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On August 1, 2013, South Street Journal (SSJ) became Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) . For the new readers, you will see just a taste SSJ from the old days. For the older readers, you may recognize some of the old faces and headlines from the past.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue
Associate Publisher - Digital



March 2018 2017

Chicago Street Journal

2018 Candidate's Questioner

Chicago is a diverse city with a rich history and it deserves a robust, local paper

that provides stories about local people and the community issues that inspire and create

anticipation for readers. Although African American interest is still at the core of what

we cover, these questions are still for a city-wide platform to provide our readers with

the creditable work in partnership with the office you seek.

1. What one skill makes you the most qualified candidate for this elected office?

2. Do you agree with Governor Candidate Chris Kennedy and Cook Commissioner Richard

Boykin that there has been strategic moving of African Americans in the City of Chicago to any

extent? If so, please provide examples. If not, can you explain the disenfranchisement of African

Americans in Chicago?

3. Would you support legislation of the Black Wall Street platform as in HB bill 27 [October 14,


4.a How would you describe your own working style with the political party you represent and

with the opposition party?

4.b What is the difference between a conservative and liberal?

5. If any, what one item do you agree with on President Donald Trump's agenda and what do you

disagree on?

6. If (re)elected, what is the first thing you would tackle in this office?

7. Why do candidates use the term “representing the middle class” as opposed to the lower income


8. Are you in favor of parity based on a geographical racial area in contract procurement and how

would you address parity?

9. Are you in favor of term limits or not? If so, for which offices?

10. Do you believe that the Obama Foundation should have a Community Benefits Agreement?

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Ron Carter, Publisher and Editor

Chicago Street Journal



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