All You Need To Know About Tipsters


You can't always win a betting game without the help of some friends. In CS:GO betting, you can rely on Tipsters' ability to give nearly accurate predictions and competitive odds.

The world of Counter-Strike: Global

Offensive (CS:GO) online betting plays a big

role in the esports community. Its revenue

might be bigger than the prize pools given in

every esports tournament since these

sportsbook earned lots of Bitcoins from

bettors every day. It makes perfect sense that

online sportsbook quickly became popular

because of the betting markets they provide,

in which players can access through desktop,

mobile phones, or tablets. It is, simply, the

most convenient way of playing at home. And

who would ignore the bonuses and

promotions players can get for free? It would

keep your engine running.

The only problem when betting on CS:GO is

that you might need a little luck, and an

effective strategy. You won’t win if you don’t

understand the game, the payments, and the

betting itself. Apart from that, you need to

beat the odds and increase the probability of

you winning the game. Do you think that

your favorite CS:GO team will always win the

game? No. Beating a sportsbook is never easy

so you need help. Who would you call if you

need help predicting the results of the

matches? The tipsters.

A Tipster is a person or a group of people who provide tips or

general information on the outcome of CS:GO Major tournaments.

These information may include CS:GO predictions, odds, betting

strategies, and tips. Let’s just say that they are your esports savior

before the tournament actually begins. Tipsters are professional and

obviously more knowledgeable than you and the sportsbook about

CS:GO betting or esports betting in general. These people use

statistical-based assumptions and estimations and compare their

insights with the odds provided by sportsbooks.

Some websites run by tipsters are free, but some

require subscription. The one with payment, of course,

might be more credible than the free one. But the

easiest way to get advices from tipster is to visit

internet forums. You can read threads about certain

tournaments where tipsters and esports fan share

ideas, insights, tips, and predictions. How to know if a

person, a website, or group of people is a credible


There are many complaints about

social media tipsters from esports

bettors. If a social media tipster

doesn’t have a good record, avoid its

Facebook or Twitter account at all

costs. Most of them are scammers.

Choosing an online community of

tipsters with a credible website is

your best option. Use the internet to

your advantage and look for tipping

websites with a reliable third-party

partners related to sportsbook. Check

the profit and recency of the tips

made. Remember that there are

many scammers out there. In fact, the

Office of Fair Trading revealed in

2008 that tipster scams earned £1 to

£4 million in the UK alone.

You cannot trust someone with biases on

a specific game or a specific team. Check

if the profit they make when giving tips

is realistic enough, and compare if their

advices are fair and on point. To make

sure, read as many CS:GO predictions

and tips you can and look for the

common denominator.

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