcite Powder Supplier for Plastic

Industry in India .

4. Calcite in Cosmetics: Calcite is widely used in the cosmetics industry

in make-up, soaps, toothpastes etc. Use of calcite imparts many

benefits in making cosmetic products

5. Calcite in Glass: Calcite powder for glass industry must compose of a

high and consistent percentage of CaO and be devoid of color

imparting impurities like Fe2O3 etc. Rajasthan is an excellent source

of high whiteness calcite. So we offer Calcite Powder Exporter for

Glass Industry in Rajasthan & India.

6. Calcite in Ceramic: Our calcite is used in every kind of ceramic

product manufactured including art ware, porcelain, pottery, floor

tiles, sanitary ware to name a few.

They all use basic uses of Calcite offers by Anand Talc, who is a leading

Dolomite Powder Supplier in India .For more Details of mining minerals

contact us.

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