Isaac's House Newsletter - March 2018

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Isaac’s <strong>House</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

About Isaac’s <strong>House</strong><br />

As a small charity, we are extremely appreciative of our<br />

sponsors, donors and supporters. The success of Isaac’s<br />

<strong>House</strong> and the positive difference that has been made<br />

to the lives of the children we support in Uganda is<br />

wholly thanks to the passion, commitment and<br />

generosity of our supporters.<br />

Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> continues to be a personal charity with a<br />

vision to help vulnerable children in Uganda. We care<br />

for 19 children living at Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> children’s home in<br />

a safe, stable, family environment. Thanks to their<br />

sponsors the children have access to education and<br />

health care, and more importantly they have a place to<br />

call home. As a charity, we also support children in the<br />

community with their education, to give struggling<br />

families the opportunity to send their children to school<br />

and the chance for a bright future.<br />

With your support Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> are continuing to help<br />

in the community too; with various projects, business<br />

start-ups and family support.<br />

Latest News<br />

Education updates…<br />

We are delighted to inform you all that last month we received the results for Sam, Lawrence, Rachel, Julius and<br />

Bosco for the equivalent of their GCSE examinations. All of the children passed! The examinations were not easy,<br />

with only 9% of children in Uganda achieving a 1 st grade this time around, and sadly even 9% failed examinations<br />

altogether. We were thrilled all of our children passed their examinations as we know how hard they have been<br />

working over the past 4 years towards this how much these qualifications will help them with their future careers<br />

and chosen paths.<br />

We would like to thank our supporters as Rachel, Julius and Bosco would not have had the opportunity to<br />

continue with their education and achieve their certificates without your donations. Sadly only 1 in 4 children in<br />

Uganda reach Secondary level due to the expensive school fees or not reaching the required grades at the end of<br />

Primary.<br />

We are extremely proud of Sam as he was amongst the 9% in the country to score a 1 st Grade and as a result is<br />

continuing onto his A-Levels and has chosen to study Sciences.<br />

Lawrence has chosen to study Building Construction,<br />

and is going to be attending Nakawa Vocational<br />

Training Institute in Kampla, this Insititue is set up in<br />

a similar manner to a university so he will get to<br />

experience a student’s life.<br />

We wish both boys the best of success in this next<br />

chapter and will keep you updated on their progress!

Our lovely Gloria who is studying Cambridge also received her IGCSE results and scored<br />

3 A’s, 1 B and 4 C’s. She was delighted with this result and in Uganda’s education system<br />

this is considered the highest grade. We are so proud of Gloria as she puts so much hard<br />

work and efforts into her academic studies. Gloria has always wanted to be a lawyer and<br />

still has this interest in the future, however over<br />

the school holidays, following work experience at<br />

an Medical Centre and helping with Medical<br />

Community Outreaches, she now wants to pursue<br />

a career in Nursing.<br />

Great news too for our Simon who excelled in his end of Primary<br />

examinations and scored such a brilliant grade he has now joined one of the<br />

top Secondary schools in Uganda! Well done Simon.<br />

Thank you from Florence…<br />

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to support Florence. Florence sadly lost her husband when thieves<br />

broke into their family home and she too was badly injured, losing her arm. Florence wanted to be able to work<br />

and support her 4 children herself. With your donations and support we were able to help Florence finish<br />

constructing her new home, and set up a small business. Our lovely Pappa Charles took time out recently to go<br />

and visit Florence in her new home, in her village, around 3 hours away from Kampala. He was very happy for<br />

Florence and also extends his thanks to the charity for being able to help.<br />

2017 Review…<br />

Our lovely Jjajja…<br />

Our lovely Jjajja is retiring and moving back to her village. Jjajja is a wonderful<br />

lady, who we first met when we began helping educate her Granddaugher<br />

Livius. Jjajja became our Crafts teacher and grew a close bond with all our<br />

children. Sadly as she is getting older her eyesight and knees cause her pain<br />

and discomfort. Jjajja owns land in her village and has more support from her<br />

family there. She wants to be able to live a peaceful life and will be able to eat<br />

what she grows. Thank you to everyone who donated to help Jjajja with her<br />

retirement and all the lovely messages she received via Facebook. As a charity<br />

we are committeed to continuing to support Livius with her education and she<br />

will be visiting her lovely Grandmother during the school holidays.<br />

2017 was a brilliant year for Isaac’s <strong>House</strong>, and marks 10 years since Paul Howells first visited Uganda and where<br />

Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> all began.

2017 Review…<br />

In 2017 we had two volunteer trips to Uganda led by Paul himself, and a Weightmans staff trip in May thanks to<br />

organiser and trustee Hayley Gilroy. As a charity we really promote these trips as they allow our supporters to see<br />

for themselves the good work of the charity and what a beautiful country Uganda is, along with meeting all the<br />

wonderful children and families we support.<br />

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraising events in 2017; the Curry Night in Formby and Haloween<br />

Party in Liverpool. An incredible amount of money was raised and will help us continue our good work in the<br />

community and running Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> children’s home. All the children continue to be happy, healthy and making<br />

us so proud!<br />

Thank you from the children at Isaac’s <strong>House</strong>!<br />

As a small charity, we really appreciate those who organise fundraising or sponsorship events themselves. We<br />

understand the effort and time that goes into fundraising and we are so thankful to you all for choosing Isaac’s<br />

<strong>House</strong>.<br />

A huge well done and thank you too for Victoria Bell who swam Lake Windermere to help raise funds for our<br />

beautiful children and Victoria’s family and friends who sponsored. Victoria herself has never been to Uganda but<br />

still chose to support us and we hope knowing that 100% of the money she raised goes directly to helping the<br />

children we support helped make the swim all the more worthwhile.<br />

In 2017 we also began selling Christmas cards made by the children, this was a huge success and we hope to<br />

repeat again this year. Christmas in Uganda is very different to Christmas in the UK. With no snow, Santa, or<br />

presents, the day is focused on spending time with family, eating lots of food and attending Church. Our children at<br />

Helping in the Community<br />

As we have previously mentioned, education in Uganda is fee-paying. This causes many parents to be unable to<br />

send their children to school, or for children to have periods where they are out of education. The staff at Isaac’s<br />

<strong>House</strong> came up with a wonderful idea on another way to give back to the community and opened up James Dunn<br />

<strong>House</strong> of Hope in the afternoons to children who sadly are not currently in school. Thanks to our donators we have<br />

a good selection of books and education material, and with most of our children grown up the staff had some free<br />

time to sit with the children, reading and teaching. We understand this does not replace a good quality education,<br />

but we hope to at least be able to give the children some routine and keep their brains and minds active.<br />

When we first started last year we had a family of 5 siblings; their father worked on a stone quarry and had<br />

become badily injured and unable to work for 6 months, and therefore unable to pay school fees. However, we are<br />

deighted the children are now back in school, and did not need to re-sit the school year thanks to our help and<br />

support during this time. This is just one example of a family who have really benefited from this set up and we<br />

continue to help those in the community.<br />

This video show the children at the end of last year performing songs and dances to show their appreciation.

How £5 a month can make a difference….<br />

Did you make a resolution to give back this year? Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> can help you!<br />

Set up a monthly donation of £5 today to Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> via www.justgiving.com/isaacshouse.<br />

This is just £1.25 a week, which can be spent on a coffee in the UK but in Uganda can make such a difference…<br />

• £5 provides clean water into the children’s home for 7 days<br />

• £5 can feed a child with 3 healthy meals for 10 days<br />

• £5 purchases medicine to treat malaria<br />

Photo Moment<br />

Concy, Gloria and Ruth laughing away<br />

whilst Gift stays posing. We love this<br />

photograph of the girls at the beach,<br />

on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is so<br />

lovely to see how the 7 girls who live<br />

at Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> have become so close<br />

over the past 8 years and really see<br />

each other as sisters. They care and<br />

support each other, and bicker<br />

sometimes too! Their bonds will stay<br />

with them, long after they leave Isaac’s<br />

<strong>House</strong> and this is something we are<br />

really proud of and can also smile<br />

about.<br />

Please help!<br />

When Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> began, we received so many donations and supporters but did not manage to collect all<br />

addresses. Anyone who supports Isaac’s <strong>House</strong> with monthly donations, regardless of the amount recieves our<br />

yearly calendar so please get in touch. We really want to be able to keep in touch with our supporters so if we<br />

don’t have your address or e-mail address, please get in touch to isaacs.house@hotmail.co.uk. This will also help us<br />

with reclaiming back Gift Aid (25% of all donations!).<br />

Website: www.isaacshouse.org<br />

E-mail: isaacs.house@hotmail.co.uk<br />

Facebook:<br />

www.facebook.com/isaacshousecharity<br />

UK Registered Charity: 1124542

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