HGT Magazine #92 March/April 2018

Haida Gwaii articles, local business information, events, classifieds including real estate ads

Haida Gwaii articles, local business information, events, classifieds including real estate ads


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From veggies to volts<br />

YOGA ON<br />


…more than just “Ommm”<br />


Have your say at the <strong>April</strong> forum<br />

Georgia Bennett – Raven’s Tail Weaver<br />

Our Labour Market – A Closer Look<br />

Garden Muse – Spring is on the Way<br />

+Gin Kuyaas – A Place of Precious Things

OMVC Woodworks<br />

Local Furniture for All!<br />


Specializing in custom made:<br />

• Kitchen cabinets<br />

• Doors<br />

• Built-in & stand-alone furniture<br />

• From design to installation<br />

• For every budget<br />

Local wood<br />

from local<br />

mills!<br />

Comments? Concerns?<br />

Contact us by phone, email, mail or Facebook!<br />

Learn more. Attend a council meeting<br />

<strong>March</strong> 5 th , 19 th , <strong>April</strong> 3 rd or 16 th<br />

Lil Whitey’s Aerials<br />


36 Cedar Ave. West, PO Box 198 • Mon-Fri 9am-1pm<br />

250-557-4295 • Public works after hours emergency 250-557-4272<br />

For more information call 250-626-7477<br />

www.portclements.ca • office@portclements.ca<br />



If you are currently receiving Employment Insurance<br />

or are reach back eligible, you may qualify for the<br />

WorkBC Self-Employment Benefit Program (SEB)<br />




Want to learn more, give us a call 250-626-5594<br />

The SEB Program provides financial support for eligible individuals who<br />

wish to start their own or take over an existing business.<br />

To apply make an appointment at your local Hecate Strait office.<br />

Qualified candidates will be referred to Haida Gwaii Community Futures<br />

for business plan development support, a variety of business skills<br />

workshops, one-on-one mentoring and business counseling.<br />

2 HG

Island Joe, from Veggies to Volts<br />

Island Joe, from Veggies to Volts<br />

Island Joe, from Veggies to Volts<br />

Yoga on Haida Gwaii<br />

Yoga on Haida Gwaii<br />

Yoga on Haida Gwaii<br />

10 10<br />

16<br />

IN<br />

IN<br />

IN<br />

THIS<br />

THIS<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />

ISSUE<br />

ISSUE<br />

Also:<br />

Also: Also:<br />

Sleeping Beauty | Lil Whitey’s Aerials<br />

Sleeping Beauty | Lil Whitey’s Aerials<br />

Georgia Bennet ...............................5<br />

Georgia Bennet ...............................5<br />

Georgia Our Labour Bennet Market ...............................5<br />

........................13<br />

Our Labour Market ........................13<br />

Our Garden Labour Muse Market ….............................20<br />

........................13<br />

Garden Muse ….............................20<br />

Garden Gin Kuyaas Muse .....................................22<br />

….............................20<br />

Gin Kuyaas .....................................22<br />

Gin Kuyaas .....................................22<br />

Easter Greetings<br />

Easter from Haida<br />

Greetings<br />

Gwaii Trader<br />

Easter Greetings<br />

from Haida Gwaii Trader<br />

from Haida Gwaii Trader<br />

Sleeping Beauty | Lil Whitey’s Aerials<br />

Housing Forum<br />

Housing Forum<br />

Housing Forum<br />

24<br />




On The Cover:<br />

George<br />

George<br />

“Island<br />

“Island<br />

Joe”<br />

Joe”<br />

Pattison.<br />

Pattison.<br />

On The Cover: George “Island Joe” Pattison.<br />

On The Cover: George “Island Joe” Pattison.<br />

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We look forward to to hearing from you!<br />

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 3

Reading with friends<br />

Book Clubs are flourishing on Haida Gwaii<br />

Did you know that the Vancouver Island<br />

Regional Library has sets of books available<br />

especially for book clubs? Our book club<br />

sets contain 12 books, plus a reading guide<br />

and carrying bag. Clubs can sign out sets<br />

for six weeks, and can have up to two sets<br />

out at a time. We have hundreds of books<br />

available, including classics, fresh Canadian<br />

fiction, non-fiction, and even sets for kids’<br />

book clubs.<br />

You can see what’s available in our catalogue<br />

at virl.bc.ca, or drop in and talk to one of<br />

our friendly staff members. Visit your local<br />

branch to see if there’s a public book club in<br />

your area, or to sign up for a book club card<br />

and start your own.<br />


Queen Charlotte<br />

Tuesday 10-12 & 1-5, Wednesday 1-4 & 5-8, Friday 12:30-5, Saturday 10-12 & 1-5<br />

Masset<br />

Tuesday 10-12 & 1-5, Thursday 1-4 and 5-8, Friday 1-5, & Saturday 10-2<br />

Port Clements<br />

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3-8, Saturday 10-12 & 1-5<br />

Sandspit<br />

Tuesday 10-12 & 1-5, Wednesday 10-2, Thursday 1-4 & 5-8 , Saturday 10-2<br />

4 HG<br />

The VI Regional Library – Haida Gwaii is now on facebook!<br />

Give our page a “like” and get the latest information about<br />

library events and services right here on Haida Gwaii.

celebrating local<br />

independently owned businesses<br />

Meet Georgia Bennett of<br />

Georgia Bennett<br />

Raven’s Tail Weaver<br />

Meet Terry “the Tool Man” Tollestrup of<br />

Echo Bay Tool Rentals<br />

223 2nd Ave, Queen Charlotte, BC<br />

250-559-4595<br />

‘Echo Bay’ is Haida Gwaii’s most comprehensive supplier of tool rentals,<br />

providing equipment for everything from food proces-sing equipment<br />

To Georgia Bennett, Haida Gwaii is paradise. and bicycle Everything rentals to construction from the equipment, from trusted brands like<br />

abundance of sea life to the thick rainforests Husqvarna, and diverse Stihl, Bosch, vegetation Makita, Hilti and many more. Whether it’s<br />

present on and around the islands makes a hand self-sustenance tool or a large machine possible. that you need, Echo Bay Tool Rentals<br />

“You could survive on Haida Gwaii without will any get you stores,” set up, says show Georgia, you how to use it, and supply you with the<br />

much as the Haida people did for thousands right of accessories years. Georgia to go with revels it. Echo in Bay Tool Rentals’ professional staff<br />

the slow pace of daily living and the natural will beauty do what that it takes surrounds to help you her get your job done and can even order<br />

every day. “It is amazing to live here.”<br />

in tools and products not readily available in stores.<br />

Get ready for winter - 20% off of all chimney-cleaning<br />

Georgia was a professional nail technician when she first tried her hand<br />

Terry (the Tool Man) Tollestrup<br />

equipment throughout the month of October!<br />

at the ancient art of raven’s tail weaving in 2004 under the instruction<br />

of notable Haida weaver Evelyn Vanderhoop. Her first piece, a pouch,<br />

became a gift to her sister and her first Meet apron, Jeff, a gift Joe to and her husband. Brionne A Lavoie of<br />

busy career caused her to set aside the hobby for a few years, but in<br />

Causeway Convenience Store<br />

2009 she took up the art again, devoting more time and attention to<br />

honing her skills and soon found herself 101 Causeway getting requests St, Queen from Charlotte, people BC<br />

to create items for them. Georgia began<br />

250-559-9011<br />

making traditional dance regalia<br />

and head dresses, eventually adding Causeway many Convenience other items to is not her your repertoire<br />

including belts, pouches, aprons, In dance addition robes to typical and more. convenience store items such as groceries, treats,<br />

average convenience store.<br />

coffee and slushies, you’ll find a growing line of local products including<br />

Georgia is well-known throughout baking Old Massett (bread, doughnuts and around and other Haida baked goods), fresh produce, eggs and<br />

Gwaii for her distinctive work and even she is cookie often dough. sought Causeway out by Convenience locals also provides a selection of health<br />

for the creation of traditional formal food Haida including wear. organic, In fact, vegan Georgia’s and gluten-free products. In the summer<br />

skill and proficiency has become known months, far it beyond operates the a very boundaries popular ice-cream of shop next door.<br />

the islands and today she ships orders The all Causeway around commercial the world. centre Georgia also has office and retail rental space<br />

Bennett has exhibited her work in the available. All Islands’ Contact Art Jeff, Show Joe and or Brionne photos for more information.<br />

of her work have been published in Make books. Causeway Georgia Convenience Bennett your credits #1 stop – they are open 7:00 am-11:00 pm,<br />

her mentor and first instructor Evelyn<br />

365<br />

Vanderhoop<br />

days of the year.<br />

as<br />

The<br />

well<br />

coffee<br />

as weaver<br />

and baking will be ready and waiting for you!<br />

William White with her inspiration and dedication to the art of raven’s Georgia can be reached at 250-626-5152 or<br />

Check out Causeway Convenience on Facebook and enter<br />

tail weaving.<br />

their Chatter’s pizza contest (until by email the end at of georgiadbennett@hotmail.com<br />

Brionne and Joe Lavoie<br />

October)!<br />


Love Haida Gwaii showcases locally owned and operated businesses and is is funded by Northern<br />

Development Initiative Trust & Misty Isles Economic Development Society. To list your business on on<br />

the Love Haida Gwaii website or for more information call 250-559-8050 or email admin@mieds.ca<br />

14 HG<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 5

6 HG<br />

Red Snapper<br />

Veggie bowl<br />

with tomato relish

A taste of home<br />

By Yvonne Smith<br />

This recipe is so lovely and with such a punch of flavor that I’m sure you will want to try it<br />

when you have company coming for dinner. Or, perhaps, even a romantic dinner for two? It<br />

is hands down one of my favorite ways to make a white fish dinner and, for me, snapper is a<br />

beautiful fish for baking or pan frying. You do though need to add flavor in the way of sauces<br />

and seasonings to bring out its delicate fillets. Snapper is a lean, firm fish with a moist texture<br />

so never overcook your fish!<br />

To prepare<br />

1. Wash potatoes and pre-boil them until they are starting to soften but still very firm, about<br />

ten minutes. Drain and set aside.<br />

2. Make tomato relish: squeeze one and one half of the lemons into a bowl. Add tomatoes,<br />

two chopped garlic, parsley, two tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper. Set aside.<br />

3. Take the fish out of your refrigerator twenty minutes before you fry it. Pat fish dry<br />

with paper towels and salt and pepper both sides. Add two tablespoons of olive oil to pan,<br />

on medium heat add onions, cook until translucent and then add the garlic, potatoes and<br />

mushrooms. Let the potatoes and mushrooms get a little color. Chop the artichokes in<br />

half and add to the pan, heat for one minute, and then add the chicken stock and wine.<br />

Cook until potatoes are soft. While veggies are cooking, add one tablespoon of oil to a pan<br />

and add one sliced garlic and four cups of washed chopped kale, salt and pepper, and chili<br />

flakes, sauté until tender and then squeeze half a lemon over the kale. In another pan,<br />

cook the fish. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to that pan until it’s very hot, cook fish skin<br />

side down for about four minutes or until it has a nice light brown crispy skin, flip fish and<br />

cook another two minutes.<br />

4. To plate, lay the kale out and then spread the veggies on top of the kale, and then the fish<br />

on top of the veggies, and top the fish with the tomato relish, making sure to spoon some<br />

of the lemon juice over the fish and veggies. Enjoy.<br />

Yvonne Smith, born and raised on Haida Gwaii, is passionate about harvesting<br />

and cooking local, seasonal and readily available food. Check out more of<br />

Yvonne's delicious recipes at atasteofhomeofhome.wordpress.com<br />

Ingredients<br />

• Four fillets of snapper or<br />

any other white fish<br />

• Salt and pepper<br />

• Six tablespoons extra virgin olive<br />

oil, two for the relish, two for the<br />

potatoes, one for each of the<br />

kale and fish<br />

• Four cups of washed,<br />

chopped kale<br />

• One half teaspoon chili flakes<br />

• Three garlic cloves chopped,<br />

two for the relish and one for<br />

the potatoes<br />

• One garlic clove, sliced<br />

• One small onion<br />

• Baby potatoes, four to six<br />

per serving<br />

• One and one-half cups of<br />

mixed mushrooms<br />

• One can of artichoke hearts<br />

• One half cup chicken stock<br />

• One quarter cup white wine<br />

• One container of cherry<br />

tomatoes or four medium<br />

regular-sized ones<br />

• Two fresh lemons<br />

• Half cup fresh parsley<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 7

Panic Attacks: Riding the Wave<br />

Photo by Guy Kimola<br />

It’s unexpected and terrifying; you think you are losing control<br />

or will die. Approximately 30% of people will experience it<br />

in their lifetime, and yet it’s hard to talk about. So let’s talk<br />

about – panic attacks.<br />

I had one several years ago. I was driving down a busy<br />

highway, enjoying the music on the radio. Then suddenly,<br />

my palms were sweaty, it was hard to breathe, my heart was<br />

racing and I felt shaky and nauseous. I didn’t know what was<br />

happening to me! I pulled off the road and laid down on the<br />

grass. After a few minutes, I felt okay again.<br />

This experience is a typical panic attack. It can happen<br />

without warning, anywhere. There is no obvious danger or<br />

reason why the body suddenly goes into that flight, fight or<br />

freeze response. The symptoms usually peak in five to ten<br />

minutes, then fade away. You may feel very tired after the<br />

attack.<br />

“Panic attacks are a way our nervous system tells us that<br />

something is terribly wrong and we are in big danger. But<br />

unfortunately, sometimes the human nervous system can be<br />

overloaded, and a false alarm is set off,” advises Janet Rigg,<br />

Mental Health Team Lead at the Guudang Ngaay tl’aats’iiga<br />

(Strong Minds House) Skidegate Health Centre.<br />

“There is a simple way of telling our hyped up nervous<br />

system that there is, in fact, no dangerous person or thing<br />

staring us down. It’s called focussing on the “here and now”<br />

by naming everything you see around you. For example, “I<br />

see a brown chair, and green carpet, I see a lamp, I hear a<br />

car drive by.” This helps our nervous system settle down and<br />

shut off the alarm,” Janet explains.<br />

Another way of handling the attack is to move: go for a brisk<br />

walk, do jumping jacks, in the bathroom splash cold water on<br />

your face - anything to shift the built-up energy.<br />

8 HG<br />

After the attack, the thought remains - what if it happens<br />

again? Understandably, that “what if” can cause people to<br />

drastically limit their lives. For example, people may stop<br />

driving or going out socially. They may avoid crowds,<br />

bridges/tunnels or the activity they were doing when the<br />

panic attack happened.<br />

Treatment of panic attacks includes talking with a doctor,<br />

counsellor or therapist. Also, identify and track the things<br />

that cause extra stress. Janet recommends practicing<br />

progressive relaxation (moving between tense and relaxed)<br />

often. This helps the body settle. “Sensing into our bodies<br />

regularly, and noticing the edges of the tension we feel, helps<br />

move and settle our fight, flight, or freeze response. No<br />

judgement, no changing, just noticing.” This approach may<br />

help prevent future panic attacks.<br />

According to Jenn Wissink, school counsellor in Queen<br />

Charlotte, Skidegate and Sandspit, “Apps such as<br />

Headspace and Breathe are excellent resources for accessing<br />

some anxiety prevention and coping tools.” She also<br />

recommends the Anxiety BC website at www.anxietybc.com<br />

which suggests a person ride the wave rather than try to<br />

control and escape the sensations of a panic attack. Above<br />

all, tell others what you’re experiencing and ask them for support.<br />

It will help you feel safer than handling it on your own.<br />

Liz Wouters is a Certified Coach, and trained in<br />

Conflict Management, Psychology, and Adult Education.<br />

For individual or group coaching sessions on work,<br />

life or interpersonal issues, please contact<br />

her at lwoutersca@yahoo.ca

North<br />

written by Alexis M. Koome<br />

illustrated by Haley Ball<br />

Out here the weather bellows<br />

all across the land,<br />

it pushes through the trees<br />

and runs across the sand.<br />

It thunders on our roofs<br />

and knocks upon our doors<br />

it fogs and shakes our windows<br />

in a relentless, breathless roar.<br />

The forests bend and bow<br />

submissive to the wind,<br />

knowing that the gusts<br />

are their temperamental kin.<br />

The shoreline shifts and rolls<br />

when the rains come rushing down,<br />

water retreating to the sea,<br />

back to its mother ground.<br />

The animals all burrow<br />

and the birds tuck away,<br />

their homes are seasoned hide-outs<br />

and their nests are built to sway.<br />

Out here the sun is welcomed<br />

for the warmth and calm it brings,<br />

but a storm is just as loved<br />

for the songs of strength it sings.<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 9



Island Joe – from Veggies to Volts<br />

(Well, technically; fruits & veggies to volts.)<br />

After 20 years of service, George “Island Joe” Pattison<br />

has closed one chapter of his career growing the wellknown<br />

and appreciated greenhouse tomatoes (and<br />

cucumbers, kale and such). 73-year-old George has<br />

hands that have “hard work” written all over them.<br />

He’s sitting in my office with his wife, Cecile and<br />

together, they are sharing some of what George has<br />

been up to since he moved to Haida Gwaii in 1976.<br />

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, George<br />

grew up on a farm. Although he has gained notoriety<br />

on Haida Gwaii with his famous fruits and veggies,<br />

farming wasn’t his only calling. I am surprised to<br />

learn that George has also been a doctor (in the late<br />

70’s he had a practice at the medical clinic in Queen<br />

Charlotte) as well as a carpenter, halibut deck<br />

hand, tree-spacing contractor and a clean energy<br />

entrepreneur.<br />

By Shellene Van der Beke<br />

From that time on, Sergius greeted me with ‘How's<br />

the tomatoes, George?’ for the NEXT TWENTY<br />

YEARS, until I finally did it!" Such a great story about<br />

dear, late Sergius and his good friend George.<br />

Top-Quality Island Farming<br />

According to George, the secret to growing such<br />

wonderful produce is simple: heat, light and love…<br />

and good soil. Common to most gardens on Haida<br />

Gwaii, quality soil is in short supply and building it<br />

takes lots of hard work. Even more challenging is<br />

the fact that the Pattison family farm is located on<br />

a five-acre island out in Bearskin Bay; a ten-minute<br />

skiff ride from Queen Charlotte. The outdoor crops<br />

George making soil with<br />

local seaweed<br />

George and Sergius<br />

When asked how he came upon the decision to<br />

grow tomatoes, George replies, “Shortly after I<br />

arrived as the new doctor in town, Sergius de Bucy<br />

and Viola Wood asked me for dinner. Even at<br />

that time I had tasted the tomatoes in town and I<br />

suggested at dinner that it would be a good idea to<br />

grow tomatoes in a greenhouse here as a business.<br />

10 HG

and greenhouse soils were enriched over the years<br />

with local sources of seaweed, manure (from their<br />

goats, ducks, geese and chickens), compost, sand,<br />

bales of peat moss, fish waste and sawdust. At one<br />

time, George and his family collected a dozen or so<br />

large cement bags of sawdust from the mill that was<br />

once in Tlell.<br />

For those of you who may be lamenting the loss of<br />

Island Joe’s seasonal tomatoes, no worries, there’s<br />

good news. George’s legacy will carry on with Joel<br />

Brubaker and his family on their farm located in Port<br />

Clements. It took 20 people two days and five trips<br />

to disassemble George’s greenhouses. No easy feat<br />

considering part of the trip included hauling a small<br />

barge back and forth to the island!<br />

At the Brubaker property, re-assembling the 84-footwide<br />

by 96-foot-long greenhouse is well on its way<br />

Reconstruction of the greenhouse on<br />

the Brubaker property<br />

“George is always warm and friendly and a ‘lead<br />

by example’ kind of guy,” states St. Mary’s Spring<br />

Farm owner and operator Marylynn Hunt. “I<br />

really appreciate George’s market garden advice<br />

regarding hydro cooling for greens and lettuces.<br />

We will all miss him very much at the market in<br />

Charlotte and wish him all the best in his new<br />

endeavors!”<br />

Queen Charlotte’s Sheila Wigmore shares that<br />

“George provided so many Islanders with his<br />

delectable tomatoes and cukes for so many years.<br />

I've know George for nearly 40 years, way back<br />

when he was Dr. George. My dad was famous in<br />

our neighbourhood for his luscious, juicy tomatoes<br />

that he grew in our back yard. For years after I<br />

left home, I sampled home-grown tomatoes where<br />

ever I could find them. George's tomatoes were<br />

the first (and only) that transported me back to<br />

the remembered joy of plucking a luscious, juicy<br />

ripe tomato from the vine during those hot, sunny<br />

days in my dad's garden. I will miss you and<br />

your tomatoes, George!”<br />

Island Joe Tomatoes<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 11

it from various businesses such as<br />

gas stations, logging companies<br />

it from and various the QC businesses dock, etc. such He as then<br />

gas used stations, this logging recycled companies waste oil to<br />

and power the QC his dock, greenhouses etc. He via then an EPA<br />

used approved this recycled burner. waste oil to<br />

power his greenhouses via an EPA<br />

With the greenhouse chapter<br />

approved burner.<br />

closed, will George be retiring?<br />

With Far the from greenhouse it; he is now chapter working<br />

closed, full steam will George ahead on be his retiring? Van Inlet<br />

Far Hydro from it; Corp he (VIHC) is now hydroelectric working<br />

full project; steam ahead a proposed on his Van solution Inlet<br />

Hydro to Corp replace (VIHC) diesel hydroelectric generated<br />

project;<br />

electricity<br />

a proposed<br />

for Graham<br />

solution<br />

Island. “I<br />

to<br />

was<br />

replace<br />

hoping<br />

diesel<br />

for this project<br />

generated<br />

to start<br />

electricity<br />

ten years<br />

for Graham<br />

ago when<br />

Island.<br />

BC Hydro<br />

“I<br />

was<br />

requested<br />

hoping for<br />

expressions<br />

this project<br />

of<br />

to start<br />

interest<br />

ten<br />

in<br />

years<br />

providing<br />

ago<br />

power<br />

when<br />

on<br />

BC<br />

the<br />

Hydro<br />

islands.”<br />

requested<br />

George<br />

expressions<br />

explains. “Hydro-electric<br />

of interest<br />

in providing<br />

projects<br />

power<br />

have powered<br />

on the islands.”<br />

all of BC<br />

Pattison family hike: from left to right, Cecile, Ryan, Vivian, Lo, George & Heron. George<br />

for a<br />

explains.<br />

hundred<br />

“Hydro-electric<br />

years. There have<br />

projects have powered all of BC<br />

Pattison family hike: from left to right, Cecile, Ryan, Vivian, Lo, George & Heron. been electric buses (clean-energy<br />

for a hundred years. There have<br />

and the tomato starter plants, grown by the Martin powered) in Vancouver for a long time – because of<br />

been electric buses (clean-energy<br />

family who live nearby, are already nearly six inches the abundant hydro-electric power. Currently, people<br />

and the tomato starter plants, grown by the Martin powered) in Vancouver for a long time – because of<br />

tall. “The tomatoes will be ready to plant in mid have mis-conceived that hydro-electric power is<br />

family who live nearby, are already nearly six inches the abundant hydro-electric power. Currently, people<br />

<strong>April</strong>,” Joel reports, “and they, along with cucumbers destructive because of the Site C Dam. Not all hydroelectric<br />

projects are destructive.”<br />

tall. “The tomatoes will be ready to plant in mid have mis-conceived that hydro-electric power is<br />

should be ready for sale by the end of May…peppers,<br />

<strong>April</strong>,” Joel reports, “and they, along with cucumbers destructive because of the Site C Dam. Not all hydroelectric<br />

projects are destructive.”<br />

at the end of June.” Joel and his family plan to sell “The power study is completed,” George continues,<br />

should be ready for sale by the end of May…peppers,<br />

their pesticide-free produce to local retail stores “and the results were that we can supply 73% of the<br />

at the end of June.” Joel and his family plan to sell “The power study is completed,” George continues,<br />

island-wide and, if there is time, they may sell them north end power needs with this hydro-electric project.<br />

their pesticide-free produce to local retail stores “and the results were that we can supply 73% of the<br />

at one of the farmers’ markets as well.<br />

I’ll need help and support from the community to get<br />

island-wide and, if there is time, they may sell them north end power needs with this hydro-electric project.<br />

it underway. B.C. Hydro is familiar with the project<br />

at one Clean of the Energy farmers’ Stewards: markets as well. Past, Present & I’ll need help and support from the community to get<br />

and I believe it is a good one.” For more information<br />

Future<br />

it underway. B.C. Hydro is familiar with the project<br />

Clean Energy Stewards: Past, Present & about this project, check out their website at www.<br />

and I believe it is a good one.” For more information<br />

Future The Pattison family which includes three children and vaninlethydrocorp.com and their Facebook page at<br />

about this project, check out their website at www.<br />

two grandchildren still living on Haida Gwaii, have “Van Inlet Hydro Corporation”.<br />

The Pattison family which includes three children and vaninlethydrocorp.com and their Facebook page at<br />

lived on their island homestead off-the-grid for many Some people like George never stop learning, working<br />

two grandchildren still living on Haida Gwaii, have “Van Inlet Hydro Corporation”.<br />

years. As a result, they’ve become well versed in hard and helping others. Moving, always moving.<br />

lived on their island homestead off-the-grid for many Some people like George never stop learning, working<br />

alternative and clean sources of energy. Their primary Speaking of moving, George and Cecile are excited to<br />

years. As a result, they’ve become well versed in hard and helping others. Moving, always moving.<br />

alternative<br />

power comes<br />

and clean<br />

from<br />

sources<br />

a small,<br />

of<br />

hydroelectric<br />

energy. Their<br />

system<br />

primary<br />

and<br />

Speaking<br />

start their<br />

of moving,<br />

next chapter<br />

George<br />

together<br />

and Cecile<br />

in their<br />

are<br />

new<br />

excited<br />

house<br />

to<br />

in<br />

power<br />

is supplemented<br />

comes from a<br />

in<br />

small,<br />

the<br />

hydroelectric<br />

summer with<br />

system<br />

solar panels.<br />

and start<br />

Queen<br />

their next<br />

Charlotte!<br />

chapter<br />

At<br />

together<br />

the time<br />

in<br />

of<br />

their<br />

my interview,<br />

new house<br />

they<br />

in<br />

are<br />

is<br />

For<br />

supplemented<br />

many years,<br />

in<br />

there<br />

the summer<br />

was no place<br />

with solar<br />

to recycle<br />

panels.<br />

used<br />

Queen<br />

choosing<br />

Charlotte!<br />

the colors<br />

At the<br />

for<br />

time<br />

the<br />

of<br />

walls<br />

my interview,<br />

and Cecile<br />

they<br />

is<br />

are<br />

having<br />

For<br />

oil<br />

many<br />

on Haida<br />

years,<br />

Gwaii,<br />

there was<br />

so<br />

no<br />

George<br />

place<br />

collected<br />

to recycle<br />

barrels<br />

used<br />

of<br />

choosing<br />

fun shopping<br />

the colors<br />

online<br />

for the<br />

for a<br />

walls<br />

new<br />

and<br />

woodstove.<br />

Cecile is having<br />

oil on Haida Gwaii, so George collected barrels of fun shopping online for a new woodstove.<br />

12 HG

Old Massett Office<br />

162 Old Massett Raven Avenue Office<br />

1-800-663-2388<br />

162 Raven Avenue<br />

1-800-663-2388<br />

Skidegate Office<br />

226 Skidegate Front Street Office<br />

1-877-559-8883<br />

226 Front Street<br />

1-877-559-8883<br />

New Alternate<br />

Richard New Alternate Williams<br />

Richard Williams<br />

You probably will be hearing some talk<br />

about You probably our local will labour be hearing market some this month. talk<br />

That’s about because our local the labour Gwaii market Trust, this along month. with<br />

several That’s because partner the organizations, Gwaii Trust, is along with<br />

undertaking several partner a new organizations, labour market is survey<br />

to undertaking tell us more a new about labour what market kind of survey<br />

employees to tell us more local about employers what kind want of to hire,<br />

what employees kind of local jobs employers there will be want on to Haida hire,<br />

Gwaii what kind the of future, jobs there and will what be kind on Haida of<br />

careers, Gwaii in skills the future, and training and what islanders kind of are<br />

interested careers, skills in. and training islanders are<br />

This interested kind of in. information is vital for our<br />

islands This kind communities. of information We is all vital know for that our our<br />

population islands communities. has been declining We all know over that the our<br />

past population 20 years, has with been younger declining residents over the and<br />

families past 20 years, moving with away, younger often residents for better and job<br />

opportunities families moving or away, education. often We for better also know job<br />

that, opportunities despite the or relatively education. high We rate also of know<br />

unemployment that, despite the here, relatively local high employers rate of are<br />

sometimes unemployment unable here, to local find qualified employers local are<br />

applicants sometimes to unable fill job to vacancies. find qualified Going local<br />

forward, applicants we’re to fill hoping job vacancies. to help build Going a<br />

healthy forward, local we’re economy hoping to that help can build provide a<br />

good healthy jobs local and economy training that opportunities can provide for<br />

all good residents. jobs and It’s training not an easy opportunities task, but the for<br />

first all residents. thing we It’s need not is an solid easy information task, but the<br />

about first thing what we our need labour is solid market information looks like<br />

right about now. what our labour market looks like<br />

right now.<br />



From previous studies we know that the<br />

islands From previous have had, studies for many we know years, that a mainly the<br />

resource-based islands have had, economy, for many with years, forestry a mainly<br />

playing resource-based the main economy, role. But as with opportunities<br />

playing for logging the main are role. reduced, But as opportuni-<br />

marine<br />

forestry<br />

tourism ties for logging and other are marine-based reduced, marine sectors<br />

are tourism becoming and other more marine-based important. Government<br />

are becoming services are more also important. significant, Govern-<br />

provid-<br />

sectors<br />

ing ment more services than are one-third also significant, of all jobs providing<br />

more Gwaii. than We one-third also know of all much jobs of on the<br />

on<br />

Haida<br />

work Haida available Gwaii. We on-island also know is part-time much of the and<br />

seasonal. work available Once on-island we gain a is clearer part-time picture and<br />

of seasonal. the local Once labour we market, gain a clearer we will picture<br />

examine of the local what labour kind market, of partnerships we will and<br />

capacity examine building what kind can of help partnerships build a stable and<br />

population capacity building and sustainable can help build economy a stable on<br />

Haida population Gwaii. and sustainable economy on<br />

Our Haida partners Gwaii. in this exciting project are<br />

Hecate Our partners Strait Employment in this exciting Development<br />

project are<br />

Services, Hecate Strait the Marine Employment Plan Partnership Development (the<br />

Council Services, of the the Marine Haida Plan Nation Partnership and the (the<br />

province Council of of the BC), Haida Gwaalagaa Nation and Naay the<br />

Corporation, province of BC), Old Gwaalagaa Massett Village Naay Council<br />

and Corporation, HaiCo. Together, Old Massett we’ve Village hired Council local<br />

facilitator and HaiCo. Co+Host. Together, The we’ve Co+Host hired team local<br />

will facilitator be gathering Co+Host. information The Co+Host this month team<br />

through will be gathering interviews information and surveys, this talking month to<br />

through interviews and surveys, talking to<br />

New Director<br />

Cecil New Director Brown<br />

Cecil Brown<br />

as many major employers, small<br />

businesses as many major and employers, individual islanders small as<br />

possible. businesses Your and answers individual and islanders knowledge as<br />

are possible. valuable, Your and answers islanders are knowledge warmly<br />

encouraged are valuable, to and participate islanders in are this warmly survey.<br />

We encouraged need to hear to participate from a wide in this range survey. of<br />

people We need to to make hear sure from we a wide gain a range clear of<br />

understanding people to make of sure labour we gain force a and clear<br />

training understanding needs. of And labour while force the results and of<br />

the training study needs. will be And made while public, the results all of<br />

individual the study will information be made will public, be kept all<br />

confidential.<br />

individual information will be kept<br />

For confidential. part two of the labour market study,<br />

we’ve For part hired two Vancouver-based of the labour market Operations study,<br />

Economics we’ve hired Inc. Vancouver-based They will be analyzing Operations the<br />

data Economics collected Inc. in They part will one, be identifying analyzing the<br />

skills data collected and training part gaps, one, and identifying producing a<br />

thorough skills and training report that gaps, will and include producing a<br />

strategies thorough report and an that action will plan. include<br />

Meanwhile, strategies and the an Gwaii action Trust plan. board has<br />

welcomed Meanwhile, two the new Gwaii directors. Trust board Cecil has<br />

Brown welcomed will be two representing new directors. the Cecil Old<br />

Massett Brown will Village be representing Council as a the director, Old and<br />

Richard Massett Williams Village Council will be as his a alternate. director, and A<br />

heartfelt Richard Williams thank you will to be the his previous alternate. A<br />

director heartfelt and thank alternate you to the for Old previous Massett<br />

Village director Council, and alternate Lisa Bell for and Old Ken Massett Rea, for<br />

their Village contributions Council, Lisa to Bell the and board. Ken Rea, for<br />

their contributions to the board.<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 13

The All Island Art Show<br />

Art in<br />

Everyone<br />

by Jamie Mcdonald<br />

2D, 3D and 4D pieces!<br />

Mulitgenerational visitors enjoying an AIAS<br />

Many people agree: the All Island Art Show (AIAS) is their<br />

favourite event of the year!<br />

“I always look forward to the opening and get excited to see<br />

the art,” says first-time presenter, Bobbi-Lee Chatelaine, “whether it’s<br />

pieces from returning artists or ones from new artists...and every year,<br />

I leave inspired to create.”<br />

Penny Richardson, a long-time AIAS participant shares, “Personally,<br />

I find the AIAS one of the best exhibitions of the year on Haida<br />

Gwaii, as it showcases not only favourite and familiar artists and their<br />

works, but gives new and emerging artists an opportunity to show<br />

their works.”<br />

Amateurs and professional artists alike are invited to partake in this<br />

annual show which will be hosted in the Temporary Exhibit space<br />

at the Haida Gwaii Museum from <strong>March</strong> 2nd to <strong>March</strong> 31st. The<br />

fact that the AIAS is not a juried exhibition makes it a wonderfully<br />

eclectic offering, showcasing two-dimensional, three-dimensional,<br />

film, multimedia, fabric, canvas, bare bones and you name it. It is<br />

14 HG<br />

Many folks enjoying the show with Bobbi-Lee<br />

Chatelaine and Penny Richardson in the foreground.<br />

always interesting to see the bountiful talent here on Haida Gwaii.<br />

“This event is an expression of the culture of our island communities<br />

and that motivates me to contribute,” says Bobbi-Lee. It often amazes<br />

fellow community members to discover participants’ hidden artistic<br />

talents. No matter what the artists’ day jobs are - teachers, labourers,<br />

ministers, students – the AIAS is proof that there is art in everyone.<br />

“For artists here on the islands, oft-times it is challenging to seek<br />

out exhibiting arenas, as off- island shows are generally juried and<br />

expensive,” states Penny Richardson. The show’s relatively simple<br />

demands, the Arts Council’s dedicated members, and the Haida<br />

Gwaii Museum staff, all make this one of our island’s most inclusive<br />

events. The adjudicator also brings great value to the show by seeing<br />

with different eyes - noticing things participants might not have seen<br />

and offering discussions with the artists about their creations.<br />

For more information on this event, the adjudicator lecture<br />

(<strong>March</strong> 23rd) and the workshop (<strong>March</strong> 24th) visit<br />


2 0 1 8 A l l I s l a n d s ' A r t S h o w<br />

Free<br />

Artist<br />

Lecture<br />

with Alison Watt<br />

<strong>March</strong> 23<br />

7 p.m.<br />

Haida<br />

Heritage<br />

Center<br />

Show runs<br />

<strong>March</strong><br />

Loosen 2 - 31<br />

Free<br />

up!<br />

Facilitated by<br />

Mixed Media Workshop<br />

Facilitated by Alison Watt<br />

<strong>March</strong> 24<br />

9 - 5<br />

Bill reid<br />

room,<br />

HHC<br />

$40<br />

fee<br />

For more information<br />

www.hgartscouncil.ca/all-island-art-show<br />

allislandartshow@gmail.com or 250.559.4649<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 15

From a trailblazer …<br />

You never know what will happen when you begin something to<br />

help you through a tough time.<br />

In 2010, Kiki van der Heiden, a mother of two toddlers, started<br />

practicing Kundalini yoga for the first time, at home, to stay<br />

sane amidst the juggling acts of raising children, creating art and<br />

a busy life on Robertson Island. Her practice started with following<br />

instructional DVD’s in her living room from<br />

once a week to every day. She was hooked! “The<br />

daily DVD practice included loosening up the<br />

spine, which is good for the lower back, and<br />

strengthening of the navel center, which is<br />

our power center,” Kiki notes. “There was<br />

some cardio to get the heart beat up, some<br />

relaxation, and meditation. It had it all to<br />

strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual<br />

aspects.”<br />

At first, Kundalini yoga overwhelmed her, with<br />

its wide range of kriyas (poses) and mantras (songs).<br />

“Then I went to a Vancouver workshop and learned so<br />

much. And to be in community with 150 people was so uplifting.<br />

You can ride the wave of commitment from everyone in the room<br />

as you struggle with the long, hard poses,” remembers Kiki.<br />

“If I can help<br />

even one person,<br />

then that is good.”<br />

— Kiki van der<br />

Heiden<br />

Over time, to deepen her practice, she decided to begin teacher<br />

training certification. She never thought of becoming a yoga<br />

teacher. But friends started asking her to teach them. Although<br />

she was reluctant, she knew, “If I can help even one person, then<br />

that is good.” She remembers her first teaching experience clearly.<br />

“My 60-year-old friend told me he had been sick for eight<br />

weeks. I shared a kriya for a disease-free body. He was<br />

amazed and admitted this was a wake-up call to<br />

take care of his body.”<br />

To celebrate her 40th birthday, she invited<br />

people to join her in a Kundalini yoga session.<br />

“I had never felt so good, better than I<br />

felt when I was 20. So I wanted to celebrate<br />

this. Fifty people showed up! Soon after,<br />

the word spread with an increased demand<br />

to teach. I rented a space, telling people I am<br />

still in training, just sharing what I know.” Not<br />

only did she not imagine teaching yoga, she also never<br />

thought of running a yoga/art studio. “But there was a<br />

big demand for all types of yoga and several yoga teachers came<br />

forward saying they would like to teach,” said Kiki.<br />

16 HG

Top left - Kiki van der Heiden; Top right- teacher training participants and teachers celebrate the completion of the first intensive in Queen<br />

Charlotte; Bottom left and right - Kundalini yoga class at Sun Studio; Photos by Liz Wouters<br />

Now, four years later, she organized the first ever Kundalini-Hatha<br />

Yoga Teacher Training Program at her studio, Sun Studio, in<br />

Queen Charlotte. Fourteen Haida Gwaii residents and four off-island<br />

participants are enrolled in the demanding training which<br />

includes two ten-day intensives this past February and<br />

again in <strong>April</strong> and many hours of yoga practice,<br />

study and teaching in-between. “This teacher<br />

training means people from all over Haida<br />

Gwaii could teach yoga in their communities,<br />

doing it their way. There is a big<br />

demand. They can take it into schools,<br />

mental health organizations, the workplace<br />

and community halls.” Kiki smiles<br />

brightly as she reflects on her journey from<br />

a solo living room yoga student to a yoga<br />

teacher who brought yoga training to Haida<br />

Gwaii. “Right now, I am celebrating community!”<br />

she exclaims.<br />

“I can handle<br />

discomfort more<br />

graciously.”<br />

— Dr. Tracy<br />

Morton<br />

… to many trainees …<br />

So, who are these dedicated trainees committing to two training<br />

intensives, writing papers, daily yoga practice and possibly future<br />

teaching?<br />

One of them is Estrella Hepburn who lives in Tow<br />

Hill, Masset. “I took one Kundalini yoga class<br />

years ago, and I didn’t like it. It was too much<br />

hard work. So, I did Hatha and Vinyasa flow<br />

yoga for twenty years, enjoying slower, long<br />

deep poses. I knew I wanted to teach Hatha,<br />

but it never happened with three kids,<br />

work, and the need to travel away for training.<br />

Now that Hatha/Kundalini training is here, I<br />

thought, I’ve got to do this! Kundalini is more<br />

breath work and movement, but also singing and<br />

music which I love. The training is intense, I am exhausted,<br />

but I feel more centered and clear.” Once she is a<br />

certified teacher, Estrella hopes to teach children, youth and adults<br />

in Masset.<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 17

Another teacher training participant is Jenn Wissink from Skidegate<br />

who works as a school counsellor. She has practiced yoga on<br />

and off for 20 years. “Yoga has helped me become more self aware,<br />

focussed, and to find some calmness, especially in challenging<br />

times. It also helps me feel stronger and more flexible, and to be<br />

more mindful in my actions,” she said. Jenn hopes to offer yoga to<br />

students in the schools.<br />

… to some seasoned yoga perspectives …<br />

Haida Gwaii yoga is alive and well! Here are some reflections<br />

and recommendations from current yoga teachers in Masset, Port<br />

Clements and Queen Charlotte.<br />

Robin Werstine Pilon in Sandspit practiced some Hatha yoga<br />

classes over the years and experienced a sort of “awakening” in her<br />

first class. When asked what she is learning about herself during<br />

this teacher training so far, she replied, “I’ve learnt that I am incredibly<br />

strong on the inside and have sources of power to harness<br />

when needed.” Once she receives her teacher certification, her<br />

dream is to convert 491 Beach Road in Sandspit into a yoga and<br />

arts studio. As a Northern Health Life Skills Worker for Mental<br />

Health and Addictions, she also will bring her teachings to clients.<br />

Tracy Morton from Queen Charlotte is the only man in the teacher<br />

training program. He said many men are intimidated by yoga<br />

because the culture of yoga is perceived to be a feminine one. But<br />

he hopes to change that once he’s a certified teacher by teaching<br />

a men’s yoga class. His personal aim with yoga is to “improve fitness<br />

and to sharpen my awareness,” he explained. “Most of us go<br />

through life captivated by our own mental stories with thoughts<br />

wrapped up in the past and future. But this is where life is lived,<br />

only in this moment.”<br />

How does yoga training relate to his Queen<br />

Charlotte medical practice? “It improves<br />

my ability to listen, and not to immediately<br />

want to change what’s happening for the<br />

patient, although the patient probably<br />

wants to change that. A second benefit<br />

is better alignment of agendas - doctors<br />

have an agenda and so do patients. Success<br />

is when both are aligned. A third benefit is<br />

that I can provide concrete tools like exercises<br />

and meditations to patients. Yoga addresses<br />

physical, emotional and mental issues which are hard<br />

to do in the Western medical setting.” Tracy has practiced<br />

Kundalini yoga for five years, and as a result, “I can handle discomfort<br />

more graciously,” he admits with a smile.<br />

"Take it easy,<br />

have fun, and<br />

don’t worry how<br />

you look."<br />

— Julia Breese<br />

Mariel McLeod in Masset<br />

“I started practicing yoga to help with knee injury rehab after a<br />

ski accident. I was a young, competitive athlete and yoga really<br />

helped me recover mentally and physically.<br />

“I am a Hatha and Vinyasa practitioner and teacher. My classes<br />

focus on alignment and moving with the breath. A<br />

lot of my students come for exercise, to enhance<br />

their own practice or to just stretch. Some<br />

have found relief from back or knee issues<br />

by practicing regularly. For the most part,<br />

everybody who has done yoga comes back<br />

because of how good it makes them feel,<br />

leaving class ‘yoga drunk’!<br />

“There is no goal in yoga. Every day is different<br />

for your body, breath and mind. Your<br />

yoga practice is about being okay with it and<br />

practicing from wherever you are today. Yoga is a<br />

lifestyle. Say someone is frustrated or feeling angry, so<br />

they take some deep breaths - that’s yoga.<br />

“Yoga is for everyone, but it’s also okay to not like it.”<br />

18 HG

“I teach Trauma-Informed Hatha yoga. I am a graduate of an<br />

Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga Program and have trained<br />

in programs like “Street Yoga” which specialize in teaching yoga<br />

to vulnerable adult populations, in particular, working with individuals<br />

who might struggle with PTSD, addictions and/or homelessness.<br />

“When we are doing the physical practices in yoga, I encourage<br />

those present to look for lightness and ease in their poses. By practicing<br />

this way, we meet our selves (and our bodies) with honesty.<br />

In addition, practising within a place of comfort can minimize our<br />

chances of injury during asana. ”<br />

Jennifer Pigeon in Port Clements<br />

“I started teaching Hatha yoga in 2010, after a three-month intensive<br />

at Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay. When the training was complete,<br />

I stayed for an additional five months to deepen my practice,<br />

which also included Karma, Kundalini and Mantra yoga. Since then,<br />

I returned twice to the ashram for courses in Hidden Language Hatha<br />

and Kundalini Yoga (as developed by Swami Sivananda Radha).<br />

“Yoga gives me a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships.<br />

Many people think yoga is only a physical practice, but in my<br />

experience, it is so much more than that. Yoga is about connecting<br />

the mind, body and spirit. It’s about connecting to your Higher Self.<br />

It’s about listening to your body and discovering the wisdom within,<br />

discovering your potential – the light, the divine spark, call it whatever<br />

you will – and striving to be that.”<br />

Meghan Cross in Queen Charlotte<br />

“When I started yoga, I wasn’t overly interested, thinking what<br />

good was ‘stretching’ for an hour! Yoga has significantly changed<br />

me. It has grounded me, lifted me up, tested and nurtured me.<br />

It has given me perspective and presence. I think a lot of the<br />

misconceptions about Hatha yoga (postural - based yoga) in North<br />

America are tied to the body. The media and mainstream marketing<br />

hasn’t helped this at all – stereotyping what a yogic body looks<br />

like, what yogi-style looks like, and what postures ‘should’ look like<br />

(i.e. handstand, arm balances, etc.).<br />

Julia Breese in Port Clements<br />

“For me, yoga began as an exploration of movement-based practices<br />

in order to find comfort in my body, reduce stress, manage PTSD and<br />

help autoimmune conditions.<br />

“Yoga is really about the breath and connecting to your true<br />

essence. It’s more about your experience in the expression of the<br />

posture, than the posture itself. It’s movement as meditation.”


By Christine Rowan<br />

In the Garden<br />

I, like no doubt most of you, am excited that spring is on the way.<br />

I’ve been busy since late January doing garden maintenance and<br />

prep. Our mild winter has allowed me to do some of the things I<br />

was unable or unwilling to get to in the fall; weeding and applying<br />

a layer of mulch.<br />

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden’s soil.<br />

It adds much needed organisms and slows leaching of valuable<br />

nutrients caused by heavy rain. I use a mixture of local eelgrass<br />

(Zostera marina), and whatever seaweed is available, on both our<br />

flower and vegetable beds.<br />

This combination is long lasting and it adds humus and a multitude<br />

of micronutrients as it breaks down over winter. One can also<br />

mulch with a thick layer of compost, straw (not hay because of<br />

weed seeds), manure or chopped up leaves.<br />

Another soil building technique is planting cover crops. The fall<br />

rye I planted in portions of our vegetable beds will be cut down<br />

soon, and then turned under gently with a pitch fork. This will<br />

allow time for decomposition before spring planting begins. So as<br />

not to add or deplete too much of one element in the soil, I try to<br />

rotate cover crops. Having said that, I will be doing soil testing<br />

throughout my garden to check what I am lacking or have too<br />

much of, before I add fertilizer of any kind. I feel strongly about<br />

the health of soil - without good soil, you will not have a great<br />

garden.<br />

I have adopted the “no-dig” gardening method, a great way to<br />

preserve your soil and your back! This system involves adding<br />

many layers of organic mulches to your soil, and then allowing<br />

Mother Nature to do all of the work, which is to break everything<br />

down and feed the soil, just as it does in the forest, or on grassland.<br />

There are some large industrial farms that have now switched to<br />

a zero-tillage policy. While it takes a few years to implement, this<br />

method weans crops of insecticide, fungicide and strong chemical<br />

fertilization practices. Not digging the soil helps preserve the soil’s<br />

complex structures and returns it to a more natural state. I find all<br />

of this highly interesting, and hopeful.<br />

In the Greenhouse<br />

Our greenhouse is bountiful with cool season crops such as spinach,<br />

green onions, lettuce, and bok choy. Above these, built by our dear,<br />

late friend, Bruce Anderson, is a thermostat controlled grow light<br />

system set to 5 degrees Celsius. While it doesn’t really warm the<br />

soil, it does help keep the ambient air warm. The addition of an<br />

electric fan helps to disperse the air and keep moisture and mold<br />

spores down to a minimum. I’ve changed from regular fluorescent<br />

lighting to T5 bulbs this year with great success.<br />

Under the lights, seedlings of long storage onions, peppers, and<br />

buttercrunch lettuce have been started and are putting on great<br />

growth. Eggplant seeds will be planted in a few days, and tomato<br />

seeds in early <strong>March</strong>. Cuttings that were taken in the fall of<br />

geraniums and fuchsia have been moved out from under the lights<br />

and put in a south facing window. By the time this goes to print, I<br />

will be on a mission to visit as many gardens in the Victoria area as<br />

possible. I am always trying to educate myself by talking to other<br />

gardeners and seeing how they are successful.<br />

My newest source of info is podcasts, which I enjoy as a portable<br />

means of education, and you can do things while listening. In<br />

closing, I wish you all a spring full of good growth.<br />

Christine Rowan was born in Queen Charlotte and has<br />

been gardening exclusively on the islands for approximately<br />

36 years. Most of her garden knowledge is from extensive<br />

trial and error. She currently resides in Lawn Hill with<br />

her husband Ron, 3 dogs, chickens, and other barnyard<br />

anomalies.<br />

20 HG

A bit more about the…<br />



By Shellene Van der Beke<br />

Community undertaker, Matthew (Matt) Pierce asked that<br />

we print a few more details that were not published in the<br />

Jan/Feb <strong>HGT</strong> magazine’s “Haida Gwaii Way of Death”<br />

article.<br />

They include:<br />

• Although Matt and his family did emigrate from<br />

England to BC in 1967, they did not come to Haida<br />

Gwaii until the spring of 1991.<br />

• Matt does charge for the cost of casket/coffin<br />

construction and basic transportation but does not<br />

charge for any other funerary services.<br />

If anyone is interested in helping with these essential c<br />

ommunity services, volunteers would be greatly appreciated.<br />

For more information, call Matthew Pierce at 250-559-8686<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 21

The Entrepreneurial<br />

Spirit<br />

By<br />

Community<br />

Futures<br />

Spirit Community<br />

Spirit<br />

The Entrepreneurial<br />

Futures<br />

By<br />

Community<br />

Futures<br />

Time Management for the Busy Entrep<br />

For an entrepreneur 24 hours in a Make your health a p<br />

day is often not enough! You find Taking care of yourse<br />

yourself with a never-ending list of will be better equippe<br />

Time<br />

things to<br />

Management<br />

do - jumping between<br />

for the<br />

and<br />

Busy<br />

take care<br />

Entrep<br />

of your<br />

A Putting Place the of ‘Funk’ Precious in Funk It! Thingstasks, all the while, tending to the staff, customers and c<br />

For an entrepreneur 24 hours in a Make your health a p<br />

Housed Hearing inside the a traditional name Funk long It! house conjures situated up in images the ancient of eclectic, needs unconventional<br />

site of Kayang, and Gin off-the-beaten Kuyaas - Haida path Art characteristics, Studio & Gifts, and customers. that’s Diving into<br />

and prioritize your ow<br />

of your clients and<br />

a lunch break, get ade<br />

day is often not enough! You find Taking care of yourse<br />

village<br />

yourself with a never-ending list of will be better equippe<br />

offers artists and art lovers alike a true taste of Haida heritage, entrepreneurship means you’ve needs.<br />

culture Charlotte. and artwork.<br />

things<br />

given up<br />

to do<br />

the<br />

-<br />

luxuries<br />

jumping<br />

of<br />

between<br />

only and take care of your<br />

“As a Haida weaver and artist with a variable income, it is often tasks,<br />

Home to a unique and quality selection of furniture, lighting, thinking<br />

all<br />

about<br />

the while,<br />

your<br />

tending<br />

job between<br />

to the<br />

the staff,<br />

Track<br />

customers<br />

your time:<br />

and<br />

This<br />

c<br />

difficult if not impossible to qualify for a loan from a financial needs<br />

home décor and gift items, it’s hard to leave a visit to this hours local of<br />

of<br />

9-5.<br />

your<br />

You<br />

clients<br />

live,<br />

and<br />

sleep, eat, a<br />

identify<br />

lunch<br />

time-wasters,<br />

break, get ade<br />

institution,” says Lisa White-Kuuyang, Owner/Operator and customers.<br />

shop empty handed. Not only can you adorn the inside of and your breathe<br />

Diving<br />

your small<br />

into<br />

business. and<br />

and<br />

prioritize<br />

in general,<br />

your<br />

help<br />

ow<br />

y<br />

Haida artist. “Community Futures worked with me on my entrepreneurship means you’ve needs.<br />

business homes, plan at and Funk supported It!, plant me lovers with a and start-up gardeners loan for alike Gin can relish in<br />

better sense of how y<br />

given up the luxuries of only<br />

Kuyaas a seasonal -Haida Art nursery Studio set & Gifts.” up outside the shop’s store front. So, Having since we can’t add more than your time and if this is<br />

thinking about your job between the Track your time: This<br />

Gin previously Kuyaas means founded ‘Precious and Things’ run the in Laughing the Haida language, Moon Nursery 24 in Tlell, hours to our day, perhaps you for you. Time manage<br />

and customers Lisa has made can it rest her mission assured to that embed all of her their Haida gardening culture questions<br />

hours<br />

can find<br />

of<br />

ways<br />

9-5. You<br />

to use<br />

live,<br />

those<br />

sleep,<br />

hours<br />

eat, identify<br />

effort, commitment<br />

time-wasters,<br />

an<br />

into are all aspects well attended of her business. to with owner, “At Gin Andrea Kuyaas, and we like her to trained staff,<br />

and<br />

more<br />

breathe<br />

effectively<br />

your<br />

by<br />

small<br />

trying<br />

business.<br />

one of<br />

and in general, help y<br />

share on-hand. our knowledge about the history, language, stories and these strategies.<br />

better<br />

Our communities<br />

sense of how<br />

nee<br />

y<br />

issues of our Haida people. We need visitors to appreciate and So, since we can’t add more than your<br />

Curate and design a full home, garden and yard experience in a one stop<br />

well-rested<br />

time and<br />

and<br />

if<br />

energ<br />

this is<br />

respect the special qualities of our beautiful lands, waters and 24 hours to our day, perhaps you for you. Time manage<br />

people shop of experience Haida Gwaii,” at she Funk explains. It!<br />

Planning ahead: Pick a time to preneurs! Haida Gwa<br />

can find ways to use those hours effort, commitment an<br />

When They asked say what some she are is most born proud to be of entrepreneurs in being a business create a detailed list of to-dos for nity Futures offers free<br />

and Andrea more is one effectively of them! by trying one of<br />

owner, As a Lisa valued tells us, client “When of Haida customers Gwaii purchase Community items from Futures, Andrea<br />

the next<br />

these has<br />

day. Prioritize those tasks coaching – this can in<br />

us, they are supporting a Haida-owned business, the 60+ local strategies.<br />

Our communities nee<br />

worked with us in various capacities to grow and strengthen<br />

and<br />

both<br />

use a<br />

her<br />

scheduling system so revisiting your organiz<br />

artists/craftspeople we purchase from, and they are helping the<br />

well-rested and energ<br />

business operations and knowledge to run a successful retail you don’t<br />

Planning<br />

shop. need<br />

ahead:<br />

As to rely on your time management sys<br />

local economy of Old Massett.”<br />

Pick a time to preneurs! Haida Gwa<br />

Andrea tells us, “Running Funk It!, in all of its diverse capacities, memory! “Community provides This Futures will helped you me move realize my dream helping of having you to my identify<br />

With views overlooking the inlet, customers can peruse the create a detailed list of to-dos for nity Futures offers free<br />

me a deep sense of gratitude for our local communities and from own businesses<br />

Haida a more art gift reactive shop.” —Lisa state to White-Kuuyang, one effective Owner/ strategies for<br />

longhouse studio, enjoying authentic Haida art, custom the next day. Prioritize those tasks coaching – this can in<br />

apparel within with that Haida support designs- local including enterprises.” a unique Gin Andrea’s Kuyaas desire line to Operator, that consistently thoughtful Gin Kuyaas do and proactive. season.<br />

and use a scheduling system so revisiting your organiz<br />

designed things by better Lisa White-Kuuyang and to remain and relevant with artwork to her by community Nang and Gin customer’s Kuyaas - Haida Art Studio & Gifts is located at 55 Raven<br />

Avenue you don’t in Old need Massett to rely and on can your be reached at time (store) management sys<br />

K’iidaa positions Leegas her Jordon well Seward, for her entrepreneurial traditional cedar woven success. hats,<br />

250-626-5530<br />

Haida carved jewelry and a range of souvenirs.<br />

memory! This or will (mobile) help 250-626-8935.<br />

you move helping you to identify<br />

Haida Gwaii Community Futures is pleased to support any from budding a more reactive state to one effective strategies for<br />

or operational entrepreneurs on-island, schedule your complimentary<br />

that is thoughtful and proactive. season.<br />

appointment with the Business Development<br />

cer today!<br />

Bizz tip <br />

Written by Firyal Mohamed, Business Development<br />

Biz Tip!!<br />

CULTIVATE Contact YOUR Funk STAFF! It! at: We know finding, hiring, training and<br />

Officer, Haida Gwaii Community Futures<br />

Track<br />

retaining (250) 559-4753 staff can be a challenge on island- and when it doesn’t Always give your customer more than you promised and agem<br />

go funkit@qcislands.net<br />

to plan, starting the process over can be a huge drain on resources,<br />

time and money. We also know the power of a passionate,<br />

We are more here to than help they make expected! your entrepreneurial dar o<br />

Written by Firyal Mohamed, Business Development<br />

dreams a reality. Schedule your complimentary tions<br />

empowered and committed team. Your staff are an embodiment of Written by Firyal Mohamed, Business Development<br />

While the idea of ousting appointment your with competition us today! with a cheaper than<br />

your business -when hiring, take the time to develop a well-thoughtout<br />

employee training plan. Having well-trained staff means your don’t have the advantage of scale and reach that the big-box-<br />

agem<br />

price<br />

250-626-5594<br />

is a<br />

Officer,<br />

nice one,<br />

Haida<br />

it’s<br />

| www.haidagwaiifutures.ca<br />

Gwaii<br />

not sustainable.<br />

Community<br />

Small<br />

Futures<br />

businesses Track doing<br />

employees are better equipped to serve your customers, perform es like the Amazon’s and Wal-Mart’s do. Instead, your best dar o<br />

their jobs with confidence - and overall, creates a positive workplace advantage as a local operator is offering an unforgettable experience<br />

and unbeatable service! While price will factor into a<br />

tions<br />

in your business. HGCF will be hosting customer service training for<br />

250-626-5594 | www.haidagwaiifutures.ca<br />

than<br />

island businesses. Keep a look out for more information!<br />

consumer’s 250-626-5594 decision, exceptional | www.haidagwaiifutures.ca<br />

experiences and customer<br />

doing<br />

service far outweigh a pricey tag.<br />

22 HG<br />

September 2017 7

Happy Liver = Happier Life<br />

by Stephany Pryce<br />

The liver has many functions, and its health is so<br />

important. The most notable function of the liver<br />

is to convert toxins in the body to a non-toxic<br />

substance and to make certain that the toxins leave<br />

the body.<br />

Liver 101<br />

The liver processes nutrients from the portal vein,<br />

and are stored, detoxified, and then enter back into<br />

the bloodstream or eliminated from the body. The<br />

liver can remove substances such as alcohol from<br />

the bloodstream and get rid of the by-products from<br />

the breakdown of substances sent to the liver.<br />

The liver’s conversion of nutrients is put into a form<br />

the body can use, and the storage of nutrients are<br />

saved for when they are needed. Fat is broken down<br />

by the liver to produce energy. The liver produces<br />

bile and is an important part of metabolism as it<br />

breaks down fat and the absorption of it. The lifegiving<br />

blood to the liver via the portal vein is rich in<br />

nutrients but may contain toxins and bad intestinal<br />

flora. The liver is a massive filter of the bloodstream,<br />

and it can overload if a person ingests too much<br />

processed food, fried food, alcohol, nicotine,<br />

drugs, coffee, heavy metals, etc. This overload can<br />

make a person feel sluggish, irritable, foggy and<br />

nauseated. The liver’s ability to remove toxins is<br />

different for each person and depends on the health<br />

of the liver of that person.<br />

For liver health:<br />

• Eat healthier, nature-based foods<br />

• Less packaged snack and processed foods<br />

• Drink less alcohol and/or coffee<br />

• Eat more foods with Vitamin K,<br />

such as green, leafy vegetables<br />

• Ease up on sugar and salt<br />

• Make it a morning routine to drink<br />

a lemon and ginger beverage, hot or cold<br />

• Take milk thistle for liver health<br />

• Keep a healthy weight<br />

• Drink water (try it warm with lemon or lime)<br />

Foods for the liver:<br />

• Blueberries, cranberries, apples<br />

• Beets, carrots, cauliflower<br />

• Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale<br />

• Oregano, sage, rosemary, turmeric<br />

• Almonds, walnuts<br />

• Oatmeal<br />

• Green tea<br />

• Even a bit of dark chocolate and red<br />

wine in very moderate amounts!<br />

Eating healthier foods will help your body cleanse<br />

naturally. Your liver will love you for it!<br />

Top Tip: If you give your body time to do a mini<br />

cleanse in the morning by simply drinking a lemon<br />

and ginger beverage, you will remove toxins and<br />

greatly reduce the burden on the liver.<br />

This article is not a substitute for medical advice from<br />

a physician. A physician should be consulted if one is<br />

experiencing symptoms or is on medications. You should seek<br />

the most up to date information on your medical care and<br />

treatment from your physician or health care professional.<br />

Stephany is passionate about fitness, health and spirituality.<br />

Through years of struggles with digestive issues, it was<br />

necessary to research numerous books on nutrition to find<br />

a way to feel better. This knowledge has changed her life.<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 23



by Barb Rowsell<br />

by Barb Rowsell<br />

by<br />

As<br />

Barb<br />

administrator<br />

Rowsell<br />

of the Queen Charlotte Heritage<br />

As administrator of the Queen Charlotte Heritage<br />

Housing Society, I’ve heard there is a housing crisis in<br />

Housing Society, I’ve heard there is a housing crisis in<br />

As every administrator community on of Haida the Queen Gwaii. Charlotte In a way, this Heritage seems<br />

every community on Haida Gwaii. In a way, this seems<br />

Housing odd, as Statistics Society, I’ve Canada heard tells there us that is a our housing population crisis has in<br />

odd, as Statistics Canada tells us that our population has<br />

every been community declining. In on Queen Haida Charlotte Gwaii. In we a have way, gone this seems from a<br />

been declining. In Queen Charlotte we have gone from a<br />

odd, population as Statistics high Canada of over 1200 tells us residents, that our to population 852, as per has the<br />

population high of over 1200 residents, to 852, as per the<br />

been 2016 declining. census. I In like Queen to joke Charlotte that “People we have must gone have from taken a<br />

2016 census. I like to joke that “People must have taken<br />

population their homes high with of them!” over 1200 residents, to 852, as per the<br />

their homes with them!”<br />

2016 Just census. across the I like street to from joke that my house, “People a must total of have seven taken old<br />

their Just across homes the with street them!” from my house, a total of seven old<br />

and decrepit homes have been torn down. When I look<br />

and decrepit homes have been torn down. When I look<br />

Just around across a bit the further, street from in a my 2-block house, radius a total I see of seven more old<br />

around a bit further, in a 2-block radius I see even more<br />

and changes. decrepit Four homes homes have that been were torn down. previously When affordable I look<br />

changes. Four homes that were previously affordable<br />

around housing a have bit further, lost their in a subsidies 2-block and radius are I now see even market more rent<br />

housing have lost their subsidies and are now market rent<br />

changes. homes. Two Four more homes have that been were bought previously for vacation affordable homes,<br />

homes. Two more have been bought for vacation homes,<br />

housing use only have a lost few their weeks subsidies each year, and are and now yet market 2 others rent are<br />

in use only a few weeks each year, and yet 2 others are<br />

homes. vacant Two government more have housing. been bought 15 homes for vacation - wow! homes, While<br />

vacant government housing. 15 homes - wow! While<br />

in some use of only this a can few be weeks attributed each year, to changing and yet demographics<br />

2 others are<br />

some of this can be attributed to changing demographics<br />

vacant or just government normal wear housing. and tear, 15 others homes are - wow! impacted While by<br />

or just normal wear and tear, others are impacted by<br />

some changing of this government can be attributed policies to and changing priorities. demographics<br />

changing government policies and priorities.<br />

or In just the normal past, it was wear not and uncommon tear, others for are young impacted people by to<br />

changing In the past,<br />

come to government it was not<br />

the islands to policies uncommon<br />

work, raise and priorities. for young people to<br />

families, make money<br />

come to the islands to work, raise families, make money<br />

In and the then past, leave it was for various not uncommon reasons. But for now, young many people of these to<br />

and then leave for various reasons. But now, many of these<br />

come people to are the staying islands on. to work, And why raise not? families, This is make a great money place<br />

people are staying on. And why not? This is a great place<br />

and to call then home. leave for Another various new reasons. trend But that now, I see many is that of retired these<br />

to call home. Another new trend that I see is that retired<br />

people parents are of staying young on. people, And who why have not? come This is here a great for place work,<br />

parents of young people, who have come here for work,<br />

to are call also home. moving Another here to new enjoy trend the Haida that I see Gwaii is that lifestyle retired and<br />

are also moving here to enjoy the Haida Gwaii lifestyle and<br />

parents be close of to young their people, kids and who grandkids. have come This here puts for different work,<br />

be close to their kids and grandkids. This puts different<br />

are pressures also moving on the here housing to enjoy market. the Haida And, Gwaii of course, lifestyle we and are<br />

pressures on the housing market. And, of course, we are<br />

be hearing close to that their the kids inflated and grandkids. Vancouver housing This puts market different has<br />

hearing that the inflated Vancouver housing market has<br />

pressures put pressure on the on housing market. markets across And, of BC. course, we are<br />

put pressure on housing markets across BC.<br />

hearing that the inflated Vancouver housing market has<br />

put pressure on housing markets across BC.<br />

What What You You Think Think Counts Counts<br />

What You Think Counts<br />

The Queen Charlotte Heritage Housing Society is<br />

The Queen Charlotte Heritage Housing Society is<br />

currently conducting a “Needs and Demand Assessment”<br />

currently conducting a “Needs and Demand Assessment”<br />

The in our Queen community. Charlotte This Heritage will give Housing a more Society informed is<br />

in our community. This will give us a more informed<br />

currently overview conducting of the current a “Needs housing and Demand situation, Assessment” as well as<br />

overview of the current housing situation, as well as<br />

in give our the community. This a chance will give to be us heard. a more This informed report<br />

give the community a chance to be heard. This report<br />

overview is necessary of the for current us as a housing Society to situation, obtain government<br />

as well as<br />

is necessary for us as a Society to obtain government<br />

give funding the community for future housing a chance projects. to be heard. A survey This has report been<br />

funding for future housing projects. A survey has been<br />

is designed necessary to for collect us as and a collate Society statistical to obtain data government as well as<br />

designed to collect and collate statistical data as well as<br />

funding human for elements future of housing the situation. projects. All A interested survey has parties been<br />

human elements of the situation. All interested parties<br />

designed are encouraged to collect to and participate collate in statistical the survey data to as make well the as<br />

are encouraged to participate in the survey to make the<br />

human information elements collected of the as situation. thorough All as possible. interested parties<br />

information collected as thorough as possible.<br />

are encouraged to participate in the survey to make the<br />

information collected as thorough as possible.<br />

Surveys<br />

Surveys<br />

are<br />

are<br />

available<br />

available<br />

at<br />

at<br />

www.surveymonkey.com/r/QCAffordableHousingSurvey<strong>2018</strong><br />

www.surveymonkey.com/r/QCAffordableHousingSurvey<strong>2018</strong><br />

Surveys are available at<br />

www.surveymonkey.com/r/QCAffordableHousingSurvey<strong>2018</strong><br />

The<br />

The<br />

Haida<br />

Haida<br />

Gwaii<br />

Gwaii<br />

Housing Forum<br />

Forum<br />

is<br />

is<br />

on its<br />

its<br />

way!<br />

way!<br />

On <strong>April</strong> 7, <strong>2018</strong>, the QC Heritage Housing Society will<br />

On<br />

The<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

Haida<br />

7, <strong>2018</strong>,<br />

Gwaii<br />

the<br />

Housing<br />

QC Heritage<br />

be holding an all-islands Housing Forum<br />

Housing<br />

Forum is on<br />

Society<br />

at its the way!<br />

will<br />

Queen<br />

be holding an all-islands Housing Forum at the Queen<br />

On Charlotte <strong>April</strong> 7, Community <strong>2018</strong>, the QC Hall. Heritage We invite Housing and encourage Society will all<br />

Charlotte Community Hall. We invite and encourage all<br />

be residents holding of an Haida all-islands Gwaii Housing to join us Forum in this at dialogue. the Queen The<br />

residents of Haida Gwaii to join us in this dialogue. The<br />

Charlotte Forum is Community intended as Hall. an opportunity We invite and to bring encourage together all<br />

Forum is intended as an opportunity to bring together<br />

residents people from of Haida every Gwaii community to join to us discuss in this their dialogue. experiences The<br />

people from every community to discuss their experiences<br />

Forum and concerns, is intended as well as an as to opportunity offer a space to for bring discussion together of<br />

and concerns, as well as to offer a space for discussion of<br />

people possible from solutions every community and directions. to discuss The Housing their experiences Forum is<br />

possible solutions and directions. The Housing Forum is<br />

and being concerns, held in as partnership well as to offer with a Gwaii space Trust, for discussion BC Housing of<br />

being held in partnership with Gwaii Trust, BC Housing<br />

possible and QC solutions Heritage and Housing directions. Society. The Housing Forum is<br />

and QC Heritage Housing Society.<br />

being held in partnership with Gwaii Trust, BC Housing<br />

Lunch will be provided. Come out and be heard in <strong>April</strong>.<br />

and Lunch QC will Heritage be provided. Housing Come Society. out and be heard in <strong>April</strong>.<br />

We are always stronger, and more effective, when we work<br />

We are always stronger, and more effective, when we work<br />

Lunch together. will Info: be provided. 250-559-8800 Come or email out and seniors@qcislands.net<br />

be heard in <strong>April</strong>.<br />

together. Info: 250-559-8800 or email seniors@qcislands.net<br />

We are always stronger, and more effective, when we work<br />

together. Info: 250-559-8800 or email seniors@qcislands.net<br />

24 HG

Do you have any:<br />

Local stories<br />

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Illustrations<br />

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Letters to the Editor<br />

That you’d like to<br />

share with us?<br />

We’d love to hear from you.<br />

Send your submissions and/or pitches to<br />

info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

LaDOaUf<br />

Market Study<br />

Calling all residents of Haida Guraii!<br />

Whether you are employed, unemployed, a<br />

student or retired, the Haida Gwaii Labour<br />

Market Study wants to know about your<br />

career interests, job satisfaction, and<br />

training needs.<br />

Complete the survey at your local library, by<br />

phone at 250-637-1550 or online at:<br />

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/<br />

LabourMarketSkillsAssessment<strong>2018</strong><br />

Participants will be entered in a draw for<br />

1 of 5 $100.00 Co-op gift cards.<br />

•i<<br />

i<br />

IIIS<br />

For more information contact:<br />

cohostcollective@gmail.com<br />

or 250-637-1550<br />

Project Partners:<br />

Gwaii Trust Society, Haida Gwaii MaPP (Council of Haida Nation and<br />

Province of BC), Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation, Old Massett Village<br />

Council, HaiCo and Hecate Strait Employment Development Society<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 25

Sergius de Bucy<br />

Sergius de Bucy, age 100, of Queen<br />

Charlotte, passed away peacefully<br />

on Sunday, January 28 <strong>2018</strong>, in<br />

the Queen Charlotte Hospital. He<br />

was born in Liverpool, New South<br />

Wales, Australia, to Sergius and Sybil<br />

(Richardson) on February 22, 1917.<br />

In 1921 he and his mother moved<br />

to Tlell, Haida Gwaii, to join other<br />

members of the Richardson family.<br />

In 1944 Sergius married Chris<br />

McKenzie (who predeceased him<br />

in 1972). Serge had a taxi business<br />

for many years and later logged,<br />

along with various other enterprises.<br />

He enjoyed dancing, playing cards,<br />

and was involved in a number of<br />

community organizations, in earlier<br />

years. He always kept abreast of<br />

news and changes on the islands by<br />

attending meetings regularly or by<br />

talking to everyone, young and old.<br />

Sergius will be lovingly remembered<br />

by his beloved longtime partner,<br />

Mavis Mark, and his children Kathy,<br />

Wendy, Janice (John Fisher) and<br />

Roger (Andrea), 9 grandchildren<br />

and 6 great-grandchildren. He loved<br />

Haida Gwaii and the caring people<br />

who live on the islands. He often<br />

remarked that it was because of the<br />

support of the community he was able<br />

to live for so long and in his own home.<br />

Sergius’ funeral service was held on<br />

Wednesday, January 31 at the Queen<br />

Charlotte Cemetary. A Celebration<br />

of His Life followed at the Queen<br />

Charlotte Community Hall.<br />

The de Bucy family would like to thank the members of the communities of Haida Gwaii for your many kindnesses and<br />

for the condolences and support that we have received. We were humbled and comforted by all those who attended<br />

the graveside and tea, especially on such short notice. We also would like to send our gratitude and appreciation to the<br />

Hospital Staff, in particular Drs. Chrones and Koopmans and nurse Dave for the compassionate care during Sergius’<br />

time with you.<br />

Proud to Serve<br />

Haida Gwaii<br />

New location<br />

290-309 2nd Ave W<br />

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3T1<br />

1-866-624-7734<br />

Jennifer.Rice.MLA@leg.bc.ca<br />

www.JenniferRice.ca<br />

“Contact my office<br />

for help with<br />

provincial matters!”<br />

Jennifer Rice<br />

MLA North Coast<br />

26 HG<br />

Rennell Sound PC: Lil Whitey’s Aerials

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 27

28 HG

Horoscopes for<br />

<strong>March</strong> & <strong>April</strong>, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Aries (<strong>March</strong> 20 - <strong>April</strong> 19) Having faith for what’s happening behind the<br />

scenes is where it’s at with you, dearest Aries. You have the opportunity<br />

to speak out about the truth as you see it. Try to keep your anger under<br />

control though and turn it into passion. You are emerging from behind<br />

the shadows to take your place into your future. Have the courage<br />

required to do this. Keywords: conviction, goodwill and savior-faire.<br />

Taurus (<strong>April</strong> 19 - May 20) More surprises are in store for you so it is<br />

vitally important to stay present and accounted for, dearest Taurus.<br />

Reflect on the challenges you have faced head-on and the ones that you<br />

may have swept under the rug. Give yourself a mental vacation if you<br />

feel the need to re-group. There could be intense forces at work near you<br />

but as long as you remain true to yourself, you will surface into the light<br />

of peace. Allow your intuition to talk to you. Keywords: rise, purpose<br />

and gut-reaction.<br />

Gemini (May 20 - June 21) You are out in the public eye to some degree<br />

now, dearest Gemini. You are being asked to define your intentions and<br />

goals and to get clear about what is working for you and what is not. Pay<br />

attention to what is standing right in front of you. Something is coming<br />

to fruition and needs to be processed in order for you to create some new<br />

and improved goals. Keywords: ambitious, endeavor and intent.<br />

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) What is your true mission in life, dearest<br />

Cancer? And how are you going to reach for the stars? You must not<br />

hole up in your room right now as you are recreating yourself anew.<br />

What you planted months ago is finally showing fruition. Say yes to<br />

that party, yes to hiking with a friend and yes to life! It’s all there for<br />

the taking and every time you say yes, you are saying it to your future.<br />

Keywords: values, destiny and fortune.<br />

Leo (July 22 - August 23) Having faith in yourself and the ability to build<br />

courage is key to your happiness, dearest Leo. You are out in the public<br />

eye and once again it’s time to shine! If you have just returned from a<br />

trip or are about to embark on one, you may find that your entire future<br />

has shifted in a meaningful way. Speak out about your career plans or<br />

your mission in life with confidence. Bring a new cultural experience<br />

into your life in order to see things from an entirely different perspective.<br />

This will instigate innovative, creative endeavors for your future self.<br />

Keywords: inventive, original and spark.<br />

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Relationships are highlighted in your<br />

life, dearest Virgo. What are you doing in order to make them work<br />

smoothly? Sometimes they require compromise and other times they<br />

need some breathing room. Test the theories you have about your loved<br />

ones and come to a conclusion about how best to move forward. And do<br />

it with compassion. Keywords: kindred spirit, viewpoint and connection.<br />

Libra (September 22 - October 23) Service with a smile is your mantra<br />

now, dearest Libra. What are you providing others that makes you feel<br />

alive and well? Answer this question to the best of your ability and you<br />

will be working “in the zone.” You may be coming across as a little bit<br />

intense, which could cause you to feel anxious. Lots of activities may be<br />

happening all around you so it’s important that no matter what happens,<br />

you stay focused on the prize. Keywords: flourish, bloom and open-up.<br />

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) Expect the unexpected in one of<br />

your personal relationships now, dearest Scorpio. Speak your mind<br />

and mean what you say. You have been on the go for some time and<br />

it’s important to remember that in order for your engine to work at<br />

optimal speed, it’s needs a tune up now and then. This is your time<br />

to tune up, tune out the noise and tune in. Keywords: network,<br />

unwind and communicate.<br />

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 22) You get a pass so to speak,<br />

dearest Sagittarius; a pass to have fun. Create a scenario in your life<br />

that provides you creativity, joy and vitality. What does this look like<br />

to you? Creating a beautiful piece of jewelry, taking a favorite dance class<br />

or reuniting with your sewing machine. Enjoy this time to appreciate<br />

living! Keywords: engaging, gifted and open-minded.<br />

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Using courage to complete a<br />

task to its fullest is in order for you, dearest Capricorn. Lately, your<br />

self-confidence may have been shaken a bit. What steps do you need to<br />

take in order to rise above your present circumstances? There could be<br />

opportunities coming your way and it’s important that you prioritize<br />

which direction to move first. Perhaps you are dealing with your<br />

finances or your ability to feel appreciated or loved. Try to feel<br />

gratitude for all the processes of life. Keywords: spotlight, resources<br />

and devotion.<br />

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) You are coming into your own,<br />

dearest Aquarius; and juggling your time between self and others.<br />

What issues are dawning on you right now and how can you enjoy<br />

them as you challenge yourself to a game of freedom and responsibility?<br />

Come out of your mind long enough to get acquainted with your<br />

spirit. Find a way to live in the moment, stay focused and do<br />

whatever it takes to get out of your “head.” Keywords: dedicate,<br />

tenacity and spunk.<br />

Pisces (February 19 - <strong>March</strong> 20) How do you define a life well-lived,<br />

dearest Pisces? Because now is the time to move forward in life<br />

with passionate purpose. Your confidence is front and center and<br />

rearing its head. What steps can you take in order to forgive yourself<br />

for your humanness? Take 10 steps forward, then sleep in. 5 steps forward,<br />

then a hot bath. You get the drill. Resting, then an action<br />

filled week, resting, repeat. This is your journey to a purposeful life.<br />

Be your own advocate this month. You deserve it. Keywords: expect,<br />

promote and ambition.<br />

<br />

Monica Caulfield is a professional astrologer, since 2007.<br />

She is passionate about helping clients develop the tools of<br />

awareness and purpose in life. For further information go to<br />

www.healingforlifeastrology.com or contact Monica at<br />

sageadvisor2u@gmail.com<br />

<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 29

Looking to post a free* classified or event ad? It’s super easy! Simply log onto www.haidagwaiitrader.com, click on the category tab for the type of ad you wish to place and the site<br />

will then guide you each step of the way. Need a hand? Do not hesitate to contact us. Prefer mail? Our mailing address is PO Box 222, Port Clements, BC, V0T 1R0. Please note: The<br />

deadline for new and/or updated classified ads is the 25th of each month at noon. *FREE classifieds apply to private personally owned and non-business postings. For real estate, rentals or business product/service/employment<br />

ads, a small fee will apply.<br />

In the Home & Office Furniture/Appliances/Electronics/Clothing(not kids or baby)/Jewelery/<br />

Collectables/Books/Music/Computers and Computer Accessories/For Sale-Misc<br />

Paper Shredder Fits Over Bin. This paper shredder is adjustable to fit over a 12” to 16” wastebasket. 8 1/2” wide slot,<br />

forward & reverse and auto action. Runs on 120 volts. Works great. $10. Call Jack at (250) 626-3436 or email sales@<br />

tostaba.com<br />

Insulation for Sale. I have 20 garbage bags full of dry stored insulation in need of a new home. First $75 takes all. Call Manzanita at<br />

(250) 557-8579 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

New Bird Play Station. Paid a lot for it... yikes... my bird situation changed and I can no longer use this as I had<br />

planned. Would be great for lovebirds or small parrots, parakeets, etc. 1 foot square and 13” high. $18. Call Karen at<br />

(250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net<br />

New Queen Size Foam Mattress. This is a brand new, never unpacked queen size extra firm mattress. It is 60” x 80”<br />

x 6” thick. Cost $500. Sell for $400. See my other ads for more new bedding items. Call Jack at (250) 626-3436 or<br />

email sales@tostaba.com<br />

New Queen Size 100% Cotton Duvet Set. This brand new in the package duvet set is made for a queen size bed. It<br />

is 90” x 90”. Made with a 520 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton cover and with polyester filling. It comes with the<br />

duvet and 2 pillow shams. The fabric is ivory colored. Cost $185. Sell for $110. See my other ads for more new bedding<br />

items. Call Jack at (250) 626-3436 or email sales@tostaba.com<br />

iPhone 6S Case Casetify. Mermaid Water grip case. $30. Call Lauren Field at (250) 637-1642 or email beannaeb77@<br />

yahoo.com<br />

Large Dog Crate. 31” H x 28” W x 42” D dog crate. Purchased 4 months ago. Excellent condition. $80. Call Kristin at<br />

(250) 637-1737 or email kristin@haidagwaii.net<br />

FoodSaver Replacement Gaskets. 2 brand new FoodSaver V2000/V3000 series replacement gaskets. Ordered the<br />

wrong type. Replace your old ones and it is as if your machine is brand new again. Shipping costs were more than the<br />

gaskets, and this you do not have to pay... win win. $8. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net<br />

Used Marshall MG100 HDFX Amp Head. 3 channel. Solid state Marshall amp with great reverb and FX bank. Builtin<br />

3 band EQ CD in and Headphone out. This solid state amp can pump out some pretty serious sound. It’s known for<br />

an incredibly clear tone on the clean channel, and breaks up quite crisply when distorted. Great amp, foot switch included.<br />

Minor cosmetic wear on the face of the head. I’m parting with this as I’ve invested in a new fender tube amp. Might<br />

consider trades for other gear. $300. Call Evan at (250) 551-4611 or email evanamiesgalonski@gmail.com<br />

30 HG

In the Home & Office - cont.<br />

Sony HD Camcorder w/ Built-In Projector. This Sony HDR-PJ220 camcorder shoots in full 1080 HD format. It is<br />

loaded with features including a built-in projector. It will take still photos while recording video, has a built-in stereo<br />

microphone, built-in USB cable for connection to computer for download or charging, HDMI output for direct connection<br />

to TV, records to SD card, ZEISS lens with 32x zoom, and wide LCD screen. Comes with battery & charger,<br />

USB cable, HDMI cable, instructions and box. Working fine with minimal use. $200. Call Jack at (250) 626-3436 or<br />

email sales@tostaba.com<br />

Brand New Bidet (Never Installed). Ordered a bidet online but never ended up installing it. All of the pieces and<br />

related equipment are still in their original packaging, unused. Instructions included for easy installation. Doesn’t draw<br />

power, just hooks up to water. $40. Call Steph at (250) 891-1098 or email uprootguesthouse@gmail.com<br />

Mountain Weave All-Cotton Tablecloth. Sturdy all-cotton tablecloth woven in Dorset, Vermont. Size: 4.5’ x 7’. A<br />

lovely solid weight to it. Machine washable. Lightly used, a few minor spots. No rips or tears. Purchased from the<br />

Vermont Country Store, originally US$65. $15. Call Lark at (780) 655-7876 or email larkcl108@gmail.com<br />

Juicer. Make your own fresh juice, works good with beets, carrots, apples. $40. Call/text Dominic Legault at (250)<br />

626-7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.com<br />

Vivofit 3 for Sale. Never used. $75. Call Deb at (250) 626-5286 or email daisy@mhtv.ca<br />

Youth Snow Pants. Columbia brand snow pants. Perfect condition, only worn a few times. Youth size 14/16 (ages 10-<br />

12) or will fit a smaller adult, 5’ or so. $25. Call Regina Williams at (250) 626-5676 or email haidagwaiimk@gmail.<br />

com<br />

Speakers Indoor - Outdoor. $56 new. Never been used. $10. Call Terry Tollestrup at (250) 559-4595 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Dual Handset & Corded Phone. DECT 6.0 dual handset corded phone/cordless phones with key pads and LCD. 22<br />

min ITAD handset speakerphone. Less than 6 months old. Rarely used. Excellent condition. New $99 plus shipping.<br />

Asking $35. Call Kristin at (250) 637-1737 or email kristin@haidagwaii.net<br />

8” Crystal Bowl. $10. Call Terry Tollestrup at (250) 559-4595 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Man’s Lion Ring. 10K solid gold ring with lions all the way around. Is worth $700. Fits 70 mm tape rolled around<br />

finger and measured in millimetres. $500. Call Benedicte Gormly at (250) 557-2006 or email benedictesstudio@gmail.<br />

com<br />

High Quality Futon Frame for Sale. Custom designed, red cedar futon frame in excellent condition for sale. Will<br />

trade for W.H.Y. of equal value. Please call in the evenings or leave a message. $100. Call Ken at (250) 557-2004 or<br />

email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

Small Red LED Dog Collar. Brand new, too big for Skipper. S: width (1 in), length (13.8 in - 16.9 in). $10. Call Karen<br />

at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net<br />

Vintage Neck Ties - Great for Crafts! I have a large collection of neck ties that are from all over the world, some<br />

from back as far as the 50’s! Awesome gifts and great for quilting and crafts, for both men and women. As low<br />

as $2 each, most expensive one is only $5. Call soon while they last! Call Manzanita Snow at (250) 557-8579 or<br />

email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 31

In the Home & Office - cont.<br />

House Plant. Christmas cactus. $50. Call Terry Tollestrup at (250) 559-4595 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Asus U80JT Laptop Windows 10 Pro. The unit is in good condition.<br />

No visible ding or scratch on the body. No dead pixels. Spec: Processor<br />

- 1.2GHz Intel Core i3-330UM ULV. Memory - 4GB DDR3 RAM. Hard<br />

drive - 76GB SSD (fast). Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce 310M + Intel GMA<br />

HD. Operating System - Windows 10 Pro (64-bit). Screen size - (diagonal)<br />

14 inches 1366x768 pixel resolution. Video - VGA, HDMI. Audio Stereo<br />

speakers, headphone/microphone jacks. Stereo speakers, headphone/microphone<br />

jacks. Data - 3 USB 2.0, SD card reader. Networking - Ethernet,<br />

802.11n Wi-Fi. Optical drive DVD burner. $250. Call Sam at (250) 637-<br />

5653 or email purplesolution@gmail.com<br />

Hasselblad Camera. The camera is a studio camera for portraits and<br />

can be used outside for wedding photos. It has extra lens back covers for<br />

film case. One of the best on the market for studio cameras. Is worth over<br />

$5,000 with extra lens and camera box for carrying. Has a cracked eye<br />

viewer; however, this is a small part and readily available online or through<br />

camera dealers. $3,000. Call Benedicte Gormly at (250) 557-2006 or<br />

email benedictesstudio@gmail.com<br />

Porcelain Sink and Faucet. Used porcelain sink (two sections) with faucet,<br />

suitable for cabin or camper. Sink is 16” wide and 31 3/4” long. $175.<br />

Call Manzanita at (250) 557-8579 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

In the Yard & Workshop<br />

Garden Equipment and Supplies/Hobby Supplies/Tools/Building Materials/<br />

Pet and Pet Supplies<br />

2” Air Flooring Cleat Nailer. Drives T or L cleats from 1-1/2 to 2” length.<br />

Die cast aluminum body provides more power to easily drive nails into hard<br />

wood. No marring, composite base designed to eliminate scratches and damage<br />

to the surface of the wood, and allow driving of fastener close to floor.<br />

$100. Call Harold Mackay at (250) 626-3305 or email hkmackay@telus.net<br />

Oregon P60 16” Saw Chain (Brand New). Bought wrong one. $25. Call<br />

Neil at (250) 637-1074 or email kristi@haidagwaii.ca<br />

Electrical Cable 18 ft 3 Conductor Aluminum #8. $30. Call Terry Tollestrup<br />

at (250) 637-1758 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Unique Window. Double-paned window, six inch wood frame. 51” x 9” 1/4<br />

x 54” x 26” Contact Terry Tollestrup for more info. $40. Cell: (250) 637-1758<br />

or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Best Place To Pick Up Chicks! It’s that time of year again! Think chicks.<br />

Get your orders into Ranch Feeds by <strong>April</strong> 3, pick up May 4. Order by May<br />

15, pick up June 15. New breeds this year from Rochester Hatchery. Call<br />

Leslie at (250) 557-4276 or email rfeeds@qcislands.net<br />

32 HG

In the Yard & Workshop - cont.<br />

2 x New BBQ Burners for Sale. The BBQ burners are H-Type # 71-<br />

172SM125B-12. $60. Call Harold at (250) 626-3305 or email hfmackay@<br />

telus.net<br />

Motorized Ride-On Hydraulic Wheelbarrow. Miller B-16/21 in great used<br />

condition! Max net payload 3200lb. Max load height from ground 48”. Max<br />

vehicle GVW 4700lb. Any reasonable offer accepted! $3,000. Call Dacia at<br />

(778) 212-2528 or email Sales@linkpartsltd.com<br />

Pet Carrier - Medium Size. Like new, used once, for a dog 25-30 lbs - small<br />

to medium sized 28” X 20.5” X 21.5” - comes apart and re-assembles easily.<br />

$65. Call Dominic Legault at (250) 626-7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.<br />

com<br />

Temporary Hydro Pole & Electrical Panel. Temporary hydro pole with<br />

box containing 100 amp panel. 1 x 30 amp plug. 4 x 15 amp plugs. Meter off<br />

switch. Meter box case. Service mast pole. Hardware. All complete $600.<br />

Call Eva Lazorek at (604) 932-7994 or email evalazorek@hotmail.com<br />

Bundle of Quality Cedar Shingles. The shingles are a mixture of mostly<br />

#1 and some #2, basically 100% all clear, but with mixture of edge and flat<br />

grain, with some narrow shingles added to each bundle for working around<br />

doors/windows. They’re edge trimmed, and come slightly thicker than the<br />

common “store” bought variety. Each bundle covers 25 sq ft, with a 6” reveal.<br />

A 25’x40’ cabin will take approximately 44 bundles to shingle the walls<br />

and gable ends, using a 6” reveal. Delivery in May. Feel free to contact me<br />

with questions or requests. $90. Call Richard Haley at (250) 600-7785 or<br />

email richardhaley@ymail.com<br />

Sandpoint for Shallow Well. Old but never used. Bought 15 years ago,<br />

planned to install a new shallow well but then installed a rainwater cistern<br />

instead. $200. Call Shane at (250) 559-8807 or email pawsitivespin@gmail.<br />

com<br />

Brackets 2X4. Approximately 200 new metal brackets for sale for 2X4.<br />

Brand new, in the box, never used (wrong order). Perfect for fencing or other<br />

construction projects. $175. Call Jamie at (514) 238-7953 or email planetjamie@yahoo.ca<br />

Electric Lawnmower. Very good condition, $260 new, $80. Call Terry Tollestrup<br />

at (250) 559-4595 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

R - 28 Insulation. 1 new bag of R - 28 insulation, 8” X 24”, $35. Call Terry<br />

Tollestrup at (250) 559-4595 or email yrretct@gmail.com<br />

Belle Group Concrete Mixer. In great used condition! Max Drum Capacity<br />

4.5 cu. ft. Max Mixing Capacity 3.0 cu. ft. Rated Voltage 115V. Rated Current<br />

5.2A. Rated Input Power 550W. Frequency 60Hz. Rated Operating Time<br />

Continuous. Drum Speed 25rmp. Any reasonable offer will be accepted, new<br />

retail price from Home Depot for this mixer is $897+tax. $600. Call Dacia at<br />

(778) 212-2528 or email Sales@linkpartsltd.com<br />

Garlic for Planting Wanted. Does anyone on Island have garlic I could<br />

buy to plant in my garden? Call Maryanne at (250) 626-7555 or email Maryanne@maryannewettlaufer.com<br />

Window. 33” 1/2 x 35” single pane window. Great for getting stained glass<br />

done! $10. Call Terry Tollestrup at (250) 637-1758 or email yrretct@gmail.<br />

com<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 33

On the Road<br />

In part or complete-Cars/Trucks/Vans/Campers/RV’s/ATV’s/Heavy Equipment<br />

Tires for Sale. Four, all season P265/65R18 tires. Almost brand new - only used for one month. Off a 2017 Chevy<br />

Silverado. Price: $800 Call Dan at (250) 626-5023 or email dpmatt68@yahoo.ca<br />

2002 S10 LS 4x4 5 Speed Manual Pickup. Great little truck. 193,000 kms. Needs front wheel bearing, driver’s side rear<br />

leaf spring, tune-up. Comes with a few new parts to go on. New brakes all around and one rear calliper, new tires Toyo<br />

M-55 95%, comes with canopy. $2,500 obo. Call Derek at (250) 557-4226 or email Derkergreenthumb@gmail.com<br />

Tommy Gate. Used Tommy Gate for pickup truck. Works fine, just converting to a flat deck. Call Aaron at (250) 637-1478 or<br />

email aaron@qcislands.net<br />

Pickup Box. Long box for 2008 Ford F350, headache rack, some dents, white, very little rust. Call Aaron at (250) 637-1478 or<br />

email aaron@qcislands.net<br />

Nordic Studded Tire Chains. Part number 9615. Tire size 14.00X23/25; 395/85R20. Chain size 10mm (3/8”). Weight 59.0 kg<br />

(130.0 lbs). Any reasonable offer accepted! 4 available. $900. Call Dacia at (778) 212-2528 or email Sales@linkpartsltd.com<br />

4 Champiro IcePro Winter Tires. In great condition. 195/65 R15 studdable. Let me know if you need more info. $200.<br />

Call Seb at (250) 626-8978 or email seb.dalgarno@gmail.com<br />

1994 GMC SL 2500 4x4 Long Box. 5.7l 350 v8, 168,000 kms. Possible financing and warranty options available for<br />

purchaser. This truck has never seen winter until this year and is very clean inside and out. Comes with 5 spare tires and<br />

rims and brand new front grill assembly ($600). Has an aftermarket stereo with sub and amp. Manual 4x4 works well.<br />

More pictures upon request. $8,000 obo. Call Derek at (250) 557-4226 or email Derkergreenthumb@gmail.com<br />

CCM Apex Full Suspension 26” Mountain Bike. Bought new last fall from Canadian Tire, new price $639.99, will sell for<br />

$375. Canadian Tire product number: 071-1018-4. Features: CCM Apex full suspension mountain bike with 26” wheels, 19”<br />

frame, full suspension. Customer ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars. Specifications: Frame material: Aluminum. Rear derailleur: Shimano<br />

Altus rear derailleur. Shifters: Shimano EZ-Fire shifters. Rear brakes: Disc brake. Frame Size: 19”. Front brakes: Disc brake.<br />

Wheel size: 26”. Rear suspension: Rear shock suspension. Speeds: 24-speed. Front derailleur: Shimano front derailleur. Front<br />

suspension: Zoom suspension fork. Call Norman McGregor at (250) 637-1071 or email normanmcgregoris@gmail.com<br />

34 HG

On the Road - cont.<br />

Great Little Car for Sale - Good on Gas. Have a 2010 Nissan Sentra for<br />

sale in good condition, have had all services done every 5,000km since I<br />

owned it, recently had a mechanic do the brakes, good tires. Asking $4,900<br />

obo. Call Brenda at (250) 264-8755 or email waldorfbrenda@gmail.com<br />

2002 F150 4x4 Club Cab Truck. 235,800 km. $5,000. Call Barry Windecker<br />

at (778) 828-7224 or email barufarm@haidagwaii.net<br />

2003 Chevy Impala For Sale. I have a black 2003 Chevy Impala for sale for parts or can<br />

be fixed, just needs the ignition fixed on it, great car when it ran, $500. Call or text Dennis<br />

Hans at (778) 260-9987 or email thomashans11@hotmail.com<br />

Gravel Truck. Mack 2004 Tandem Axle, Ardox Box, High Lift Gate, Wet<br />

Kit for Pup. Recent Inspection. $39,000. For more information call Dave’s<br />

Backhoe Services Ltd./Dave Ellis at (250) 559-4747 or email drellis@qcislands.net<br />

Roller Blades. Size 8 ladies roller blades with helmet and inline skating knee<br />

and wrist pads. All used less than 5 times. $35. Call Ruth at (250) 559-4586<br />

or email ruth@haidagwaii.net<br />

Chevy Silverado. Crew cab, regular box 4x4, recent work: front brakes, calipers,<br />

wheel bearings, 110,000km, $12,000. Call Jennifer at (778) 914-1583<br />

or email plainsawn@gmail.com<br />

Truck Bed Tool Box. Plastic, waterproof tool box that fits a 5ft wide truck<br />

bed. Looking to trade for a ladder rack for my truck or to sell for the best<br />

offer. Call Kevin at (236) 889-9606 or email kevin.desouza@hotmail.com<br />

On the Water<br />

In part or complete-Power Boats/Sail Boats<br />

West End<br />

Auto Sales<br />

Serving Haida Gwaii since 1974<br />

Ke e p o n T r u c k i n !<br />

2017 Dodge Ram 1500<br />

4x4/200km/Stk#6215 $38,000<br />

2012 Ford F250 Super Duty<br />

4x4/96,000kkm/Stk#6219 $21,995<br />

Boating Course. Canadian Power and Sail Squadron boating course. This is a comprehensive<br />

course, not your basic pleasure craft operator’s book. All manuals, student notes,<br />

CD (Windows) included. I paid $150 for the course several years ago. Open to offers. Call<br />

George at (250) 559-7899 or email grstein@qcislands.net<br />

18’ Double Eagle Fishing Boat. 250A Volvo Penta 4CYL gas engine. 290<br />

Volvo Penta Leg. $8,500. Call Harold Mackay at (250) 626-3305 or email hkmackay@telus.net<br />

2014 Toyota Tacoma<br />

4x4/manual/46,800km/Stke#6209<br />

$29,995<br />

28’ Bristol Channel Cutter. Ocean cruising sailboat. Call Art Lew at (250)<br />

626-9031 or email future@island.net<br />

Power Boat for Sale. Thirty-five foot trawler style power boat; sleeps 6,<br />

full electronics, twin Ford diesels, skiff with outboard. $45,000. Call Keith<br />

Rowsell at (250) 637-1251 or email anvilcove@haidagwaii.net<br />

Avet HX 5/2 2 Speed Halibut Reel. Serviced annually. $350. Call Neil at<br />

(250) 637-1074 or email kristi@haidagwaii.ca<br />

Kids Zone<br />

From infants to toddlers-Clothing/Toys/Books/Games<br />

Brand New Saddle, Never Used. English dressage saddle, brand new, comes<br />

with all of the accessories shown, $500. Call Benedicte Gormly at (250) 557-<br />

2006 or email benedictesstudio@gmail.com<br />

2013 Ford F250<br />

4x4/72,000km/Stk#6218 $22,995<br />

“ No reasonable<br />

offer refused!”<br />

250-559-4641<br />

605 Ocean View Dr.<br />

Queen Charlotte<br />

citires@qcislands.net<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 35

Real Estate & Rentals<br />

Residential, Commercial, Lots, For Rent, Rent to Own, Shared Accomodation<br />

Yakoun River Inn MLS# N4507475 This local Pub and gathering<br />

spot is situated on the oceanfront in Port Clements on Graham Island in<br />

Haida Gwaii. Long established, popular with locals and visitors alike.<br />

3,300 sqft building on a corner location, adjacent to government dock facilities<br />

licensed for 100 patrons. Permitted uses also include lodging and<br />

adjacent properties can be available for anyone interested in expanding<br />

the business. Price $337,500 Call 1-888-286-1932 or email edhandja@<br />

bcoceanfront.com<br />

Half Duplex for Rent in Masset 3 Bedroom 1.5 bathroom, very clean<br />

half duplex is now available for rent in Masset. No pets, no smoking<br />

and references are required. $895 per month plus utilities. Call 250-600-<br />

6637 or email coastalp@citytel.net<br />

181 Bayview Drive, Port Clements MLS#2127730 This offering is for<br />

a residential oceanfront lot overlooking Masset Inlet in Port Clements.<br />

Port, as the community is known, is a village of approx. 400 people<br />

centrally located on Graham Island, the largest island in Haida Gwaii on<br />

BC’s west coast. The community offers most amenities and services, as<br />

well as government dock and moorage facilities. It is an ideally placed<br />

gateway to the varied recreational opportunities offered by Haida Gwaii.<br />

This 0.25-acre lot is relatively level with 66.27ft of walk-on waterfront.<br />

City services are available at the lot line. The property offers sweeping<br />

views across the Masset Inlet. Access to the Queen Charlotte Islands is<br />

by ferry from Prince Rupert on the BC mainland, by air from Vancouver<br />

to Sandspit and by air from Prince Rupert to Sandspit. Chartering of<br />

private planes or boats is also an option. Price $69,000 Call 1-800-286-<br />

1932 or email edhandja@bcoceanfront.com<br />

Home for Sale! 1838 Balsam Cr Masset Stylish home w/many<br />

upgraded features. Addition with lrg master bdrm, 3 pcs bathroom w/<br />

dbl sinks & lrg closet. Dining room has wet bar area w/ water filtration<br />

in both wet bar & kitchen. 2 built in dishwashers & ovens. Living room<br />

has wood stove. Hardwood & tile floors. 2 laundry rooms. Upgraded<br />

windows. Alarm system. Covered decks front & back. Low maintenance<br />

landscaping front & back. Huge dbl garage/shop. Many other features...<br />

too many to list. Call Brian for more info. MLS® R215670 Price<br />

$279,000 Call 250-626-5286 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

2 Acres for Sale in Masset 2 acres of cleared, industrial land. Close<br />

to the Masset Airport. Side by each, two, 1 acre lots. 2033 and 2037<br />

Penna Road, parallel to Hwy. 16. Serviced with power and water. For<br />

Sale sign is posted on the property. $50,000 for both. Price $50,000 Call<br />

250-557-4555 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

36 HG

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.<br />

For Sale - 620 5th Ave - Queen Charlotte Single family home for sale<br />

on quiet Spruce Point in Queen Charlotte with ocean, mountain and<br />

forest views. Email obediah@outlook.com for viewing appointment.<br />

Price $249,000<br />

Ocean Front Acreage for Sale! 40175 HWY 16, Tlell Reduced Hard<br />

to find ocean front property!! Amazing Ocean view! 6.189 acres located<br />

Tlell. Build your dream home. About a half hour from the ferry landing.<br />

Call Brian to view. MLS# R2206056 Call Brian to view & for all your<br />

Real Estate needs! Toll free 1-866-303-5286 (250-626-5286) or his cell<br />

604-557-3597or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca. Your Only on<br />

Island Realtor! Price $259,000<br />

South Beach Dunes “SOUTH BEACH DUNES” is offering three<br />

beautiful exclusive oceanfront and seven upland acreage estates on the<br />

South Beach, on the north end of Haida Gwaii /Queen Charlottes. These<br />

are very special properties with exceptional beach and dune environment.<br />

South Beach Dunes offers exceptional value with prices for ocean<br />

front land well below anywhere else on the west coast of North America.<br />

Acreage sizes range from 4.64 acres and prices are from $40,000. If living<br />

in this unique environment appeals to you, please contact us - there<br />

are a very limited number of properties of this caliber available for sale.<br />

For more details visit our Website - www.southbeachdunes.com Call 250<br />

631-3055 or email vernonbyberg@gmail.com<br />

3 bdrm 2 bath House for sale in QC 3-bedroom 2-bathroom house<br />

located in a quiet area of Queen Charlotte, upstairs has the Master<br />

bedroom with a walk in closet and full bathroom attached, office space<br />

located at top of stairs. Down stairs has 2 bedrooms, 3-piece bathroom,<br />

laundry, living room and kitchen. Has a large yard with an extra lot next<br />

to it with the potential for a future shop/garage/rent for extra income.<br />

Close to the High school. For any questions/take a look call Ben 403-<br />

596-3083 or email Bweintraub1982@hotmail.ca Price $265,000<br />

Masset House for Sale Three bedrooms, one-and-a-half-bathroom<br />

house in great circle of Pine Crescent in Masset, BC, Haida Gwaii.<br />

Nice size backyard with lots of sunshine. Producing apple tree in front<br />

yard. New front door, new stove and hot water heater. Also 6-foot<br />

sliding glass door to back yard. Very close to elementary school. Price<br />

$129,000 Call: 250-327-8322 or email barton_rick@hotmail.com<br />

3 BR House for Sale - Uptown Masset 2 floors plus a basement. Large<br />

yard. Incredible sun exposure from morning until night. Price $130,000<br />

Call 250-626-7831 or email yalth@hotmail.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 37

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.<br />

Business/Home for Sale! 1498 Main MLS # C8016290 Successful<br />

family owned business since 1969. Home Hardware dealership. Turn<br />

key business. The store sits on 2 lots, over 3,500 sq. ft. of retail space, +<br />

warehouse. Above the store is a newer built, custom 3,500 sq. ft. 5-bedroom,<br />

3 bath open concept home. A personal elevator. Propane fireplace,<br />

expansive living/dining area, large sky lights, in-floor heating and premium<br />

laminate flooring throughout. The kitchen includes 2 ovens, propane<br />

cooktop & lg walk in pantry. too many features to list. Price $1,290,000<br />

Call 250-626-5286 Call or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

River front Acreage for Sale! 1955 Marwell MLS # R2067383 Very<br />

private acreage. A stroll to the beach. Close to town (Masset). Wonderful<br />

opportunity to build a recreational home or homestead...plenty of<br />

room for large gardens, etc. A must-see! Call Brian to view Cell: 604-<br />

557-3597 or call 250-626-5286 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

To view all Brian’s listing go to Royal LePage Prince Rupert web site.<br />

Your Only Local Realtor! Price $159,000<br />

House for sale in Masset - 1937 Brant Crescent House for sale on<br />

family friendly cul-de-sac in Masset. 3 bed 1 & 1/2 bath. On city water/<br />

sewer. Fridge/ dishwasher/washer/propane dryer/stove/hot water tank &<br />

newer propane furnace. New roof 2017. Walk to work/school/grocery<br />

store &amp; beach. Enjoy great quality of life in one of the most pristine<br />

environments on earth in the family friendly community of Masset, Haida<br />

Gwaii! Price $150,000 Call 250-626-7841 or email mialover@gmail.com<br />

Home for Sale! 2026 Hemlock Quiet cul-de-sac very close to downtown<br />

Masset. Close to schools. Stroll to coffee shop and shopping.<br />

Great starter home. Maybe vacation home...come enjoy Haida Gwaii!<br />

MLS R2233671 Call Brian to view & for all your Real Estate needs!<br />

250-626-5286 Cell 604-557-3597 or email him at brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

To view all Brian’s listing go to Royal LePage Prince Rupert<br />

web site. Your Only Local Realtor! Price $109,000<br />

Home for Sale! 2252 Dogwood Cres MLS# R2235831 Home is in good<br />

shape. Great backyard. Nice location in Masset, quiet part of town. Short<br />

walk to shopping, restaurants, schools and the coffee shop. Great starter<br />

home. Appliances and furniture are negotiable. Square-footage does not<br />

include basement. MLS# R2235831 Call Brian to view. Other side of this<br />

duplex is also for sale (2254 Dogwood MLS#R2235994). Your Only Local<br />

Realtor! Call Brian for all your Real Estate needs! 250-626-5286 or his cell<br />

604-557-3597 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca Price $129,000<br />

Sold! 2098 Teal BLVD MLS# R2234521 SOLD! Great starter home.<br />

Private yard. Minutes from downtown Masset. Fridge &amp; stove included.<br />

Large Rec Room down stairs. Call Brian for all your Real Estate<br />

needs! Toll free 866-303-5286 his cell 604-557-3597 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

Your only Local Realtor!! To view all Brian’s<br />

listing go to Royal LePage Prince Rupert web site. Your Only Local Realtor!<br />

Price Call 250-626-5286 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

Haida Gwaii Accommodations- Port Clements One unfurnished and one<br />

fully furnished 2-bedroom apartments available now. Newly renovated<br />

including bathroom and kitchen. Sat. internet, 40-inch TV, king size beds<br />

laundry and parking. well suited for worker accommodation. clean, secure<br />

building. Please email for more information or call/text 250 661 9012 or<br />

email dustin@rushworthelectric.ca Furnished unit also available in Masset.<br />

TLELL Room for Rent in Shared Home Easy going roomie wanted. Share spacious<br />

farmhouse in Tlell with me and my kid. Starting <strong>April</strong>. $600/ month inclusive. Contact<br />

christinepansino@gmail.com 250-559-8585 if interested. References required.<br />

38 HG

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.<br />

3 Bedroom Homes for Rent - Masset One unfurnished and one furnished<br />

3-bedroom homes in the Village of Masset. Utilities included.<br />

Hydro not included. References required. Unfurnished $1100/month.<br />

Furnished $1600/month winter rate. For further information please<br />

email dustin@rushworthelectric.ca or text/call 250 661 9012<br />

Solid Business for Sale - QC for Sale: Charlotte Island Tire. Long<br />

established business serving Haida Gwaii since 1974. Fuel, automotive<br />

repair, tires, vehicle sales and Budget Rent-a-Car businesses. One or all<br />

are for sale. Loyal client base. Shop, two tow trucks, 3 lots. For more<br />

information call Bill at 250-559-4641 or email citires@qcislands.net<br />

Home for Sale! 2254 Dogwood Cres Home is in good shape. Large<br />

addition with in floor heat. Garage also has in-floor heat, perfect for<br />

your vehicle or boat. Appliances &amp; furniture is negotiable. Nice<br />

quiet location in town. Close to all amenities. Live in one side...run a B<br />

& B on the other.... Square footage does not include basement. MLS#<br />

R2235994 Other 1/2 of this duplex is also for sale (2252 Dogwood<br />

MLS# R2235831). Call Brian to view 604-557-3597 or email brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

Your Only Local Realtor! Price $179,900<br />

River Front lot for Sale! Lot 8 W Tow Hill Rd MLS# N248215 Beauty<br />

building acreage on Tow Hill Rd! Good solid driveway into riverfront<br />

property, also solid beautiful building site. Old-growth forest still intact.<br />

Park-like setting and only feet from some of the best Coho fishing in the<br />

world! Approximately 1000 ft to the ocean, but without the wind and<br />

still lots of sun. A must-see! Call Brian to view or for all your Real Estate<br />

needs toll free 866-303-5286 his cell 604-557-3597 or email him @<br />

brianbussiere@royallepage.ca Your Only Local Realtor! Price $279,000<br />

Ocean Front property for Sale! 1476 Delkatla MLS# R2232016<br />

Beauty ocean front lot, mazing place lo build your Ocean front dream<br />

home! Or B&B....Great potential! The lot is 50’ x approximately 75’<br />

deep with the addition of the seawall strip. Water and sewer runs to the<br />

property line. Seller has purchased the strip of land from the Crown, in<br />

front of the lot to build a rock sea wall. There has been substantial fill<br />

placed on the property over the years. Great view of the fishing boats<br />

coming and going. Call Brian to view or for all your Real Estate needs<br />

toll free 866-303-5286 his cell 604-557-3597 or email him @ brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

To view all Brian’s listing go to Royal LePage<br />

Prince Rupert web site. Your Only Local Realtor! Price $149,900<br />

Masset house for sale! Perfect ranch style house. 1500 sqft home<br />

with newer windows and siding on .52 acre on a quiet avenue close to<br />

the bird sanctuary. Large yard surrounded by holly hedge, forest and<br />

40-year-old rhododendrons. Yard has older green house, storage shed,<br />

and wood shed. Open concept living, dining and kitchen. Separate pantry/laundry<br />

room. Master bedroom with ensuite. Heating includes new<br />

Blaze King wood stove, toyo stove and oil furnace. Email gwaiigal@<br />

gmail.com Price $249,000<br />

Skidegate Rental Available Lovely airy bright furnished ground floor apt<br />

in house for rent in Ellie’s happy house at Skidegate Landing! $1,200/month<br />

includes heat, electricity, water & garbage, but internet not included. Call<br />

Ashaleen: 637-1348 or Ellie at 707-980-8467 or email elliemfraser@yahoo.ca<br />

Skidegate Lodge- Available for Rent 215 Front Street, in beautiful<br />

Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. Beachfront, 1200 square foot, 3-bedroom, 1.5<br />

bathroom furnished, long term rental. $1000/month plus utilities. Call<br />

Ken at 778-260-0020 or email krbrillon@gmail.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 39

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.<br />

River Front Property for Sale! 9226 Tow Hill Rd MLS# R2021211<br />

Nice riverfront acreage. 15 minutes from Masset. World-class Coho<br />

fishing on the Sangan River! 10-minute walk to the beach. Surrounding<br />

properties have good water. Property is treed. Hydro at lot line. Good<br />

building sites. A must-see! Call Brian to view or for all your Real Estate<br />

needs toll free 866-303-5286 his cell 604-557-3597 or email him @ brianbussiere@royallepage.ca<br />

Your Only Local Realtor! Price $128,000<br />

Commercial building for Sale! 2083 Collison MLS# C8011977 This<br />

building is great for retail of any type. Subject property is on two lots,<br />

giving it 122’ frontage on Collison Avenue (66’ deep). Vacant lots to<br />

the north and south. 200-amp service. Awesome business opportunity!<br />

Call Brian to view and for all your Real Estate needs! 250-626-5286<br />

Cell 604-557-3597 or email Brianbussiere@royallepage.ca Your ONLY<br />

Local Realtor! Price $95,000<br />

Stunning Skidegate Rental 568 Mountain View Way. A-Frame 2-bedroom,<br />

1 bath home on huge lot with a fire pit and view of the ocean.<br />

Available for long term rental starting October 1st. Fully furnished with<br />

a loft. Washer and dryer. Two satellite dishes. No pets. No smoking.<br />

Professional preferred and references required. Rent is negotiable. Price<br />

$1200/mth Call 778-260-0476 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

Freebies<br />

Anything that just needs a new home!<br />

FREE Unicycles. One semi-working 6 foot unicycle, one 6 foot missing a few parts, one<br />

regular unicycle missing the pedals. Fairly easy to fix this one up. Take all 3 away for free.<br />

Call Dominic Legault at (250) 626-7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.com<br />

Wanted<br />

Miscellaneous Wanted Items/Lost/Found/ Wanted Information/Real Estate<br />

Bridge Players. Beginning bridge player would like to meet others for fun,<br />

practice and experience. Online bridge is a possibility. I play at BBO online<br />

too. (It’s free.) Give me a call or email me if you’re interested. Call George at<br />

(250) 559-7899 or email grstein@qcislands.net<br />

Free or Cheap Vehicle. Local resident looking for a free or cheap vehicle that runs ok.<br />

Thanks! Email Sara at haidagwaii68@hotmail.com<br />

Looking for Private Boat Slip. Looking to purchase one of the private boat slips in Masset<br />

Harbour. Please contact me if you have one for sale or if you are considering selling one. I<br />

am a local person, and homeowner, on Tow Hill Road. Call Desi Waldorf at (250) 261-0572<br />

or email desi.waldorf@gmail.com<br />

40 HG

Wanted - cont.<br />

Looking for Dead Animals. Anyone have any [recently] dead animals, or<br />

any live animals that they want dead? I’m doing a dissection class at Tahayghen<br />

again, and looking for things to dissect. If you have any animals that you<br />

were thinking of butchering soon, I will do that for you and give you all the<br />

meat back. Call Stu at (250) 626-3868 or email stu.crawford@gmail.com<br />

Toyota 22RE Engine. I’m looking for a Toyota 22RE engine. Ideally, it would<br />

have low kms on a rebuild or something, but I’ll take it even if it needs rebuilding.<br />

I essentially don’t want to rebuild mine because then my truck is on blocks until it’s<br />

done. Thanks! Call Ross at (250) 637-1907 or email granola@granolaboy.net<br />

Quad or Argo Wanted. Looking to purchase an ATV vehicle here on Haida Gwaii. If anyone<br />

knows of someone with a reliable quad or Argo that they may be willing to sell, please<br />

contact me by text, phone or email. Thank you. Call Derek at (587) 377-8851 or email derekknight2525@gmail.com<br />

Bicycle Basket. Looking for a front or back bicycle basket. Call Germain at (250) 557-4240<br />

or email germain@qcislands.net<br />

Employment & Training<br />

Help Wanted/Work Wanted/Businesses for Sale/Business Opportunities/<br />

Education/Opportunities/Training Programs or Seminars<br />

Help Wanted. Part time help wanted at Martin Manor, an assisted living<br />

facility in Queen Charlotte. This position is cooking and cleaning in the 4 unit<br />

seniors care home. For more information, call Barb at 250-559-8800 or email:<br />

seniors@qcislands.net.<br />

Café Space Available for Lease in Masset Airport Terminal. The Masset Municipal Airport is looking for a new café<br />

operator to lease the dedicated space in the terminal building. With over 50,000 people passing through the terminal on<br />

an annual basis, we are looking for someone that will take advantage of the location and reinvigorate the space. • Hours<br />

of operation negotiable • Counters, cupboards, sinks, utilities provided • Previous operator’s equipment available for<br />

purchase • Village of Masset business licence required • Permit to operate food service establishment required. If interested,<br />

please send an email to airportmanager@czmt.ca expressing your interest, vision for the space, and any thoughts or<br />

questions you may have. Call Kal Manna, Airport Manager at (250) 626-7458<br />

Assistant Overnight Kayak Guide Training. Green Coast and SKILS are offering a 9-day SKGABC Assistant Overnight<br />

Guide Training Course - Paddle Canada Level 2 skills. This is one of the requirements to work alongside a lead<br />

kayak guide in BC, and is an incredible opportunity to advance your paddling skills. There are no prerequisites to participate<br />

in this course, nor do you need to have ambitions to work as a kayak guide in the future. We encourage anyone with<br />

an interest in paddling to join! Course outline: <strong>April</strong> 21 - 24: In-class days at the Green Coast shop in Queen Charlotte.<br />

<strong>April</strong> 24 - 29: Multiday kayak trip departing and ending in Queen Charlotte. Cost: $1300 + a meal. Call Bryce Klee at<br />

(250) 637-1093 or email info@gckayaking.com<br />

Housekeeper. Misty Harbour Inn is looking for a housekeeper! We have 5 freshly remodelled rooms and a common<br />

kitchen area. The rooms do not require daily service, but we do offer mid-stay cleaning on longer stays. Occasionally<br />

there may be multiple turnovers so it does require ability to be somewhat flexible with your time. Seldom short notice. If<br />

you have an appreciation to detail and would enjoy the occasional interaction with guests, apply to howle@qcislands.net<br />

or call Bernie or Shari at (250) 559-8600<br />

Available for Casual Work. Anything from gardening, minor repairs, cooking, catering, housesitting, babysitting, cleaning,<br />

massage therapy, administrative work (bookkeeping, grant writing, project evaluation), marketing, etc. ... tell me<br />

what you need and I will let you know what I can do! Available Mondays through Thursdays before 2:30 p.m., Fridays<br />

& weekends all day. You can also gift my work to someone! I have gift certificates available for the amount of hours you<br />

wish - great gift for someone who needs an extra hand around the house or on a specific project! Call Jamie at (250) 559-<br />

4649 or email planetjamie@yahoo.ca<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 41

Employment & Training - cont.<br />

Executive Director - Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation (GNC) Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation<br />

(GNC) is the economic development corporation owned by the Skidegate Band<br />

Council and governed by a Board of Directors. This Corporation is located on Haida<br />

Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Under the direction of the GNC Board of Directors<br />

the responsibilities and tasks of the Executive Director are: to act as spokesperson for the<br />

Corporation; to represent the Corporation at meetings, conferences, seminars and other<br />

public functions as well as in its dealings with various agencies and organizations; to<br />

supervise GNC staff members and the Managers of all corporate-owned companies; to<br />

plan, organize, direct and control the Corporation’s various activities; and to manage the<br />

various businesses – Haida Heritage Centre, sports fishing charters, gas station, industrial<br />

site, and commercial rental units. GNC is developing businesses opportunities in the<br />

tourism, aquaculture and forestry sectors, and is seeking an enthusiastic, experienced and<br />

energetic leader who will be responsible for managing existing businesses and seeking<br />

new business opportunities. Reporting to the Board, the Executive Director will provide<br />

leadership and direction in enterprise development, establish a vibrant team, formalize<br />

marketing strategies, and continue to build on the existing strategic relationships while<br />

establishing new ones.<br />

Position requirements:<br />

• Education in the field of management<br />

• business administration<br />

• human resources or equivalent experience or similar credentials with over five (5)<br />

years of proven management experience.<br />

Put Your<br />

Ad Here!<br />

Call us at<br />

250-557-2088<br />

or email<br />

info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

Experience with:<br />

• finance and budgeting;<br />

• managing personnel<br />

• developing and implementing strategic business plans;<br />

• responding to raising capital in both debt, equity and grant programs;<br />

• working with or within government environments;<br />

• building strong community and corporate partnerships and coalitions;<br />

• excellent writing and communications skills; technology and Mac computer use;<br />

• proven judgment, tact, discretion and diplomacy; working with Boards of Directors;<br />

and knowledge of governance structures on Haida Gwaii.<br />

A more complete list of the position’s responsibilities available upon request. Salary to<br />

be negotiated. Please send resumes including three (3) references to gncorp1@gmail.<br />

com, or fax to 250.559.0013. Attention: Lin Armstrong. Closing date: Open until the<br />

position is filled.<br />

42 HG

Employment & Training - cont.<br />

Seeking Board Members. The Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace is<br />

seeking Board Members for 2-year terms. If you are passionate about community<br />

health, wellness and safety, and are looking for a way to participate in a volunteer<br />

capacity while building your resume, we want to hear from you! We provide<br />

reimbursement for child-care costs to attend meetings, as well as virtual meeting<br />

capability so you can attend meetings from home if necessary. For more information,<br />

contact Brenda Byberg, Executive Director at 250-626-4664 or email aa.hgspeace@mhtv.ca.<br />

Vision: The HGSCP envisions a community where all residents<br />

will be free to reach their full potential uninhibited by violence, trauma, mental<br />

health, housing issues, or lack of skills/knowledge. Mission: The Haida Gwaii<br />

Society for Community Peace exists to provide quality support for survivors of<br />

intimate partner violence, trauma, mental health and addictions.<br />

Home Shared Living Providers Needed. Open Your Heart, Open Your Home.<br />

Individuals with developmental disabilities face challenging housing issues. For<br />

12 years the HGSCP has helped meet those needs by providing housing and care<br />

for clients with a range of abilities. Now we’re hoping we can find people who<br />

can help us continue that tradition of service. Our clients have a variety of needs<br />

but most simply need a home where people will care about them. They require<br />

supervision and need the support and stability that comes from living in a home,<br />

rather than an institution. What they really need is someone to care, just as we<br />

have been cared for. If you have extra room in your home, and want to take on a<br />

rewarding and challenging experience, we’ll be happy to give you more information.<br />

Call us for more details on compensation and required certificates (First Aid).<br />

Call Kim Shantz, Community Living Contract Manager at (250) 922-5922, or call<br />

(250) 626-4664, or email clcm.hgspeace@mhtv.ca or aa.hgspeace@mhtv.ca<br />

Casual Clerical. School District No. 50 - Haida Gwaii. Qualified applicants are being sought<br />

for the casual positions of Records Clerk and Administrative Assistant at Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa<br />

Naay Secondary and Tahayghen Elementary Schools. Grade 12 level of education is required.<br />

The salaries for these positions range between $23.46 and $28.30 per hour. A comprehensive job<br />

description and application form can be obtained from the District website at www.sd50.bc.ca.<br />

Please send complete application package along with three professional references to: Maureen<br />

Benoit, Human Resources Officer, School District No. 50 (Haida Gwaii), PO Box 69, Village<br />

of Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0; Fax: (250) 559-8849; Email: hr@sd50.bc.ca. Call Maureen<br />

Benoit at (250) 559-8471 or email mbenoit@sd50.bc.ca<br />

NSCU – Queen Charlotte Branch Employment Opportunity. Northern Savings<br />

Credit Union has an opening for a Member Service Representative located<br />

in Queen Charlotte. The opportunity would appeal to an outgoing individual<br />

interested in providing excellent customer service. The successful applicant must<br />

have good interpersonal skills, written and verbal English communication skills.<br />

Qualifications: Secondary school diploma, working knowledge of Microsoft<br />

Office. Previous sales and customer service experience would be an asset. Please<br />

apply online at www.northsave.com. Call Santa Slubowski at (250) 627-3658 or<br />

email info@northsave.com<br />

GIVE where you LIVE with<br />

fundraisingstars.ca<br />

«Gourmet Frozen Foods<br />

«Delivered to Your Door<br />

«Custom Ordering<br />

250-559-4262<br />

604-649-9028<br />

« CLICK TO ORDER «<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 43

Employment & Training - cont.<br />

Kitchen is open Monday-Friday<br />

Breakfast 6:30am - 11:30am<br />

Lunch 11:30am - 1:30pm<br />

Snacks * Lotto* Tobacco & more!<br />

211 Grouse St, Port Clements<br />

250-557-2003<br />

angelamielecki@gmail.com<br />













NSCU - Masset Branch Employment Opportunity. Northern Savings Credit<br />

Union has an opening for a Full Time Member Services Representative for<br />

our Masset branch. This would appeal to an outgoing individual interested in<br />

providing excellent customer service and a career in sales. General Duties: •<br />

Processes member transactions. • Recognizes member needs and promotes and<br />

cross-sells credit union products and services to members by explaining basic<br />

credit union products and services, and referring more complex requests for information<br />

and assistance to appropriate branch staff. Minimum Qualifications:<br />

- Secondary School Diploma required. - Previous Sales & Service experience<br />

preferred. For more information or to apply visit www.northsave.com. Call<br />

Santa Slubowski at (250) 627-3658 or email info@northsave.com<br />

Community Service Listings<br />

Not For Profit Groups/Organizations/Societies<br />

Turkey Shoot. Everyone is welcome! Our next event is the famous Turkey<br />

Shoot and is on Sunday, <strong>March</strong> 18 from 1-4pm. Bring your own gun or try<br />

one of ours! The Port Clements Rod and Gun Club is a community-based<br />

club supporting local hunting and fishing interests. Members and guests are<br />

welcome. Located on Juskatla Road, 5km southwest of Port Clements. Call<br />

Ron Haralson at (250) 557-4255 or email rib@qcislands.net<br />

Tai Chi Classes Haida Gwaii. Taoist Tai Chi® arts are a way to- develop a<br />

body that is strong, yet supple, balanced and energetic, a mind that is calm<br />

and clear, yet creative and dynamic, and a spirit that is light and peaceful, yet<br />

resilient. Our aims and objectives are: *To alleviate suffering *To make the<br />

Taoist arts available to all *To promote the Taoist concept of health through<br />

the practice of the Taoist arts *To help others. Our instructors are volunteers,<br />

and all of our branches operate on a non-profit basis. We also perform other<br />

services within the community and assist other charities. Call Beatie Maxen<br />

at (250) 631-9160 or email wendy@xplornet.com<br />

Notice of Public Meeting. The Board of Education of School District No. 50<br />

(Haida Gwaii) invites you to attend a public meeting on the future of Masset<br />

schools. The Board is currently seeking input from parents, community<br />

members and others with respect to the potential closure of Tahayghen Elementary<br />

School. There will be two public consultation sessions facilitated by<br />

Haida Gwaii’s Co+Host consultants. The first is in Old Massett on Monday,<br />

<strong>March</strong> 05, <strong>2018</strong>, starting at 6 pm at the Old Massett Community Hall/Recreation<br />

Centre. The second is in Masset on Thursday, <strong>March</strong> 08, <strong>2018</strong>, starting<br />

at 6 pm at the Howard Phillips Centre. Snacks will be provided. Call Colleen<br />

Bradley at (250) 559-8471 or email cbradley@sd50.bc.ca<br />

44 HG

Community Service Listings - cont.<br />

Queen Charlotte Community Hall. The Queen Charlotte Community Hall, located on Bay Street, has the EA Ross<br />

room (meeting room that seats up to 70 people), main hall, stage and kitchen - all available for rent. Also available for<br />

rent are wooden tables ($5 each per day), wooden chairs ($1 each per day), a complete place setting for 225 people, water<br />

goblets and wine glasses, cups & cutlery, and white or black linen tablecloths, etc. The kitchen is also available to rent on<br />

a daily basis for prepping for larger events. Call Reine Pineault at (250) 559-4792 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com<br />

Volunteer on East Limestone Island! Volunteers at East Limestone Island have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves<br />

fully in our field research and monitoring work. Depending on the week you choose, you may find yourself capturing and weighing<br />

Ancient Murrelet chicks, embarking on a sea survey or monitoring local song bird populations. As a volunteer, you will be<br />

trained by our resident biologists on various activities, before participating directly in them. It is an amazing opportunity to work<br />

at a remote research station in a pristine wilderness environment! Best of all? You don’t need any experience to become one of our<br />

“citizen scientists”! Available weeks to volunteer: any week between May 4th & July 20th, <strong>2018</strong> Visit our website to apply: http://<br />

www.laskeekbay.org/volunteer/ For more information call 250-800-1346 or email laskeek@laskeekbay.org<br />

Port Clements Museum. Open 2-4 Saturday & Sunday, $4 admission for adults/teens, free for members & kids 12 &<br />

under. Will open upon request for tours, school groups, visitors. Call Brigid Cumming at (250) 557-4576 or email pcmuseum@qcislands.ca<br />

At Your Service<br />

Business Services/Business Products<br />

The Last Minute Market. Looking for something to do when in Prince Rupert? Why not check out The Last Minute<br />

Market; Prince Rupert’s only year round indoor market! You will find an assortment of crafts, arts, home businesses, baking<br />

and lots more. We also encourage visits from travelling artists, crafters and home business owners with very reasonable table<br />

rental fees and a friendly atmosphere. If you are travelling to Prince Rupert, bring your crafts with you and give us a call! You<br />

can find us at the Moose Hall, across from the Highliner, Saturdays from 9-12:30. Proceeds from our table rentals are donated<br />

to our local Loyal Order of the Moose. Call Miranda Kessler at (250) 600-0006 or email merrymoberry@gmail.com<br />

Tax Services. It’s that time of year… Individual Tax Returns for as low as $55 (plus GST). Call Jennifer Pigeon at 250-<br />

557-2456, Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm and Saturdays in <strong>March</strong> and <strong>April</strong> 1 - 5 pm or Email j.pigeon_bookkeeping@live.<br />

com to book your appointment. Located just north of Port Clements, I also travel weekly to Skidegate/Queen Charlotte and<br />

monthly to Masset and can pick up information from you. Emailing information is also a great option - please enquire!<br />

Jennifer Rice, MLA, North Coast. Working to build a better BC for you and all British Columbians. For help with<br />

provincial matters, contact my office at 1-866-624-7734 or by mail at 290-309 2nd Ave., West, Prince Rupert, BC V8J<br />

3T1. For more information about what our Community Office can help you with, related news and links to government<br />

services and answers to your questions, check out our website at Jenniferrice.ca or email Jennifer.Rice.mla@leg.bc.ca<br />

Resumes, Writing and Editing. 25+ years of experience writing letters and preparing documents in government, at churches<br />

and for law firms - no job is too small - from a one page resume to a 600 page manuscript - great at online research - this<br />

past year I’ve worked on many resumes and cover letters, I’ve helped people prepare for job interviews, someone else with a<br />

presentation they’re doing to a Mayor and Council, I’ve drafted artist statements for exhibitions, each issue I proofread most<br />

of the articles in a community magazine, I’ve proofread the pages of a rural community’s website plus quite a few student<br />

essays, I’ve prepared speeches and did research for the 2015 federal election, I’ve helped families with the scholarship and<br />

university admission process - it’s a long list of clients I’ve helped – email Darren Lowe at darrenlowe1222@gmail.com<br />

Ride & Ship Share<br />

Request a Ride/Offer a Ride/Request a Shipment/Offer a Shipment<br />

Transport Service Off Island. We are looking for some back haul opportunities for our trips to the island this<br />

summer. Operating from <strong>March</strong> to September. We will have multiple 18’ cube trailers going on island full and<br />

coming back empty. Also will have a 30’ 20,000LB gooseneck trailer coming off the island empty too. Available to<br />

transport anything you have off island, as far as Terrace. Call, text or email for availability and prices. Call Nolan<br />

Bedard at (250) 641-6801 or email nolan@technicon-ind.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 45

Our<br />

Trash<br />

Talk<br />

Q:<br />

A :<br />

Why do fees apply to some<br />

items accepted at the QC Depot<br />

or Landfill in Port Clements?<br />

Some items have fees as they<br />

require extra processing, for<br />

example removing parts that<br />

must be stored separately, like<br />

Freon* from fridges, insulation<br />

from hot water tanks and rims<br />

from tires, etc.<br />

Items Taken<br />

QC Recycling<br />

Depot<br />

Landfill (north<br />

of Port Clements)<br />

Additional<br />

Costs Apply<br />

Paint<br />

Dry Cell Batteries<br />

Smoke Alarms<br />

Mercury Thermostats<br />

Small Appliances & Power Tools<br />

Electronics<br />

Light Bulbs<br />

Wet Cell Batteries<br />

Water Tanks $<br />

Scrap Metal $<br />

Tires $<br />

Appliances (with & without Freon) $<br />

Oil, Antifreeze & their containers<br />

$ (if maximum is exceeded)<br />

Questions?<br />

Comments?<br />

(recycling or<br />

residential collection)<br />

Call us at<br />

1-888-557-9339<br />

*Do not cut the Freon<br />

lines yourself as you<br />

could be charged an extra<br />

environmental fee.<br />

Recycling Pick Ups •<br />

Queen Charlotte / Skidegate / Tlell & Port Clements:<br />

Tues and Fri<br />

Masset & Old Massett: Mon,Weds, Fri<br />

Sandspit: Thurs<br />

• No recycling pick ups on stat holidays<br />


(Located on Hwy. 16 – just north of Port Clements)<br />

Mon to Fri 8:30-3pm and Sat, Mar. 3 and <strong>April</strong> 7~ 11am-3pm<br />

46 HG<br />

Transfer Stations<br />

Masset / Tow Hill Road – 2km east of Masset<br />

Wed 1-5pm | Sat 11am-3pm<br />

Skidegate / Hwy. 16 – 10km north of Skidegate<br />

Wed 1-5pm | Sat 11am-3pm<br />

Sandspit / 10km down Copper Bay Road<br />

Sat 11am-3pm<br />

For more info call 1-888-557-9339<br />

or email islandlandfill@gmail.com<br />

North Coast Regional District (formerly the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District)

<strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 47

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