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On August 1, 2013, South Street Journal (SSJ) became Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) . For the new readers, you will see just a taste SSJ from the old days. For the older readers, you may recognize some of the old faces and headlines from the past.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue
Associate Publisher - Digital

CSJ’s Interview with General Parker

(cont’d) Interviewer Sonja Cassandra Perdue — CSJ.

Chicago Street Journal

February 2017

March 2018


(Left) General Parker and African Americans Father's Rights advocate,

Kenneth Braswell. (Right) General Parker and MN. Rep.

Keith Ellison, while in Ferguson teaching a weekend class on how

In looking over your bio, I found that you are working on a project

to remove the “Exception Clause” from the 13th Amendment of the US

Constitution which allows “slavery or involuntary servitude” for those

convicted of a crime. Now, that’s some strong stuff. Can you break it

down for us?

When Abraham Lincoln signed Executive Order #95, the Emancipation

Proclamation, it gave people the illusion that slavery no longer existed in

America and had been outlawed. They even took this charade one step

further by Congress passing the 13 th Amendment (the one just ratified in

Mississippi in 2013) which stated “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,



the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

The injection of that “Exception Clause” meant slavery never went anywhere

and legalized slavery still existed here in the United States. All the

racist, politicians and greedy corporate (McDonalds, Sprint, Verizon,

Victoria Secrets, etc.) entities had to do was make sure laws were passed

that would make minorities, the poor and everyone not connected into

criminals thus granting them the benefit of free labor while they keep the

profits. Slavery!

I was appointed three years ago, along with Illinois State Senator, Mattie

Hunter, to be an advisor for the Organization on Procedural Justice

(OPJ) by the Hon. Judge Arthur Burnett who is the first black judge appointed

to the federal court for the District of Columbia. We had our inaugural

meeting on March 28, 2015, at Howard University in Washington,

DC. OPJ was founded by Dr. Merelyn Bates-Mims of Cincinnati,

OH. They co-chair this committee under the direction of the Southern

Ohio Diocese of the Episcopal Church. I’ve since become an Executive

Council member for OPJ. Me, a formerly incarcerated person on a committee

with Lawyers, judges, prosecutors, professors, ex-Army Colonels

and law students. Go figure!

You are also a public speaker, how can you be reached and is there

anything that you would like to add?

I would just like to add, that I love Chicago, except for its winters, and I

try to come here every chance I can get to help out wherever I can. I

spend a lot of time helping Dr. Phillip Jackson of the Black Star Project

by volunteering and mentoring whenever I can. Anybody out there reading

this, I just ask that you find the time to volunteer, tutor, mentor or

donate wherever you can. You may not think what you do matters but

trust me, every little bit helps. You never know who is watching, so continue

to plant those seeds of positivity and love for one another.

I fight for court reform, criminal justice reform, housing and education

reform, civil and human rights and first and foremost, the rights of noncustodial

parents to have a chance to be in their children’s lives. If people

wish to contact me the can go to gparker326@gmail.com or cicbtu@gmail.com

and (309) 232-8583. Thank you!

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