The Adventures of Hydroboy and Batman

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Dedicated to Kamilla’s Mom and Dad

The Adventures of Hydroboy

and Batman

Written By Kamilla

Illustrated By Anna


Once upon a time there was a

boy. Now this wasn’t just any

old ordinary boy, this boy was named

Hydroboy. Hydroboy was special, and

he had special powers. He didn’t live in

a house like most boys, he lived on an

island in the middle of the ocean!



Now like I said, Hydroboy wasn’t just

any old ordinary boy, he had special

hydroelectric powers that he could use

to “zap” people. Ever since Hydroboy

was born he knew he was special. He

often found himself breaking the rules

and he never really knew why. He always

wanted to be a good boy but couldn’t

figure out how.



One day he was walking around town

being his usual mischievous self

when he saw another young boy named

Batman helping an old lady cross the

street. He thought to himself, “Maybe I

should help people cross the street, and

that would make me good.”



But before Hydroboy could stop

himself he was “zapping” another

innocent pedestrian making them drop

their bags and fall to the ground.


Batman saw this and rushed to the

rescue but before Batman could

get there Hydroboy had fled the scene.

Batman helped the poor pedestrian up

and set out on a search for Hydroboy.

Now Batman wasn’t just any old ordinary

boy either, he also had special powers.

Batman was a superhero that could fly

and spot his enemies with his super cool

x-ray vision.




Hydroboy fled the scene and hid inbetween

the tall trees on the edge

of town. Batman flew all around town

searching for Hydroboy and just when

he was about to give up, he spotted him

hiding beneath the tall trees.



Batman used his x-ray vision to chase

Hydroboy around the trees and a

sword fight broke out between the two

of them. Batman slashed Hydroboy with

his sword but Hydroboy fought back with

a special hydroelectric sword of his own.

Hydroboy’s sword was so powerful it

broke Batman’s sword in two.



Batman was left begging Hydroboy

to let him go. But Hydroboy didn’t

let him go that easily. He stole Batman’s

clothes and gave Batman his in return.

Hydroboy was now dressed as Batman,

and could fool the town into thinking he

was the real Batman.

Batman sulked away with nothing left

to do but fly back to Hydroboy’s island.

Hydroboy could now help old ladies cross

the street and hasn’t “zapped” anyone

since he became the new Batman.



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