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Selwyn Times: March 21, 2018

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38 Wednesday March 21 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Connecting COMMUNITIES Local people Local news Local ownership Local opinions Star Media. We’re connecting Cantabrians! Your local newspapers.

2 SELWYN TIMES [Edition datE] Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday March 21 2018 39 SELWYN RURAL LIFE New technology enhances safety at worksites Fonterra and Beca have partnered to develop a breakthrough virtual reality health and safety training technology. Fonterra and Beca have partnered to develop a breakthrough virtual reality health and safety training technology. The cutting-edge solution lets employees navigate the co-operative’s manufacturing and distribution sites without the need to set foot on site and will help substantially reduce onboarding times. The new technology will place Fonterra at the forefront of global health and safety innovation and is part of a business wide commitment to become a world leader in risk mitigation. Fonterra director of health and safety, resilience and risk Greg Lazzaro says VR has the potential to be a game changer at the co-operative. “The opportunities for VR are significant. With this solution, we can replicate the physical environment of our sites, so staff can undertake virtual health and safety training in an extremely immersive and realistic way. That means our people can learn about and identify potential hazards more quickly than ever, encouraging more engaged employees and better workplace safety. Following a successful pilot, the new VR technology will replace a significant portion of the hands-on health and safety training at Fonterra that is often costlier and less effective. Training can be tailored to each of Fonterra’s sites and tested through the completion of modules. Andrew Cowie, Project Manager for Beca, says the technology is the future of health and safety training and can be easily replicated in other workplaces and training areas. “Walmart now trains using VR, American footballers are using it and so is the military. Our clients are increasingly interested in the application of VR technologies and the value it can add to their businesses. “In this case, using VR for training is ideal as it is effective whilst being both cost and time efficient. The reality capture for these training tours is done easily with a handheld camera and the VR simulation works via a smart phone using a simple cardboard headset,” says Mr Cowie. Mr Lazzaro says while it’s a novelty at first, using VR is ultimately a safer learning environment and enables a strong familiarsation of sites for Fonterra employees. “While our health and safety performance continues to improve we are always looking for ways to reduce risk to our employees. Using VR means our people can experience hazards in a realistic simulated environment, enhancing learning experiences, without being put in harm’s way,” says Mr Lazzaro. Greg Lazarro Canterbury C T H Timber & Hardware Visit us via our new entrance on Manion Rd • All residential and light commercial drainage • Septic Tank Systems • Alterations • Excavations • Canterbury Wide • Free Quotes M: 027 437 2468 | E: | W: PO Box 86024, Rolleston West, Rolleston 7658 We are here HOURS Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 8am -12pm Your Local Timber Merchant Jason Pester 167 Manion Road, Rolleston P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 ROLLESTON LAW Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace W: T: (03) 374 2547 M: 021 148 6221 Richard Gray E: Anita Molloy-Roberts E: Kate Warren E: GET CONNECTED WITH Scorch Broadband 0800 726 724