Benefit Today From High-Quality Car Service In Kew


This document offers excellent information on car service in Melbourne. The types of car services generally offered have been listed. The document also provides information about the reasons why car service is required. This information is quite useful for those who want to know more about our expert car service.
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Benefit Today From High-Quality Car Service In Kew

Car service in Kew is quite effective for improving and extending the

life of a vehicle. The frequency of servicing required is listed in the

owner’s manual. For older cars, the frequency of oil and filter change is

necessary every 6 months or 10,000 km at an absolute minimum.

Generally, a car must be serviced every 6 months and if the car is

underperforming, then it is the time to get some attention. The

requirements of car service will depend on the make and model of the

vehicle. Car service will generally include:

• Engine oil being changed

• Replacement of the engine oil filter

• A thorough safety check

There are many reasons to have the car serviced regularly including:

• Extending the life of the mechanical components

• Ensuring car safety and roadworthiness

• Providing greater economy and increasing the resale value

• Preventing breakdowns and having owners pay excessive

amounts for car repairs

AAA Automotive is a fully trustworthy car service provider in

Melbourne. We have long-term experience in providing car service and

you can trust us with all your servicing requirements. Providing

excellent quality car service we have built a good reputation in the

automobile industry.

Our expert services include car service, clutch repair, roadworthy

certificate, log book service, mechanic and pre-purchase car inspection.

If you want to improve, the condition of your car, then investing in our

services is the best choice.

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