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When We Were South Street Journal. Chicago Street Journal for March 18, 2018.

On August 1, 2013, South Street Journal (SSJ) became Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) . For the new readers, you will see just a taste SSJ from the old days. For the older readers, you may recognize some of the old faces and headlines from the past. Sonja Cassandra Perdue Associate Publisher - Digital 773-998-1925

When We Were South Street Journal. Chicago Street Journal for March 18,

Chicago Street Journal February 2017 March 2018 From Chicago To Hollywood. Interview on P age 9. Christine Houston’s Two-Twenty-Seven Success. 1 March 18, 2018 Volume 25 No. 3 August 11, 2017 $1 When Donation Requested We Were South Street Journal. Volume 23 No. 4 The Word and the world are forever evolving. And this is also true of Chicago Street Journal (CSJ). This newspaper began as South Street Journal (SSJ) almost 25 years ago, on the south side of Chicago, and now its pages reach into the global marketplace. Yes. The WORD and the world are moving forward and journalism, in all of its glorious forms, still plays a pivotal role in how we describe our world, whether it is from a street corner in South Africa or from behind a terminal at NASA. What could be more gratifying, than to know that someone is Ghana, the UK or even Asia is reading a publication, that, decades ago featured those who walked the streets of Chicago, and cared about those blocks? There was probably no way that the publisher would have imagined that happening. But, it is happening now because Columbia University had archived SSJ from 1993 to 2007. You’ll find those copies listed under the Southside Chicago Documentation Project as a part of a social science research project on Black communities in Chicago. Under the direction of Publisher and Editor Ron Carter, South Street Journal (SSJ) served the south side Chicago community from 1993 to 2013. In 2007, SSJ served as the platform for the launching of Black Wall Street Chicago and in 2010 sponsored the 1st Black Wall Street National Convention. Recognizing that it was time to move into a new phase of development, designed to reach out to all Chicago communities with distribution on the city’s north, south and west sides, in addition to the south suburbs, CSJ was launched August 1, 2013. For those of you, who back-in-theday, were South Street Journal readers, you may see yourself in these pages, as we invite you to take this soulful stroll down memory lane. And now we invite our new readers to this get acquainted “party” via the images from the past on pages 11, 12 and 13. In addition, CSJ is reaching out to those young, passionate voices around the world who care about this city and our planet. We’re asking them, to write, create and record their own history in these pages. Send us at email at for instructions on submitting articles and editorials. Chicago Street Journal looks forward to another 25 years, as we travel the world, and of course, continue to spread the WORD. Chenel Darby The Difference Between Health and Wellness. Page 5 General Parker is a well-known community, political and civil rights activist in Peoria, Illinois. He is an Executive Council Member of the Organization on Procedural Justice (OPJ). OPJ’s goal is to remove the “Exception Clause” from the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution which allows “slavery or involuntary servitude” for those convicted of a crime. Interview on Page 6. What message did MLK leave on the walls of Chicago’s City Hall in 1965? Page 14

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