Why your preference should be an iPad instead of MacBook for university


The main objective of students in universities to learn something new, in this situation iPad is a best option for students to use them in their education. IPad is popular in universities because it is very light weight and students carry them easy with them in universities or any educational seminar. IPad minimize lot of paper work from students’ lives. If we talk about MacBook, it is also an option for students to use MacBook in education but there are some drawbacks of MacBook, MackBook is costly than iPad, MackBook has heavier than iPad, there are some great benefits of iPad which are given below:
Safer than textbooks: iPad are safer than textbooks because it has very light weight.
Long battery life: iPad has a long battery life and we can read text books on iPad for long time.
Mobile internet facility: iPad provide internet facility, now we can easily access internet and connect with world.
Utilize in research: it is best device in final year project or any other research.
Minimize your Cost: the cost of an iPad is lesser than MacBook; it is also a big merit of iPad.
These are those benefits of an iPad that motivate students to use iPad instead of MacBook in their education, if you want further detail please visit on:

Why your

preference should

be an iPad instead

of MacBook for


What is iPad?

iPad is a tablet computer, it was

introduced by Apple and they named

them iPad, iPad is almost a mobile but

bigger than a mobile, its size is almost 8”

to onward.

What is MacBook?

MacBook is a laptop but it was

introduced be Apple and they named

them MacBook, it has very slim and light

weight than other laptops.

Why iPad is better than MacBook?

• There are number of benefits of an iPad

that convince students to adopt iPad

rather than MacBook.

• Safer than textbooks

• Long battery life

• Mobile internet facility

• Utilize in research

• Minimize your Cost

Safer than textbooks

• We know textbooks are cheaper than an

iPad but textbooks waste after some time

period, but if we have an iPad then we can

secure our information for long time


Long battery life

• IPad has longer battery life than MacBook.

An iPad can help students to read books

for long time period due to their long

battery life quality

Mobile internet facility

• IPad has 3g/4g facility which makes them

more unique. If we talk about MacBook it

has no 3g/4g option so WIFI will require

to browse any information. Students can

easily browse any information with the

help of iPad via 3g/4g

Utilize in research

• Research is the backbone for university

students. A good research can lead a good

job for students. IPad can be very useful

device for university student in research

point of view.

Minimize your Cost

• The cost of an iPad is lesser than

MacBook, it is the big plus point of iPad.

The cost of an iPad is round about $600

to $800 but the cost of MacBook is

round about $1000 to $1800 which is

huge cost.


• Finally we can easily say that iPad is a

good option for students because it is

very light weight and students can easily

carry it with them and it also has long

battery life which is the big plus point of

an iPad.

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