New Features and Highlights 2018.1


This brochure will show you all the new features of software version 2018.1 of CURSOR-CRM, EVI and TINA.

4. Letter salutation with full name extensions

Salutation as required

The logic for the generation of the salutation and address has been expanded in version 2018.1. In

the previous version, additional fields (SUBSTITUTE, JOBTITLE, PROFESSION, PREDICATES, SUFFIX,

GRADES) were already created for extended name generation. These are now incorporated into the

design of the salutation. The logic is based on the country code of the person addressed or written

to. The following sample applies to Germany:


The salutation fields allow a flexible combination of address and salutation in any language. The

existing logic (in the C2 layer) can be overridden by the customer himself or supplemented for other



The basic logic refers to the generation of the German salutation. It will take effect automatically if at

least one of the new fields is filled. If all six title fields are empty, the existing logic is executed. If

necessary, the generation of salutation and letter salutation can be overridden in the C1 or C2 layer.

The generation is stored as Groovy script in the extended settings for each entity and country key: All

necessary data fields are available to the script: FirstName, LastName, isLetterAddress,

AcademicTitle, NameTitle, Substitutes, JobTitle, Profession, Predicates, Suffix, Grades. This data is

provided to the script as a variable from the fields of the entities for contact persons and employees.

The result of the script is the composite salutation.

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