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Hardscape Solutions

At Cedar Nursery


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Cedar Nursery has a range of hardscaping products including gravel and grass stabilisation as well as landscape edging. In

conjunction with our well established partners we provide high quality and durable solutions for your outdoor space. We can

help you to create sweeping pathways, long-lasting drives and perfect borders which will be the envy of your neighbours and

friends alike. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team for more information and advice.

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StablePAVE ECO ……………………………………………………. P. 12-13

StablePAVE TRADE ………………………………………………. P. 14-15

Stable PAVE HD …………………………………………………... P. 16-17

Preparation and Installation …………………………………... P. 18-19

StableGRASS Maxi ……………………………………………….. P. 20-21

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FAQs …………………………………………………………………………. P. 23

About RITE-EDGE …………………………………………………….. P. 25-26

Why use landscape edging? ................................................. P. 28-29

RITE-EDGE features and installation ………………………... P. 30-31

RITE-EDGE Specifications ………………………………………….. P. 32

RITE-EDGE FAQs ……………………………………………………….. P. 33

About RITE-L-EDGE ……………………………………………………. P. 36-37

RITE-L-EDGE features and installation ………………………. P. 38-39

RITE-L-EDGE Specifications ………………………………………. P. 40

RITE-L-EDGE FAQs ………………………………………………… P. 42


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About StablePAVE

The StablePAVE product range is a high quality,

European made gravel stabilisation system and was

developed through collaboration between Hardscape

Resourcing Limited (HRL) and Cedar Nursery,

bringing together 20 years of combined experience in

the supply of gravel stabilisation honeycombs and

grass reinforcement grids. Ongoing product

development and continual improvements over this

period has meant that today we believe our gravel

stabilisation system is the best on the market.

When filled with gravel, this UV stable polypropylene

honeycomb sheet creates a firm, stable and durable

surface. The honeycomb cells, that hold the gravel in

place permanently, are designed to be buried and

invisible in use. When used with an edge constraint,

our products give minimal migration and aggregate


We have a range of gravel stabilisation products for

residential and commercial use as well as for DIYers

and professional contractors to use. Lightweight, cost

-effective and quick to install, StablePAVE is designed

for optimum performance and maximum durability.

The honeycomb reinforcement ensures a perfect

finish to the surface which will be achieved and

maintained for all gravel surfaces including:

driveways, parking bays, commercial areas, paths,

terraces and any other application that requires a

stable gravel surface.


Entry level, black Honeycomb

Panels 0.96m² each and 30mm

deep, great value for pathways

and occasional vehicle usage

or light-weight traffic.


Residential driveway stabiliser,

0.96m² per panel, 30 and 40mm

deep options complete with

membrane backing. Suitable for

light-medium weight traffic.


Heavy duty stabiliser, 0.96m²

per panel, 38mm deep,

complete with membrane

backing. Our strongest and

best selling product.


Grass stabilisation panel 0.96m²

per panel, 38mm deep with a

heavy duty cell wall and open

base for rootzone growth.

Suitable for foot and light

vehicular traffic.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 6




• SUDS and BREEAM compatible

• Fully water permeable ensuring no puddles or

pooling of surface water

• Lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install

• No sinking, rutting or gravel migration

• Provides a durable and long-lasting surface

• Firm non-slip surface providing safe passage for

all users

• Honeycomb invisible after construction

• Load-bearing & low maintenance

• Simple installation making it suitable for DIY


• Recyclable, UV and frost resistant

• Stock readily available for delivery throughout

the United Kingdom


Why Use Gravel?

Gravel is an excellent material to use (when stabilised with

StablePAVE gravel grids) to create an attractive, free draining

surface for gardens, driveways and commercial spaces. It can

be sourced in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures and

is completely permeable. Available in bulk bags or loose loads

all over the UK, it is a cost-effective surfacing material and

completely natural. Other benefits include:

Versatility: Decorative gravels can be used in contemporary

or more traditional settings. Paths, driveways, decorative

borders and plant pots as well as lawn substitutes are all

popular uses.

Security: One of nature’s security systems, having gravel

around your property will actively deter burglars and

trespasses as the sound underfoot will make their presence


Weed suppression: Gravel, inconjunction with a gravel

stabilisation product which has an attached membrane, like

StablePAVE, will mean fewer hours of backbreaking work

plucking those peeping weeds.

Increases property value: Even the cheapest gravels can tidy

up the front and back of a property enough to add thousands

onto the value of your property. The front garden and

driveway is the first thing a potential buyer or renter will see

so an untidy, overgrown mess will put them off instantly.

Throw down some White Limestone or Welsh Brown Gravel

onto your driveway and it will instantly look tidier and neater.

The same can be said of paths and borders and grassed area.

Gravel is a superb surface material to use and when installed

using StablePAVE gravel stabilisation grids, it provides a very

attractive and environmentally friendly surface.


Planning demands for hard surfaces to have minimum impact

on surface drainage capacity (Sustainable Urban Drainage

System or SUDS) is now a specific requirement in most parts

of the UK.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 8



StablePAVE addresses these issues entirely, so

does not require planning approval in

sustainable drainage terms. The system can

be used as part of a fully permeable sub base

construction allowing water to soak into the

ground or with water harvesting installations.

Low Carbon Footprint

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment

Environmental Assessment Method) was

created as a cost-effective means of bringing

sustainable value to development. Our

StablePAVE falls within BREEAM compatibility,

making it an extremely sustainable approach

to your hardscaping needs.

StablePAVE is manufactured from 100%

recycled materials. The panels themselves and

any off cuts can be fully recycled, which leads

to an ultra-low carbon footprint in

manufacture, use and disposal.

StablePAVE lends itself to utilising locally

sourced or recycled aggregates, further

enhancing the products environmental

credentials. Reduced gravel consumption

compared to unreinforced or bound surfaces

further improves the environmental benefits.

As such StablePAVE contributes significantly

to the ‘Green’ credentials of any self-build,

heritage or communal paving requirements.


Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Whether your home currently features a gravel driveway or

you are thinking about installing one, the maintenance of

your gravel driveway is an important factor that needs to be


While many homeowners love the versatility and beauty

offered by gravel, no one wants to spend a lot of time and

money continually maintaining the appearance of their


Fortunately, in addition to providing people with plenty of

options in terms of type, colour, style, gravel can be easily

cared for - especially when used in conjunction with a high

quality gravel stabilisation product like StablePAVE.

StablePAVE substantially reduces the maintenance and

upkeep of your gravel driveway by removing the problems of

rutting, sinking and gravel migration, as well as endless

grading and gravel augmentation. A gravel driveway,

installed with the benefits of our StablePAVE products only

needs a little TLC and will serve you well for a long time.

Here are a few handy tips to help you keep your driveway

looking great at all times

• Debris removal: Make it a habit to rake debris out of your

driveway when needed, especially during the autumn and

winter months. This will help keep your driveway looking

pristine and prevent the build up of mulch.

• Watch your speed: Driving extremely fast on your

driveway can dislodge loose gravel and even cause pieces

to end up in your garden. Over time, this can lead to

unnecessary and prematurely thinned-out areas of the


• Use an edging material: Over time, vehicular and foot

traffic can cause gravel to move about a bit and end up in

the grass instead of on the driveway. To keep gravel in

place and add to the overall attractiveness of your

driveway, consider using landscaping edging products like

RITE EDGE or RITE-L-EDGE to create perfect lines and

sweeping curves. Not only will these products keep the

gravel where it should be, but they are extremely durable,

long-lasting and save you hours of edging work and

further maintenance. Bricks, pavers and other decorative

stones can then be added to further enhance the overall

look and aesthetics.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 10





The ideal cost-effective solution for

paths, cycle-ways, driveways,

communal areas and occasional

vehicular light traffic.

StablePAVE ECO is a gravel stabilisation grid for

pedestrian and light weight/occasional vehicular

traffic (ie. driveways) applications. Coloured black

with a double strength weed suppressant

membrane attached to the base, StablePAVE ECO

stabilisation sheets hold the gravel in place in

honeycomb cells to provide a high performance,

free draining and stable gravel surface.

StablePAVE ECO is produced in light weight,

1200mm x 800mm sized panels which are 30mm

deep, and can be easily cut to fit any shape or

size. They are also capable of withstanding slopes

of up to 10% without serious gravel migration

(intermittent raking and maintenance may be

required). The panels are uniquely designed with

interconnecting location pins which aid accuracy

and installation.

While the applications for this product are

primarily pedestrian, the grids are strong enough

to withstand light vehicular use and occasional

traffic use from landscape and maintenance


landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 12



What Does it Do?

StablePAVE ECO provides a

permeable reinforcement

solution for gravels and pathway

fills, offering a natural alternative

to resin bonded surfaces,

asphalt, concrete and pavers.

Using a uniquely designed

matrix of hexagonal cells, the

honeycomb structure is filled

with gravel and reinforces the

aggregate layer, preventing

rutting, spreading and migration

of the chippings.

Suitable for all pedestrian uses,

such as paths, patios, roof

gardens, quadrangles and leisure

areas, StablePAVE ECO creates a

solid, permeable, wheelchair and

bicycle friendly surface.

Competitively priced, without

compromise on durability,

StablePAVE ECO is tested to the

same standards as the other

reinforcing grids in the

StablePAVE range. It is fast and

easy to install, making this the

ideal solution where budget

considerations are paramount.



The ideal solution for public footpaths

and light vehicle use such as drives,

paths and residential car parks.

StablePAVE TRADE is a white gravel stabilisation

panel designed for minimal impact with a double

strength weed suppressant membrane attached to

the base.

Designed for residential landscapers and paving

contractors, it is produced in a user friendly size of

1200mm x 800mm sized panels and can be easily

cut to fit any shape or size.

StablePAVE TRADE is available in either 30 or

40mm depths and is named StablePAVE TRADE 30

and StablePAVE TRADE 40 respectively. Apart from

an inevitable price difference, the StablePAVE

TRADE 40, with it’s deeper honeycomb cell, allows

for a thicker layer of stone aggregate. This

provides a slightly more robust and durable gravel

surface than the StablePAVE TRADE 30 and

increases its suitability for heavier traffic.

Both products have been fully tested for

compressive loadings of 130 tonnes/m² when

empty and 400 tonnes/m² when filled with gravel.

As with all our StablePAVE products, UV resistance

is incorporated into the formulation at industry

leading levels.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 14



What Does it Do?

StablePAVE TRADE provides a free draining,

permeable paving layer for residential

driveways, paths and patios. This white

gravel stabilisation panel, offering minimal

visual impact, has a double strength

membrane attached to the base preventing

gravel getting underneath the sheets as well

as weed growth.

The honeycomb design prevents rutting,

spreading and gravel migration.

Additionally, this structure reinforces the

gravel layer to give a paving layer strength

comparable to concrete or asphalt. Each

panel has a connector pin to facilitate secure

location and accurate placement. The

finished surface is suitable for vehicle,

pedestrian and wheelchair use.

StablePAVE TRADE is an economical paving

choice for residential applications

combining durability, unlimited choice of

aggregate finish, permeability and fast


Competitively priced, without compromise

on durability, StablePAVE TRADE is tested to

the same standards as the other reinforcing

grids in the StablePAVE range. It is fast and

easy to install, making this the ideal solution

where budget considerations are important.



StablePAVE HD is produced in 1200mm x 800mm panels

which are 38mm deep and can be easily cut to fit any shape or

size. The secure interlocking facility provides immense stability

and enhanced lateral loading resistance. This provides a much

more robust and durable gravel surface and increases its

suitability for heavier, regular traffic.

As with all our StablePAVE products, StablePAVE HD is

manufactured in Europe from 100% recycled materials. The

product can be fully recycled in itself, which leads to an ultralow

carbon footprint in production, use and disposal.

Our flagship product, StablePAVE HD is an

excellent choice for larger residential or light duty

commercial applications such as municipal car


StablePAVE HD is a grey, purpose designed, fully interlocking

honeycomb structure for the stabilisation, containment and

reinforcement of natural gravel surfaces.

It is the most robust of the StablePAVE product group and can

be used in all light to medium vehicular and pedestrian

applications, including constant access commercial or

municipal car parking.

When used with traditional local, natural aggregates, the

StablePAVE HD system offers a significant contribution to

beneficial BREEAM ratings in the landscaping and external

works around your building. The contribution can be further

enhanced by the utilisation of re-cycled decorative


What does it Do?

StablePAVE HD provides a free draining permeable gravel

layer and the reinforcing structure prevents rutting, restricts

gravel migration. The design criteria for the product was to

create a surface that can accommodate heavier vehicles up to

and including emergency and utility access. The additional

lateral load resistance from the interlocking design makes

StablePAVE HD particularly suitable for heavy small wheeled

maintenance or utility plant vehicles, horse boxes and other

high point loading wheeled vehicles.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 16




Sub Base Options

OPTION 1: For domestic use only in low-use pedestrian areas, it is possible to set the units onto compacted earth, followed by

a sand blinding layer. Where this method is adopted we recommend placement of a geotextile membrane between the

compacted earth and the grids.

OPTION 2: For most applications including pedestrian, light vehicle and occasional access by emergency and utility traffic, your

sub base should comprise of 100 - 150mm (depending on application) of suitably compacted type 1 sub base, with a 25 - 30mm

blinding layer.

OPTION 3: For regular heavier vehicle access and heavy traffic areas, such as car parks, you will need 150 - 300mm (depending

on application) of suitably compacted type 1 sub base, with a 25 - 30mm blinding layer.

OPTION 4: For fully permeable paving*, or

water harvesting applications, then make

up should be:

• Compacted earth

• Geotextile layer

• 250 - 275mm of single size filter

media gravel, compacted in layers

• Geotextile layer

• Compacted 25 - 30mm sharp sand

bedding layer

• Stabilised gravel honeycombs panels

filled to required depth and finished

as per recommendations above

*For fully permeable sub bases it is important

that the filter media layer is effectively

contained, to avoid lateral movement.


Gravel 10-20mm


Sand 25-30mm


Gravel 10-20mm


Sand 25-30mm

Sub base 300mm

Gravel 10-20mm


Sand 25-30mm

Sub base 150mm

Gravel 10-20mm


Sand 25-30mm


Filter media gravel



landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 18



Gravel Stabilisation

Prep & Installation

STEPS 1 & 2

• Stabilised gravel honeycombs

elements should be placed on

suitable, compacted previously

constructed sub base (see opposite

for sub base options).

• Sub base should receive a fully

compacted blinding layer of up to

25 - 30mm of sharp sand or

limestone/granite fines.

• Units should be bedded onto

blinded surface, in a flat layer, to a

slight fall if required.

• Stabilised gravel honeycombs units

are then overfilled with selected

gravel to a recommended depth.

• Gravel requirements will be

between 55kg/m² and 75kg/m²

depending on system used.

• After the honeycombs are filled, the

surface should receive a misting of

water to wash through any residual


• Accelerate consolidation by a single

pass with a plate vibrator or similar

light compaction aid.

Step 1. The panels are placed on the prepared sub base. Each panel has projecting

flaps of membrane. Subsequent panels should be laid on these overlaps to inhibit

weed growth between trays and aid product stability.

Step 2. The retaining edging keeps the panels in place. All our systems can be cut

easily with a power or hand saw to conform to any shape required.


Step 3. The vehicles / wheelbarrows used to deliver the gravel can be driven over

the filled panels. The most effective way of filling them is from the front. This helps

to compact the gravel already laid with each subsequent trip.

Step 4. The gravel is then simply spread out across the honeycombs with an overfill

of approximately 10 to 20mm to protect the panels and conceal them from sight.



These reinforced grass paving grids

are the ideal solution for light

vehicular use such as car parking,

access roads, communal social

spaces and woodland pathways with

heavy foot traffic.

StableGRASS MAXI is a purpose designed,

fully interlocking, green coloured reinforcing

grid for grass. It is produced in 1200mm x

800mm panels which are 38mm deep and can

be easily cut to fit any shape or size.

The secure interlocking facility provides

immense stability and enhanced lateral

loading resistance. The units are tested to

resist minimum compression loadings of 135

tonnes/m², with greater load resistance

determined by the sub base structure selected.

StableGRASS MAXI is manufactured from

100% recycled HDPE and is UV treated. The

product can be fully recycled in itself which

leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in

manufacture, use and disposal. As a

permeable paving which facilitates vegetation

growth the end result is environmentally

beneficial whilst enabling land use for

pedestrians and vehicles.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 20



What does it Do?

StableGRASS MAXI provides reinforcement

for seeded grass, turf, green roofs or sedum

surfaces to allow regular pedestrian access

and vehicle use in a variety of applications.

Depending on sub base provision these can

include car parking, vehicle, plant and

equipment access, access roads in

environmentally sensitive areas, communal

social spaces and woodland pathways. The

system can be used both as containment of

growing vegetation or as reinforcement

under turf, and is naturally permeable.


For Pedestrian use and

occasional parking

• 75-100mm Rootzone

(50/50 Sand & Soil)

• 150mm Hardcore

• Natural ground


For Pedestrian and regular

vehicle use

• 75-100mm Rootzone

(50/50 Sand & Soil)

• 300mm Hardcore

• Natural ground



StablePAVE ECO StablePAVE Trade 30 StablePAVE Trade 40 StablePAVE HD StableGRASS MAXI

Panel size (L x W mm) 1200 x 800mm 1200 x 800mm 1200 x 800mm 1200 x 800mm 1200 x 800mm

m² per Panel 0.96m² 0.96m² 0.96m² 0.96m² 0.96m²

Panel depth 30mm 30mm 40mm 38mm 38mm

Load bearing (from) 130 tonnes/m² 130 tonnes/m² 130 tonnes/m² 135 tonnes/m² 135 tonnes/m²


100% recycled PP

(UV treated)

100% recycled PP

(UV treated)

100% recycled PP

(UV treated)

100% recycled HDPE

(UV treated)

100% recycled HDPE

(UV treated)

Usage (traffic) Light Light - Medium Light - Medium

Medium - Heavy


Light - Medium


Maximum slope 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10

Recommended gravel size Up to 10mm Up to 10mm Up to 15mm

Up to 20mm

(10-16mm ideal)


Gravel requirements / m (kg) 55 - 65kg 55 - 65kg 70 - 75kg 70 - 75kg N/A

Recommended gravel overfill 10 - 20mm 10 - 20mm 10 - 20mm 10 - 20mm N/A

Weed membrane attached Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Honeycomb diameter 40mm 40mm 40mm 60mm 60mm

Wall thickness (tapering) 1.05 - 1.45mm 1.05 - 1.45mm 1.20 - 1.45mm 2.0 - 2.90mm 2.0 - 2.90mm

Colour Black White White Grey Green

Weight (unfilled) 1.59kg/m² 1.59kg/m² 2.45kg/m² 3.06kg/m² 3.06kg/m²

All our products have good biological resistance, are almost 100% chemical resistant, fully permeable and SUDS friendly.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 22



Frequently Asked Questions

• Does it drain? Yes, all products are fully permeable and

water simply runs through the gravel and honeycomb.

• How do you edge it? 1. Brick & Cement 2. Haunched

concrete 3. Tanalised timber 4. Tarmacadam (for ramping

to existing surfaces) 5. RITE-EDGE 6. RITE-L-EDGE

approximately -25°C and +75°C

• What maintenance do I need to carry out? Ensure that

the honeycomb is always covered with a thin layer of gravel

(approximately 10 - 20mm). See pages 10-11.

• How long does it last? StablePAVE involves fairly new

technology and has not been on the market that long,

however, failure is rare and we have installations that are

over 25 years old and are still in good working order. For a

long-lasting driveway proper installation is key, but of

course weather and local geology are influencing factors.

• Can you drive cars on it? Yes (although only light traffic

on StablePAVE ECO) with the correct sub base (75mm to

300mm of hard-core / crushed concrete) and 25mm to

50mm of compacted sharp sand. The product will

withstand occasional large lorries such as removal lorries,

horse boxes, skip lorries and oil deliveries.

• Can you use it on a slope? Gentle slopes are OK; (up to 1

in 10) you must maintain the area by raking the gravel. If

the honeycomb can be seen, this is when damage occurs.

• Can you install it on an old drive / concrete base? We

do not recommend that you use the existing drive as a sub

base for the these products as this can cause drainage

problems with non-porous materials.

• Are they frost proof and heat proof? Yes, they are to


landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 24




Designed by landscape architects, the multiaward

winning RITE-EDGE is specified by

professional landscapers as the obvious edging

solution for lawns, borders, beds and pathways

alike. Perfect straight lines, neat corners,

sweeping curves and enviable shapes are easily

achieved allowing a pristine garden


RITE-EDGE is manufactured from an Aircraft

Grade Aluminium Alloy designed to last at least

30 years, so no painting, staining, rusting or

replacing to worry about. Light and easy to

handle, RITE-EDGE comes in long lengths

allowing for greater versatility so you can edge

even the most complex of shapes. The profile

features a smooth round top edge, so no sharp

edges to cut you or damage a lawn mower’s

blades, and the castellated body gives

maximum strength and prevents lifting by frost.

Joining lengths could not be easier owing to

RITE-EDGE’s telescopic design and is achieved

by sliding one piece into the other with a small

overlap. For a flush fit, place a small piece of

edging behind the joint and sliding the lengths

together at the front. Barbed stakes then slot

through the specially designed pockets

securing the edging into the ground making

installation very neat, quick and easy.


A multi-award winning high quality and durable solution for lawn

edging, garden edging, landscape edging and more.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 26




• Quick and easy to install

• Maintenance free

• Will not lift in frost

• Capable of edging complex shapes

• Saves hours of back-breaking edging work

• Ensures ‘just-edged’ look permanently

• Can be used with sand, gravel, lawn, pebbles,


So use RITE-EDGE and stand back with pride and

admire that permanent just-edged look without all

those hours of back-breaking edging and spade



Why Use Landscape Edging?

A well-planned landscape design is created by a series of

lines. Whether these lines are curved or straight, it is

imperative to the design that they remain crisp and easy to

maintain - this is where a proper, effective landscape edging

solution comes into play. The correct use of landscape edging

can save the user time, labour and money, as well as ensure

the design remains visually appealing. Without the presence of

an edging, a landscape design can begin to migrate over time,

causing the design to lose its original intent.

Landscape edgings are used for many differing applications,

however, only a few applications make up the majority of

edging use. The most common use of landscape edging is to

divide a landscaping or flower bed from the lawn. The edging

is used to create a permanent border between the grass and

the soil, rocks, or mulch in the bed area. This prevents grass

from spreading into the bed, and it also helps retain the mulch

or rock from spilling into the lawn.

Another popular use for landscape edging around the house is

a maintenance line. These are borders either around the

house, driveway, pathway or a fence line, often filled with

stone or gravel, that catch water runoff and prevent the need

to mow right up to the building or object. Edging is necessary

in this application in order to separate the grass from the

stone or gravel.

Similar to the maintenance line, a tree ring can be installed to

circle the trunk of a tree to prevent the need to mow right up

to the tree. This area is often filled with mulch and/or flowers,

and the edging allows separation from the grass.

There are a large variety of materials used in landscape

edgings today. In order to achieve maximum performance, it is

important to understand the difference in the various edging


• Aluminium is a durable, easily formed, lightweight metal

that is perfect for landscape use. Aluminium is nontoxic,

has excellent corrosion resistance and is 100% recyclable. It

is also extremely durable and will not rust, rot, or crack

making it well suited and sturdy enough to withstand the

demands of Mother Nature and heavy gardening

equipment and machinery. When properly installed

aluminium edgings and restraints will never need to be

replaced and will remain beautiful for the life of your


• Steel is also very popular among landscape professionals

for its durability, ability to hold landscape lines in place and

resistance to rot. When working with steel edging, it is

important to be aware that steel can be quite heavy,

and can rust over time.

• Plastic edgings have become very popular due to their low

cost, with many styles and differing quality levels available.

In this case it is imperative to use a high quality plastic

product as many plastic composites, such as polypropylene

and polyethylene are very susceptible to direct sunlight

and freeze-thaw working their way out of the ground, in

what is called frost heave.

• Wood edging and bender boards, while popular in the

past, are less commonly used today. Despite its natural

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 28



The Benefits of Using

Landscape Edging

• Shows off your flowers and shrubs

• Gives you a permanent professional finish

• Adds to the design of your garden

• Provides a neat edge along drives and pathways

• Compliments and contrasts surrounding

buildings and the remainder of your landscape

• Adapts to straight or curved areas with equal


• Helps contain the mulch that you put around

your flowers

• Helps protect the base of young trees and

garden ornaments, etc. from strimmers/mowers

• Saves trimming and weeding time

• Gives you a cleaner mowing and strimming line

• Provides a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn

grasses from entering flowerbeds

• Adds value to your landscape without

necessarily spending a lot of money

• Saves you hours of back-breaking edging work

and maintenance

beauty, wood lacks durability and will

eventually rot.

• A more recent development in landscape

edging, concrete curbing, is growing in

popularity and is available in a variety of

shapes, colours and patterns. This kind of

edging requires a special curbing machine and

a trained operator to install. While providing a

permanent installation, concrete curbing can

develop cracks and chips over time, and is not

ideal for cold climates.

• Brick and stone, while appealing to the eye,

are more expensive forms of edging and, in

effect, borders. They last a long time and have

a pleasing aesthetic appearance, however,

bricks and stones can eventually shift out of

place and vegetation can also creep into the

cracks. In a climate where frost heave occurs,

cementing bricks and stones is not a suitable


• Natural edging, also known as spading or

trenching, means digging a line along the turf

and flowerbed. With no physical barrier to

define the two, you will need to redefine the

edge each year or sometimes more frequently,

causing the bed edge to migrate. This means

hours of intensive labour and careful upkeep.

When choosing the best edging there are many

decisions to make, but choosing the right product

the first time will save a lot of time and labour.


RITE-EDGE Features



Brown Gloss


Green Gloss


Black Gloss


• RITE-EDGE is manufactured Aluminium

Alloy 6063 to a T6 hardness. Whilst the

fixing stakes are Aluminium Alloy 6061 to

a T6 hardness

• Standard length: 2.438m

• New Standard length: 1.2m

• Standard Thickness: 3mm

• Height: 102mm

• Aluminium Stakes supplied (2 stakes per

2.4m and 1 stake per 1.2m)

• High Gloss Finish

• RITE EDGE (2.438m) is available in 4

different RAL colour options: Natural

Aluminium and Brown, Green and Black.

• RITE EDGE (1.2m) is available in Natural

Aluminium and Brown only

• Profile features a smooth round top

edge - won’t cut you or damage your

lawn mower’s blades

• Pieces connect by sliding into one

another or you can use a small joiner for

a flush fit

• Heavy duty aluminium and 140mm deep

units available (POA)

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 30



RITE-EDGE Installation

1. Dig a small trench around 5cm wide and 10cm deep in

the exact position you require your new edge.

2. Now form the RITE-EDGE to the shape and design you

require including the 5cm (approx) overlap joints. For

sharp angled bends use a piece of 4” x 2” timber or the

end of a work bench holding the RITE-EDGE down on

the flat surface and swiftly pushing down on the

overhanging RITE-EDGE until the desired angled bend is

achieved. This can now be placed into the trench you

formed for the edging, making sure the stake pockets

are located towards the lawn side.

3. Check the exact height for the top of the RITE-EDGE

which should be just above true ground level (@2-6mm)

but beneath the required cut grass level.

4. If you are now happy with the shape and height, add the

fixing stakes and drive fully home.

5. A simple back filling on the sides of your RITE-EDGE

completes your RITE-EDGE installation.

Helpful Tips:

Joining is achieved using the unique telescopic design by

simply sliding one piece inside the other. We recommended

an approximate 5cm overlap on each joint. For a flush fit

simply place a small piece of Rite Edge behind the joint and

slide the pieces together at the front - packs of joining

pieces can be purchased separately. Avoid forming curves

and bends at stake locations as it will be more difficult to

pass stakes through the stake pocket.















(Also sold per length)






2.438 10.2 3 150

14 Lengths

(34 Linear Metres)


C532 BROWN 2.438 10.2 3 150

C533 GREEN 2.438 10.2 3 150

C534 BLACK 2.438 10.2 3 150

14 Lengths

(34 Linear Metres)

14 Lengths

(34 Linear Metres)

14 Lengths

(34 Linear Metres)







1.2 10.2 3 150

4 Lengths

(4.8 Linear Metres)


C532RT BROWN 1.2 10.2 3 150

4 Lengths

(4.8 Linear Metres)




















10.5 10.2 3 150 14 Pieces YES

C566 BROWN 10.5 10.2 3 150 14 Pieces YES

C567 GREEN 10.5 10.2 3 150 14 Pieces YES

C568 BLACK 10.5 10.2 3 150 14 Pieces YES

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 32



Frequently Asked Questions

• What is RITE-EDGE made from? A high grade Aluminium

alloy, commonly used in aircraft structures for its long life

and flexibility.

• What is the best way to install RITE-EDGE in my garden?

See page 31 for full instructions.

• Can I bend RITE-EDGE? Yes. For gentle curves the

aluminium has a degree of flexibility and will bend naturally.

For tighter bends or circles the aluminium can be shaped

round a solid object such as a tree trunk or gate post. Sharpe

acute bends or corners can be achieved by using a standard

90 degree corner piece or alternatively by bending the RITE-

EDGE over an object with a square/sharp corner such as a

block of wood, a brick or the edge of a work bench.

• How do I join the lengths of RITE-EDGE together? The

most effective method is to use the unique Telescopic

System inbuilt into each length of RITE-EDGE using the

unique extruded shape which allows the pieces to slide

together. The recommended overlap is 50mm and this not

only holds the two pieces together in a standard straight line

it also allows for lateral movement when retaining stakes are

driven into the ground securing it in the desired place. For a

flush fit simply place a small piece of RITE-EDGE behind the

joint and slide the pieces together at the front - packs of

joining pieces can be purchased separately.

• Can I cut my lawn where I have installed RITE-EDGE? Yes,

provided you have installed the edging at the recommended

2-6mms above the ground level of the lawn. If you have

installed the product proud of the lawn (ie. in order to retain

a bed) then cut as close as you can with the lawnmower and

then use a ‘trimmer’ to get right up to the edging. Plastic line

trimmers will not damage the product.

• Can I remove the RITE-EDGE once I have installed it? Yes,

by pulling the barbed stakes out of the ground and pulling

out the edging.

• What maintenance will I need to carry out on my RITE-

EDGE? None. RITE-EDGE is made from Aluminium so it does

not rust, crack, rot and will never need repainting.

• Do you offer an installation service? No but any good

local gardening or landscape service would be able to install

it for you.

• Is the product guaranteed? Yes, the RITE-EDGE product is

guaranteed for quality and workmanship, however we

cannot be held responsible for the installation or the use of

the product once it has been delivered to a customers


• What is the delivery time if I place an order today? We

have stock in the UK for same day delivery or collection from

Cobham, Surrey.

• How long will it last? Aluminium has been used in industry

and the field of aviation for years and is known to be strong,

light and durable, capable of giving many years of service.

There are installations of Aluminium edges that are still in

good condition after 27 years.


landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 34





The RITE-L-EDGE aluminium landscape edging

system has been designed with both the

landscape architect and installer in mind, with

its L-shape design section for additional

strength it is easy to install and lasts a lifetime.

Used with asphalt, paving slabs, blocks paving,

resin bonded or loose gravel surfaces, RITE-L-

EDGE is the ultimate choice in landscape

edgings. It is also suitable for use in public and

private areas including playgrounds, parks and

surrounding areas to landscapes and buildings

Available in a Flexi and Non-Flexi version, the

base of the section incorporates fixing holes to

enable the section to be secured to an

appropriate sub base. Within the vertical

section is a slot along the length of the edging

to accommodate the supplied joining piece.

This joining system ensures each length joins to

the next simply and accurately. The regular

spacing of cut-away ‘V’ shaped slots in the Flexi

version enables flexibility to create any shape or

design. For straight line precision, the non-flexi

version ensures straight lines to sharp rightangle

bends are quick and simple to achieve.

Rite-L-Edge uses Aluminium Alloy 6005A T6

and due to its high resistance to heat, makes it

suitable for use with hot asphalt surface

finishing up to 180°C.


A high quality, durable unobtrusive edging solution, uniquely designed

for hard landscape surfaces

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 36




• Quick and easy to install with simplified

joining system

• Maintenance free - no rusting, no staining

• Creates pleasing lines and curves

• Available in different depths

• ‘L’ shaped section for added strength

• Extra strong steel fixing pins (sold separately)

• Strong but flexible with high retaining



RITE-L-EDGE Features

• RITE-L-EDGE is manufactured

Aluminium Alloy 6005A to a T6


• Standard length: 2.438m

• Standard Thickness: 5mm

• Fixing method - steel pins

• Simple joining method using

supplied connector strips facilitating

quick and easy installation

• High heat resistance < 180°C

• Various profile heights and widths

available depending on end use


• Asphalt

• Wetpour

• Self-binding gravel

• Resin bound

• Loose gravel

• Concrete

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 38



RITE-L-EDGE Installation

Installation should be on a suitably compacted sub base constructed typically from an MOT Type 1 or Type 3 material. A

bedding layer may also be preferable to enable positioning and levelling which can be of a dry mix (3:1 sharp sand and cement)

or a 10-15mm binding layer of fines or sand. The base of the ‘L’ shaped section should be fixed to the sub base with steel fixing

pins, 10mm diameter x 250mm long.

The number of fixing pins required per linear metre is dependent on the application, the recommendations are – Where the

installation is to be subjected to frequent vehicular traffic the pins should be installed at 10cm spacing, 20cm for occasional

vehicular traffic and 30cm spacing for pedestrian traffic. When fixing to existing concrete or asphalt it is recommended to use a

proprietary masonry fixing system utilising screws/plugs or nails.

Basic Installation Steps:

1. Excavate site, 2. Lay levelling layer, 3. Install top surface, 4. Install sub-base to required depth , 5. Fix landscape edging



Flexi / Non-Flexi

Aluminium Edging

Surfacing Material

Flexi / Non-Flexi

Aluminium Edging

Surfacing Material

Positioning &

Levelling Layer

Positioning &

Levelling Layer

Min 150mm


Sub Base

Min 150mm


Sub Base

Steel Fixing Pin

Steel Fixing Pin














(Also sold per length)






2.438 18 30 560

30 Lengths

(72 Linear Metres)





2.438 25 50 560

30 Lengths

(72 Linear Metres)





2.438 38 50 560

20 Lengths

(48 Linear Metres)





2.438 50 50 560

20 Lengths

(48 Linear Metres)





2.438 64 50 560

20 Lengths

(48 Linear Metres)





2.438 75 70 815

15 Lengths

(36 Linear Metres)





2.438 100 70 815

10 Lengths

(24 Linear Metres)





2.438 120 70 815

10 Lengths

(24 Linear Metres)





2.438 150 70 815

10 Lengths

(24 Linear Metres)


landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 40



Perfectly Aligned


products work perfectly

together with

StablePAVE to create

fluid landscapes and

easy solutions, whatever

the project.


Frequently Asked Questions

• What is RITE-L-EDGE made from? RITE-L-EDGE is made

from an aluminium 6005A alloy, known for its strength and

high durability.

• What is the best way to install RITE-L-EDGE in my

garden? See page 35 for full instructions.

• Can I bend RITE-L-EDGE? Yes. The regular spacing of the

cut-away ‘V’ shaped slots in the Flexi version enables

flexibility to create any shape or design. For linear precision,

the non-flexi version ensures straight lines to sharp rightangle

bends are quick and simple to achieve (for complex

shapes, providing a suitable bedding layer would be

preferable enabling further positioning and levelling).

• How do I join the lengths of RITE-L-EDGE together? You

can simply join the lengths of RITE-L-EDGE using the

supplied connector strips facilitating quick and easy


• Can I cut my lawn where I have installed RITE-L-EDGE?

Yes, provided you have installed the edging correctly you

can take your lawnmower right up to the edge of your lawn

without damaging the blades.

• Can I remove the RITE-L-EDGE once I have installed it?

No, RITE-L-EDGE is designed to be a permanent, heavy-duty

landscaping solution for projects where a paver restraint is a


• What maintenance will I need to carry out on my RITE-

EDGE? None. RITE-EDGE is made from Aluminium so it

does not rust, crack, rot and will never need repainting.

• Do you offer an installation service? No but any local

gardening or landscape service would be able to install it for


• Is the product guaranteed? Yes, the RITE-L-EDGE product

is guaranteed for quality and workmanship, however we

cannot be held responsible for the installation or the use of

the product once it has been delivered to a customers


• What is the delivery time if I place an order today?

Approximately 7-10 working days is normal delivery time.

• How long will it last? With its heavy duty ’L’ shaped

section extruded from durable aluminium 6005A alloy, it is

designed to last a lifetime.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 42




landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 44



About Us

Cedar Nursery is located near Cobham in Surrey, just down the road from Effingham Junction and East Horsley. Established in

1986, we are an independent, family run Plant and Outdoor Living Centre in the heart of Surrey, serving consumers and garden

professionals for over 30 years.

We offer a wide range of plants, planters, outdoor living products and services. Our aim is to help you create your perfect

outdoor space that will enhance and complement your home. Our dedicated team of experts and designers will work closely with

you to create the perfect solution to fit your needs. Come and visit us and talk with one of our friendly members of staff on how

we can make the most out of your outdoor space.

Our product range includes:

• Trees, Shrubs, Conifers & Perennials

• Oak Garages, Car Ports & Pergolas

• Biossun Bioclimatic Pergolas

• Julian Christian Summerhouses

• Designer Garden Rooms

• Gravel Grass Stabilisation

Landscape Edging

• Hot Tubs from USA

• Bespoke Planters

• Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ’s, Pizza

Ovens, Firepits & Kamados

• Professional Garden Design



Opening Hours

• Monday to Saturday: 8.30am to 5.30pm

• Sunday / Bank holidays: 10.30am to 4.30pm


Bespoke Steel Planters

With decades of experience our expert craftsmen hand-form

your planters with great care and attention; this UK based

workshop ensures a rapid and accurate build. Each planter is

individually built to your exact specifications. All our planters

are made to order and as such we do not produce any

standard sizes.

Galvanised and Powder-coated steel planters have established

themselves as a popular choice for modern gardens. With

their striking sharp lines and shining surfaces, our elegant

designs are an eye catching addition which fit perfectly with

any planting scheme. Constructed from high-grade UK

sourced galvanised steel sheets, the planters have an

extensive lifespan.

Galvanised finishes can maintain a brilliant shine if coated with

oil based products or left to mellow with a matte patina,

powder-coated planters can be specified with either a gloss or

matt coating for a long lasting finish.

Fibreglass Planters

Our range of fibreglass planters are professionally designed to

suit any situation and style. Hand-made in the UK, our

planters can either be finished in a range of vibrant colours

with a number of special finishes, all of which are weather and

sunlight resistant so that they maintain their appearance

without fading.

With their elegant design and plentiful finish options, they are

an ideal fit for any garden area, complementing a wide range

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 46



of plants. Planters can be pre-drilled for drainage if used outside,

or left sealed and fully water-tight for interior use.

Fibreglass itself is made from special plastic polymers which are

then reinforced with randomly arranged glass fibres. This

produces a strong lightweight material whose bulk strength

exceeds many metals with the advantage that it can be easily

moulded into complex shapes. As such it is the perfect material

for outdoor planters especially where weight is an issue.

Terracotta Planters

Our range consists of a beautiful collection of hand-made

terracotta containers and planters including contemporary and

traditional designs. The colour of the clay has a mellow antique

finish that is subtle and is perfectly harmonious with the classic,

as well as the more contemporary styles.

Their composition and thickness make them robust and sturdy

and they are fully certified as frost-resistant. The refinement of

the collection is reviewed annually by a team of designers,

working closely with the manufacturing and marketing teams to

update the designs and introduce unique models and product


Fibreclay Planters

Fibreclay offers an attractive and authentic faux-lead planter, and

represents excellent value for money. Fibreclay is manufactured

using environmentally-friendly raw materials and unique

techniques which require 90% less energy than is used for

ceramic or plastic planters. Fibreclay planters are lightweight, UV

and frost resistant and easily portable before potting-up.


Garden Buildings

Cedar Nursery has an extensive range of outdoor buildings and

structures, from modern minimalist Bio-Climatic patio covers and

eco-friendly garden rooms to cosy, stylish summerhouses, functional

solid oak garages and beautiful pergolas.

Whether you have a garden, large or small, a patio or a roof terrace,

we have a solution to suit your requirements and optimise your

outdoor space. We want to create a new kind of space for you,

where you can be at one with your environment, where indoor living

and outdoor living converge, where light abounds and you can

forget about the worst of the elements and relax.

BIOSSUN Bioclimatic Pergolas

Biossun have become synonymous with the bioclimatic pergola, the

concentrated blend of superior design and technology that strikes

the perfect balance between habitat, home comfort and climatic


Biossun promotes a symbiosis with one’s environment. It allows a

pleasant temperature to be set and maintained, humidity control,

and the privileges of natural lighting. Whatever the weather,

equipping your outdoor space with a Biossun bioclimatic pergola

means more quality time on your patio or roof terrace.

Oak Buildings & Structures

Our oak framed buildings and structures are built using traditional

building methods with the strength and durability of Britain’s

favourite wood. All joints are precisely cut and use the traditional

method of draw pegging to hold them in place.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 48



Whether it’s a pergola, gazebo or garage, we take pride in being

able to offer a fully bespoke service that can meet your exact

requirements. From the supply of the basic frame and assembly

instructions right through to an all-inclusive build, the management

of your project can be very flexible and determined during initial

discussions. Flexibility is key and we can supply the oak frame as

well as many different styles of roof to match your individual needs.


The Julian Christian brand is synonymous with products of

outstanding quality and style, since design has always been at the

heart of their philosophy. These classic, elegant buildings offer a

level of versatility, with each providing without doubt the perfect

setting for entertaining family and friends or a relaxing sanctuary in

which to escape.

We offer the complete range of Julian Christian buildings from

their Classic and inspirational Lifestyle collections, with different

styles and sizes seating between 4 and 20 people. - there really is a

building to suit every garden!


Our ‘Cedar Garden Rooms’ range offers elegant, eco-friendly and

durable spaces to complement and enhance your home and

garden. Our design team will work closely with you to create a

garden room that fits your needs down to every detail.

Contemporary, practical and flexible, we design garden rooms that

can be adapted to suit all budgets and lifestyles and offer solutions

for office space, home gyms, studios, playrooms, guest rooms,

additional entertaining spaces and more.


Outdoor Cooking

We sell an extensive range of outdoor cooking products from

customisable outdoor kitchens, through to wood-burning ovens and

firepits, as well as barbecues and accessories.

Freestanding BBQs

All our products, from our large gas grill models down to our

portable charcoal, gas and electric BBQs, are capable of preparing

almost any kind of food, from sausages and burgers to pizzas and


As with all products at Cedar Nursery, we wish to enhance your

living and working space and our brands capture this aim perfectly.

Cooking with all our brands is easy, helping to ensure food is

cooked perfectly every time, and with our extensive warranties, we

believe you will be enjoying our BBQs for many years to come.

Outdoor Kitchens

For many people, an outdoor kitchen represents the height of

entertaining luxury. You may imagine yourself flipping burgers to

the applause of your friends or sipping wine while a pizza bakes

over a hot fire. Whether you are dreaming of a rustic pizza oven or a

sleek line of stainless steel, adding an outdoor kitchen can extend

your living and entertaining space substantially.

Outdoor kitchens can be fully integrated systems personalised for

your requirements using our very own professional design service.

Alternatively you can also choose from a range of modular units, pre

-configured with a combination of units to suit your wants and

needs, or simply choose an island unit that arrives ready to install.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 50



Wood Fired and Pizza Ovens

There is nothing like the taste and texture of a hand-made pizza,

perfectly cooked with those subtle smokey hints from the real

fire of a quality wood fired oven. However, these ovens are

about more than simply pizza. They bake delightful breads,

scrumptious golden vegetables and melt-in-the-mouth

casseroles and curries.

So whatever your space or budget constraints may be, whether

you want an oven ready built, or a self-assembly bespoke

solution, we have the perfect oven for you.

Speciality Cooking

Speciality Cooking components have become increasingly

popular over the last ten or so years and there is a wide range of

different brands and equipment from which to choose.

Whether it's a kamado, teppanyaki plate, smoker or braai, your

outdoor cooking can become a culinary garden centrepiece and

source of wonderfully crisp pizzas and fresh baked bread, to slow

cooked pulled pork, braai-fired burgers, Japanese-style stir fry

recipes, omelettes and even pancakes.


Firepits are a great way of transporting the rustic feeling of a

campfire into your garden, patio or deck. Used year-round, a

firepit offers a cosy focal point outdoors where family and

friends can come together.

We have many models of firepits in different styles and sizes that

will work in any outdoor living area, so come and pay us a visit!



The Westminster range uses the

finest materials including stainless

steel, powder-coated aluminium,

teak and Sunbrella®. The entire

Westminster Garden Furniture

range is available here at the

Cedar Nursery and many ranges

can be seen at our showroom in

Cobham, Surrey.

Over the past 25 years,

Westminster has strived to create

furniture of undeniable elegance

and style. They are passionate

about the products they create

and know this passion is shared

by their discerning customers.

The Westminster brand embodies

four essential elements, quality,

service, form and function,

ensuring products are designed

to encompass the essence of your

personal outdoor oasis.

All Westminster furniture is

handmade by skilled craftsmen

using only the highest grade raw

materials and modern processes

to provide a reassuring

consistency throughout their

entire range.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 52




Barlow Tyrie is renowned worldwide

for luxury outdoor furniture

that strikes the highest note

in quality and style. Their

international reputation is based in

part on their superior designs,

which they share with quality

interior furniture making a piece

correct to the eye and body. An

uncompromising pursuit of quality

in materials and manufacture is the

heart of their ethos.

Manufacturing since 1920,

they remain a family business in its

third generation with directors Peter

Tyrie and his sons, Mark

and James managing the company.

They have always specialised in the

manufacture of high quality teak

furniture to which more recently

they have added products

in stainless steel, powder-coated

aluminium, Eucalyptus, and handwoven

synthetic fibre. The expert

use of top-grade teak remains at

the heart of their business and with

demand for quality teak furniture

on the rise, its use can be seen in

several of our new ranges.




Cane-line started out as a producer of high-end indoor furniture in 1987 but over the last 30 years have transformed into an

international company offering unique collections of both indoor and outdoor design furniture.

Staying true to their DNA they only work with carefully chosen Danish designers, manufacturing with high quality materials

and unique Cane-line technologies. These include the Cane-line ‘QuickDry system’, Cane-line weave and special fabrics like tex,

soft-touch and rope. All special technologies and materials that fulfil low maintenance, are temperature and UV resistant as

well as being easy to clean.

They show the greatest respect for nature and people, and their products are designed to offer comfort and timelessness for

years to come. With a mission to add value and comfort to life, Cane-line ensures that their furniture is made with the greatest

care for the environment and the wellbeing of people.

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 54



Design with a Difference

We can design a corner of the garden, remodel existing beds,

add a new terrace or completely redesign the garden to

accommodate your changing needs. Our team of qualified

garden specialists will guide you through our design process.

From a simple garden consultation to a full garden design

package, we can tailor our service to fit you.

This is where we are different…!

We will present a 3D walk-through of your new outdoor

space, which will transport you into your future garden. This

will be a colour rendered animation with realistic textures and

materials, with a realistic representation of your house and its

future garden. The planting shown will be a 3D

representational illustration of the structure and leaf form of

the plants we envisage. A suggested planting list will also be

included with the design.

Why rely on 2D plans when you can see exactly what has

been proposed from your own eye level. Our Landscape

Design service ensures that everybody involved in the design,

construction and maintenance of the garden understands the

scheme prior to starting any work on site. Our unique

package includes:

Brief: A written description of our initial ideas based on the

design consultation

Design booklet: Colour visualisations of the completed


Product and plant suggestions: A list of plants, and

products incorporated within the design. An additional plan

with further details of your finished design.

Material and budget estimations: We will produce a sheet

for budget estimations and material quantities.

Bespoke design specifications: Relevant drawings for

bespoke products we supply.

Personal DVD or USB: A personalised DVD or USB

containing the visualisation.

YouTube link to your visualisation: A Youtube link will be

sent to you that will allow you to stream your visualisation

instantly via a PC, tablet or smart TV.

Mood board: Annotated layout survey drawing surrounded

by inspirational images.

A1 plan: Annotated layout plan with visualisations.




Our site has our entire range

of StablePAVE, RITE-EDGE and

RITE-L-EDGE products and up to

date pricing.


01932 862473


Cedar Nursery

Cedar Nursery

Horsley Road


KT11 3JX


Monday to Saturday

8.30am - 5.30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays

10.30am - 4.30pm

landscaping.co.uk | 01932 862473 56

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