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The Sunni Path

THE SUNNI PATH The beginning of (The Sunni Path), the book by a statesman of the Ottoman Empire Ahmet Cevdet Pasha (Ma’lûmat-ı Nâfia=Beneficial Information), gives a succinct information about how to believe in the religion of Islam and makes the classification of the science of Islam. Imâm-ı Gazâli, one of the greatest savants of Islam, briefly explains the explanations of Ahl-i-sunnat savants of the true religion of Islam preached by Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm. In addition to this, the life of Imâm-ı A’zam Ebû Hanifa, a great Ahl-i-sunnat savant, is summarized in the book (The Sunni Path). Besides, given are an answer to the slanderers and an explanation to (How to be a True Muslim?)

The Sunni

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