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PhD Thesis Sample

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PhD Thesis

ConceptualizingInterfaceBetweenFurther-HigherEducation PHD Thesis Sample Abstract Thisthesiscoversatheory-inspired,conceptualaccountinvolvingorganizational changeatthecurentinterfaceatfurtherandhighereducation.Inthisspecificthesis, theeducationinEnglandwilbefocusedon,especialyduringtheperiodof1988to 2008.Itisalsofocusesoncolegesinfurthereducation,providingcoursesinhigher educationasoverseenbyadiferenthighereducationsector.Thestudywilalsolook intothefunctionandroleofboundaryorganizations,aswelasthenatureofthe boundaryandexchangesworkwhichtakesplacebetweenthesetwosectors. Introduction Thisthesisistheory-inspired,andaconceptualinvestigationonorganizationaland institutionalchangewhichhastakenplacethroughoutaperiodoftwentyyears,inboth Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) sectors in the field of post-compulsoryeducation.Itbridgesthegapinthefieldofresearch,especialythe evolvingrelationshipbetweenbothHEandFEsectorswhichitwilbediscussedas lackingasubstantialtheoreticalyinformedresearchbodyinordertocomplementa policy-basedempiricalwork.Thisthesiswilalsosynthesizearangeofdiferent disciplinarytraditionsinordertocreateananalyticalandconceptualframeworkfor understandingcurentlyemerginghybridformsofFEandHEorganizationalformsand the organizationaland institutionalchanges in the delivery ofHR which are non-universitybased.

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