hopulist issue 4


Welcome to issue 4 of Hopulist. This month we feature Signature Brew, Bison Beer, an exclusive interview with Kasper Ledet, an adventure in the Japanese craft beer scene and much more...

thriving Mikkeller running club based out of the

bar too.

Craft beer is becoming such an intrinsic part

of life in Tokyo that we even ran into some while

taking in some of the sights of the city. After

ascending the Eifel Tower-esuque Tokyo Tower to

take in 360-degree views of this sprawling urban

playground, we noticed a mobile craft beer bar

had been set up by the entrance. The open-sided

truck spewed comfortable looking chairs and

tables out onto the pavement while craft beers

from the nearby Shinagawa-based TY Harbour

Brewery were served. This brewer predominantly

serves its beers in its 11 restaurants around the

city but clearly wants to capitalise on the growing

thirst for craft beer by showcasing its produce

to a wider audience in this format. The foot of

Tokyo Tower could be one of the best locations

in the city for attracting passers by, and not just

Japanese ones of course, it’s a tourism hotspot. As

we arrived, the van was only just setting up for

the afternoon’s trade, but we were told by locals

that TY Harbour’s beer is some of the best on this

southeastern side of the city. Looks like we’ll just

have to come back to sample it.

On the final night in Tokyo, we made a date

with the devil – DevilCraft bar in Hanamatsucho.

This brewpub-style venue has a focus on pairing

food with the craft beer it produces and thanks

to the influence of one of its American owners, it

offers some of the best Chicago-style pizzas you

will find in the city. The bar itself is bustling, and

not with tourists. Locals packed in from all walks

of life when we visited and the vibe was one of

fun and laughter. There was a good selection of

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