Alabama Independent 2018, Issue 1

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<strong>2018</strong> - <strong>Issue</strong> 1

2 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

Expect big things in workers’ compensation. Most classes approved, nationwide. It pays to get a quote from Applied. ®<br />

For information call (877) 234-4450 or visit auw.com/us. Follow us at bigdoghq.com.<br />

©<strong>2018</strong> Applied Underwriters, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best.<br />

Insurance plans protected U.S. Patent No. 7,908,157.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 3

alabama<br />



<strong>2018</strong> • ISSUE 1<br />

16 19<br />

32<br />

6 Letter from the AIIA President, W. Haig Wright II, CIC<br />

8 Letter from the AIIA EVP, Bill Sager, CIC<br />

9 Thank You InsurPac 2017 Contributors<br />

10 InsurPac Donation Form<br />

11 Thank You 2017 Big I PAC Contributors<br />

12 Young Agents Chair Report, Todd Roberts, CIC<br />

12 Save the Date – Young Agents Summer Conference<br />

13 Excalibur Clay Shoot Registration<br />

14 Does the Right Hand Know What the Left Hand Is<br />

Doing?<br />

16 Innovations in Long-Term Care Funding with Insurance<br />

19 Strategic Changes for Closing More Sales<br />

21 Ted’s Tablet<br />

22 Thank You <strong>2018</strong> Partners<br />

24 Education Calendar and Webinars<br />

29 122nd Annual AIIA Convention & Trade Show<br />

June 24-26<br />

32 Legislative Conference Wrap<br />

34 Industry News<br />

36 Seen & Heard<br />

38 Welcome New Members<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents, Inc.<br />

141 London Parkway<br />

Phone: 205-326-4129 | Fax: 205-326-3086 | www.aiia.org<br />

Executive Vice President: Bill Sager, CIC<br />

Editor: Michelle McKee<br />



President: Haig Wright, CIC<br />

Jasper<br />

President Elect: Steve Sprayberry, CIC<br />

Sylacauga<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Vance LUTCF,<br />

CPIM, CPIA<br />

Huntsville<br />

State National Director: Jeff Grice, CIC<br />

Jasper<br />

Immediate Past President:<br />

Jeff Hogg, CPIA, CLCS<br />

Tuscaloosa<br />


District 1<br />

Larry Crosby, CIC - Brewton<br />

C. Todd Thomas - Montrose<br />

District 2<br />

Steve Mullis, CPIA - Montgomery<br />

W. Keith Nobles, CIC - Wetumpka<br />

Jean Ann Rittenour-Donley, CISR, CIC, CPIA,<br />

CPIW - Montgomery<br />

Ray Smith - Deatsville<br />

District 3<br />

John H. Dark, CIC, AAI - Alexander City<br />

Boyd McGehee – Talladega<br />

District 4<br />

Steve Hoggle, CIC - Guntersville<br />

Josh Goe, CLCL – Madison<br />

District 5<br />

Kelly Aday - Lexington<br />

Susanne Grimwood, CIC, CISR - Huntsville<br />

Connie Waldrip, CISR - Huntsville<br />

District 6<br />

Russell Greenhalgh, CIC - Birmingham<br />

Mary Hall - Birmingham<br />

Bill Jacka, Jr. - Birmingham<br />

Margaret Ann Pyburn, CPIA - Birmingham<br />

Joni Holt, CIC, CPCU - Birmingham<br />

District 7<br />

Kevin Myrick - Tuscaloosa<br />

Lin Moore - Tuscaloosa<br />

Young Agents<br />

Todd Roberts, CIC - Homewood<br />

Past President<br />

Jere Peak - Selma<br />


Executive Vice President:<br />

Bill Sager, CIC<br />

Director of Education:<br />

Ted Kinney, CIC, CPCU, ARM, CPIA, AAI,<br />

AU, CRIS, AINS<br />

Director of Communications &<br />

Member Services:<br />

Michelle McKee<br />

Director of Education Administration:<br />

Tangerie Underwood, CISR, CPIA<br />

E & O Administrator:<br />

Carol Hunt, CPIA<br />

Accounting Supervisor:<br />

Irene Smyly<br />

Director of Meetings & Events:<br />

Nancy Crowe<br />

RLI Administrator:<br />

Tangerie Underwood, CISR, CPIA<br />

Printing & Mailroom Coordinator:<br />

Waymon McIntosh<br />

Office Manager:<br />

Sarah Walker<br />


AGC <strong>Alabama</strong> (comptrustagc.com) 2<br />

Allstar Financial Group (allstarfg.com) 18<br />

Applied Underwriters (auw.com/us) 3<br />

Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Companies 20<br />

(guard.com)<br />

Centauri Insurance (centauriinsurance.com) 5<br />

EMC Insurance Companies (emcins.com) 39<br />

FCCI (fcci-group.com) 6<br />

Genesee General (geneseeins.com) 34<br />

Iroquois Group (iroquoisgroup.com) 36<br />

Lakeside Brokerage LLC (lakesidebrokerage.com) 8<br />

M.J. Kelly Company-<strong>Alabama</strong> (mjkelly.com) 37<br />

Risk Placement Services, Inc. (RPSins.com) 7<br />

SIUPREM (siuprem.com) 25<br />

Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (siuins.com) 40<br />

Summit Consulting (summitholdings.com) 26<br />

The National Security Group 21<br />

(nationalsecuritygroup.com)<br />

Tower Hill Insurance (thig.com) 38<br />


The <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> is the official magazine of the <strong>Alabama</strong><br />

<strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents, Inc. Association (AIIA), and is published<br />

quarterly by Blue Water Publishers, LLC. AIIA does not necessarily<br />

endorse any of the companies advertising in this publication or the<br />

views of its writers. AIIA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject<br />

advertising that does not meet AIIA qualifications or which may detract<br />

from its business, professional or ethical standards.<br />

The publisher cannot assume responsibility for claims made by its<br />

advertisers, content provided by the editor, or the opinions expressed by<br />

contributing authors.<br />

For information on advertising, contact Eric Johnson, Blue Water<br />

Publishers, 414-708-2059 or eric@bluewaterpublishers.org.<br />

4 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

Be Certain with Centauri Insurance<br />

It’s more than just a house.<br />

The place you call home is not only one of your most<br />

important assets — it’s where you and your family live.<br />

We understand that you need insurance coverage that<br />

protects not just your home, but your quality of life.<br />

Homeowners I Dwelling Fire I Tenants I Flood<br />

centauriinsurance.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 5

W. Haig Wright II, CIC<br />

AIIA President<br />

Hello,<br />

As we move forward,<br />

our <strong>2018</strong> Annual<br />

Convention & Trade<br />

Show continues to be<br />

my main focus. This<br />

year’s event will be held<br />

at the Grand Hotel in<br />

Point Clear, <strong>Alabama</strong>,<br />

June 24-26 and has<br />

the potential to be one of our best yet. I<br />

am excited to announce and welcome our<br />

featured guests and speakers: Rod O’Neill,<br />

Tom Doran, and Andy Andrews. (See pages<br />

29-31 for more information.)<br />

We are anticipating large numbers so<br />

please register early! Invitations were mailed<br />

mid-February with registration available<br />

online.<br />

Our Young Agents are to be commended<br />

for their efforts in bringing us a meaningful<br />

and effective Legislative Conference in<br />

Montgomery each year. Congratulations<br />

on having Gov. Kay Ivey as your welcome<br />

speaker and the gubernatorial candidate’s<br />

panel was very eye-opening for the<br />

conference attendees.<br />

We are constantly looking for ways to be<br />

more efficient in completing the business of<br />

our association. During our last committee<br />

day, it was apparent that we need to<br />

evaluate and eliminate some of our longstanding<br />

committees. More information on<br />

this topic to follow.<br />

Our association under Bill Sager’s leadership<br />

is in good shape. Bill continues to drive down<br />

expenses while looking for ways to increase<br />

our revenue stream. We are grateful for Bill<br />

and the entire association staff, as they do<br />

an outstanding job for us.<br />

Please let me know if there is anything that<br />

I, or our association, can do for you or your<br />

agency.<br />

Hope to see you at the Grand Hotel!<br />

Haig Wright<br />

Your customers.<br />

Our promise.<br />

FCCI Insurance Group has been insuring businesses and doing what<br />

we say we’ll do for more than 58 years. We partner with our agents to<br />

provide expertise in underwriting, risk management and claims handling<br />

that help businesses thrive and face the future with confidence.<br />

Trey Stone, CIC<br />

Managing Director, Underwriting<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> Branch Office<br />

205-423-6117<br />

General liability • Auto • Property • Crime • Workers’ compensation<br />

Umbrella • Inland marine • Agribusiness • Surety<br />

Coverage available in 18 states and D.C. © <strong>2018</strong> FCCI<br />

6 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

“RPS IS MY<br />


PARTNER”<br />



At Risk Placement Services (RPS), we<br />

are committed to building relationships<br />

one retail partner at a time. Our stewardship<br />

begins by providing you access<br />

to the finest markets and top producers<br />

in the industry and providing customized<br />

solutions to meet your needs by<br />

designing, negotiating and tailoring<br />

individual risks that help you succeed.<br />

It’s a partnership you can count on!<br />

To learn more contact<br />

Jennifer Hornsby at 205.317.2649<br />

or Jennifer_Hornsby@rpsins.com.<br />


Bill Sager, CIC<br />

AIIA Executive Vice President<br />

As we motor through<br />

<strong>2018</strong> I want to take<br />

some time to highlight<br />

some special partners<br />

that support AIIA and<br />

are critical to our<br />

success. As you know<br />

we have a sponsorship<br />

program called First<br />

STEP Sponsors.<br />

These are usually<br />

insurance companies,<br />

brokers, managing<br />

general agents and<br />

others who work with<br />

our industry. They commit resources to your<br />

association which in turn helps us provide the<br />

support services we bring to our membership.<br />

The sponsors are highlighted at all of our<br />

events and we try to make them known to you<br />

in any way we can. The sponsorship program<br />

is broken down into different levels allowing the<br />

sponsor the option to select the level that works<br />

aiia_ad1_lakeside.qxp_Layout 1 11/16/17 2:54 PM Page 1<br />

Looking for a<br />

Poultry Growers<br />

Program?<br />

Our Poultry Products<br />

are Stable, Profitable<br />

and Proven!<br />

Who Is Eligible?<br />

• Broiler Houses<br />

• Pullet Houses<br />

• Breeder Houses<br />

Replacement Cost:<br />

• Water Wells (above ground)<br />

• Feed Bins<br />

• Generators<br />

• Other permanent equipment<br />

Enhanced Benefits:<br />

• Agreed Amount (No Coinsurance)<br />

• Special Form<br />

• Replacement Cost<br />

• Available to houses -25 years<br />

• Equipment Breakdown<br />

• Farm Equipment Coverage<br />

Contact: Artie Grimes<br />

artie@lakesidebrokerage.com<br />

601-813-0991<br />

best for them. We have worked to enhance the<br />

benefit package for each level of sponsorship<br />

and will continue to evaluate ways to support<br />

these sponsors.<br />

Many of our First STEP Sponsors have been<br />

a part of the program for many years and we<br />

sincerely thank you for your continued support.<br />

We have some new sponsors and we welcome<br />

you aboard.<br />

I hope all of our members received the<br />

mailing we recently sent listing all of our First<br />

STEP Sponsors for <strong>2018</strong>. I encourage you to<br />

consider these sponsors as you have needs<br />

in your business. I hope the information in the<br />

mailing has been shared with your staff.<br />

One of the strongest cords binding the<br />

independent agency distribution system<br />

together is the relationships between the agency<br />

and its carriers and partners. One of the things<br />

we try to assist with is getting companies and<br />

agents together. As you partner together both<br />

entities can benefit, which is exactly<br />

how our First STEP Sponsorship<br />

Program works. The support they<br />

give us is very important and we<br />

work to provide a return on their<br />

investment. When you have contact<br />

with one of our First STEP Sponsors,<br />

please thank them for their support.<br />

A busy schedule is in place for the<br />

remainder of the year. You will<br />

see the events highlighted in this<br />

magazine. Your involvement in our<br />

events, educational opportunities<br />

and endorsed programs are vital<br />

for your association. As always we<br />

desire your feedback on all we do.<br />

Our goal is to help our members be<br />

successful and your input helps us<br />

accomplish the goal.<br />

Thank you for your support……and<br />

thank you to our <strong>2018</strong> First STEP<br />

Sponsors!<br />


8 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

As the federal<br />

government<br />

exercises<br />

more and<br />

more power over small business, the future of our industry<br />

becomes greatly dependent upon our ability to become<br />

engaged in the federal political process. The U.S. Congress<br />

regularly considers legislation that directly affects the<br />

livelihood of independent agents – from taxes, healthcare,<br />

and flood insurance to the overhaul of the insurance<br />

InsurPac 2017 CONTRIBUTORS<br />

regulatory system. Your federal political action committee<br />

(InsurPac) plays a key role in the Big I’s legislative success.<br />

InsurPac raises money to contribute to candidates running<br />

for federal office, while increasing agent visibility on Capitol<br />

Hill and empowering members to participate in the political<br />

process.<br />

Many thanks to those who contributed to the IIABA political<br />

action committee in 2017! Included in the magazine is the<br />

donation sheet (page 10) for you to give and help support<br />

IIABA InsurPAC in <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Kelly Aday<br />

Sam Newton Insurance Agency<br />

Vickie Fuller<br />

Stead Denson & Fuller<br />

Jacki Muhle<br />

All Southern Insurance<br />

Jean Ann Rittenour<br />

Palomar Insurance Corporation<br />

Joe Bennett<br />

Cousins Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Rux Bentley<br />

Rux Carter Insurance Agency<br />

Raymond Best<br />

Best Insurance Agency, LLC<br />

Mark Calhoun<br />

McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.<br />

John Dark<br />

Dark Insurance Agency<br />

C.D. Denson<br />

Stead Denson & Fuller<br />

Karen Dill<br />

Petra RMS<br />

Tim Donahue<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

Charlotte Doss<br />

Blackbelt Insurors, Inc.<br />

Jerry Dubose<br />

National Security Group<br />

Matthew Ellis<br />

Johnson & Johnson<br />

Mike Evans<br />

Your Insurance Centers, Inc.<br />

Forrest Fitts<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

J. David Fitts<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

Elliot Free<br />

Westcoat E Free, Inc. dba<br />

Knight-Free Insurance Agency<br />

Joe Fuller<br />

Stead Denson & Fuller<br />

Art Glasgow<br />

Peck-Glasgow Agency, Inc.<br />

Josh Goe<br />

Peck-Glasgow Agency, Inc.<br />

Jeff Grice<br />

Lacy Grice Insurance Agency<br />

Mark Harbarger<br />

Fountain, Parker, Harbarger &<br />

Associates, LLC<br />

Jeff Hogg<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

Steve Hoggle<br />

Woodall & Hoggle Insurance<br />

Agency<br />

Joni Holt<br />

Holt Insurance Agency<br />

Charles Horton<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

Mark Hughes<br />

O.M. Hughes Insurance, Inc.<br />

Jay Ison<br />

Thames Batre, Ltd.<br />

Mark Landers<br />

J. Smith Lanier & Co.<br />

Gaylord Lyon<br />

Lyon Fry Cadden Insurance<br />

Agency, Inc.<br />

William Malone<br />

Holman Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Ken McFeeters<br />

PAC Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Boyd McGehee<br />

Talladega Insurance Agency<br />

Vicki Mullino<br />

Cousins Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Jim Murphree<br />

Jim Murphree Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Kevin Myrick<br />

The Insurance Center of Tuscaloosa<br />

Sam Newton<br />

Sam Newton Insurance Agency<br />

Keith Nobles<br />

Cousins Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Richard Pardue<br />

Anchor Pardue Insurance, Inc.<br />

Virginia Parks<br />

Fitts Agency, Inc.<br />

Jere Peak<br />

Peak Insurance, Inc.<br />

David Peel<br />

Colonial Insurance Agency, a<br />

subsidiary of AssuredPartners Inc.<br />

Geoff Plott<br />

USI Insurance Services<br />

Eddie Pruett<br />

Blackbelt Insurors, Inc.<br />

Margaret Ann Pyburn<br />

Cobbs Allen<br />

Joanne Reed<br />

The Sheffield Fund<br />

Chris Reynolds<br />

Dormon & Reynolds Insurance, Inc.<br />

Jay Reynolds<br />

Marengo Insurance Agency<br />

Perry Reynolds<br />

Dormon & Reynolds Insurance, Inc.<br />

Bill Sager<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance<br />

Agents<br />

Denny Sanford<br />

SanBuck, Inc.<br />

Ray Smith<br />

R R Smith Insurance Agency LLC<br />

Steve Sprayberry<br />

Wright-Sprayberry Insurance LLC<br />

Bolling Starke<br />

Starke Agency, Inc.<br />

George Thompson<br />

Thompson Insurance, Inc.<br />

Michael Vance<br />

Hundley Batts & Associate<br />

Insurance<br />

Wayne Walker<br />

Walker Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Hugh Wheelless<br />

Flowers Insurance Agency, LLC<br />

John Witherington<br />

The Witherington Insurance<br />

Group<br />

Haig Wright<br />

Byars | Wright, Inc.<br />

THANK YOU!<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 9

10 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

Thanks to our 2017 Big I PAC Contributors<br />

AIIA would like to thank all of our members who contributed to the Big I PAC in 2017. Your generous<br />

contributions to our state political action committee assist our legislative efforts in trying to keep<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong>’s government and judicial bodies filled with fair-minded, pro-business candidates. AS you<br />

know, AIIA supports different election campaigns each year that help us with favorable legislation.<br />

Thanks to the efforts of your contributions, your support of the Big I PAC Golf Tournament and your<br />

votes at the polls, we are a living testament to how well grassroots efforts can bring about change.<br />

Adamson Insurance Agency<br />

Adcock & Frazier Insurance, Inc.<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> Insurance Exchange, Inc.<br />

Allison Agency, Inc.<br />

The Amford Agency, LLC<br />

Anchor Pardue Insurance, Inc.<br />

Associated Insurors<br />

Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance, Inc.<br />

The Baxter Agency<br />

Best Insurance Agency, LLC<br />

BRI LLC dba Best Rate Insurance<br />

Blackbelt Insurors, Inc.<br />

Blackmon Insurance Agency<br />

Briggs Insurance Agency<br />

Bristol Haughton Insurance<br />

Byars | Wright, Inc.<br />

Center Insurance Agency<br />

CIS Financial Services Dba CIS Insurance Agency<br />

Community Insurance Partners, Inc.<br />

The Cone Company<br />

Conour Insurance, Inc.<br />

Cousins Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Dark Insurance Agency<br />

Davis & Davis Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Deas Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Dormon & Reynolds Insurance, Inc.<br />

Elliot & Associates Insurance<br />

Enterprise Insurance Services LLC<br />

First <strong>Alabama</strong> Insurance<br />

First Insurance<br />

Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Associates, LLC<br />

Fowlkes & McPherson<br />

Freedom Insurance Agency<br />

Galactic Insurance Services<br />

Goggans Insurance Agency<br />

Grimwood Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Guide Insurance Agency<br />

Harmon Dennis Bradshaw, Inc.<br />

Headland Insurance Agency<br />

Hicks & Associates, Inc.<br />

Holloway & Hunt Insurance, LLC<br />

Holman Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Holt Insurance Agency<br />

Horton Insurance Agency, LLC<br />

Howell Insurance Agency<br />

Hull & Associates, Inc.<br />

IL Group<br />

Insurance Center of the Southeast, Inc.<br />

Insurance Express, LLC<br />

The Insurance Network, Inc.<br />

Jim Murphree Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

John A. Robertson Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

J.R. Prewitt & Associates, Inc.<br />

Judy Carter & Associates, LLC<br />

Lacy Grice Insurance Agency<br />

Legacy Insurance, Inc.<br />

Lori Zucco Insurance, LLC<br />

Lemon Mohler Insurance Agency<br />

Liveoak Agency, Inc.<br />

Marengo Insurance Agency<br />

Martin & Hubbs, Inc.<br />

MB Financial Services, Inc.<br />

McCarron Insurance Group<br />

Milstead Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

M.J. Carter & Company, Inc.<br />

The Myrick Agency<br />

Newsome Insurance Agency, LLC<br />

O.M. Hughes Insurance Agency<br />

Old National Insurance, Inc.<br />

PAC Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Paul Carter Agency<br />

PCA Insurance<br />

Peck-Glasgow Agency, Inc.<br />

Pelican Insurance Agency<br />

Pritchett-Moore, Inc.<br />

R R Smith Insurance Agency<br />

RIA Bonds, Inc.<br />

The Rinehart Agency<br />

Roger Henry Insurance, LLC<br />

Rux Carter Insurance Agency<br />

Salter Insurance Agency<br />

Sam Newton Insurance Agency<br />

Sanbuck, Inc.<br />

Schutz Insurance Agency<br />

The Service Agency<br />

Shaw Insurance Agency<br />

Shubert & Associates Insurance & Bonds<br />

Sinclair Lawrence & Associates Insurance<br />

Slingluff United Insurance<br />

Southern <strong>Alabama</strong> Insurance Agency<br />

South Shore Insurance Agency<br />

Starke Agency, Inc.<br />

Starr Insurance Group LLC<br />

Stastka Insurance Agency<br />

Stead Denson & Fuller Insurance, Inc.<br />

Stephen A. Davis Insurance, Inc.<br />

Stovall Marks Insurance, Inc.<br />

Susan Gentry Insurance LLC<br />

Thames Batre, Ltd.<br />

THI Insurance, Inc.<br />

Thomas, Harrison & Associates<br />

Thompson Insurance, Inc.<br />

The Turner Agency, Inc.<br />

The Upton Group LLC<br />

University Agency<br />

Vintson Insurance Agency<br />

Whitehaven Insurance Services<br />

The Witherington Insurance Group<br />

Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency<br />

Your Insurance Center, Inc.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 11

<strong>Alabama</strong> Young Agents Report - TODD ROBERTS<br />

The <strong>Alabama</strong> Young Agents have a lot in store for <strong>2018</strong>. The<br />

31st Annual Legislative Conference was held Feb. 22 at<br />

the Embassy Suites Hotel in Montgomery. The conference<br />

opened with a “State of the State” speech by Gov. Kay<br />

Ivey. Following Gov. Ivey, the five qualified gubernatorial<br />

candidates spoke for a few minutes about their campaign<br />

and the plans each of them has for the state should they be<br />

elected governor. After the Legislative Conference, lunch<br />

was held at the RSA building for all attendees to break<br />

bread with their elected officials. It’s a great way to learn<br />

and get involved in the <strong>Alabama</strong> politics that affects the<br />

insurance industry.<br />

The third Friday in April for the past eight years, the <strong>Alabama</strong><br />

Young Agents hosted the Excalibur Clay Shoot at Selwood<br />

Farms benefiting the Capps-Calhoun Scholarship Fund.<br />

More than 20 teams come together to enjoy a catered<br />

barbecue rib and chicken lunch and 18 sporting clay<br />

stations with the opportunity to shoot 100 clays, followed<br />

by awards, door prizes, and all the pizza you can eat. More<br />

than 20 scholarships have been given to deserving Troy<br />

or <strong>Alabama</strong> students studying Risk Management since the<br />

inception of this clay shoot. This year’s clay shoot will be<br />

held April 20 at Selwood Farms in Alpine. Grab your friends<br />

or co-workers and join us for a day of food, shotguns and a<br />

whole lot of fun.<br />

The <strong>Alabama</strong> Young Agents Summer Conference will be<br />

held July 26-28 at the Hilton Pensacola Gulf Front. We<br />

have a packed agenda this year<br />

where Young Agents will learn all<br />

the benefits TrustedChoice.com has<br />

to offer presented by Ryan Hanley<br />

and Sydney Roe. Ryan and Sydney<br />

are both full-time employees of TrustedChoice.com. They<br />

will show us what is available to all members through their<br />

website, from lead generation, referrals, education, to<br />

growing your insurance business in the digital marketplace.<br />

On Saturday, Jason Cass of the GROW Program along<br />

with Nicholas Ayers will do a presentation on technology<br />

productivity – how to get the most out of your day by<br />

utilizing the power of apps available on cell phones and<br />

tablets. There is so much technology available in the palm<br />

of our hand; it’s time to stop playing Candy Crush and turn<br />

that phone into money. The Molly Ringwald Band will be<br />

the entertainment on Friday night and of course the ever<br />

so competitive Corn Hole Tournament will be held on the<br />

beach Friday and Saturday afternoon.<br />

The <strong>Alabama</strong> Young Agents is a group of like-minded<br />

individuals focused on getting the most out of this great<br />

industry we have chosen. We learn from each other,<br />

encourage each other, and build friendships that last a<br />

lifetime from the interaction at Young Agents events. If you<br />

are a Young Agent or have a Young Agent in your office, I<br />

encourage you to get involved in this association. It will pay<br />

dividends your entire career.<br />

12 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1


Excalibur Educ at io n F oundatio n<br />


Proceeds to benefit the Capps-Calhoun Excalibur Education Scholarship<br />

WHEN: FRIDAY, APRIL 20, <strong>2018</strong><br />

WHERE:<br />


706 Selwood Road Alpine, AL 35014<br />

COST: $ 600 Team<br />

$ 150 Individual<br />

$ 80 College Students<br />

$ 30 Lunch only<br />

(Includes lunch, shotgun shells, drinks & snacks)<br />


$ 200 Station Sponsor<br />

$1,000 Lunch Sponsor<br />

$2,500 Shell Sponsor<br />

$1,000 Cart Sponsor<br />

$ 500 Snack/Drink Cart<br />

$ 500 Shotgun<br />

Door Prizes ($50 minimum)<br />


10:30 A.M. Registration & Sign In<br />

11:30 A.M. Lunch<br />

12:15 P.M. Selwood Safety Review<br />

12:30 P.M. Shotgun start<br />

3:30 P.M. Awards Reception & Prizes<br />


We need 12 gauge shells. ____________<br />

We need 20 gauge shells. ____________<br />


Please register the following for the Excalibur Education Foundation 8th Annual Sporting Clays Event on Friday, April 20 th<br />

(If registering less than four people Excalibur will assign teams.)<br />

Sign Up For:<br />

Price:<br />

Team $ 600<br />

Company Name:________________________________________<br />

Individual $ 150<br />

Address:______________________________________________<br />

City/State/Zip:_________________________________________<br />

Phone:______________________ Fax:_____________________<br />

Team contact:__________________________________________<br />

Individual:____________________________________________<br />

Snack/Drink Cart Sponsor $ 500 - Sponsored<br />

Shotgun sponsor $ 500<br />

Door Prize($50 min $___________<br />

_____Yes, we will need a cart for transportation.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

College Students<br />

Station Sponsor<br />

Shell sponsor<br />

$<br />

$ 200<br />

$2,500 - Sponsored<br />

80<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Lunch only<br />

Lunch sponsor<br />

Cart sponsor<br />

$<br />

$1,000<br />

$1,000<br />

30<br />

_____ No, we will not need a cart for transportation.<br />

Individual:____________________________________________<br />

Individual:____________________________________________<br />

Questions? Call Nancy Crowe (205) 326-4129 Ext. 103<br />

Email: ncrowe@aiia.org FAX: (205) 326-3086<br />


RSVP no later than April 6 th .<br />

Payment must accompany all reservations.<br />

Return with check made payable to:<br />

Excalibur Education Foundation<br />

141 London Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35211<br />

CC No.____________________________________<br />

Exp.________ CVC ________ Zip_________<br />

Name on card:______________________________<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 13



By Annette Hollingsworth, J.D., CPCU, CLU, ARC, Vice President, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions<br />

As technology allows the ability to service large groups of clients more efficiently, many<br />

agencies are increasingly expanding their reach beyond the confines of one metropolitan<br />

area. In order to better service their customer base, agencies may open additional locations<br />

or may acquire existing entities to expand their business. The management of multiple<br />

locations creates new challenges and those challenges if not handled correctly may lead<br />

to increased opportunities for error.<br />

Controlled growth whether<br />

organic or through acquisition can<br />

increase efficiencies and reduce<br />

cost. However, it is important to<br />

manage that growth. Be sure that<br />

the “right hand knows what the left<br />

hand is doing.” Consistent culture,<br />

compliance and communication<br />

throughout the agency at all locations,<br />

is essential to prevent confusion and<br />

potential claims which may otherwise<br />

arise from acquisitions and dispersed<br />

locations.<br />

Make sure all staff understands<br />

your agency culture. Owners,<br />

producers, agents, CSR’s and all<br />

staff must understand the focus of the<br />

business. If the agency’s stated focus<br />

is on personal lines, then the agency<br />

should not deviate into complex<br />

specialized lines. If the agency focus<br />

is on certain niches of business, the<br />

agency should train their agents and<br />

supporting staff on how to service<br />

those markets. Often claims begin<br />

when the agency attempts to sell<br />

insurance products with which it is<br />

unfamiliar. Understand your focus. If<br />

you are acquiring agencies, acquire<br />

those that fit your vision. Then share<br />

your vision with all staff at every<br />

agency location on a regular basis.<br />

Help your team see what the agency<br />

is trying to accomplish and how each<br />

person can contribute by staying<br />

focused on the goals of the entire<br />

organization.<br />

When the workload is heavy and<br />

clients demand your attention at your<br />

primary agency location, it can be<br />

difficult to give your attention to the<br />

other office locations. But in order<br />

to keep those other locations in line<br />

with your vision, you must provide<br />

them with the attention they need.<br />

You should try to visit your other<br />

agency locations frequently, at least<br />

once a month. Visit each site for a<br />

long enough time that the site does<br />

not put on a front for you but actually<br />

reveals to you its true method of<br />

operation. By allowing each office to<br />

become comfortable with your visits,<br />

you can build trust and familiarity.<br />

The agents and staff at each location<br />

must feel close enough to the primary<br />

agency to be able to ask questions,<br />

share problems and seek feedback.<br />

Establish uniform office<br />

procedures and a standard system<br />

of compliance. Each province has<br />

regulations to protect their own<br />

citizens. If you locate a branch office<br />

or even a teleworker, in another state,<br />

you must research licensing and<br />

other business regulations impacting<br />

your insurance operation. Failure to<br />

comply with regulatory requirements<br />

could lead to regulatory investigation,<br />

disciplinary action, or even the<br />

possible revocation of your license. If<br />

adjustments are needed to be made<br />

as a result of the regulations, do not<br />

begin operating your business until<br />

you comply with the law.<br />

For example, an agency had a<br />

CSR move to another state and<br />

began working remotely as a<br />

clerical assistant to their personal<br />

lines manager. This employee’s job<br />

description did not entail discussing<br />

or recommending coverage with<br />

clients, and the agency believed<br />

that her job description was in line<br />

with the requirements of the state<br />

department of insurance. However<br />

the department viewed it differently<br />

and fined the agency $7,000 for<br />

the employee not having the proper<br />

license and viewed the tasks<br />

performed by this employee as<br />

“effectuating the sale of coverage.”<br />

As soon as the agency was notified<br />

14 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

of the infraction, they made changes<br />

to her job description and directed<br />

her to acquire the proper license.<br />

They then established a Director<br />

of Compliance and Compliance<br />

Committee to monitor the activities<br />

on an ongoing basis.<br />

Standard operating procedures<br />

will enhance the efficiency and<br />

management of multiple agency<br />

locations. Staff can transfer among<br />

agencies, without extensive<br />

readjustment. The essential<br />

procedures should not vary.<br />

Each agency should have similar<br />

procedures regarding dateidentification<br />

of communication with<br />

clients and carriers. Additionally,<br />

documentation of coverage offered<br />

and rejected, and maintenance<br />

of expiration lists should be<br />

standardized.<br />

This excerpt from a letter we<br />

received from the attorney retained<br />

to defend an insured, reveals the<br />

difficulties in offering a defense<br />

when procedures are not followed.<br />

The litigation arose from damage<br />

sustained by a commercial<br />

enterprise where the carrier argued<br />

that the agency had not provided<br />

the necessary information for the<br />

carrier to quote coverage, despite<br />

several requests. Counsel stated<br />

the agency “has no documentation<br />

that it sent the proper information<br />

and the agent who worked on the<br />

account left the agency several<br />

years ago on unfavorable terms. The<br />

agent’s CSR says the agent was not<br />

detail oriented, was not good about<br />

providing information, and often<br />

made mistakes.” Defense counsel<br />

opined that it was highly likely the<br />

judge will rule that the agency failed<br />

to provide the necessary information.<br />

The agency itself had a strong<br />

culture of compliance but suffered<br />

from one agent who had not followed<br />

the standard office procedures<br />

established and who, thus, created<br />

a significant problem for the agency.<br />

In addition to implementing uniform<br />

procedures around the process of file<br />

documentation, the agency should<br />

also implement uniform procedures<br />

for diary and suspense systems.<br />

There should be a centralized<br />

agency management system and<br />

computers in each location should<br />

be compatible with one another. In<br />

fact, it is likely that computer systems<br />

will become a backbone for your<br />

organization as offices are spread<br />

out geographically. Additionally, it is<br />

essential that you ensure adequate<br />

security of personal information<br />

acquired from your insureds, and that<br />

you provide proper privacy training to<br />

all employees. The use of encryption<br />

and other measures to protect<br />

personal data when transmitted is<br />

important. If employees use smart<br />

phones, verify the phones are<br />

password protected.<br />

As part of the establishment of<br />

standardized procedures, make<br />

sure the staff in each location knows<br />

the method to report an errors and<br />

omissions situation. Establish and<br />

discuss the procedure with all agents<br />

and employees. Do so regularly to<br />

prevent hesitation in reporting at the<br />

time of occurrence. Don’t let problems<br />

linger. Delays could create coverage<br />

issues with your professional liability<br />

carrier.<br />

Communication is a key to<br />

successfully running multiple<br />

locations.<br />

Free and open communication with<br />

all staff is very important when you<br />

have multiple locations. Neither<br />

the culture nor the compliance can<br />

happen if you neglect to focus on<br />

communication. Have weekly staff<br />

meetings by phone or webinar. Have<br />

your office personnel get together at<br />

least once or twice a year to enhance<br />

communication between people on<br />

all levels.<br />

Communicate your vision to all<br />

managers in all locations and they<br />

in turn must commit to clearly<br />

communicating your vision to<br />

others in the off-site agencies.<br />

Regular audits and evaluations<br />

of the manager and the office are<br />

critical to making sure your vision is<br />

being carried out according to your<br />

expectations.<br />

While striving for positive energy<br />

in your organization, do not avoid<br />

discussing problem situations.<br />

Consider learning opportunities<br />

which may present themselves from<br />

potential claims situations. Educate<br />

your employees about the situations<br />

which have created problems in one<br />

office so other office sites can avoid<br />

the same mistake.<br />

Growth is positive when controlled<br />

but be sure that the “right hand<br />

knows what the left hand is doing.”<br />

Consistent culture, compliance<br />

and communication throughout<br />

the agency at all locations, can be<br />

essential to preventing confusion<br />

and potential claims which may<br />

otherwise arise from acquisitions<br />

and dispersed locations.<br />

Annette Hollingsworth has spent<br />

over 30 years in the insurance<br />

industry. While with ERC /GE<br />

Insurance Solutions/ Swiss Re,<br />

Annette Hollingsworth has served<br />

in a variety of capacities ranging<br />

from claims to underwriting, legal<br />

to regulatory services and global<br />

compliance. Annette now serves in<br />

the Products unit where she supports<br />

the Insurance Agents Professional<br />

Liability underwriters in both the<br />

U.S. and Canada. She attended<br />

Washburn University undergraduate<br />

and KU Law School. She has her JD.,<br />

CPCU, CLU, and ARC designations.<br />

This article is intended to be used for<br />

general informational purposes only<br />

and is not to be relied upon or used<br />

for any particular purpose. Swiss<br />

Re shall not be held responsible<br />

in any way for, and specifically<br />

disclaims any liability arising out of<br />

or in any way connected to, reliance<br />

on or use of any of the information<br />

contained or referenced in this<br />

article. The information contained<br />

or referenced in this article is not<br />

intended to constitute and should<br />

not be considered legal, accounting<br />

or professional advice, nor shall it<br />

serve as a substitute for the recipient<br />

obtaining such advice. The views<br />

expressed in this article do not<br />

necessarily represent the view of the<br />

Swiss Re Group (“Swiss Re”) and/or<br />

its subsidiaries and/or management<br />

and/or shareholders.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 15




WITH<br />


By Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, CHFC,<br />

RHU – Panama City, Florida<br />

As most of us are aware, a prolonged nursing home stay can easily deplete a person’s<br />

savings, liquidate their assets, and possibly erode their retirement money. And modern<br />

medicine – which is keeping us alive longer – is only making this possibility a bit more<br />

likely for most. If Long Term Care (LTC) is needed, most people would like to remain in their<br />

home, rather than residing in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). And they probably think the cost will<br />

be substantially less at their home than the expense at a SNF. That is possible if the individual has<br />

a friend or relative who can provide the hands-on care. But what if no such person is available?<br />

Consider this: A certified in-home caregiver runs a minimum of $20 per hour in most parts of the<br />

country. Do the math … three eight-hour shifts will be approaching $500 per day! That may be twice<br />

the cost of a SNF in the same general area.<br />

According to the 2016 study by Genworth Insurance the<br />

national average cost for care is staggering:<br />

The Average Monthly / Annual Cost (Nationally):<br />

Assisted Living Facility — $3,628 / $43,536<br />

Skilled Nursing Facility (Semi-Private) —<br />

$6,844 / $82,128<br />

Skilled Nursing Facility (Private) — $7,698 / $92,376<br />

Site: genworth.com/about-us/industry-expertise/cost-ofcare.html.<br />

With this site, it is very easy to search for your state’s<br />

averages as well as most major cities in your state.<br />

So what are the LTC funding options should the need<br />

arise? There are really only three options: 1) Be Rich, 2)<br />

Be Poor, or 3) Be Insured.<br />

The 1st option (Be Rich) eliminates the vast majority of<br />

people.<br />

The 2nd option (Be Poor … meaning Medicaid). What<br />

usually happens is the person needing care uses their<br />

money and assets FIRST and they become destitute, and<br />

then meet Medicaid eligibility rules. Every state has specific<br />

rules regarding Medicaid qualification: 1) the applicant<br />

must spend down their assets to a mandated amount –<br />

generally $2,000, and 2) their income can’t exceed a<br />

certain level ($2,199 per month in Florida in 2016, as an<br />

example).<br />

The 3rd option (Be Insured) usually meets with resistance<br />

due to, 1) the perceived high cost of the premium of Long<br />

Term Care Insurance (LTCI), and, 2) many people simply<br />

do not think this issue will affect them. No question about<br />

it … a traditional LTCI contract is pricey! And, there is<br />

rarely any benefit payable should the person die before<br />

using the coverage. What is the trigger for a covered claim<br />

with a LTCI? Typically, it means they can’t perform any two<br />

of six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). ADLs are defined<br />

as eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring, and<br />

continence. The second claims trigger is the insured must<br />

have a medical diagnosis of severe cognitive impairment.<br />

A person with dementia impairment (maybe Alzheimer’s<br />

disease) might be able to perform all six ADLs, but obviously<br />

should not be left without someone to look after them. So,<br />

how is a claim approved? The insured individual meets<br />

either of the two defined claims triggers – any two of six<br />

16 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

ADLS OR severe cognitive impairment. Once an individual<br />

claim’s qualification is met, benefits are payable until they<br />

recover from the medical issue, or the “insurance bucket of<br />

money” is empty. What is meant by the term “… until they<br />

recover”? Well, most think of this coverage for older people<br />

with severe (and irreversible) medical situations. But what<br />

about a person of any age that has a serious medical event<br />

(heart, cancer, accident, etc.) and is in need of care for<br />

several months and then recovers? The benefit would be<br />

payable for that period of time if the claims trigger and the<br />

elimination period are met.<br />

We have discussed the dilemma, various options and<br />

the traditional LTCI approaches. What about recent<br />

innovation and trends for this issue? A few years ago,<br />

we started seeing some life insurance carriers include a<br />

novel approach regarding the LTC benefit. Many refer to<br />

it as a Living Benefit (LB). Some call it an Accelerated<br />

Benefit. Now, keep in mind not all carriers include this<br />

coverage. For those that do, some make it a rider (with<br />

a published additional cost) while most make it a policy<br />

provision or contract feature, thus no published additional<br />

cost. Additionally, the LB contract language and payout<br />

provisions vary greatly with the companies that participate<br />

in this benefit. It is even available in varying degrees with<br />

some annuity contracts.<br />

How does the LB provision generally work? First, the life<br />

insurance contract obviously has the death benefit. But,<br />

as part of the death benefit, the contract will generally<br />

provide three “buckets” of money that can be accessed<br />

by the owner if the insured has a qualifying event or<br />

meets a claims trigger provision. Note that just because a<br />

company’s life policy is approved in a particular state, this<br />

rider may not. Always check with your company.<br />

• The first coverage “bucket” is generally referred to as<br />

“Critical Illness.” Here the claimant can file for up to some<br />

maximum amount against the contract—meaning, the<br />

life insurance death benefit amount – should they have a<br />

defined medical procedure. A physician’s certification will<br />

be required. One company’s language defines it as: “open<br />

heart surgery, angioplasty or myocardial infarction,<br />

life threatening cancer, stroke, major transplant or<br />

end-stage renal failure.” The limit may be a flat maximum<br />

amount (such as $25,000) or some maximum percent of<br />

the death benefit (such as 25 percent), but not to exceed<br />

some specified dollar amount (one company’s maximum<br />

is $125,000). An example: John (who is self-employed)<br />

has a $500,000 life insurance policy that contains the<br />

LB provision. He becomes ill and ultimately receives a<br />

kidney transplant. He is responsible for a sizable medical<br />

insurance deductible and can’t work for four months so<br />

he sustains a significant loss of income. He decides to<br />

take an advance against his policy of $100,000. He still<br />

has $400,000 of death benefit coverage, since this is<br />

considered a lien against the contract. Most companies<br />

will charge an administrative fee when such a claim is<br />

made. A one-time fee of $150 is common.<br />

• The second “bucket” is generally defined as “Chronic<br />

Illness.” Here the claimant will be required to provide<br />

a physician’s certification that shows the individual is<br />

unable to perform any two of six ADLs (eating, dressing,<br />

bathing, toileting, transferring, and continence), OR, has<br />

been diagnosed as having severe cognitive impairment.<br />

You will note this is the exact language we discussed<br />

with a traditional LTCI contract. Carriers may require the<br />

coverage trigger to be for a minimum and continuous<br />

timeframe – perhaps 90 days. As with Critical Illness,<br />

there will be some maximum limit. With many life<br />

insurance companies, it will generally be up to 50 percent<br />

of the death benefit, with some overall maximum total.<br />

One company’s maximum benefit payout is $1 million.<br />

One company’s language states: “The sum of all<br />

accelerated benefits may not exceed either 50% of<br />

the specified amount (the death benefit) at the time<br />

of the first acceleration, or $1,000,000.” Additionally,<br />

the company may limit how benefits are paid under this<br />

provision. Some may pay annual installments, but not<br />

to exceed the maximum LTC benefit as defined under<br />

HIPAA. Some may pay a maximum monthly benefit (such<br />

as 2 percent installments over 50 months). An example:<br />

Sharon is 45 years old and has a $400,000 life policy<br />

that contains the LB provision. She has developed a<br />

degenerative muscle disorder and is no longer able to<br />

care for herself. She and her husband take an advance<br />

of $200,000 from her policy to modify their home and help<br />

pay for a home health aide. She will still have $200,000<br />

death benefit protection.<br />

• The final “bucket” is defined as “Terminal Illness.” Most<br />

contracts’ LB language states the owner can access<br />

this benefit if the insured individual’s life expectancy is<br />

12 months or less. Generally, the maximum benefit will<br />

be 50 percent to 75 percent of the death benefit, not to<br />

exceed some specified amount, perhaps $1 million. An<br />

example: Patrick has a $300,000 life policy that contains<br />

the LB provision. He has an inoperable tumor and his<br />

physician has given him five months to live. He requests<br />

a $50,000 advance against his contract so he, his wife,<br />

and adult kids can take a cruise they have discussed<br />

for years. Upon Patrick’s death, his wife receives the<br />

remaining $250,000 death benefit.<br />

Note that a number of life insurance carriers have the LB<br />

provision as part of their Whole Life, Universal Life and<br />

even Variable Life contracts. A few carriers even have this<br />

part of selected Term Life contracts. An important point:<br />

when the LB benefit is received, it is considered a lien<br />

against the life insurance policy. The company will have<br />

some fee associated with each transaction ($150 as an<br />

example), plus, they will charge interest against the lien<br />

as specified in the contract. The company will always state<br />

the maximum interest, such as 8 percent. With a lien, the<br />

interest is charged against the ultimate remaining death<br />

benefit payout. By doing this, the amount received from<br />

the LB, should be free of taxation. Always recommend your<br />

clients check with their tax specialist for their advice and<br />

interpretation.<br />

Continued on page 18 >><br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 17

Strategic<br />

Changes For<br />

Closing More<br />

Sales<br />

By John Graham<br />

For most of us, what we learn<br />

first sticks with us for a long time,<br />

often throughout our lives. Nursery<br />

rhymes, along with what we consider<br />

right and wrong. The acorn doesn’t<br />

fall far from the tree.<br />

It happens to salespeople, too.<br />

Because our early training is indelible, it stays with us<br />

to guide us. But new demands and expectations call for<br />

strategic changes to keep up, stay relevant and close more<br />

sales. Here are five of them:<br />


Salespeople are known for being sure (sometimes overly<br />

sure) of themselves. Although it takes self-confidence to<br />

keep going, it also has a risky downside. It can lead to<br />

believing we know more than we do. And nothing kills<br />

sales faster than arrogance.<br />

A website designer’s creativity gave him an initial edge with<br />

a prospective client. In spite of his obvious talent, he lost<br />

the job. His presentation was his downfall. It was obvious<br />

he had not taken the time to understand the organization<br />

or its services. He was so focused on what he was selling,<br />

he didn’t have a clue as to what his prospect wanted to<br />

buy. In other words, he didn’t know what he didn’t know.<br />

Unless salespeople consciously challenge their thinking,<br />

they hand sales to the competition. We all benefit by asking<br />

ourselves these questions: What am I missing? What don’t<br />

I know? Are my assumptions correct?<br />


Do you think you’re at a place where you can “wing it” or all<br />

you need to do to get ready for a presentation is to make a<br />

few notes, a quick outline, or go over it in your mind? If so,<br />

you’re deluding yourself and short changing your employer<br />

and your customers. You may be good, but you’re not that<br />

good.<br />

Like it or not, here’s the truth: If we don’t write it, we only<br />

think we know it. This is what happened to the arguably<br />

brilliant “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance when he went for<br />

job interviews at a prestigious Washington, D.C., law firm<br />

while at Yale Law School.<br />

“The last interviewer asked me a question I was<br />

unprepared to answer: Why did I want to work at a law<br />

firm? It was a softball, but I’d gotten so used to talking<br />

about my budding interest in antitrust litigation … that I was<br />

laughably unprepared. I should have said something about<br />

learning from the best or working on high-stakes litigation. I<br />

should have said anything other than what came out of my<br />

mouth: ‘I don’t really know, but the pay isn’t bad! Ha ha.’<br />

The interviewer looked at me like I had three eyes, and the<br />

conversation never recovered.”<br />

It happens when to us all when we’re under pressure.<br />

We lose control and “default” to whatever comes to mind.<br />

Before we know it, we’re talking jibberish. And, like J. D.<br />

Vance, we can believe why we did it. It happens when we<br />

don’t prepare; when we don’t write it down.<br />


While presentations may have several objectives, they<br />

all have one overriding goal: engaging the participants.<br />

Unless that happens, a presentation may be interesting<br />

and informative, but it’s not a home run. Something is<br />

missing.<br />

For a presentation to be a winner, it must be interactive –<br />

participatory. To invite the participants to interrupt you by<br />

raising their hand to ask a question and then to pick up the<br />

thread and continue takes confidence. But it also sends<br />

the message that the participants shape the presentation.<br />

This may sound dangerous but it’s well worth the risk.<br />


There are still salespeople who say, “If I can just get in<br />

Continued on page 20 >><br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 19


Ted’s Tablet<br />

Q: A:<br />

QUESTION: Our insured is a trucker that hauls<br />

agricultural product within a 200-mile radius. He owns his<br />

own trucks and some trailers for hauling. Occasionally,<br />

he will use someone else’s trailer that is more specifically<br />

designed to carry certain products. The borrowed trailer<br />

is attached to one of his covered vehicles. These trailers<br />

are over 2,000 pounds. He has Symbol 4 under Liability,<br />

Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Symbol 4 is<br />

supposed to extend coverage to trailers used with a listed<br />

vehicle. If Symbol 4 is shown under Comprehensive and<br />

Collision, will the auto policy extend physical damage<br />

coverage to the non-owned trailer attached to a covered<br />

truck? I think it does, but I can’t find where it is clearly<br />

stating this.<br />

ANSWER: Symbol 4 only provides coverage for autos<br />

owned by the insured. If he has a non-owned trailer, he<br />

would need Symbol 8 on physical damage. Under Liability<br />

there would be no coverage for damage to the trailer due<br />

to the “care, custody & control” exclusion. It is true that<br />

the definition of Symbol 4 includes liability coverage for<br />

non-owned, attached trailers, but that is liability coverage<br />

for the insured for BI or PD to others, not damage to the<br />

trailer itself.<br />

For Dwelling Fire/Mobile Home Insurance, put your trust in<br />

a company that has been insuring homes for over 50 years.<br />

National Security has provided competitive, affordable insurance to policyholders for over 50 years,<br />

but we also provide a lot for our agents, with competitive commissions, excellent customer service and<br />

experienced company adjusters. As an admitted Southeastern based regional company, National Security<br />

prides itself on fast, efficient service from a friendly small town company, and online access for all agents,<br />

providing fast quotes, online policy issuance, online dec page printing, and real-time policy information.<br />

National Security Can<br />

Provide You With:<br />

• $125,000 Maximum Policy Limits<br />

• AAIS Basic Form 1 Policy<br />

• Direct Contract with National Security<br />

• 15% New & Renewal Commission<br />

• Partnership Profit Sharing<br />

• Fast Online Policy Issuance<br />

• Tenant Schedule Option<br />

• Easy Payment Options<br />

We are now accepting new appointments.<br />

Find out more by calling Sharon at 1-800-239-2358 x213 or visit nationalsecuritygroup.com.<br />

Elba, <strong>Alabama</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 21

22 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1<br />


<strong>2018</strong> PARTNERS


<strong>2018</strong> PARTNERS<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 23

APR.<br />

11-13 CIC Commercial Property – Birmingham<br />

17 CISR Misc. Personal Line<br />

Exposures– Montgomery<br />

19 CISR Misc. Personal Line<br />

Exposures– Tuscaloosa<br />

24 CISR Misc. Personal Line<br />

Exposures– Mobile<br />

25 CISR Misc. Personal Line<br />

Exposures– Huntsville<br />

26 CISR Misc. Personal Line<br />

Exposures– Birmingham<br />

MAY<br />

1 CPIA 1 - Birmingham<br />

2 CPIA 2 - Birmingham<br />

3 CPIA 3 - Birmingham<br />

9-11 CIC Agency Management – Birmingham<br />

15 CISR Commercial Casualty<br />

Exposures 1 – Montgomery<br />

16 CISR Commercial Casualty<br />

Exposures 1 – Mobile<br />

17 CISR Commercial Casualty<br />

Exposures 1 – Tuscaloosa<br />

Education<br />

Calendar<br />

JUNE<br />

5 CISR Commercial Casualty<br />

Exposures 1 – Huntsville<br />

7 CISR Commercial Casualty<br />

Exposures 1 – Birmingham<br />

12 CISR William T. Hold – Mobile<br />

14 CISR William T. Hold – Montgomery<br />

21 CPIA 2 - Mobile<br />

19 E&O Road Map to Policy Analysis – Birmingham<br />

Visit www.aiia.org for all class listings and to see all<br />

available AIIA, PTA & ABEN webinars!<br />

AIIA, PTA & ABENWebinars<br />

April <strong>2018</strong> – PTA Webinars hosted by AIIA<br />

April 4 Cyber Liability<br />

April 9 Business Auto Coverages<br />

April 10 Farm Property Coverages<br />

April 10 Lying, Stealing, Writing Bad Checks: The<br />

Importance of Crime<br />

April 11 E&O: Roadmap to Policy Analysis -<br />

Part One & Two<br />

April 12 Contractual Liability ... Separating Fact<br />

from Fiction<br />

April 17 Farm Vehicle and Equipment Coverages<br />

April 18 Life and Health Solutions for Business<br />

Challenges<br />

April 19 Top 10 Countdown of Personal Lines<br />

Coverages & Current <strong>Issue</strong>s<br />

April 19 Ethics - Walking a Straight Line<br />

April 23 Insurance Valuation Strategies<br />

April 26 It’s Not My Fault, or Is It? - Liability <strong>Issue</strong>s<br />

in Personal Lines Policies<br />

ALL NEW AIIA hosted Webinars – taught by instructors you<br />

know!!!<br />

Ted Kinney, Frank Millsaps, Earlie Simmons and Lisa<br />

Worley have teamed up to host more CE opportunities for<br />

our members through webinars. Check out the dates and<br />

topics online at www.aiia.org – education tab AIIA Webinars.<br />

ABEN Online Classes - ABEN is a collection of 25 Big I<br />

affiliated state associations that have formed the Agents &<br />

Brokers Education Network (ABEN) to offer professional<br />

insurance training using live webcast technology. Classes<br />

available include: E&O Roadmap, Flood, Commercial Lines<br />

Specialty Policies, Personal Lines Advance and Life.<br />

Visit www.aiia.org for all class listings and to see all<br />

available AIIA, PTA & ABEN webinars!<br />

24 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

username<br />

***********<br />

Prepared for anything.<br />

CISR is the designation program designed to prepare you for<br />

the insurance industry. Now with 9 courses, CISR has never<br />

been more flexible. You can customize your learning to fit<br />

your current and future needs. The CISR Program makes you<br />

knowledgeable about the policies and service requirements of<br />

your clients. It still takes only 5 courses to complete your CISR<br />

designation and you will be prepared for almost anything.<br />

Prepared for everything.<br />

By completing all 9 CISR courses, you will achieve CISR Elite<br />

status and you will be prepared for almost everything.<br />

www.TheNationalAlliance.com or call 800-633-2165<br />

WEB-<br />

BASED<br />

MOBILE<br />

APP<br />

E-SIGN<br />






SIUPREM is proud to be the Endorsed Premium<br />

Finance Partner of the <strong>Alabama</strong> Big I.<br />

To learn more, visit<br />

www.siuprem.com or<br />

call 800.925.2546<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 25

26 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

How long has it been<br />

since you looked at<br />

the RLI Personal<br />

Umbrella Policy?<br />

Take a second look …<br />

RLI’s Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) provides the<br />

coverage your customers need:<br />

• Expanded underwriting opportunities including DUI/DWI<br />

• Properties in multiple states and outside the U.S. eligible<br />

• Excess UM/UIM coverage available nationwide<br />

• Policies written above 100/300 auto<br />

• Drivers of all ages accepted — including new drivers<br />

• No A.M. Best Rating requirement for underlying carriers<br />

• Easy online quoting<br />

• Electronic signatures and online credit card payments accepted<br />

Be sure to check out the RLI PUP Access online system. It makes<br />

it easy for you to manage multiple accounts and allows insureds<br />

to quickly and conveniently complete new business submissions,<br />

submit electronic signatures and pay bills.<br />

Contact:<br />

Tangerie Underwood<br />

tunderwood@aiia.org<br />

205.326.4129 EXT 105<br />

For more information and access to our Quick Quoter,<br />

visit www.rlipersonalumbrella.com.<br />

®<br />




You’re an independent agent.<br />

Who’s got<br />

your back?<br />

The Big “I” Professional Liability Program<br />

Prevent.<br />

Our risk management<br />

resources keep your agency<br />

from making common<br />

preventable mistakes.<br />

www.independentagent.com/EO<br />

Protect.<br />

Our superior coverage through<br />

Swiss Re and our expert claims<br />

teams are in your corner in the<br />

event of a claim.<br />

The Big “I” and Swiss Re are jointly committed to providing IIABA members with leading<br />

edge agency E&O products and services. The IIABA and its federation of 51 state<br />

associations endorse Swiss Re’s comprehensive professional liability program.<br />

Contact: Carol Hunt, hunt@aiia.org, 205-326-4129 Ext. 109<br />

Prosper.<br />

When you know you have the<br />

best agency E&O protection,<br />

you can focus on growing your<br />

most important asset–your<br />

business.<br />

Insurance products underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, Overland Park, Kansas.<br />

28 Westport <strong>Alabama</strong> is a member <strong>Independent</strong> of the Swiss | <strong>2018</strong> Re group <strong>Issue</strong> of 1 companies and is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. ©2014 Big I Advantage and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 29

30 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1


<strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents<br />


June 24 - 26, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Hotel Reservations MADE DIRECTLY with The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort Group Reservations<br />

$238* per night for Deluxe Resort view – group CODE: AIIAIIA<br />

$288* per night for Deluxe Bayside Room – group CODE: AIIAIIB<br />

* Plus applicable taxes & 15% resort fee<br />

Reservation: Phone: 800-544-9933 --- Book Hotel online: www.marriottgrand.com<br />


Agency/Company Name:_______________________________________________Phone:__________________________<br />

Address:________________________________________________E-mail:______________________________________<br />

Street/PO Box<br />

City/State/Zip<br />

Name:_____________________________________________________________Designations:______________________<br />

Spouse/Guest Name:__________________________________________________________<br />

Name/s & Age/s of Children:___________________________________________________<br />

Full registrations include ALL events and scheduled activities.<br />

AGENT<br />

____Agency Member<br />

____Additional Licensed Agency Member<br />

____1 st Timer, Young Agent, Retired Agency Member<br />

____Spouse/Guest of Agency Mbr(Cannot be licensed agent/company representative)<br />

____Non-Member Agent<br />

____Children 15 – 17<br />


____ Associate Member/Exhibitor/Sponsor<br />

____Additional Exhibitor Representative – TRADE SHOW ONLY<br />

____Non-Member Company Representative (Not Exhibiting or Sponsoring)<br />

____Spouse/Guest of Associate Member<br />

(Cannot be a licensed agent/company representative)<br />

____Children 15-17<br />

Per Person<br />

$275 $______<br />

$150 $______<br />

$225 $______<br />

$100 $______<br />

$299 $______<br />

$ 75 $______<br />

P e r P e r s on<br />

$275 $______<br />

$150 $______<br />

$475 $______<br />

$100 $______<br />

$ 75 $______<br />

First Time: __Y __N<br />

Exhibitor: __Y __N<br />

Sponsor: __Y __N<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

BE<br />

THERE!!<br />


For Children 5 – 14 years of age<br />

There is no registration fee.<br />

Parents registered for the convention are asked to utilize the Grand Kid’s Fun Camp. (Ages 5-12)<br />

Please provide receipt or copy of hotel bill showing charge(s) to Irene or Nancy.<br />

AIIA will reimburse up to a total of $100.<br />


$___________<br />

VISA/MasterCard/Amex Card# ________________________________________ Exp Date: __________<br />

Name on Card: _______________________________________________CVC_________ZIP__________<br />

Authorized Signature:___________________________________________________________________<br />

Checks Payable & Registrations mailed to: AIIA/141 London Pkwy/Birmingham/AL/35211<br />

REFUND POLICY: Request in writing. Cancellation processing fee: $50. NO REFUNDS after June 15, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Questions? Contact Nancy Crowe (ncrowe@aiia.org) Phone: (205) 326-4129, Ext. 103 Fax: (205) 326-3086<br />


AIIA Convention located at The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, One Grand Boulevard, Point Clear, <strong>Alabama</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 31





Agents and Company Representatives gathered in<br />

Montgomery for our 31st Annual Legislative Conference<br />

on February 22nd, hosted by the Young Agents Committee<br />

and AIIA Legislative Committee.<br />

We were honored to have Governor Kay Ivey as our<br />

welcome speaker and she addressed the attendees<br />

with a full report as to all things <strong>Alabama</strong>. She covered<br />

Employment, Education, Budgets, Medicare and our<br />

prison system. She also gave us a legislative update as to<br />

which bills were passed recently.<br />

AIIA Legislative Chairman, Jim Murphree presented<br />

House Representative Danny Garrett with the prestigious<br />

“Lawmaker of the Year” award.<br />

Our gubernatorial candidate panel included: Tommy Battle,<br />

Sue Bell Cobb, Chris Countryman, Scott Dawson and<br />

Walt Maddox. Each candidate had 10 minutes to address<br />

the crowd on their views and plans for our great state if<br />

you should vote for them for governor. Education was a<br />

big topic as was road transportation, infrastructure and a<br />

potential lottery for <strong>Alabama</strong>.<br />

AIIA EVP Bill Sager introduced other candidates to the<br />

group that are running in other respected races and made<br />

the group aware of their presence at the event.<br />

1. Christy Edwards – Court of Civil Appeals<br />

2. Joy Johns – House Seat, District 81<br />

3. Alice Martin – Attorney General<br />

At the end of the conference, agents were encouraged<br />

to stop by the State House to make contact with their<br />

senators, representatives and watch the legislative<br />

session from the gallery. Representative Danny Garret<br />

addressed his colleagues in the hours and acknowledged<br />

the independent insurance agents were in town for their<br />

annual legislative conference. Agents then attended the<br />

annual luncheon with house and senate members along<br />

with other elected officials.<br />

We would like to thank all of our First STEP sponsors that<br />

are highlighted in this issue as we would not be able to<br />

host such a great event without their support.<br />

Congratulations to Young Agent Legislative Chairman<br />

Matt Sims and AIIA Legislative Chairman Jim Murphree on<br />

another successful conference.<br />

32 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 33



<strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents of <strong>Alabama</strong> is a non-profit organization that has local chapters across the state.<br />

Unlike company-employed agents, independent insurance agents are a trusted choice for insurance because they represent<br />

more than one insurance company. <strong>Independent</strong> agents offer their clients a wider choice of auto, home, business, life and<br />

health coverage as well as retirement and employee-benefit products. They are dedicated to serving their customers and the<br />

community.<br />


Back in December, the members of Tuscaloosa <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents hosted their Christmas for Kids Event and<br />

provided 100 coats from Old Navy and 100 pairs of shoes from Wagner Shoe Store to city and county school children in need.<br />


Montgomery <strong>Independent</strong>s Insurance Agents gave $5,885 and five boxes of teddy bears<br />

to Child Protect back in December. They would not have been able to do this without<br />

the generosity of their members and sponsors: ATA Comp Fund, Travelers, ServPro and<br />

The Sheffield Fund, just to name a few. Great job everyone!!<br />

Child Protect was incorporated in November 1989 as the Children’s Advocacy Center<br />

serving Montgomery County.<br />

It's Simple. . . It’s Service, It’s Fast Turn Around, It’s Innovation, It’s Loyalty.<br />



by Insurance Business America Magazine!<br />

Genesee<br />

a JenCap Holdings Company<br />

Transportation<br />

Garage<br />

Child Protect was established in 1989<br />

as a 501(c)3 non-profit agency to assist<br />

the Department of Human Resources<br />

and Law Enforcement in their<br />

investigation of child sexual abuse and<br />

physical abuse. For more information,<br />

visit www.childprotect.org.<br />

Save the Date for MIIA’s Annual Golf<br />

Tournament at Wynlakes Golf and<br />

Country Club on May 10th.<br />

Genesee is <strong>Independent</strong>ly owned and operated<br />

with National Capabilities giving Genesee the flexibility<br />

to be the go to MGA/Wholesaler for the independent agent.<br />

Property & Casualty<br />

Professional Liability<br />

Specialty Property<br />


855-943-6373<br />



Rated 5 Star by IBA Magazine!<br />

«<br />

«<br />

Program Underwriters<br />

Insurance Payment Company - IPC<br />

Genesee<br />

3025 Windward Plaza, Suite 400, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005<br />

Phone: 770-396-1600 Fax: 770-396-7699 Toll Free: 800-282-8755<br />

www.geneseeins.com<br />

34 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1



<strong>Alabama</strong> Gulf Coast Association<br />

of <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents<br />

hosted an event/fundraiser<br />

back in fall to raise money for<br />

The Miracle League of Coastal<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong>. On February 20th,<br />

AGCAIIA members met at Felix’s<br />

Fish Camp and after an amazing<br />

evening with food, live music, games, cocktails and fellowship<br />

with an outstanding view of Mobile Bay, they were able to<br />

donate $3,500 to the Miracle League this year. AGCAIIA<br />

would like to mention that they always get amazing support<br />

from their sponsors: Platinum Sponsor – The Sheffield Fund,<br />

Gold Sponsor – South Shore Insurance Underwriters, Bronze<br />

Sponsors – Coastal Select and Progressive.<br />

The Miracle League of Coastal<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> mission statement is to<br />

enrich our special needs community<br />

by giving them the opportunity to<br />

play in a facility that is tailored to<br />

their specific needs while, at the<br />

same time, providing an environment<br />

that benefits everyone regardless<br />

of physical or mental limitations.<br />

They are in the process of building<br />

a park that accommodates wheelchairs, walkers, and other<br />

assistive devices while helping to prevent injuries. A park<br />

that provides an atmosphere where everyone intermingles<br />

whether disables or not. For more information, visit www.<br />

miracleleaguecoastalalabama.com.<br />


BIIA contributed $1,000 to United Ability<br />

in appreciation for the work they do at<br />

LINCPoint.<br />

BIIA would like to thank their members,<br />

sponsors and all the donors for a very<br />

successful event!<br />

The Birmingham <strong>Independent</strong> Insurance Agents hosted<br />

their Annual Gala at LINCPoint on January 26th, <strong>2018</strong>. The<br />

evening provided the 160 attendees with dinner, DJ music,<br />

40 silent auction items including trips to Antigua, casino style<br />

games and prizes. Proceeds from the event are donated to a<br />

charity at the discretion of the current chapter president.<br />

BIIA President Mark Hughes of O.M. Hughes Insurance<br />

Agency says he selected Hope Lodge as the beneficiary of the<br />

Gala due to his interest in wanting to support a program of the<br />

American Cancer Society. “Like many families, both my wife<br />

and myself have family members that have been touched by<br />

cancer some of which at a relatively young age. Knowing the<br />

challenges of the treatment process, I feel like the free-lodging<br />

that is provided by the Lodge to qualifying cancer patients is<br />

an incredible service alleviating financial hardships that could<br />

be caused by having to travel to our area for treatment. We<br />

are blessed to have high quality medical facilities and doctors<br />

in the Birmingham area that treat patients from other areas of<br />

our state and the country. The Hope Lodge makes it possible<br />

for many out-of-town patients to have comfortable lodging<br />

at no cost so they can focus on their treatment. The Lodge<br />

operates entirely on contributions from donors.”<br />

For more information on the Hope Lodge, visit www.cancer.org.<br />

In addition to Hope Lodge and United Ability, BIIA also gave donations to various charities during their Christmas Open<br />

House in December. Each charity received a $1,000 donation and those went to Big Oak Ranch, Jessie’s Place (Jimmy<br />

Hale Mission), Birmingham Young Life, The Grace Place and The Firehouse Shelter.<br />

Montgomery IIA president for <strong>2018</strong> is James Barber of Palomar Insurance Corporation.<br />

Tuscaloosa IIA president for <strong>2018</strong> is Charlie Bailey of Pritchett Moore.<br />

Birmingham IIA president for <strong>2018</strong> is Mark Hughes of O.M. Hughes Insurance Agency.<br />

Huntsville IIA president for <strong>2018</strong> is Michael Vance of Hundley Batts & Associates.<br />

<strong>Alabama</strong> Gulf Coast AIIA president for <strong>2018</strong> is Van Walsh of Walsh Insurance Solutions.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 35


your Agency’s<br />




EQUALS<br />

A Network of Strong,<br />

Resourceful,<br />

Successful,<br />

<strong>Independent</strong><br />

Agencies<br />




BIRTHS<br />

Congratulations to Heather (Safeco) & Ryan Bode, along<br />

with daughter Adalynn on welcoming Emmaline Leigh<br />

Oct. 17, 2017.<br />

Congratulations to Mike Young & Jessica Abner (J.R.<br />

Prewitt & Associates) on welcoming their first child, a<br />

daughter (Hannah) Oct. 25, 2017.<br />

Congratulations to Emily & Caro Manning (Johnson<br />

& Johnson) on welcoming their first child, a daughter<br />

(Abigail Kate) Nov.14, 2017. Caro recently changed<br />

positions at J&J and is now your South <strong>Alabama</strong><br />

Marketing Representative.<br />


Our thoughts have been with Brian Smith of Best<br />

Insurance Agency since the passing of his father, Jim,<br />

Nov. 21, 2017. Jim worked at Farm Bureau Insurance<br />

for nearly 17 years before forming his own independent<br />

insurance agency, Agents & Brokers Insurance, Inc. and<br />

operated it for over 20 years.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Evelyn Burchfield with<br />

McGriff, Seibels and Williams since the passing of her<br />

cousin, Janice Stamps, Nov. 25, 2017.<br />

With a little help from<br />

The Iroquois Group ®<br />

To learn more about how Iroquois<br />

could further strengthen your<br />

agency, contact Perry Grant at<br />

(205) 910-5961 or<br />

pgrant@iroquoisgroup.com.<br />

IROQUOIS Group<br />

®<br />

Our thoughts have been with John Freisen of Fountain,<br />

Parker, Harbarger & Associates since the passing of his<br />

wife, Robin, Nov. 26, 2017.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Hope Gardner, president<br />

of Birmingham Area Insurance Professionals, since the<br />

passing of her husband, Stephen, Dec. 8, 2017.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Jere & Owen Peak of Peak<br />

Insurance since the passing of their mother/grandmother,<br />

Marion Dillon Peak, Dec. 12, 2017. Since her passing,<br />

their father/grandfather, Bruce LeBron Peak Jr., passed<br />

away Feb. 9, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Insurance Office of America<br />

and the Hardy family since the passing of Patty Hardy<br />

Dec. 13, 2017. Patty had been employed with IOA since<br />

2012 and previously worked with Liberty Mutual and<br />

McGriff, Seibels & Williams.<br />

www.iroquoisgroup.com<br />

36 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

Our thoughts have been with Wescoat Free and<br />

Knight-Free Insurance Agency since the passing of Elliot<br />

Free Jan. 4, <strong>2018</strong>. Elliot served as president and state<br />

national director of AIIA and was currently serving as<br />

president of <strong>Alabama</strong> Insurance Management Services<br />

(AIMS).<br />

Our thoughts have been with Associated Insurors and<br />

the White family since the passing of Larry White Jan. 8,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. Larry was an integral part of Associated Insurors<br />

team and will be desperately missed.<br />

Our thoughts have been with The Sheffield Fund and the<br />

Harris family since the passing of Wade Harris Jan. 21,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. Wade was the loss control manager at Sheffield<br />

for 20 years and will be greatly missed.<br />

was a the owner of Bristol Haughton Insurance in<br />

Haleyville and a longtime member of AIIA.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Hundley Batt’s Sr. of<br />

Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance in Huntsville<br />

since the passing of his wife, Dr. Virginia Caples on Feb.<br />

19, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />


Jo Lorino – <strong>Alabama</strong> Self-Insured Work Comp Fund<br />

Karen Nixon – Knight Free Insurance Agency<br />

Our thoughts have been with Steve Smith of Foremost<br />

Insurance since the passing of his father, Early Ray<br />

Smith, Jan. 31, <strong>2018</strong>. Ray worked in the insurance<br />

industry for more than 50 years enjoying the best of both<br />

worlds on the agency and company side of the business.<br />

Our thoughts have been with Bristol Haughton’s family<br />

since the passing of his death on Feb. 20, <strong>2018</strong>. Bristol<br />

In today’s competitive industry, M. J. Kelly<br />

Company gives you an edge. Our expertise is your<br />

advantage. We focus on providing you with the<br />

quality products you need, outstanding service,<br />

and a rapid response that respects your time. No<br />

matter what type of commercial risk you have, we<br />

want to help YOU write business.<br />

Selection, service, and speed matter. M. J. Kelly<br />

delivers.<br />

M. J. Kelly Company-<strong>Alabama</strong><br />

www.mjkelly.com . 800.873.8374<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1 | <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> 37

Welcome New Members<br />

AIIA would like to welcome the following new members who have recently<br />

joined the association. Thank you for joining <strong>Alabama</strong> Big I!<br />


A & C Insurance Group<br />

Bryant Brown<br />

Birmingham<br />

Acrisure LLC dba Gambrell &<br />

Sturges<br />

Kasey Johnston<br />

Mobile<br />

Cornerstone Agency<br />

Matthew Roux<br />

Mobile<br />

Encore Risk Management<br />

Group<br />

Bill Blake<br />

Birmingham<br />

Southern Shield Group<br />

Craig Smith<br />

Fairhope<br />

Stephens Insurance LLC<br />

Donna Sanford<br />

Birmingham<br />

Sun-Belt Insurance Agency,<br />

LLC<br />

Lance Weaver<br />

Mobile<br />

Superior Agency LLC<br />

Jeff Summerlin<br />

Alabaster<br />

The Burch Agency, Inc.<br />

Bobby Burch<br />

Moulton<br />


Southeastern Growth<br />

Consultants<br />

Katrina Mason<br />

Guntersville<br />

US Premium Finance<br />

Zan Hutson<br />

Norcross, Georgia<br />

If you have news,<br />

we would love<br />

to include it in<br />

our next issue!<br />

Please send<br />

your press<br />

releases, photos or<br />

notices to Michelle McKee at<br />

mmckee@aiia.org<br />

<strong>2018</strong> - <strong>Issue</strong> 1<br />

Protection your<br />

commercial clients and<br />

business owners need,<br />

at a price they can afford.<br />

Since our founding in 1972, Tower Hill Insurance has<br />

been protecting properties in the Southeast. We offer<br />

Commercial programs through our admitted carrier,<br />

Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company.<br />

Office & Retail • Commercial Residential • Mercantile<br />

Homeowners Associations • Self-Storage • Hotel & Motel<br />

Call 800.509.1592 or visit<br />

THIG.com/appoint to learn more<br />

about representing Tower Hill!<br />

Tower Hill Prime Insurance<br />

Company holds a Financial<br />

Strength Rating® of A- (Excellent)<br />

from A.M. Best Company.<br />

38 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

Don’t choose countless providers.<br />

Choose the one<br />

you can count on.<br />

In an industry where an empty promise can be commonplace, EMC has been a<br />

reliable and trusted partner to our agents for more than 100 years. As true professionals,<br />

we treat all our agents with respect while reacting to their needs and giving them<br />

superior service and products that set them up for long-term success.<br />

It’s a relationship you can always count on.<br />

www.emcins.com<br />

©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company <strong>2018</strong>. All rights reserved.

40 <strong>Alabama</strong> <strong>Independent</strong> | <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> 1

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