Understand Cost Of Hair Transplant In India With These 4 FAQs


Are you thinking about the cost of a hair transplant? do you wish to know more about how and what affects the cost of hair transplant in India? If yes, then here are 4 FAQs to help you understand your hair transplant cost.

Understand Cost Of Hair Transplant In India With These 4 FAQs

Are you suffering from baldness problem and looking forward to get a hair

restoration treatment? Are you worried about the cost of the treatment and have

numerous questions in your mind connected with the cost of the treatment?

If yes, then read these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will help you to

understand the cost of hair restoration treatment.

FAQ #1 – Does The Type Of Surgery Has Any Impact On The Cost?

Answer: There are fundamentally 2 unique types of transplant surgery – FUT

(Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The FUT is

the more typical kind of surgery where a strip is trimmed from the back of the

head and the hairs are collected from this strip.

The major benefit is that the surgeon can extract many grafts per session with this

technique – so results can be sensational. This is a really affordable sort of

transplant surgery.

On the other hand, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a more recent sort of

transplant that not all specialists will do, and only the expert surgeons perform it.

It includes extracting singular hair strands from the back of your head, and then

embedding them into bald areas regions. This is surely a less intrusive sort of

restoration treatment. This is a considerably more major treatment – so the cost

per graft will be a bit higher compared to other sort of treatment.

FAQ #2 – Does The Number Of Grafts You Require Has Any Impact On The


This once more, will differ with the individual and your specialist can give you a

rough idea of what number of grafts you'll require. In case you're just beginning

to go bald, you can presumably require 500-1000 grafts.

However, if you're bald significantly, you might need to get 2000+ grafts.

Remember, cost of hair transplant, if you require more grafts you'll have to spend

more on your surgery.

FAQ #3 – Does Skill Of The Surgeon Has Any Impact On The Cost?

Usually, the expert specialists will take more fees and that’s something you’ll

notice with every doctor. This mostly happens because of the high demand and

the skills of the surgeon. This means that if you’re planning to visit the top hair

transplant surgeons in India, then might have to spend a bit more amount of


However, never ever compromise when it comes to the skills and experience of

the surgeon. You need to keep in mind that skill, knowledge, qualification, and

experience of the surgeon has a direct impact on the success of your surgery. The

best hair transplant surgeon in India will likely deliver better results compared to


FAQ #4 - Number of Sessions You'll Need

Many individuals require just one complete session. But, if a person is completely

bald and he truly needs to see a sensational change, then he may require a couple

more sessions. This implies it needs more time and will cost more. So, cost of hair

transplant in India can also depend on the number of sessions it takes to

complete the surgery of a patient.

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