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Remembering, these African-

American military pilots (popular

known as The Tuskegee Airmen)

who formed the 332 nd Fighter Group

and the 477 th Bombardment Group

of the United States Army Air Forces

that fought in World War II. Here we

will get another glimpse of how segregation

found its way into every

crevice and corner and was used as

a lethal weapon to dilute the significance

of our African People’s dominance

and contribution as it relates

to mankind from the beginning of

Time. Again, due to racial discrimination

African-American servicemen

were not allowed to fly until 1941.


Did you know that the Army

had refused to use black men

as pilots in the U.S. Air Force?

Of course, we refused not to be

heard or recognized and so due

to a pending lawsuit the Army

conceded but still had to separate

these pilots (the Tuskegee

Airmen) as a group and hence

started the experiment which

involved training this segregated

unit of black men. The

group was founded in 1941

and was trained for aerial combat

in the U.S. armed forces,

flying with distinction in skill

and dedication during World

War II. They were the first African-American

soldiers to successfully

complete their training

and enter the Army Air

Corps back then and yielded

nearly 1000 aviators as America’s

first African American military


Charles Alfred Anderson was

the first African American to

earn his pilot’s license, and became

the first flight instructor

when the Civilian Pilot Training

Program (CPTP) was formed at

Tuskegee Institute in October



The Tuskegee Airmen entered into

combat in 1943 over North Africa,

they flew numerous types of aircraft

including the P-39; P-40 and P-47 to

name a few, completing over 1,500

missions during the war. The Tuskegee

Airmen returned home after the war

ended with over One hundred and

fifty distinguished Flying Crosses, Legions

of Merit and the Red Star of Yugoslavia.

In May 1946, they ceased operations

and the group was deactivated.

However, it’s success contributed

eventually to the integration of the

United States military.

It should be noted that the Tuskegee

Institute was founded by Booker T.

Washington (a former slave) in 1881

and served as its principal up until his

death. The school was started for the

purpose of training colored teachers

and is currently known as the Tuskegee

University a historically private

Black University in Alabama. We

should all be vigilant in keeping its

campus doors open for the future generation

of black leaders, uplifting our

black brothers and sisters….Welcome

to Tuskegee University – “the pride of

the swift, growing south”.

B.O.B. Magazine




Daisy Alexander is the founder and CEO of S.E. Benchmark Insurance Agency. Alexander has worked in the insurance industry for

about ten years and is licensed to sell auto, home, commercial, liability and affordable health care insurance policies. Daisy is originally

from Fort Pierce but now lives and works in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She received her license from R. S. Thomas Training

Associates, Inc. (RST) and has a personal passion for showing families the value of having adequate life insurance coverage. The

unfortunate truth is Daisy is a life insurance recipient, and credits her parents’ life insurance policies for saving her and her siblings’

lives upon her parents’ tragic passing. Daisy is a product of the product and experienced first-hand how having life insurance

can prevent misfortune, like losing a loved one, from becoming a life-long detriment.


The reality is lack of

life in financial

downfall that is almost

impossible to

recover from. At

the age of fourteen,

Daisy and her two

siblings tragically

lost both of their

parents. This devastating

and lifealtering

event could

have meant a life of

uncertainty and financial

hardship for

Daisy and her siblings.


with her parents’

life insurance policy,

Daisy and her

siblings were able

to grieve the loss of

their parents and

eventually return to

some sort of normalcy

with issues of

money being a non-factor. Daisy always says having life insurance was her parents’ way of “Loving

them from the grave.” Their parents’ life insurance policy paid off the mortgage allowing Daisy and

her siblings to remain in the house they called home. It also bought school clothes, set up college

funds and made Christmas possible for the 3 children year after year. Daisy and her siblings were

raised by their family members who were all grateful to have life insurance policy monies to help

eliminate most financial concerns that could have otherwise arose. Having the financial security of

life insurance saved Daisy and her siblings from becoming a statistic, and for this reason, Daisy Alexander

impresses upon everyone she encounters the importance of having a life insurance policy.

surance coverage can cause a



Welcome to Love and Harmony Cruise


On March 24, 2018 to March 29, 2018 the Love and Harmony

Cruise will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Deposit is due at time of booking.

All clients are required to pay on the Monthly Payment

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Please be advised that in using this booking engine

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Thank you for booking with the 2018

Love and Harmony Cruise!


In contrast, Daisy’s best friend

faced a much different situation

when her husband suddenly

passed away at the very young

age of 36. He did not have a life

insurance policy, and as a result,

that friend is still enduring financial

hardship having paid for a

funeral and medical expenses

while trying to maintain a household

that previously relied on two

full time incomes. Insurance,

whether life, home, auto, health

or liability is the protection individuals

or businesses need to

avoid financial strain. Accordingly,

Daisy teaches monthly seminars

to first-time home buyers

about current homeowner policies

and other related needs. She

has also partner with the Urban

League of Broward County and

The South Florida Black Business

Directory where she speaks at

seminars, conferences and workshops

about the importance of

insurance. Daisy’s customers rely

on her industry expertise to ensure

they are covered should any

unexpected circumstances arise.

To protect yourself and your family

or to find out more about S.E.

Benchmark’s other services,

please visit

www.sebenchmark.com. You can

also search S. E. Benchmark to on

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to

stay connected.


The S.E. Benchmark experience is second to none Miss Daisy Hands on treat everyone with most kind and courteousness

personalize her service to make Shure you actually gets the best deal and exactly what you want in the insurance business

perfect agent for those who don’t have time to shop around for a deal. She and her team gets the job done, satisfying her

customer one at a time . B.O.B. Magazine


Second Chance

is the hardest gospel

entertainer in the

world right up to this

date every where and

every gospel music

promoter want to

work with him, a very

humble man very funny

in his deliverance

and a true child of

god . Always on time

for is show and he

open or closed it

doesn't matter, second

chance always deliver.

He don’t care who's

perform before or

after he is goanna kill

it anyway its in is nature

. A true Christian

Entertainer ..

B.O.B. Magazine










The incomparable Lincoln Barrington

“Sugar” Minott one of Jamaica’s

most celebrated Dancehall

artiste. Sugar Minott was also a

producer and sound system operator

who worked on quite a few

sound systems as a selector before

he began his singing career.

His singing career took off when

he joined up with the African

Brothers in the late 60’s and the

group released quite a few singles

in the early 70’s on their own ‘Ital

Label’ as well as Micron label.

Sugar Minott made his name and

became more popular with his

debut LP ‘Live Loving’ along with

a number of other successful hits

such as “Vanity’, “Mr. DC” and

“Hang on Natty”. His third album

“Ghetto-ology” was a major hit

in the UK, bigger than in Jamaica

and as a result he made a decision

to relocate to the UK. During

his time there he discovered the

group “Musical Youth” and released

quite a few Lovers Rock

singles and after returning home

He continued to produce and

record on his “Black Roots Label”

as his albums received overwhelming

reviews, Sugar Minott

had over 60 albums and hundreds

of singles in his collection.

And produce Artist like Junior

Reid , Color Man , Tenor Saw ,

Yammy bolo , and many more

Mighty mouse who later Change

his name Mighty Lion . He is the

founder of The Black Roots record

label and Youth man Promotion

always positive and kind

towards his fellow men

And devoted Father to is wife

and children he even sing about

dem a rush me




BLACK WALL STREET ?.....Yes, it existed

back in the1800s and was known

as the hub of African American businesses

and financial services that

started in Durham, North Carolina on

Parrish Street.

DID YOU KNOW? These businesses

were operated on Parrish Street, a

four block district and was home to

North Carolina Mutual (Insurance)

and Mechanics and Farmers Bank.


an African American born into slavery

who emerged to prominence and

changed the identity of black business

men and because of his entrepreneurial

spirit and his drive to

achieve personal wealth and change

the lives of African American by

providing employment, this stimulated

economic expansion. Merrick

founded various companies in the

Durham and Raleigh areas of the

North Carolinas namely, the North

Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company.


Merrick’s first successful venture

was in the barbershop business,

he had other business ventures

which included the establishment

of the Mechanics and Farmers

Bank which was a success and

became the first bank owned and

controlled by African Americans

in Durham.

Mention must be made of other

individuals such as Washington

Duke (a long time friend and a

barber by profession) and Charles

Spaulding (an African American

business leader, he presided over

the North Carolina Mutual Life

Insurance Company, his assets at

the time of his death was over

US$40 million) who were also

instrumental in his rise to prominence

and so as History has it and

can be traced back to substantiate

the fact that Black Owned

Businesses came into existence

due to the efforts of these two

African American Entrepreneurs –

John Merrick and Charles Spaulding.

These two men took an advantageous

position and led the

way for the beginning of BLACK


John Merrick (1859–1919) -

was known for his business acumen

and social awareness and

made sure that he contributed to

and directed a great portion of

his wealth back into the black

community mainly through philanthropy.

He was a great man

whose life was symbolic of ragsto-riches

celebrity which made

him one of the most influential

members of the African American

community throughout his lifetime.


Rosetta Tharpe an American singer

was the first recording artist of gospel

music who appealed to the rock

and roll audiences while crossing

the line between sacred and secular

music. Sister Rosetta propelled

spiritual music into the mainstream

and helped to pioneer the rise of

pop gospel music with recordings

such as “Rock Me” and “This


She was dubbed as “the Godmother

of rock and roll”. She would

have been 103 yrs. Old, on March

20 th , 2018 and she could play a rock

and roll guitar better and before


Music was in Rosetta’s blood, very

little was known of her father except

that he was a singer and her

mother a preacher, mandolin player

as well as a singer, who encouraged

Rosetta as she began singing

and playing the guitar at the tender

age of four.


Her guitar playing

techniques along

with the blending of

her spiritual lyrics

was unique and undoubtedly

made her

a precursor to rock

and roll. Her list of

genres spreads across

gospel, jazz, rhythm

and blues and rock

and roll, here she is

playing the Duke Ellington


So much so that she

was an influence to

early rock- and-roll

musicians like Little

Richard and Johnny

Cash. Although she

offended some of the

more conservative

church goers with her

attempt of fusion into

the pop world, Rosetta

never gave up

gospel music.




Mr. Robert N. Marley, aka Bob Marley still makes a minimum of $20m. Per Year and

set to be richer and richer for the years to come, cause his music tend to heal the mind soul

and spirit, and bring freedom in ones sense of being . His brand super exceeds his music and

his music super exceeds his enemies imagination.

He is every where in every home by the year 2030 he will be the most paid entertainer the

world ever known. “We free the people with music.” Trench town ..Bob Marley

B.O.B. Magazine



“Like the Caterpillar I am a symbol

pure potential, the promise of new

life inhabiting my body”

Keeping in mind the elements of surprise and

protection associated with such a creature being

the master of disguise by their various colors

which allows for the blending in of its environment

to ward off its predators.

It’s so amazing and inspiring when we go back

to our roots how prominent we are as a people

of color. Although that is yet to be

acknowledged by many but it’s obvious that

the envy and disrespect is so prevalent that

we have no other choice but to just resign ourselves

to the fact that we are “great human

beings, a proud people of an ethnic origin”.

We are somehow like the Caterpillar, known

for our strong embrace and when we get a

bite into something good that we desire and

want; this can be translated as latching onto

a something beautiful or someone.

So the Caterpillar teaches us to hold on and

engross yourself in that

new experience or occupying

that individual’s

whole attention.

The Caterpillar……

B.O.B. Magazine







In 1986, Atlanta based entrepreneur,

Nathaniel Goldston, assembled

18 of his friends and associates

to share the vision of starting

a community empowerment organization

to help Atlanta’s underprivileged

youths. The name was

coined from a similar business concept

called 100 Black Men of New


“Founded in 1986, the 100 Black

Men of Atlanta is a one of the

city’s strongest African American

volunteer organizations focused

on education, enrichment and empowerment

through mentorship

and community service. Its long

term goal is to create an educated

workforce of well-rounded individuals

who understand the importance

of giving back to the


……….B.O.B. Magazine…………...


The 100 Black Men of Atlanta members have diverse

backgrounds and hold leadership positions

across many industries. Students get to interact

with key influencers and actual decision makers

who can provide insights on the roadmaps required

to achieve their dream careers.

The organization formed a program called Project

Success, which started in 1987 and boasts

100% high school graduation rate and a 84% 4yr.

college graduation rate for its students. This Project

is a post-secondary preparation and tuition

assistance program which is geared towards

mentoring inner city youths living in at-risk environments.

100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc. was created to improve the quality of life

for African Americans with a specific focus on the youths in Atlanta in

becoming the city’s strongest independent African American volunteer

organization focused on education and empowerment of the youths in

the Atlanta community. Mr. Kevin Bean is the longest

sitting President up to date

B.O.B. Magazine

Stanley-Savage 2012—

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Over the years their has

been a controversy

about the ‘Killer’ and

the ‘Man’, two of Dance

Hall’s biggest rival but

yet they remain good


There has always been

loyal fans following


two artist in their native

land and around

the world . But they remain

stead fast and

about their cheddar .

They won Grammy’s

but funnily

This started out as a

musical war but fans

take it to another level

where there are several


They both has to came

out and tell their fans

its not that bad it’s a

music v/s Music and

not killer v/s man

First it was Prince Buster

Then it was Shabba v/s

Ninja Cobra V/S Buju

Bennie v/s bounty

Movado v/s Vybz Cartel

And these are thee most

celebrated in the dance

hall business


cricket fan

knows the common factor

between the aforementioned players.

These four achieved a batsman's

'perfect score' in an over and it was on

this day (August 31st) that the feat of

hitting six sixes in an over was first

achieved by Sir Garfield Sobers in

1968 at St Helen's, Swansea in an English

county match while playing for

Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan.





PORTABELLA – ‘Pooling Our Resources

& Talents Acquiring Business Equities

Living Life Abundantly’.

Introducing the Visionary Leader behind

the PORTABELLA Initiative and “The

Portabella Institute of Entrepreneurship

& Excellence” as it gets

ready to hatch a new generation of Entrepreneurs

and future Community


Dr. Malcolm’s vision is for the City of

Lauderhill to be recognized as the home

of the first Entrepreneurial Incubator

with an Experiential Curriculum for

young adults ages 18 to 32. Here we

will train and equip young minds with

the knowledge and skill sets needed to

take on management responsibilities,

thus creating individual wealth while

strengthening our community


PORTABELLA’S has partnered with

community businesses and dedicated

professionals who are called to a higher

consciousness and who have taken on

the responsibility of uplifting our youth

by serving as role models and mentors.


WELCOMES Dr. Catherine Malcolm and the JAMAICAN


‘The journey of a

thousand miles begins

with a single step’

B.O.B. Magazine








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