hopulist issue 4


Welcome to issue 4 of Hopulist. This month we feature Signature Brew, Bison Beer, an exclusive interview with Kasper Ledet, an adventure in the Japanese craft beer scene and much more...

The initial plan with Signature Brew is still

the company’s tagline today – brewing with

music. Tom and Sam wanted to get musicians

and bands involved in the brewing process –

in effect making collaborations with them.

Tom explains: “We figured that by doing

that we’d create beer that was different and

also ones that artists would be enthusiastic

about and pass that enthusiasm onto their

fans – our target audience.”

The pair began working with various local

bands in London and selling the beers they

had made at their gigs – if they couldn’t do

that then they’d run after parties for the gigs of

those bands. It was a hugely successful way of

getting Signature Brew to market and getting

the word of mouth started to spread its name.

This was in 2011 and in those early days,

things could be quite cyclical for the business.

They’d work on a project, tour with the band

selling and promoting it for a period of weeks

and then it would all be over. In 2013, with

things going well and Tom and Sam wanting

to create a more stable base, they launched a

core range of beers, which still stands strong

and grows today. It includes E.P. – an extra

pale ale, Roadie – an all-night IPA, Studio

Pilsner, Studio Vienna, Backstage IPA,

Nightliner – a coffee porter and Stagediver – a

double IPA.

But the brand still maintains it’s ‘brewing

with music’ ethos and works on several band

collaborations a year, as Tom explains.

“We’ve worked with quite a wide variety of

artists, we were conscious we didn’t want it

to be too male or rock music dominated. But

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