CNC Quick Guide for Haas Mills


The information in this Quick Guide has been developed over the past nine years while helping over 10,000 people learn about CNC machining. We’ve used these tools to help long term displaced workers get good jobs as CNC Operators, to help young engineers understand how things are made to enable them to design things that can be made, and to inspire 7th and 8th graders to consider future careers in manufacturing. About the author Professor Torbjorn Bergstrom “professor Bergstrom” has been active in advanced manufacturing research and process development since 1998 and has been responsible for training thousands of engineers and machine tool operators in his current role as Director of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Haas Technical Education Center. Professor Bergstrom has numerous of peer reviewed journal publications

Setting Work Offsets

On a mill, all parameters in the Work Zero

Offset need to be defined for the machining

operations to perform correctly. On a 3 axis

mill, X, Y, and Z offsets all need to be set.


Setting XY Work Offset at the Current Location 42

Setting Z Offset 43

Coaxial Indicator 44

Position the Coaxial Indicator 45

Find the Center with a Coaxial Indicator 46

Assembling a Dial Indicator 47

Find the Center with the Dial Indicator 48

Set X and Y with a Mechanical Edge Finder 49

Compensating for the Edge Finder’s Radius 50

Set Z Work Offset on a Mill with Gauge or Indicator 51

Set Work Offset on a Mill with a Gauge 52

Set Work Offset on a Mill with an Indicator 53

Set Work Offset on a Mill with the Spindle Probe 54

Accessing VQC for Work Offsets 55

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