Uses of sillimanite Powder for Mining Industries


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Uses of Sillimanite Powder for Mining Industries

Sillimanite is mineral composed of Aluminum and silicon pent oxide. It was

named after the chemist B. Silliman (1779-1824). Sillimanite occurs

throughout the world in metamorphosed peri-aluminous sedimentary rocks.

Sillimanite Powder is widely used all over the world for manufacturing of

Refractory Bricks, Iron Foundries, Spark Plugs, Glass, and Chemicals.

Sillimanite is an alumino-silicate mineral with the chemical formula

Al2SiO5. It is one of the three allotropic varieties of mineral corresponding

to the formula Al2O3 SiO2. The other two are an adalusite and Kyanite. They

all contain 63.2% Al2O3 and 36.8% SiO2. They are distinguished from one

another by their modes of occurrence and physical and optical properties.

Anand Talc placed in Rajasthan state of India, who is a leading Sillimanite

Powder Manufacture in India. It offers you Sillimanite Powder for

industrial uses in various industries.

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A common variety of Sillimanite is known as Fibrolite, so named because

the Mineral appears like a bunch of fibers twisted together when viewed

under thin section or even by the naked eye. Both the fibrous and

traditional forms of Sillimanite are common in Metamorphosed Sedimentary

Rocks. We are best Sillimanite Powder Exporter in Udaipur , Rajasthan, and


The sillimanite mineral in raw or calcined form is specially used in

manufacturing of refractory bricks, shapes, castings, monolithics, ramming

and gunning mixtures.

Anand Talc offers you Sillimanite Powder for various industrial

applications; it is one of the best Mining Mineral Exporter in India. They

are used in manufacturing of spark plugs and other insulated materials,

when mixed with china-clay. We make them available in Pure Powder form

as well as we also customize them as per the buyer’s requirements. There

are several uses of sillimanite powder in various mining industries as in

form of raw material in powder form .They are as Follows:-

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*) Sillimanite Powder used as Refractory Products:-Between 1545º to

1550ºC, as it changes over to mullite there is a fairly rapid permanent

expansion of 2-3%. The mineral thus shows negligible expansion while

changing over to mullite and can hence be used without pre-calcinations.

Minimum increase in porosity upon heating: One outstanding feature of

sillimanite is that the volume porosity of grains hardly exceeds 6% after

heating. Moreover, if heating is prolonged, it tends to decrease as a

consequence of vitrification. It has low electrical conductivity. Anand talc is

an established supplier of raw, refractory grade sillimanite; we are a best

Talc Powder Manufacturers in India. Our sillimanite gives successful

results whether used raw or post calcinations.

*) Sillimanite used in Ceramic:- Anand Talc offers high purity sillimanite

powder, containing minimum basic impurities like sodium and calcium to

encourage the formation of the needle shape mullite in ceramic

manufacture. We are Sillimanite Powder Exporter for Ceramic Industry in

Udaipur .

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*) Sillimanite Powder in Electrical Components: - We offers you best form

of sillimanite powder for industrial use, that containing minimum iron

oxide, which otherwise alter the electrical conductivity of the product.

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