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Migrant News Feb 2018, New Zealand's migrant newspaper since 1991.

Migrant News Feb WELCOME TO NZ EXPO Settlement Info Advanced Career Planning Health Employment Welcome to NZ Expo Now into it’s 12th Year Voice of New Kiwis, International Students Mobile: 027 495 8477 I email: I 27th Year of Publication Education & Training Business Opportunities Minimum wage to rise to $16.50 per hour Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway WELLINGTON - The Labour led Government will increase the minimum wage by 75 cents to $16.50 per hour on 1 April 2018. The last increase of the minimum wage was on 1 April 2017 when the National government increased the minimum wage by 50 cents to $15.75 an hour. Unite Union has welcomed the increase in the minimum wage. “We see this as just a modest first step in improving the minimum wage to achieve the government's objective of $20 an hour by April 2021,” said a Unite Union spokesperson. “The next three years will require an increase of over $1 an hour each year to reach the target. “Employers and rightwing economists will claim that any increase in the minimum wage will increase unemployment. “Most serious academic studies internationally actually find the opposite is the case.” In his State of the Nation address earlier this year, Bill English, the former National Prime Minister refered to Labour’s plans to increase the minimum wage. “I expect the Government has received the advice we received from MBIE; that a rapid increase to $20 per hour would cost tens of thousands of jobs,” he said. “The reality is a higher minimum wage won’t help anyone that can’t get a job.” These reforms can only reverse the very positive job market New Zealand has enjoyed over the last few years, says National Party Workplace Relations Spokesperson Amy Adams. “Labour must understand that forcing extra costs on small and medium sized businesses is not ‘working with them’. And you don’t improve things for New Zealand workers by increasing the cost of goods made in New Zealand.” In any case the Labour government is steaming ahead with plans to continue increasing the minimum wage. “The Government is committed to a high-performing economy that delivers good jobs, decent work conditions and fair wages,” says Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees- Galloway. “The increase to $16.50 per hour will benefit approximately 164,000 workers and their families and will increase wages throughout the economy by $129 million per year. “Raising the minimum wage to $16.50 next year was one of the Government’s top priorities for the first 100 days and we are committed to increasing the minimum wage to $20 by 2021.” 164,000 Kiwi workers at the lowest pay grade can look forward to a lift in their conditions from 1 April next year. “It is important that we achieve this goal in a fiscally responsible way; which is why we are signalling to employers in advance of our plans to incrementally raise the minimum wage and spread the increases as evenly as possible each year. “We will continue to review the minimum wage each year and economic conditions will be taken into account when setting the new rate of the minimum wage. “This consistency gives employers and employees certainty and minimises potential negative effects of increasing the minimum wage too sharply. “These changes are a part of this Government’s wider workplace relations policy platform; which is about backing fair pay and conditions and ensuring that those on lower incomes get to share in our economic prosperity. “To that end, within the first 12 months of this Government’s term we will abolish starting-out rates and consider changes to the training wage. In the meantime, these rates will continue to be at 80 percent of the minimum wage, increasing to $13.20 per hour,” says Lees-Galloway. Check out our immigration updates on the Migrant News website: TOO GOOD TO MISS OUT ON! Complimentary copies of Migrant News and Filipino Migrant News run out pretty fast at the designated pick-up points. You can reserve your personal copy by subscribing today. email:

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