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06 Transforming your

life with Mariano Farrugia

An exceptional interview with

the CEO of Ultimate Physique

Mariano Farrugia, regarding his

new sporting strategy




A Long chat with

designer Alizee Brion

of light on white studio

Exclusive interview with

a Columbia School of

Architecture NYC graduate

and a former Philippe Starck





Passion is Everything

An exclusive take on Milan

Fashion Week by Malta’s

Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

Blogger Grazielle Camilleri




American Tourister

Announces Footballing

Legend Cristiano

Ronaldo as its 2018 Brand


International football superstar

and fashion icon, Cristiano

Ronaldo becomes official new

brand ambassador for Tourister


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32 Burberry the Latest Collection

British actors Cara Delevingne and Matt Smith appear in a portfolio

of images captured for Burberry by British photographer

Alasdair McLellan


36 Charles and Ron

presentation at New

York Fashion Week

Charles & Ron fashion show

review powered by Art Hearts

Fashion NYFW at The Angel

Orensanz Foundation in New

York Citynobitat.


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Sunday Trends, is our latest addition to the prestigious publications

portfolio and is singularly poised to bring the world of international

fashion home to Malta. With a new editor and super contributors who

travel to, and live in, the style capitals of the lifestyle and fashion world,

we are out there on the front lines of fashion.

Sunday Trends is filled with up-to-the-minute news from the runways

of New York, London, Milan and Paris. From the front row to the

shopping addresses of Malta, Sunday Trends Magazine is there. Each

issue of Sunday Trends has a shopping section filled with everything

that Maltese fashion and beauty lovers need to hit the streets. As well

as delivering the best finds in Malta, we will also continue to introduce

our readers to the personalities behind Malta's fashion and retail

scene. We celebrate the designers, retailers and spa owners who make

it all happen in Malta.

It was two years ago in a quaint café in Valletta, Sunday Trends was

conceived as an idea which would not quite go away and so the

initiative took shape in the form of a magazine. Our main focus at

Sunday Trends is to preserve the past, honour the present and shape

the future. And two years down the line, we find ourselves following

that same vision and take pride in the fact that along the way, we

shall be helping build portfolios and contributing to the rise of many

creative minds - be it through their first editorial coverage in print or

showcasing their first art series or interviewing them for their debut

or novel, Sunday Trends literally gives a platform to the deserving so

they can stand tall and share their brilliance and sensibility with the

rest of the world. It’s our small way of helping them take their first step

to greater heights.

Along with promoting the young and talented we applaud the Masters

as well. Our focus is to present fresh profiles, cutting edge imagery

and engaging content… In a nut shell we are a creative playground

that celebrates all things arts. We inspire, excite, inform and entertain

with sexy, compelling and powerful photo and video content created

by some of the industry’s most talented artists and influencers.

Mariano Farrugia is the face of our first front cover! Check out the

exclusive interview with celebrity designer Alizee’ Brion on her strong

ties with Monaco where yachting and sailing is part of her lifestyle.

We also are excited to feature celebrity travel, fashion and lifestyle

blogger Grazielle Camilleri, with an exclusive photoshoot titled “Passion

is Everything” held at Piazza Duomo exclusively for our magazine, with

Italian photographer Carlo Jourdan and Denis Aljush, in this fashion

capital wearing designs by fashion designer Ritienne Zammit.

Radiant and flamboyant British actors Cara Delevingne and Matt

Smith appear in a portfolio of images captured for Burberry by British

photographer Alasdair McLellan. And as if this was not enough, we

have exceptional high-class exclusive pieces by Karl Laferfeld and also

follow Charles & Ron’s latest fashion adventure in New York.

It seems impossible to escape traffic these days, even when you are

on holiday. However, we have found some car-free destinations where

you can do just that for your travels.

Our new Editorial team has also worked tirelessly to bring you the

latest stories and lifestyle trends that you cannot find elsewhere,

making this publication truly unique and original, with content rich

stories, rare information, minimalistic artwork design… and this is only

a glimpse of what is in store for the future!

Celebrate with us our new issue!

Martin Vella



Transforming your life

By Martin Vella

MBR: Can you tell us about the journey you embarked leading to your

own personal lifestyle change, what motivated you to make a huge

turn around, that not only changed the way you live but the way you

looked at life?

MF: A lot of people ask me how did you get into Fitness, people’s lifestyle

and into all of this activity. My response usually is the same that drives

all of us to succeed, one or two experiences, either an inspiration or a

desperation. For me, it was more of a desperation. If you are dissatisfied

in some area of your life right now, such as your physical appearance or

aesthetic, instead of getting frustrated, get excited. I share this with you.

Until you are dissatisfied you don't do anything that would take your life

to another level. Dissatisfaction is a game changer. If you are satisfied,

you are going to take a comfortable position and then your life starts to

deteriorate. I grew up in an environment I did not enjoy. I saw my father

working extremely hard for us (we were six at home) in a quarry and

driving trucks for 70 to 80 hours a week. He was most of the time in pain

and not taking good care of his health and wellness. Then, I just could not

understand why! I remember when I went to school I was not into sports

activities. Being the eldest, I had to help my father growing up during my

free time away from school. However, I really loved sports and athletic

people, and enjoyed being in their company at school. There was a sports

day, wherein I met this celebrity teen, whom I admired so much since he

was the best sprinter. As I spoke to him he treated me with contempt,

such as how I dared to enter his space, and encroach upon his time. These

situations drove so much pain inside me that I vowed to myself to go full

time into sports, health and fitness, find the right potential to build on it

and take it even further, and help people to take good care of their health

(such as in my father’s case).


Mariano Farrugia

MBR: How did you get into nutrition, fitness modelling and become

such a huge spokesperson for health and fitness?

MF: Evolving is life's greatest accomplishment and it’s the greatest reward

in all aspects of life. I got into fitness during my army days and from then

onwards I strived to learn more and get better at it. Having a good physique

was an asset, so I began modelling after a friend of mine introduced me

to a local agent. The more I learnt, and I am still learning with respect to

physical health, fitness and emotional health, the more I appreciate life.

This gives me energy every day to be a better spokesperson for health and

fitness including individual self-development.

MBR: Where there any toughest moments in your journey creating and

building Ultimate Physique Fitness Centre and how did you get through


Some info about the picture

MF: The toughest moments are the moments which contributed to

the evolution of Ultimate Physique. I believe that one has to learn to

understand nature's practical lessons. I have found understanding how

nature and evolution work wonders in a number of ways. I established a

boutique of wellbeing and a great boutique fitness offering has to stand

on an idea, an approach to exercise, that really engages people. Most

importantly, it has helped me deal with my realities more effectively and

confront difficult choices. It's a fundamental law of nature that in order to

gain strength one has to push one's limits, which is painful. This all means


6 |


Mariano Farrugia

The CEO of Ultimate Physique

speaks to Martin Vella about his

new sporting strategy, and the

opportunities this presents all practitioners

of physical activity. Mariano maintains that

Health clubs and fitness operators have an

“enormous role to play”

MBR: What do your nutritional and fitness training courses

offer to your customers and how do these differ from other

typical training centres?

MF: I think people are getting more and more health conscious

and active and that is exactly what we cater to. So, we are a

training centre, we are a hotel, a mind centre and we have a

clinic, so basically we cater to all these needs. Nowadays, we

offer different types of packages, be it simple Fat Loss Package,

Power strength and definition ones to the Health & Self

Development ones. It's a holistic approach and we strive to have

a deeper connection with our clients to clearly understand and

truly recognise their barriers. We always remind our clients that

weaknesses don't matter if we find solutions. Everyone has at

least one big thing that stands in the way of their success, so

we need to find it and deal with it. At the end of the day it's the

individual who has to take the stand but we are here to guide,

schedule, design goals and lead by example. Things that get

scheduled are things that get done and vague goals create vague

results. We are truly aware about that and struggle to schedule

well in order we achieve clear and realistic goals.

MBR: What would you say are the top three things people are

not doing correctly when it comes to healthy living, fitness and


MF: Nowadays, people are too entertained by social media.

It is extremely invasive and difficult for someone to really find

time for himself and truly appreciate what life is all about. Think

about this- when was the last time that you had some time

for yourself in a natural green ambience reflecting about your

present life. Funny isn't it? It's something very basic and simple

which we as humans are designed for, but tend to side-step.

Instead we spend hours in front of a screen watching same

images most of the time, or sitting in an office and exposed

to stress or tension, which our body is not designed to tackle.

Presently, we have changed to extreme trends in living and

also the food we eat. Most of it is heavily processed and has

lost its natural colour, taste,texture, nutrients and vitamin

nourishment. Unfortunately, this is the new modern lifestyle

trend. Many people suffer from solitude and emotional stress

due to the pressure of society of conformity. For example

if you do not have a good profile picture or cover photo on

facebook, you may feel inferior to someone else who has a

good one, not to mention the social race wherein people re

posting picture with fancy cars, smart houses, and luxury living,

which is beyond us. Therefore, in my opinion, it is not the real

pudgy problem; that’s the symptom of your lifestyle. There

is also emotional fitness at stake, which can lead to physical

health and fitness deterioration issues as well. This is where we

come in and with what we deal every single day here. We meet

people from all walks of life, be it your hairdresser, an iGaming

specialist, or be it a corporate executive, they all have the same

needs! The need to feel and look healthy, the need to be loved

and respected, and the need to feel fulfilled. This is not just

about diet or training. We are in 2018 and we are evolving, and

so is the health and fitness industry. We cannot keep taking the

same approach we used to take 20 years ago. It's about time to

take the health and fitness industry to the next level.

MBR: I think what everyone wants to know is, just how you do

it all with your clients and where do you get your motivation?

MF: I have this philosophy: Look at the machine from the higher

level. Our uniquely human ability to look down from a higher

level does not apply just to understanding reality and the causeeffect

relationships underlying it; it also applies to looking down

on yourself and those around you. We have the ability to alter

our machine to produce better outcomes with practical open

mindedness. I have my goals. I call the way you will operate to

achieve your goals your machine. It consists of a design (the

things that have to get done) and the people (who will do the

things that need getting done). The people consist of myself,

and those who help me. I spent four years of my life in the army

where I cultured a lot through my observations. ST

All rights reserved

Copyright 2018




With the latest trend for revisiting

financial settlements in divorce

– or “top-ups” – Citywealth

wondered whether a clean break

is preferable to ongoing spousal

maintenance which leaves parties

open to requests for more money.

It turns out the options are

wider than it at first seems and

disagreements can be rife.



Julian Lipson, partner at law firm Withers, calls clean

breaks an ‘educated gamble’ which may prove to be

right, but may prove to be wrong. “It depends on

how the parties' lives pan out in the months or years

afterwards,” says Lipson. “The payer's fortunes may

decline. The recipient may re-marry or come into

money. In either case, there is the possibility of one

party regretting the clean break. But there are just

as many occasions where both parties will welcome,

with hindsight, the finality of being able to move on

with their lives without ongoing ties or fears.”

Debbie Chism, partner at Stewarts, explains that

one of the advantages of a clean break is that it

leaves everyone inancially independent from one

another and the settlement will not be affected by

an early death or job loss. “A joint lives maintenance

order is vulnerable to all of those factors and could

result in it ending relatively soon,” says Chism,

“which would be to the payer’s advantage but

there is no guarantee. A fixed term, non-extendable

maintenance order, also known as a deferred

clean break, depending on the term, is also a costeffective

outcome for the payer.”

However, although clean break payment will produce

more money immediately, it has to last for the rest of

the recipient’s life, says Jane Keir, partner at Kingsley

Napley. “After a long marriage,” explains Keir,” wives

have a point when they argue that a significant part

of their overall settlement will be used up as the years

pass, meaning they may have less money to leave to

their children.” For example, Keir acted for a wife in

a high spending case, where there was not enough

money to afford her a clean break. “She received

substantial capital and ongoing maintenance,” says

Keir. “The husband had a very successful City career

and some five years later we applied to increase

the maintenance and for its remaining term to be

capitalised, thereby bringing about a full clean break

at a later date.”

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018




litigation vs. negotiation


Financial security after a clean break is even more of a concern if there’s a risk that

child care commitments will affect the ability of divorced spouses to maximise their

earning potential, says Barbara Reeves, partner at Mishcon de Reya. “For those who

do return to work following divorce, child care costs can be prohibitively expensive

and time out of the work place can make it extremely difficult to re-enter, even at

more junior levels,” she explains.

However, Reeves points out that this unresolved tension between the duty to

maintain and the imposition of a clean break is perhaps the most divisive aspect of

our matrimonial finance laws. “Many,” says Reeves, “including Baroness Deech in

the UK’s parliament, argue that our maintenance laws are anti-feminist because they

don’t encourage women to return to work.” Baroness Deech is campaigning for a

three year cap on maintenance.

That said, Reeves also admits that while most people view the end of the financial

relationship between a divorced couple as an obvious and necessary step to

emotional and practical independence, the reality is that often this cannot be

achieved. “The level of assets available for division and the requirement and expense

of childcare mean that one party simply cannot meet their living costs post-divorce

without receiving income from the financially stronger party.”

Generally, debates over the level of ongoing maintenance to be paid generate a lot

of tensions and legal fees both during the proceedings and afterwards; the payer

resents paying and the payee often feels hard done by and that they should have

been awarded more money for longer, according to Mary-Ann Wright, partner at

law firm gunnercooke. “That said, it should not be assumed that a clean break

should be achieved at all costs,” explains Wright. “Some ex-spouses simply prefer

to pay an ongoing maintenance, and I have also came across those who fear that

if they hand over a large sum to achieve a clean break the recipient may simply

squander the money.”

Chism also previously acted for a husband who was resistant to buying out his wife’s

spousal maintenance claims on a clean break basis because he strongly suspected

she would remarry in the not too distant future. “His instincts were spot on,” says

Chism. “She remarried within twelve months with the result that the maintenance

was automatically terminated, much to my client’s delight.”


However, in Debbie Chism’s experience, a clean break is nearly always the better

option. “To be financially separated from the person from whom you have already

emotionally and legally separated allows both parties to move on with their lives. It

also means there are no future arguments about reducing maintenance due to job

loss, pay cuts or retirement.”


Julian Lipson concludes: “The choice is sometimes out of the parties' hands, as there is

a statutory obligation on the court to consider if a clean break can be achieved in every

single case and that is the preferred result, if it can be done fairly to both parties. Most

people would, if the numbers were right, choose a clean break. But, often, one party

feels either that they are being asked to accept a clean break which is too low, or to pay

one which is too high, and it is at that break point where disagreements emerge.” ST


To each of you,

LIVE 2018

as the Persian poet Rûmi invites us to:

I said: “What about my eyes?”

God said: "Keep them on the road."

I said: “What about my passion?”

He said: "Keep it burning."

I said: “What about my heart?”

He said: "Tell me what you hold inside it."

I said: “Pain and sorrow.”

He said: "Stay with it,

The wound is the place where the light enters you."



the teams of

Agency of Images & Words Photography for peace


Is time travel possible?

Time travel is one of my favorite topics! I wrote some time travel

stories in junior high school that used a machine of my own

invention to travel backwards in time, and I have continued to study

this fascinating concept as the years have gone by.

Members of the Tripoli Minnesota Rocket

Club #45 ask a very intriguing question

this month: Is time travel possible?

We all travel in time. During the last year, I have moved forward

one year and so have you. Another way to say that is that we travel

in time at the rate of 1 hour per hour.

per hour, or 10 or 100 years per hour?

But the question

is, can we travel

in time faster

or slower than

"1 hour per

hour"? Or can

we actually

travel backward

in time, going

back, say two hours

It is mind-boggling to think about time travel. What if you went back

in time and prevented your father and mother from meeting? You

would prevent yourself from ever having been born! But then if you

hadn't been born, you could not have gone back in time to prevent

them from meeting.

The great 20th century scientist Albert Einstein developed a theory

called Special Relativity. The ideas of Special Relativity are very

hard to imagine because they aren't about what we experience in

everyday life, but scientists have confirmed them. This theory says

that space and time are really aspects of the same thing—spacetime.

There is a speed limit of 300,000 kilometers per second (or

186,000 miles per second) for anything that travels through spacetime,

and light always travels the speed limit through empty space.

Special Relativity also says that a surprising thing happens when

you move through space-time, especially when your speed relative

to other objects is close to the speed of light. Time goes slower for

you than for the people you left behind. You won't notice this effect

until you return to those stationary people.

Say you were fifteen years old when you left Earth in a spacecraft

traveling at about 99.5% of the speed of light (which is much faster

than we can achieve now), and celebrated only five birthdays during

your space voyage. When you get home at the age of 20, you would

find that all your classmates were 65 years old, retired, and enjoying

their grandchildren! Because time passed more slowly for you, you

will have experienced only five years of life, while your classmates

will have experienced a full 50 years.

So, if your journey began in 2003, it would have taken you only five

years to travel to the year 2053, whereas it would have taken all of

your friends 50 years. In a sense, this means you have been time

traveling. This is a way of going to the future at a rate faster than

one hour per hour.

Time travel of a sort also occurs for objects in gravitational fields.

Einstein had another remarkable theory called General Relativity,

which predicts that time passes more slowly for objects in

gravitational fields (like here on Earth) than for objects far from

such fields. So there are all kinds of space and time distortions near

black holes, where the gravity can be very intense.

In the past few years, some scientists have used those distortions

in space-time to think of possible ways time machines could work.

Some like the idea of "worm holes," which may be shortcuts through

space-time. This and other ideas are wonderfully interesting, but

we do not know at this point whether they are possible for real

objects. Still the ideas are based on good, solid science. In all time

travel theories allowed by real science, there is no way a traveler

can go back in time to before the time machine was built.

I am confident time travel into the future is possible, but we would

need to develop some very advanced technology to do it. We could

travel 10,000 years into the future and age only 1 year during that

journey. However, such a trip would consume an extraordinary

amount of energy. Time travel to the past is more difficult. We do

not understand the science as well.

Actually, scientists and engineers who plan and operate some space

missions must account for the time distortions that occur because

of both General and Special Relativity. These effects are far too small

to matter in most human terms or even over a human lifetime.

However, very tiny fractions of a second do

matter for the precise work necessary to fly

spacecraft throughout the solar system.

Find out how one NASA mission is

doing some very clever spacetime

experiments to test

Einstein's theory of relativity

using the International

Space Station. ST

Crediitline: Tripoli Minnesota

Rocket Club #45


10 | March 2018



Design &


by Jean Paul Abela

At Callus Garden we follow one secret for proper landscaping

to be successful: it has to be well planned and designed and

properly maintained.

A well-designed landscape is a pleasure to the family, enhances

a community and adds to a property’s resale value. Landscape

design involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and

other plants on the property. At Callus Garden Centre, we

have a team of experts to help your vision come to life.

Speaking about the landscaping business, Jonathan Callus,

Managing Director at Callus Garden Centre explains how they

understand the various nuances associated with pairing the

correct landscape to one’s home, property and surroundings.

The team ensures that one’s landscaping always accentuates

one home’s architecture while striving to create a colourful

landscape for the home that is easy to maintain - there’s

more to landscaping than meets the eye, providing custom

landscaping solutions utilizing the latest techniques.

Landscaping isn’t as simple as slapping down a few plants and

some grass. Behind every successful landscaping project is

careful planning and preparation, or, in other words, design.

“At Callus Garden Centre, we’re in the business of being a

one-stop shop for one’s custom made landscaping needs.

We pride on being different. There is no ‘cookie cutter’

landscaping,” explains Jonathan. Clients are guided through

a process where they look through books and discuss

preferences including colours, shapes and smells. Clients are

recommended to associate anything with their particular

house when determining preferences.


" there’s more to

landscaping than meets

the eye, providing custom

landscaping solutions

utilizing the latest


Using our state-of-the-art computerized landscaping design

program, at Callus Garden Centre one can draw up realistic designs

that will give customers a sense of how everything will look when

completed thus making the entire design and installation process

fast, fun, and efficient!

Beyond Callus Garden Centre is a team of people that share

landscaping enthusiasm and work hard to meet and exceed,

customers’ expectations. Our team channels experience and

passion to provide detailed, high quality landscape construction, and

landscape maintenance services.

Crediitline: Callus Garden Centre





Callus Garden Centre

A: Triq L-Imqabba, Siġġiewi, SGW 2600


T: (+356) 2146 2229

Callus Garden Centre



By Karl Lagerfeld

Fendi and Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld has seen it

all. There is nothing that he hasn’t tried or experienced yet… A

legendary fashion designer but above all a brilliant and visionary

mind whose creativity has been globally praised and blessed, he

is also a much-acclaimed photographer whose field of interest

extends beyond the fashion world. The founder of 7L, a gallery

and library, he has also offered his support to young talents

and helped them be discovered by more photography lovers.

Lagerfeld has also been an art and design collector for many

years. You cannot have missed one of those photographs of

the master sitting in his Parisian studio or library surrounded by

books and design objects. Such as the late Azzedine Alaia, who

was well known for his collection ranging from Marc Newson

and Jean Prouvé to Serge Mouille (before the craze as we are

talking here of the 80s and 90s), the German, Paris based

designer, has been collecting Italian designs for a long time. So

this is no wonder the Italian house Cassina commissioned him to

photograph some of the most iconic pieces of their collection:

a library by Charlotte Perriand or the Superleggera chair by Gio

Ponti. In this performance, Lagerfeld shares a new side of his

work. These new clichés are assembled in a book edited by

German artistic books publisher Steidl. ST

Creditline: John Taylor;


ta dernis



We have properties in Gudja / Marsaskala / San Pawl / Qawra / Birkirkara /

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Gender diversity refers to the variation of genes within a species.

The genetic diversity enables a population to adapt to its

environment and to respond to natural selection. The amount of

genetic variation is the basis of speculation.

When your true essence weeps

sing out loud, strong and proud,

“I will no longer suffer in silence

the stinging lashes of adversity”.

Join the chorus of the alienated.

Let the world hear a voice of unity

as we step forward, hand in hand

and have a say in our destiny.

Written by a married couple in North

Queensland, Australia





There are various legal, social, medical and scientific opinions and theories about what

constitutes sex and what constitutes gender.There is no consensus about the definition

of sex or gender.

A commonly held view is that sex is a fixed concept that is biologically determined.

Some of the biological factors that may determine sex include physical attributes,

chromosomes, genitals, gonads, hormones and ‘brain-sex’. However, not all of these

factors are accepted as being biologically determined. There are different views about

which of these specific factors actually biologically determine sex.

The biological definition of sex is based on whether a person is male or female.

However, there are also people who are born not exclusively male or female and are

intersex. The phrase sex diversity as a term recognises the complete spectrum of sex


For people who define sex as biologically determined, gender is viewed as socially

constructed. From this perspective, gender can be determined by how a person looks,

dresses or acts. People can express a gender identity that is masculine, feminine or

something else. Gender identity does not necessarily match with sex. For example,

whilst most females will have a gender identity that is feminine, some males also have

a gender identity that is feminine. The phrase gender diversity as a term recognises that

all people express a gender identity and that gender identity is not necessarily linked

to a person’s sex.

Other views challenge this dichotomy of sex as a biological determination and gender

as a social construction. These views advocate for a definition of sex that is based on

By Graeme Innes AM

social and cultural factors. This perspective collapses the distinction between sex and

gender by arguing that sex is historically and politically specific. This perspective sees

sex as a variable concept and gender diversity is built into the very nature of sex.

Despite this lack of consensus over the exact meaning and definition, sex and/or gender

is an important part of a person’s personal identity. Sex and/or gender identity defines

a person’s sense of self and positions them in a social and political context. Every person

has the right for their sex and/or gender identity to be recognised and respected.

Graeme Innes AM is the Australian Human Rights Commissioner and Disability

Discrimination Commissioner

“The simplest way I can put it is that I don't consider myself trans anything. I am just a

female (no surgery) and it’s a hefty slap in the face to say that my documentation, id

and whatnot cannot be changed to reflect that until I go under the knife.”

Blog participant

“We need to determine why our sex is relevant to anyone except ourselves and our

loved ones ... Except for private moments, more often than not, our sex is hidden from

the view of all others. It is a personal private matter. It is of no concern to those people

who read our birth certificates, our passports, our driver’s licenses or any other official

document.” ST

Blog participant

Creditline: Sex Files/Human Rights, Govt. of Australia




5, Gorg Borg Olivier Street, St. Julian’s, Malta

E mail:


Ten incredible stories that show why

you should never give up Pt 1


Living without arms and legs, this man and his incredible spirit

did not get depressed. Moreover, he has become unique

proof that in any situation — even in the most difficult ones

— you can find yourself and become a happy person. Nick

plays golf, surfs, travels around the world, gives motivational

speeches, and recently he became a father for the second

time. When children on the street ask what happened to him,

he confidently answers: ’’It’s because of cigarettes!’’


When you have a goal and, more importantly, a desire to

achieve it, disease will not be an obstacle for you. Even though

Bill Porter has cerebral palsy, he wanted to work in sales.

He achieved his goal, and later he became one of the best

salesmen in America. The movie ’Door to Door’ is dedicated to

his spirit, and it’s recommended for those who think something

will hold them back from achieving a desired career.


There’s nothing worse for a dancer than to lose the ability to

dance. What’s a professional dancer to do when he loses a

leg in a traffic accident? Go on dancing! That is exactly what

Evgeny Smirnov, Russian break dance champion, did, despite

the fact that he had to learn to dance again. His performance

on a dance show became a great example of not only the

human spirit, but also the fact that you can dance incredibly

cool even without a leg.


Look at this charming and beautiful girl. Even though she’s only

20, Olesya Vladykina has suffered a lot: an accident in Thailand

took not only her left hand, but also her close friend. The

moment changed the girl’s life, but she didn’t give up. After

the accident, she took part in the Paralympic Games twice,

having won first place and having set a world record. By the

way, she refused a prosthesis (it’s ’awfully uncomfortable,’ she

said) and does everything perfectly with one hand.


Do you think you have to look like an ideal beauty to become a

great actor? God forbid you’re less than perfect. You are wrong!

And if you do not believe us, you have not heard about Sylvester

Stallone. As a result of birth trauma, the lower left side of his face

is paralyzed, and his mouth is slightly crooked, and his tongue is

partly paralyzed too (that’s why he has a little bit slurred speech).

Now answer just one question: did it really stopped him from

becoming one of the greatest actors of our time? ST


Credit: Brightside; BabaMail

weekdays 4 -7pm


Hauntings in the prison cell

By Denise Formosa

An ex-prisoner relates his experience in a particular cell, where he was imprisoned

for two years. During the night at approximately 2.30 a.m, he was experiencing a

very cold atmosphere in his cell and from then onwards, he could not sleep a wink!

After some time, he discovered that a number of prisoners had been sentenced to

death in the vicinity of his cell. He also noticed, that his cell floor, did not have a flat

stone surface, but it was hollow as if it had been carved by a thick iron chain.

Matthew was not comfortable with this situation, and decided

to talk to a priest. He was always shocked to find himself asleep

on the floor, as if someone had lifted him from his bed! He used

to tell the spirit not to hurt him, as like himself, he had a long

time to spend in that cell. After the priest performed some

prayers, he instructed him to ask the ghost what he wanted

and he would help. Matthew was scared out of his wits’ end, as

he did not expect to have more experiences of this kind, since

the priest had said some prayers in the room. Of course, these

experiences are not easy to solve and when Matthew asked the

ghost, what he wanted in the middle of another night, the ghost

asked him to move and make some space for him to sleep in his

bed. Obviously, whilst Matthew obeyed the spirit’s instructions,

he covered his face with the bed sheet as he did not want to see

the spirit. As soon as he moved for the ghost to come and sleep

beside him, he could feel the mattress go down, as if the body of

someone was about to lie down!

The following morning, he informed the priest

of what had happened the previous night, and

the priest confirmed that the ghost had been

living in that cell before he died. Matthew always

talked with the ghost through his thoughts and

promised the sceptre, that he would go to mass

on a daily basis to pray for him. That was his

promise before he left his cell. Today, Matthew

still kept his promise and prays for the lost soul,

as he could perfectly understand how difficult

it must have been living in those conditions!

At present, he is a changed man who decently

works for his living and lives to tell of his close

encounters with the tormented dead! ST





Several years ago, my

tire went flat while I was driving with

my young son asleep in the backseat. It

was a heavily traveled road, so I pulled

over. I looked in my rearview mirror and

saw that a man had pulled up behind

me. He offered to help. As he installed

the donut, we talked. He explained

that he was from a long distance away.

His face was kind, his voice gentle. My

son awoke, and I went to care for him.

When I looked back, the man was gone.

Do angels walk the earth? I believe they

do. -Mary Beth Asenio, Timberlake, Ohio


The Strange & The Bizarre



Having just cemented a new bridge,

my dental-assistant mother said to

her patient, “Your girlfriend’s going

to love your new teeth.” He replied,

“I’m between girlfriends right now.”

She said, “Don’t go anywhere. I have

two daughters, Kathy and Vicky. Let

me get their pictures from my wallet.”

Dan was still reclined in the dental

chair with his bib on and wasn’t going

anywhere. Rushing back, she showed

him her daughters’ photos, saying,

“Here is our phone number. Give Kathy

a call—she’s the older one.” He called,

and we’ve been happily married for 39

years. Thanks, Mom! --Kathleen Curran,

Canyon Country, California


My dad died unexpectedly at age 78,

leaving our family heartbroken. During

the funeral mass, my sister felt her

phone vibrate in her purse. She was a

little surprised that someone would be

calling her, knowing she was at dad’s

funeral mass. Afterward, she found

there was a message: “Hi, this is your

dad,” said the male voice. “I wanted

to let you know I made it home.” The

caller obviously had the wrong number,

but the message was clear. My dad had

completed his journey to heaven and

wanted us to know. Thanks, Dad—until

we meet again. --Nancy Perkins, St.

Johns, Michigan




I volunteered at Ground Zero after hometown firefighters

responded but never returned. Lt. Timothy Higgins was one of

them. I felt Timmy’s presence during dark moments, guiding

me along every path. Working in sight of the burning piles, I

met a fire marshal named Steve. I told him I was from Freeport.

Steve said he’d been a firefighter with a guy from Freeport.

I asked, “Who?” He replied, “Tim Higgins.” I followed this

path and married Steve in 2005. I think of Tim every day. He

must have been a shining light. Certainly, he was my beacon.

--Deborah Kahn Schreck, Sayville, New York ST







American Tourister, a world leading fashionable, youthful,

international luggage brand, is proud to announce the

signing of international football superstarand fashion

icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, as its new brand ambassador for

2018. The five-time winner - a world record, and the current

holder of the FIFA Ballon d’Or Award (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016,

2017), has won 24 trophies over the course of his illustrious

career, including four UEFA Champions League titles. The

former Manchester United (2003-2009) and Real Madrid

(2009-present) goal-scoring record-breaker also captained

Portugal to victory in the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

Cristiano is a true legend of the game and one of today’s most

popular and recognisable sporting icons.

Dynamic, stylish and confident, with most global followers

across Facebook and Instagram, Cristiano embodies the soul

of the American Tourister brand. His appointment also comes

as football fever begins to grip global audiences ahead of the

FIFA World Cup, which kicks off in Moscow, Russia on June

14th 2018.

Expressing his excitement on the signing of Cristiano, Mr. Arne

Borrey, President of Samsonite Europesaid, “There couldn’t

be a better time to bringCristiano on-board. His lively and

vivacious personality, on and off the field, resonates perfectly

with our fun-loving, vibrantbrand personality. Hispresence

will help bring American Tourister to a whole new audience,

allowing us to stand out from the competitionand enabling us

to take the brand to the next level.”

Equally delighted to join the American Tourister family,

Cristianosaid, “American Tourister is a functionally cool brand

that appeals to everyone. I’m delighted to be the face of the

brand for 2018. As a frequent traveler myself, I appreciate the

need for high quality luggage that still allows you to express

your personality.” ST

For more information please call or e-mail:



+356 99971000 |

Creditline: VF Group

Founded in 1933, American Tourister has been offering young, dynamic and reliable luggage for over 80 years, setting the

standard for fun-loving luggage collections that excel in quality. The colourful products offer fantastic value for money and

are available in over 90 countries worldwide, making American Tourister one of the leading luggage brands in the world.

Ideal for young, enthusiastic travelers eager to discover the world, American Tourister inspires adventurous people to express

themselves, explore new horizons and be ready to set off when life calls.


Borges introduces a limited-edition product – First

Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - to share The Very

First Oil with the very demanding palates. This is a

traditional oil made by artisan procedures just to

get a more natural, more concentrated and more

intense olive oil, both in colour and in extraordinary

taste, and offer it in a Limited Edition for oil lovers. Its

elegant flavour nuances and incomparable texture,

make it delicious for all kinds of salads, greens, fish or

simply with a toast of bread.

Follow us on Facebook to find out more :


A Long chat with designer Alizee

Brion of light on white studio

Inspired by our strong ties with Monaco where yachting and sailing is

part of our lifestyle (think Monaco Winter Series for example), we give

you a taste of some of our favourite designers’ latest works. Some of

them are yachting specialists, while the others are interior designers

who aren’t afraid of a different challenge. Creatives whose design

vision and over the edge client relationships took them on new journeys

such as moving from onshore to offshore projects. A Columbia School

of Architecture NYC graduate and a former Philippe Starck collaborator,

Paris born, London raised Alizée Brion now lives in Miami where she

opened her studio last year.

We chatted with Brion via

Skype about South Beach

living, residential evolving

style and setting new goals…

MBR: As a former Parisian and Londoner, what made you move to Florida

and how did you come to open your studio there?

AB: The way the company is structured is that we have our design office in

Miami, and project managers who are based in three other cities: London, Paris

and New York. All our design work is done from the Miami office but we assign

projects to the project managers based in their location. This is what I have

found to be the most efficient and seamless way to run an international practice

while still keeping the team small. The design team is in constant contact with

them and as such, we maintain control of all aspects of our international

projects. As the director, I regularly travel to meet with our international

clients and visit project sites. It has always been a goal of mine to set up the

company that we would be able to take on projects regardless of location. I

hated the idea of having to turn down a dream design project simply because

of the logistics of running it from a distance. We have an extensive network of

suppliers, craftsmen, tradesmen, and contractors that we tap into to execute

our projects all over the world. Our clients can benefit from this global network

as we are able to truly offer the best of the best, leather upholstery from Italy,

linen rugs from Belgium, antiques from France…From a business perspective,

it works wonderfully because working in the high-end residential sector, our

clients often have multiple homes throughout the world and we pride ourselves

on the fact that a large percentage of business is repeat business. As a designer,

being able to take on international projects is such a luxury. From a creative point

of view, it is so interesting to work in different contexts. Everything, from culture

to climates shape our designs and I love to celebrate differences.

MBR: How would you define your aesthetic and design vision? How does it

match with the locals’ expectations and tastes?

AB: Coincidentally, there is a growing demand in Miami for a more sophisticated,

European style of interior design, which is what a lot of our clients turn to us

looking for. Although we don’t have a “house style” at Light On White, we do

like to take our clients in Miami towards a more refined, layered style of design

that really sets them apart from the quite pared back modern design that is

more common in the US. We encourage them to see the effect that using fabric

wall coverings, wood panelling, a well-placed antique and layered mood lighting

can have on a modern interior. I was so happy when a client said that our South


Beach residence project was the most sophisticated

interiors they had seen in a modern home in Miami.

It is truly our goal.

MBR: For sure you live up to your studio’s name as

you tend to favour white tones and soft shades in

your projects so that your rooms are filled with light!

AB: The name Light On White originates from the

magical moment when natural light falls onto a

surface. Natural elements are my biggest source of

inspiration. I love to bridge indoor with outdoor and

pour natural light into the spaces we design. I love to

use natural materials and organic elements whenever

possible. They bring a richness in texture and form that

you simply can’t replicate with man-made finishes.

Recognizing the impact that our environments can have

eally unique. It was the ultimate luxury, from the gilded silver leaf staircases to the

rust velvet Chesterfield sofa on the upper deck, the result was really quite spectacular

and quite a departure from your typical yacht interiors. The turnaround for this project

was extremely quick, taking only 3 months from design to handover, which was

made possible thanks to the incredible team of craftsmen at the Canados shipyard

in Fiumicino. The main difference between working on a yacht project vs a regular

construction project is that you have all the tradesmen on call at the shipyard so the

fabrication and construction turnaround is really fast. We had an issue with one of the

pieces of furniture that we had ordered that arrived in the wrong colour, but instead of

sending it back to the supplier and requesting a replacement which would have taken

several days, we sent it to the paint shop on site and it was back onboard later that

afternoon sprayed and lacquered the right colour. That was unprecedented for me. It

was really a unique experience as a designer.


MBR: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects?

AB: Current projects include a holiday home in the South of France, a penthouse

apartment in London, an estate in Tuscany, several private residences around

Miami including a waterfront townhouse, a multi-unit condo on Fisher Island and

a multi-restaurant project in Brickell. We are also in the process of designing our

own range of furnishings which we hope to launch later this year. We’ve got a busy

year ahead of us!



between working on a yacht project vs

a regular construction project is that

you have all the tradesmen on call at

the shipyard so the fabrication and

construction turnaround is really fast."

MBR: Finally, could you please name some of your favourite museums, galleries,

designers, architects or artists? How do they inspire you?

AB: My favourite architect is John Pawson for the purity of his forms

and his use of materials. My favourite interior designer is Kelly Behun for

her creativity and playfulness. I follow both of their work religiously. My

favourite museum is the Musee de L’Orangerie in Paris for Monet’s Water

Lillies. Art is intrinsically emotional and one of my earliest memories is

seeing it with my mother as a child and being completely engrossed by

the beauty and the scale of the works. My favourite gallery is Galerie

Perpitch & Bringand in Paris, they represent a selection of emerging

artists whose mostly multi-disciplinary work is always conceptually rooted

and experimental. I am always enchanted every time I have the chance

to pop into their Cart-Blanche openings. Favourite artist is Park Seobo, a

Korean mixed media genius whose work actually embodies a lot of the

characteristics that I look for in architecture and design, specifically the

effect of light on his beautifully textured pieces. I am so fortunate to be able

to travel so much and have so many creative forces inspiring my work. I am

also hugely inspired by design pioneer Florence Knoll, whose philosophy

of “total design” is the origin of the holistic approach that defines Light On

White’s multi-disciplinary design service. At Light On White, we practice a

philosophy of total immersion for every project we take on. We get involved

in all aspects of design from architecture, to interiors and landscaping, to

styling and art selection. They are all equally important and should be

designed cohesively, this is what makes a design project successful. ST

Creditline: John Taylor;

on us, especially nowadays that most people live

in a state of hyper stimulation from technology, I

tend to gravitate towards clean lines and neutral

tones that inspire a sense of calm in my designs.

MBR: Inspired by the yachting season and our

Monaco roots, we always love to discuss yacht

design. Could you tell us about this yacht project

of yours? How did you approach this project?

Did it make a huge difference with your other

‘onshore’ works?

AB: We were commissioned to design the

interiors of a 90’ Canados that was only a few

years old but the client wanted to personalize

the interiors. We had previously worked on the

client’s Chelsea residence in London so we knew

the client well and knew he would want something



Dental Healthcare



By Joseph Xuereb

Recent research has shown that gum disease

may be a more serious risk factor for heart

disease than:

• high blood pressure

• smoking

• high cholesterol

• gender

• age

Research also shows that diseased gums

release significantly higher levels of bacterial

components into the blood stream than healthy


Bacterial components can travel in the blood to

other organs of the body possibly causing:

• coronary artery disease

• heart disease

• heart attacks

• low birth weight and premature babies

• diabetes

Periodontal disease occurs when a bacterial

infection develops where the gums join the

teeth. Harmful bacteria release enzymes that

can cause underlying bone loss, receding gums

and eventual tooth loss.

Dr Joseph Xuereb is a Dental & Implant

Surgeon and Principal at Savina Dental


7 Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Victoria VCT

1441, Gozo, Malta

Tel (+356) 21 557323, 27 557323


• The number one cause of tooth loss in adults

• Affects more than half of people over age 30

• Often painless and may go undetected

• May be genetic and inherited

Because the bacteria can travel in the blood

stream and cause adverse health effects, early

detection and treatment of periodontal disease

is critical.

Gum disease can be treated and prevented with

treatments ranging from routine scaling and

polishing, through other non-surgical therapies

to the most advanced surgical procedures that

nowadays include regenerative therapies with

or without laser-assistance. Your dentist will

work with you to restore, and keep, a healthy

smile. ST

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018

Level 1, SkyParks Business Centre,

Malta Int’l Airport, Luqa LQA 4000, Malta

Tel (+356) 21657323, 21257253

Fax (+356) 21 550323

Mob (+356) 79 427323


The Effects of

Complaining on

the Human Brain

We all know at least one person who often

complains, even when they have no apparent

reason to do so. Some like to focus on their

body pain, others don’t like the direction their lives

are going in, and some just have to complain, because

otherwise, they feel that something is off about their day

if they don't.

If you know such people or are one of them,

the following article sheds light from a scientific

perspective on how complaints affect our mental state

or, more precisely, our brains.



"Thought changed reality, I saw how people rewired their minds with their thoughts, which permanently cured states of fixation

and trauma," said Norman Doidge, a Canadian psychiatrist and author of “The Brain That Changes Itself”. In this short sentence,

Doidge wonderfully sums up how thought creates reality with the organ that controls our being, namely the mind.

This unique organ, previously perceived as inflexible and unchangeable, has been thoroughly researched in recent decades,

prompting researchers and neurologists to understand that former theories were completely wrong. The human brain is an

incredibly flexible organ that can be rewired by various actions, and even chronic complainers can’t resist its positive change

once they alter their worldview. ST

Creditline: BabaMail


“You can do anything you want

in your life as long as you have

the passion, the drive, the focus

and the support.”




is Everything

Malta’s Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger Grazielle Camilleri who has been surprising us with her top quality

content including high fashion photoshoots and dance videos that reach 4 Million views weekly in Malta and other

countries across the globe, visits Milan Fashion Week this February and shares her experience in an interview with

Martin Vella about what it was like to visit this time.

With an exclusive photoshoot titled “Passion is Everything” held at Piazza Duomo for our magazine, Italian

photographer Carlo Jourdan photographs Grazielle Camilleri and Denis Aljush in this fashion capital wearing

designs by fashion designer Ritienne Zammit. Jewellery: Virag Andersson Jewellery

By George Carol

ST: Why did you call this photoshoot

“Passion is Everything”?

GC: We all have something that makes us feel alive, a passionate

pursuit that adds a little extra meaning to our lives, an activity that fires

us up inside and gives us a sense of fulfilment and purpose. If you are

unsure of what that might be yet, I would recommend that you choose

the hobbies, careers and pastimes that excite you the most because

those are the things worth chasing. Those are the things that bring you

closer to your soul, the deepest essence of who you really are. You can do

anything you want in your life as long as you have the passion, the drive,

the focus and the support.

Great dancers, singers, designers, top businessmen, doctors, world

leaders are not great because of their techniques per se. They are great

performers because of their passion and their perseverance to keep

doing what they love and what they are good at and they feel that they

have a great purpose in life.

With this kind of mind-set, I live my life one day at a time, with good

intentions and I follow my dreams one by one. Three years ago I decided

to take a few risks into the unknown, altered my career path and become

a blogger and social media influencer to go with the times. After the birth

of my daughter Luna, I wished to create a lifestyle that would suit me, my

creativity and my personality. I could not work any 9 to 5 job any longer

and with having lots of ambitions to develop myself and provide services

I enjoy, I set up a small award-winning marketing and PR company

GRAZIELLE CAMILLERI. The blogging part came as a natural progression

and I just love what I do! It is a successful blog which brings in more PR

and marketing work and my team always has varied projects to dig their

teeth into. It excites me. I love being challenged. That’s how we evolve.

Always developing something new and adapting to the times.

Cont on pg 41



A taste

of excellence



for everlasting


Creditline: Mannarinu Caterers


Mannarinu Caterers traces its humble beginnings to the 1950s however

generations later, current family members still treat each dish and event

with the passion and dedication of the past.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry Mannarinu has the

knowledge to guide its clients to ensure a wedding beyond expectations.

The wedding menus have been designed to present a fantastic selection of

dishes crafted exclusively to create a fusion of flavours

Nothing sets the tone of one’s celebration quite like an elegant, delicious

menu. At Mannarinu each wedding is approached with delicacy and precision

in order to introduce food that is stimulating, intriguing and exciting.

From innovative wedding menus, well-loved favourites to items that are

cooked just before serving are show cased during the various open days

all set up to offer guidance and food sampling to prospective couples.

Mannarinu’s wedding specialists are all after providing a truly pleasant and

satisfying experience for the wedding couple and guests. Gone are the days

of traditional menu options-couples are increasingly working with caterers

to present a menu that helps to give their guests a sense of their style and

preferences. Mannarinu is well known for its vast selection of items from

traditional delicacies to recent innovations. All items are carefully locally

produced from the finest and most natural ingredients.

During 2018, food stations remain the most creative showcase for every

couple, wowing guests and pleasing an array of palates. The pizza station

serving biteable pizza portions with four different toppings will create a

relaxed laid-back vibe making family and friends feel at ease. Guests will

be greeted by the aroma of grilled burgers from the Burger Bar serving a

choice of four different burgers with different toppings and fries shots. The

Cheese & Parma table provides a feast of different cheese and meats.

Saving the best for last one has to mention the coffee table where the team

will assemble an elegant dessert table artistically presented and tailored to

the couples’ specifications. With over thirty types of mini petite fours and

two chocolate-fountains Mannarinu’s coffee table makes a statement in

every wedding.

Our next appointment with all couples will be at the forthcoming Open

Day to be held on the 14th April 2018 (venue will be announced later).

Booking and further details may be obtained by calling us on 21245080 or

by sending an email on ST

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact

us. Website:; Tel : +(356) 21245080





British actors Cara Delevingne and Matt Smith appear

in a portfolio of images captured for Burberry by British

photographer Alasdair McLellan.

Cara Delevingne wearing a bird button cotton gabardine trench

coat, The Burberry Bandana in Vintage check, Fair Isle beanie

and gloves.

The images are accompanied by a 30-second video of Matt

and Cara to a soundtrack of ‘Always On My Mind’ by Pet Shop

Boys, also captured by Alasdair.

Cara first started working with Burberry in 2010 and this

marks Matt’s first project with Burberry and first ever fashion


Announced earlier today, the content celebrates the British

character and charm of Burberry’s new collection, which

debuts in store and online today.

‘I am so proud to share this new shoot I did with Alasdair

McLellan and Matt Smith. Thank you to the creative genius and

my dear friend Christopher Bailey for involving me in this and

all the incredible projects over the years.

It has been and always will be a joy to work with you and the

Burberry family.’

Cara Delevingne

‘Burberry has always been a brand that I have admired. From

the football stands to the macs on the runway. The chance

to work with Christopher, who with his designand vision, has

contributed so much to a brilliant British brand and indeed left

a footprint not only on fashion but British culture itself, is a

huge privilege. Working with both Alasdair McLellan and Cara

Delevingne, two fashion and creative heavyweights, was also

very appealing, and made partnering for this campaign an easy

choice for me.’

Matt Smith





Classic outerwear shapes are reinterpreted with a twist.

Laminated trenches are available in vibrant colours with

unexpected details, while reversible car coats are lined with

tartan. Our signature made-in-England gabardine trench coats

are available in classic colours for children.


The Giant, our supersized reversible unisex tote, comes with

tartan and checks inside and out in primary shades, finished

with flashes of neon. This season, The DK88 is updated in

colourful combinations, from high-shine metallic to carefree

splashes of paint, and in new mini and micro sizes. The

Patchwork is refreshed in an eclectic mix of fabric and palettes.

Our new Doodle tote is crafted from printed canvas and

leather trim, featuring playful scribble designs dreamt up in

the Burberry design studio, and that celebrate free-spirited art

and British weather.


Knitwear pieces feature British fabrics, techniques and

references – from Fair Isles to slip stitches, British lambswool

to cashmere. These can be mixed and clashed in bold, colourful

and distinctive combinations. The Burberry Bandana is our

new scarf shape this season. With a supersized silhouette for

versatile styling, it is available in block colour and Vintage check

cashmere. Gloves, beanies and socks are also available, which

can be artfully mismatched to create unique combinations.


Our accessories selection includes a variety of fun creatures and

wallets in playful and paint-splashed prints. Our new Burberry

Clan charms are available in a cast of characterful animal key

charms, uniquely crafted from offcuts found in the Burberry

design studio. Introduced on the September runway, our

jewellery collection is inspired by British garden flowers, ornate

chandeliers and vintage pieces, and crafted in Arezzo, a small

Italian town renowned for its creation of fine jewellery.



A celebration of British character and charm. A clash of

fabric, pattern and colour. Laminated trench coats in tartan

and check and dresses and tailoring are mixed together

with bags and scarves in splashes and stripes. ST

Creditline: Burberry



DEA Astherics


Clare Mercieca has recently joined our team

at DEA and will be offering hairdressing services.

She will be bringing 17 years of hair styling experience,

including 10 years in the United Kingdom and Australia to our

second floor.

Having worked with all kinds of hair and hairstyle preferences she

has the experience and skill required to bring out the best with your

hair. The combination of her personality and the calming, down to

earth environment will help you unwind while she styles your hair.

Services offered include:


Blow dries




Bridal hair


This is one of our expertise and our passion, to treat the

skin and achieve better results.

Our Aestheticians will consult and examine your skin to analyse problems you may

not have otherwise known existed. Will then prescribe a treatment for best results.

We perform a variety of peels, lifting and hydrating facials to treat Acne and Acne marks,

prevent Skin Aging, Skin Tightening, Detoxify and many more. Benefits of a Facial

in a clinic is that of Lowering Stress Levels and therefore improve also

Blood Circulation with the massages incorporated with

most treatments.






Our Clinic uses the 808NM Diode Hair

Removal Laser which permanently reduces

hair on all skin types from very fair skin to

Asian and African - American skin.

The number of treatments needed to

achieve hair reduction varies from one

person to another, depending on hair and

skin type, age and gender.

• Quick Treatments.

• Save money in the long run, the

younger the better investment for Iife.

• Eliminates and prevents ingrown hairs.

• Perfect for Sensitive skin as it saves

any irritation from waxing and shaving

thick hair.

• Saves time shaving daily.

Our Clinic also uses other methods for Hair

Removal such as IPL and SHR.

This unique Laser Technology and Techniques

used in IPL and SHR makes all hair and skin

types suitable for this method of treatment.

It is a milder form of Laser which can be done

all year round and also ideal for lighter and

whiter hair.

Our Laser machine targets 4 Technologies in 1 treatment.

Fat Reduction by Laser pads.

Stretch marks.

Radio Frequency.

Laser Vacuum Massage.

ILipo laser can be used on both men and women. Consultation with our

Professions is a must prior treatment as certain medical conditions

are not suitable.

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Aesthetic treatments

performed at DEA

- Customized Facials and Peels, to treat

Ageing, Acne, Scars, pigmentation and


- Laser Hair Removal latest technology

- Non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping

- Non-Surgical face lift using Thermage RF

- Botox injections, dermal Fillers, skin


- Laser Teeth Whitening

- Spray Tanning using Sienna X

- IPL and SHR hair removal

- Carbon Mask Photo-Facial

- Registered Nutritionist and Counseling by


- Professional Hairdresser

- All Beauty Treatments such as Waxing,

Manicures and Pedicures

- Body Treatments

- Body Massages such as Swedish, Therapeutic,

Aromatherapy, Sports and Lymphatic

performed by our Specialist.

DEA Aesthetics and Wellness

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Charles and Ron presentation at New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

NYFW at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on February 10, 2018 in New York City.

(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion) ST


Creamy drinking yoghurt is a healthy drink

made from Milk that is essential for children

and adults of all ages as it provides calcium

and other basic nutrients. The quality of the

drinkin yoghurt depends on the quality of

the Milk used in production. Pascual Creamy

drinking yoghurt is made from 100% liquid

milk. It is a long-life drinking yoghurt with the

same nutritional values and identical beneficial

effects for the intestinal flora as the shortlife

drinking yoghurt, with the advantage of

ambient storage. The additional heat treatment

known as pasteurization leads to a much more

stable product with a longer shelf life.

Practical Trading Ltd.

A.J. Coleiro Street,

Handaq, Qormi, QRM 4000, Malta, Europe

Tel: +356 2144 9184 - 2148 0392/3

Fax: +356 2144 9185

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Top 10

Countries for Career Women

Mexico, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bahrain, and New Zealand offer the best career prospects for women. 51

percent of women working abroad are happy with their career opportunities, with 13 percent even very

happy. Most women who move abroad for work-related reasons found a job on their own (47%).

More than half the women working abroad (51%) are satisfied with their career opportunities. But at the

same time, one-third of them (33%) state that their income abroad is lower than what they would make in a

similar job back home, compared to only a quarter of men (25%) stating the same, as InterNations, the world’s

largest network for people who live and work abroad, reveals. Based on the insights of close to 7,000 female

expats living in 168 countries in its annual survey Expat Insider survey, the social network compiled a so-far

unpublished ranking of the best countries for women to pursue a career. While respondents in all top-10

destinations cite above-average satisfaction with their career prospects, they often also benefit from a higher

income than at home.

Moving Abroad for Their Career: Women vs. Men

Although almost a quarter of women (24%) move abroad for work-related reasons, this is still 16 percentage

points less compared to men. Especially among expats sent on foreign assignments, women are still much

rarer than men: while only seven percent of female expats were sent abroad by their employer, male expats

are more than twice as likely (15%) to name the same reason for moving abroad. This is also the case for

expats being recruited by a local company (4% women vs. 9% men) and those who wanted to start their own

business abroad (1% women vs. 3% men). However, when it comes to being more self-motivated, women are

close to catching up: eleven percent of female expats state to have found a job abroad on their own as their

main reason for moving abroad, which is only two percentage points less than among men (13%).


Higher salary level abroad: 29%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 68%

Weekly full-time working hours: 45 h

Two-thirds of women working in Mexico (67%) state

to be overall satisfied with their job. A German expat

especially points out the “job and career opportunities

in an environment where expats have a good standing”.

However, working long hours, it comes as no surprise

that 26 percent of female expats working in Mexico are

unsatisfied with that factor.



Higher salary level abroad: 33%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 63%

Weekly full-time working hours: 42.4 h

With 26 percent of female expats stating that having

found a job on their own in Cambodia was their main

reason for moving, this is the by far most named reason

for relocating to the country. “There are so many

ways to develop yourself and try yourself in different

spheres,” says a female expat from Russia. Moreover,

the country has the highest satisfaction rate with

working hours (82%) and job security (75%) out of the

top-10 destinations.




Higher salary level abroad: 46%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 70%

Weekly full-time working hours: 45.5 h

Myanmar is at the top of the chart when it comes to

female expats having a high enough household income

to cover everything they need: in fact, 39 percent even

have a lot more than enough at their hands, which is

more than four times the global average (9%).



Higher salary level abroad: 65%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 65%

Weekly full-time working hours: 40.9 h

Close to every woman working in Bahrain (93%)

works full time; however, they work the fewest hours

out of the top-10 destinations to pursue a career and

significantly less than the global average (42.7 h full

time). Unsurprisingly, 77 percent of working women in

Bahrain are satisfied with their work-life balance. “You

can still find time to relax after a day of work,” states an

expat from the Philippines.


Higher salary level abroad: 53% S

atisfaction with career prospects: 61%

Weekly full-time working hours: 41.8 h

With just above one-third (34%), New Zealand has the

highest share of women working only part time. One of

the reasons for this might be that a large share of them

moved in order to increase their quality of life (28%),

while only four percent named work-related reasons as

their main motivation. However, those who work are

highly satisfied with their work-life balance (74%), their

job security (71%), and their job in general (76%).



New Zealand


Higher salary level abroad: 62%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 67%

Weekly full-time working hours: 45 h

More than half of the women living in Kazakhstan (53%)

moved for work-related reasons: they found a job on

their own (26%), were sent by their employer (15%),

or recruited by a local company (12%). An expat from

Georgia is happy to do “the job that I like and be valued

as a good professional”.


abroad can

boost your career

but might also

lead to financial



Higher salary level abroad: 51%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 67%

Weekly full-time working hours: 41.1 h

While expat women often work in education (20%

globally), the fields of work are more diverse in the

UK: a share of 14 percent each works in education and

in healthcare, while another 14 percent are found in

advertising, marketing, and PR. A French expat reports

that “the UK gave me a chance to prove that I could

the job”.


Higher salary level abroad: 62%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 64%

Weekly full-time working hours: 43 h

“The career opportunities are incredible,” says an expat

from Canada living in the USA. Close to one in six expat

women (16%) say they have a yearly gross household

income of more than 150,000 US dollars, which is twice

the global average (8%). On the other hand, they seem

to have to work hard for it: the satisfaction with working

hours is the lowest (52%) out of the top 10 countries to

pursue a career abroad.


Higher salary level abroad: 36%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 60%

Weekly full-time working hours: 46.4 h

A majority of women working in Kenya were sent

abroad by their employer (20%), compared to only

seven percent globally. However, they face long hours

and jobs that are not necessarily secure — only 48

percent state to be satisfied with the latter (57%

globally). It might be the income that makes them stay:

same as in the USA, 16 percent have a gross household

income of more than 150,000 US dollars per year.


United Kingdom




Higher salary level abroad: 51%

Satisfaction with career prospects: 63%

Weekly full-time working hours: 41 h

In Ireland, a majority of women (14%) work in

healthcare, which is twice the global average of

female expats in that field (7%). “It is easier to find job

opportunities here,” states an expat from Romania.

Moreover, they enjoy a high job security (64%) and,

with less hours per week than the global average, they

are also satisfied with their work-life balance (69%). ST

Creditline: InterNations GmbH/ The

InterNations Press Team




At ROYAL CANIN®, we make both dry and wet cat food – so

you may be wondering which we recommend for your cat.




Ultimately, both kinds of food have different benefits for your cat.

You may choose dry food because:

• It can be designed to help support dental health | Find us on Facebook Royal Canin Malta |

• It can be left out for your cat to graze on as it can’t dry out

You may choose wet food because:

• It helps to increase water intake, if this is a concern

• It may be preferred by your cat

As long as the cat food you choose is nutritionally complete, either option

will provide all the essential nutrients they need so you won’t need to add

anything else.

At ROYAL CANIN® we believe every cat is unique and deserves a nutritional

programme that respects their individual requirements and preferences, to

help bring out their very best. So we offer you the choice and, whether you

opt for wet or dry, you will find a ROYAL CANIN® food tailored to your cat’s

specific needs, with exceptional palatability and digestibility.






Another option is to feed your cat a combination of both wet and dry cat food.

Many owners choose to do this and it may be that this is the best solution

for your cat. But be careful that this doesn’t lead to overfeeding – look to the

feeding instructions for guidance on combination feeding.

If you’re unsure which kind of food or diet would be better for your cat, it’s

always wise to consult your vet.

Hopefully this helped you understand the differences between dry and wet

cat food. However, if you have another question about dry or wet cat food,

what kind of diet is right for your cat or any other questions about cats then

we’d like to help. Submit your question to or find us

on Facebook Borg Cardona Pet Supplies. ST

Borg Cardona Pet Supplies.


Borg Cardona Pet Supplies.

Triq it-Tabib J.Zammit,

Ħal Balzan, Malta | Find us on Facebook Ro

T: 2144 2698


F: Royal Canin Malta



Amazing doorways



Closed gates to Hue city

in Vietnam

Agnes A.

We sometimes miss the many striking doorways that guide us into wonderful temples, palaces

and churches across the globe. Here are 7 amazing entrances for you to take a look at.


The door to Skalni Mesto

Adrspach, Czech Republic


Green door at Jaipur city

palace, India


Doors to royal palace in

Fez, Morocco


Entrance to Santa Maria di Fiore

Cathedral, Florence, Italy


Old green wood door, chateaux,

Loire valley, France


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap,



Credits: WAYNE


Vilhena Gate, Mdina, Malta


“ At the end of the

whole week, I will post

various fashion week

posts on my blog for all

my followers to enjoy.”


ST: When are Fashion Weeks Held?

GC: Fashion week occurs twice a year and in several cities.

Traditionally the shows start in New York, then they move on to

London, Milan, and finally Paris. Most recently newer fashion

capitals all over the world have sprung their own fashion weeks

including Stockholm and Australia.

ST: What do you do as a bloggers at

Fashion Weeks?

GC: Well I am a consumer too and I have really close

relationship with many other consumers through my blogs and

social media, and at the end of the day, brands want people to

buy their clothes. Bloggers who attend fashion weeks serve as

a marketing tool to create awareness for the show by wearing a

current pieces or build up anticipation for future pieces to look

for, as well as trend spotting. But fashion week for bloggers isn’t

just about going to shows and writing articles. There are lot of

after hour events, lunches, parties and branded campaigns that

go hand-in-hand with this week of fashion.

Cont from pg 29

ST: Tell us about Milan Fashion Week and how

these international events affect you

GC: Well, where do I begin?! This was my second experience at Milan’s Fashion

Week and I must say that this experience was one of my favourite for many reasons.

I travelled and shared the experience with my friend Denis Aljush, a blogger and

influencer in his own right. Originally from Macedonia. Residing in Malta he too is very

keen about the fashion world and we often attend events together and give opinions to

each other about outfits and so on. We share similar tastes in that we both can adapt

our dress sense to the particular event on hand, and fashion week was no exception.

So, we attended a myriad of fashion shows and presentations together, wearing lovely

outfits which were prepared in advance and the results were excellent in that we had

a great response from other participating bloggers, influencers, fashion photographers

and participating designers themselves. I personally felt so at home at Fashion Week and

so did Denis.

We made sure to have our eyes open for upcoming trends and new designers because

we both love the fashion world and we treat it as an artistic expression of ourselves.

For us fashion is not just a matter of dressing up to feel warm or comfortable but we

express our creative tastes and feelings through our choices. We both like to share our

experiences with our followers on our social media platforms so the Fashion Week

attracts a lot of new followers to check out what we are seeing and doing and wearing!

ST: How do you cover Fashion Weeks

on your social media and blog pages?

GC: Since I cover fashion, travel and beauty, I attend shows

backstage before to look at beauty trends and see how hair

and makeup is done and meet with the teams. This year all

bloggers including myself where Blogging daily and going live

on Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

During the show, the front rows are full of iPhones. I take

pictures to show favourite looks from the collection or a

memorable moment.

After the show, I usually post a picture of what I was wearing

or favourite looks I saw. At the end of the whole week, I will

post various fashion week posts on my blog for all my followers

to enjoy. This also helps me build a great relationship with the

designers internationally which is important for me. ST

To Follow Grazielle visit: ~

Instagram @graziellecamilleri

All rights reserved -

Copyright 2018



Milan fashion ‘Moda Donna’ from 20 to 26

February, 64 fashion shows and 92 presentations

(OMNIMILANO) Milano Moda Donna fall / winter 2018/19 scheduled

in the city from February 20 to 26 includes 64 fashion shows (three

doubles), 92 presentations, three presentations by appointment

and 18 events on the calendar, for a total of 156 collections. An

edition, we read in a note from the administration, "full of news, with

Moncler that this year will officially open the fashion week, Tommy

Hilfiger who chose the capital of Lombardy as the fourth stage of his

#TOMMYNOW, and that for the first time sees in the calendar Erika

Cavallini, Francesca Liberatore and Christian Pellizzari. These last two

will show thanks to the support of the National Chamber of Italian

Fashion, as well as Angel Chen, Brognano, Lucio Vanotti, Ricostru

and Ujoh. Also this season, Emilio Pucci returns to the calendar.

Tiziano Guardini, winner of the "Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best

Emerging Designer" at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italy, 2017,

will present his static collection in the Spazio Cavallerizze thanks to

the support of CNMI ".

Credit: Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana; Roberto


The National Chamber of Italian Fashion, for the sixty years since its

foundation, celebrates the importance and value of Italian fashion with

the exhibition "Italian. Italy seen in fashion 1971-2001 ", curated by Maria

Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi. An exhibition promoted and produced in

collaboration with the City of Milan and Palazzo Reale, with the support of

the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE Agency. The inauguration

on February 21st will open the Milan Fashion Week. The exhibition will be

open to the public until 6 May 2018 and the entire proceeds from ticket

sales will be donated to CNMI Fashion Trust. "Italiana" was made with the

main partner Yoox-Net-A-Porter and with the collaboration of Pomellato

and the mannequins of La Rosa.

Thanks to the memorandum of understanding between the Municipality

of Milan and CNMI, the Sala Cariatidi of Palazzo Reale will once again be

one of the leading locations of Milano Moda Donna together with the

Visconti Pavilion in Via Tortona 58 and Spazio Cavallerizze, an integral part

of the National Museum of Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology.

The Spazio Cavallerizze, the new Fashion Hub of Milano Moda Donna, will

also unite in one space: the vip lounge, the press room and the Fashion

Hub Market. The CNMI project in support of young talents, which this year

reaches its sixth edition, will present 14 designers and will host a celebratory

cocktail on Friday 23rd February. Also renewed this year the collaboration

with Ordre, the online b2b platform for the ready-to-wear and high-prêt-àporter

industry. The designers of the Fashion Hub Market will be part of the

online platform for a whole season and one or two designers selected by

Ordre and CNMI will have the opportunity to stay in the virtual showroom

for a whole year. The Milan Fashion Week will be followed live on the

website with streaming of fashion shows, videos and

photo galleries of the collections, through the CNMI App and on Instagram

social profiles (@cameramoda), Facebook, Twitter with real-time updates

on events . Videos of the fashion shows and special contents will also be

shown on the maxiscreen in Via Croce Rossa. ST


Warm summer nights may seem far

away, but it’s never too early to book

your summer events and parties!

Penthouse offers a spectacular 360

degree panoramic view of Mdina,

Rabat and the surrounding countryside

creating the perfect natural backdrop

to your event.

Whether it’s an elegant evening with

great food and company, a product

launch or a full blown party....

Penthouse is the place to be.


Time to Sleep


“ To everything

there is a season, and

a time to every purpose

under the heaven... a time to

break down, and a time to

build up”

Ecclesiastes 3:1,3.

As human beings most of us

need a minimum of 8 hours of

sleep per day. This is because

far from being a luxury sleep is a

necessary physiological function

that helps the regenerative

processes of both the body and

the nervous system making

it of vital importance to our

wellbeing. While the odd late

night makes little difference

to our quality of life, save a

following day of irrepressible

yawns and sticky eyelids,

chronic lack of sleep can have

deleterious effects on our health.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a state of complete

physical, mental and social wellbeing and thus anything which alters the balance

between these three factions can affect the quality of our existence. Chronic

lack of sleep is known to be a common cause of disturbance of this balance resulting

in physical, psychological and social ailments that in the extreme form can threaten our

lifespan. The list is endless and can range from increased incidence of viral and bacterial

infections due to a weaker immune system, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety and

depression, poor performance at work or school and strained relationships.

While some chronic conditions such as sleep apnoea or pain (especially in conditions like

fibromyalgia or cancer) can drastically affect our sleep patterns the most common culprits of

insomnia are found in our lifestyle habits especially the addictive use of computers and mobile

phones and the ‘never enough’ attitude we have to our work commitments and entertainment

alike. Likewise, we find it hard to let go even when our bodies are frantically signalling us to do

so and, more often than not, when we do, we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the

night trying to sort out a million and one things only ending up working ourselves in an even

tighter knot instead.

"Chronic lack

of sleep is known to

be a common cause of

disturbance of this balance

resulting in physical,

psychological and social



Ultimately, the only way out of this maze is to acknowledge that for us to live a healthy

existence we need to keep the balance between our physical, mental and social wellbeing

and this can only be achieved if we learn to appreciate when it is enough and allow a

sensible interplay between acting and resting, doing and not doing, engaging and letting

go. This means standing up to the incessant pressure of a society that seems to abhor this

natural rhythm and expects us to be productive beyond our means or else be condemned

to an existence of shame, judgement and


What we fail to see in this frenzy is that

unless we let go of one experience we can

never be open to a new one and likewise

we are stuck in the same vertiginous saga

that can only end when we burn out or

ultimately perish. Sleep is the ultimate

letting go of one everyday existence which

prepares us for the next and thus the

continuation of such.

It is literally a question of DO or DIE. ST

Credit: Dr Moira Borg





So now comes the last of our four-part segment

on moving house. Indubitably the last is the most

important in the whole process and it involves

actually settling in to your new abode. If you have read

the previous blogs and taken heed of advice, then this

part should prove to be rather smooth sailing. Once you

have invested the time to prepare, then unpacking should

be a walk in the park. Nonetheless, you will still have a

number of tasks to tackle. Here are some things to consider

when moving in to help everything go smoothly.


Hopefully your sofa made

it over in one piece, but

some furniture – like your

bed – is probably best when

transported in disassembled

form. If you find that you

don't remember how to put

things back together again

and the manual isn't available

online, you can often have

instructions sent to you from

the manufacturer by just

making a quick call.


Once all’s said and done, you'll

have papers, boxes, and other

items left over. Discarding

boxes can be as easy a quick

post on a local website or

Facebook Page. Sure, you

cannot pass everything along,

however, and will need to

throw it away suitably. If you

are moving into an apartment,

it's best to check with your

building's management before

getting rid of rubbish and

recycling. The building may

have un-posted guidelines

you're unaware of.


If your furniture was not dusty

or dirty when you loaded it

into the truck, it’s safe to say,

it probably is now. Before

bringing it into your home it's

a good idea to wipe it down

just a little bit. Of course, once

inside, you can dust more

thoroughly, but you need to

be sure to do it before you put

the furniture to use.


Cluttering up your home when

unpacking is easy, since you

will have stuff everywhere. It

can become a little daunting

when you need to move it all

around. If you can manage, fill

your wardrobes first – even if

it's only provisionally. This will

help keep disorder out of the

way and leave you more space

to unload the important stuff.

If you are planning on moving house, then we suggest

you read through these blogs, so as to have guidance on

how to do things right. And remember, should you be

interested in buying or renting property in Malta or Gozo,

we advise you to contact 77 Great Estates today so one of

our helpful estate agents can guide you towards finding

the ideal place that fits all your preferences. ST

Credit: 77 Great Estates

Follow on Facebook and Twitter or Contact on

7 Great Estates, 213, Tower Road, Sliema SLM1602, Malta

(+356) 2721 7777




to Skin Problems

Quiz: How Heart-Smart Are You?

How well are you treating your heart? Do you think

that you make heart-smart choices every time that

you open the fridge or sit down at a restaurant

table? In the quiz below, you'll be tasked with

choosing the most heart-healthy option for each

group of ingredients or meals. Give it a go, and

find out how much your heart loves you back!

What's the best for your heart health?

A. Blue cheese on toast

B. Fried eggs on toast

C. Peanut butter toast

D. Avocado toast





It turns out that Vicks VapoRub is

fantastic for clearing up foot fungus.

All you have to do is apply it your feet

and toenails every night during the winter to

make sure that you are ready for when sandal

season rolls round. The product is effective

because of its main ingredients, which are

menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. They all

have anti-fungal properties.

A lot of beauty products that we

tend to buy are actually a waste of

money. For instance, there’s no need

to invest in an expensive primer – you

can just use Vagisil instead. It contains

dimethicone, which is the same main

ingredient as a makeup

primer, and it will also

moisturize your face.4USE RAW HONEY FOR AMAZING SKIN




If you happen to be in the midst of a financial

pinch and can’t afford to buy expensive

lip scrubs, you can gently massage your

lips with a warm, damp washcloth each

night before you go to bed.

Wintertime brings a whole range of skincare problems with it, but

there are numerous solutions to them that you never would have

thought of. What’s more is that they 1are very cost-effective. Here are

ten genius solutions to all your winter skincare problems: ST




Raw honey can be used for a whole

myriad of different things, not least for

healing and maintaining healthy skin. It

soothes and hydrates, leaving you with

a soft, radiant glow. Its antioxidant

content helps to slow the aging process

and plump up your skin, leaving you with a

youthful appearance. What’s more is that

it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it

can kill sources of acne or other infectioncausing



Try throwing a handful of chopped

parsley into a mixing bowl and adding two

tablespoons of organic, raw and unfiltered

apple cider vinegar, together with three

tablespoons of organic plain yogurt. Apply

the mixture to your face, let it dry, then

wash it off and moisturize. It’s the best

winter face mask you could imagine, and

you can make it right in your kitchen.





If you suffer from the

occasional dry scalp, you can

try adding a spoonful of sugar

to your shampoo. Although it

won’t keep recurring dandruff

or psoriasis problems at bay,

doing so will help to exfoliate

away dead skin and allow the

conditioner you use to nourish

your scalp more effectively.



This might sound a bit extreme, but you should

know that superglue should only be applied

to relatively minor heel cracks to keep the skin

together. It’s a short-term solution, but it will

allow the cracked skin to heal before you apply

ointments to keep the problem at bay.




Chapped, cracked and

sore fingers can be taken

care of by applying lip

balm. All you need to do

is apply it directly to your fingertips.




It might be a killer for you to

cut out your morning coffee,

but you should know that

its caffeine content actually

has a dehydrating effect on

your skin. Try skipping it completely or

replacing it with green tea.

9 10




Goat butter, as its name

suggests, is made from goat’s

milk, and it normally contains

jojoba oil and urea that’s

added to it as well. Urea has

a mild exfoliating effect, while

goat butter has natural fat

and protein content to lock

in moisture. Apply it after a

shower to prevent dry skin.

46 Creditline: BabaMail; Images by Deposit Photos.


A new non-profit organisation " Association

Josiane Salone, a united front against COPD "

Salone, united against

COPD”, founded in 2018, is a


network for exchanging and

sharing information. Its aim is to stop

patients from being left alone with their

feelings of guilt faced with this stealthy,

degenerative disease.

Some of you may never have heard of

COPD. So what is COPD? It is an acronym for

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Yet this degenerative pulmonary disease

claims 210 million victims worldwide and

the tally has been increasing constantly for

the last 20 years.

The new affliction mainly affects women, particularly

the so-called “baby-boom” generation, tragic victims

of a time bomb, for the habit of smoking was once

simply considered pleasurable, indeed fashionable,

and carried no stigma. Because the n°1 cause of COPD

is tobacco.

Yet COPD is a stealthy disease that develops slowly and

makes its home in its victims without causing apparent


COPD is doubly stealthy, because not only patients but

even doctors know little about it. Still holding many

secrets, COPD escapes diagnosis.

“Josiane Salone, united against COPD ”, founded in

2018, the organisation is not just a portal offering

information. It is also, above all, a network via

which millions of people affected by COPD can find

an alternative to the isolation resulting from the

sanctimonious and stigmatising way in which they are

commonly portrayed.

Though the non-profit organisation founded by Eric

Salone is named after his mother, a COPD victim

in 2016, its aim is not to contemplate suffering but

to provide a platform for generous commitment to

exchange, sharing and solidarity.





Vaping is undeniably the latest trend. Vape flavours come on and off

the market with the same dynamic intensity as fashion. Vaping has

turned into a social scene with vapers chatting and socialising to enjoy

the latest pastime- for others it has become a relaxation routine and for

gadget fans, the constant new hardware and the ability to customise or

modify devices is an attraction. Where possible, Vapor Clouds offers its

clients the possibility to create also their own flavours.

Vapor Clouds, Hamrun

570, St Joseph High Road, Hamrun SVR 1018

t: 99946486


We, at Vapor Clouds stock an extensive range of e liquids, some of

which are manufactured in-house in dedicated facilities. Whatever your

taste, we have over 300 different e-liquid flavours, all offering a unique

vaping experience. From sweet, candy to sour taste, Vapor Clouds has

it all covered! Besides sourcing the very best vape liquids from leading

manufacturers, we at Vapor Clouds carry an extensive supply of vaping

hardware and equipment to build your own coils and match your mods.

Vapor Clouds, Hamrun

570, St Joseph High Road, Hamrun SVR 1018

t: 99946486


At Mannarinu Caterers we focus on creating exclusive dessert tables

for couples who want something unique with everything made from

scratch using only the best quality ingredients. If you are looking for

that absolutely stunning “wow” factor for your Wedding Day come

and talk to us about our show stopping coffee table. With over thirty

types of mini petite fours and two chocolate fountains, our coffee table

makes a statement at your wedding.

Mannarinu Caterers

St.John’s Street, Valletta

t. 2124 5080||


No job is too big, and no detail is too small for Mannarinu Caterers

and his extraordinary team as they create the boldest, tastiest and

most impressive cakes for their demanding clientele. Every cake is

a masterpiece; besides good baking knowledge, there is one secret

ingredient which can make all the difference between an average cake

and a scrumptious one: passion. When one creates a wedding cake one

is not just creating a cake, one is creating memories.

Mannarinu Caterers

St.John’s Street, Valletta

t. 2124 5080||







BYTON debuted its first drivable concept car at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, U.S.A. With a unique digital design and

innovative human-vehicle interaction, the premium SUV functions as a Next Generation Smart Device, built for the coming era of truly shared, smart

mobility and autonomous driving.

The new SUV will be manufactured at BYTON’s plant in Nanjing, China. Its price will start at USD $45,000. The car will be available in China towards the end

of 2019, and in the U.S. and Europe in 2020.

Key features include:

• Shared lounge experience for in-car communication, entertainment and work, with content and connection driven by the BYTON Life cloud platform

• A single 125 x 25 cm (49 x 9.8 inch) Shared Experience Display center console, along with three additional display screens

• Unique human-vehicle interaction incorporating voice recognition, touch control, biometric identification and hand gesture control technology

• Incorporation of Amazon Alexa for intelligent voice control, with additional Amazon collaboration on audio and video content

• Maximum range of 520 km (323 miles) on a single charge

“The BYTON Concept SUV connects both the automotive and digital industries in ways that will deliver an entirely new connective experience for people

on the move. The result is the world’s first Smart Intuitive Vehicle, or SIV,” said Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and Co-Founder, BYTON. “BYTON is tailor-made

for fully electric mobility. Equally important, we have designed our car to be the first-ever affordable premium EV that fulfills the requirements as the first

car in every household,” said Dr. Daniel Kirchert, President and Co-Founder, BYTON.

Interior design is the ultimate lounge experience

Exterior design is all about digital horsepower

• The new SUV leverages Electric Vehicle architecture to

maximize space. A flat floor and absence of a center

console convey openness to all cabin occupants.

Individually adjustable seats provide sofa-like comfort

and luxury akin to a premium lounge.

• BYTON is equipped with multiple screens including a

Shared Experience Display replacing the central console

in traditional cars. Driver Tablet and two display screens

on the rear-seat entertainment system integrate other

content and features as part of the lounge.

• The most eye-catching feature is the Shared Experience

Display: Its 125 x 25 cm (49 x 9.8 in) screen automatically

adjusts brightness according to changes in light, with a

unique horizontal layout enabling content shown to be

shared with other passengers in the car.


• BYTON Concept is a mid-size premium smart electric

SUV, measuring 4,850 mm (15.9 ft), with a wheelbase

of 2,945mm (9.6 ft) and a wheel size of 22 inches. Its

exterior design reflects the SUV’s robust style and

distinctive proportions, with a loping roof line and green

house tapering for optimized aerodynamics.

• BYTON Concept leverages Smart Surfaces beginning

with the front grill. LED lights throughout the front

highlight the luminescent logo in the middle, along with

connecting lines and dots that can switch to different

display modes to suit different driving scenarios as well

as communicate with users and pedestrians. The rear of

the car also adapts the Smart Surfaces design.

• Three facial recognition cameras are embedded in the

B-pillar on both sides of the car. Side-view cameras

replace traditional side mirrors. BYTON Concept

also includes an invisible door handle and perfectly

integrated antennas.

Other information: battery charge, power options, & future


• BYTON’s production car will have two range options

for endurance: a rearwheel drive model with a 71 kwh

battery pack and a driving range of 400 km, or a fourwheel

drive model with a 95 kwh battery pack and

driving range up to 520 km (323 miles).

• In fast charge mode, 80% of the battery is recharged in

just 30 minutes.

• BYTON to include two power options: 200kW (400NM

torque) single motor rear-wheel drive model and 350kW

(710NM torque) dual motors four-wheel model.

• BYTON has adopted an all-new platform specifically

designed for electric vehicles. In addition to the first SUV

model launched in 2019, BYTON will produce its sedan

and multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) on the same platform.

BYTON’s SUV will be launched in China in 2019, and in the U.S.

and Europe in 2020. BYTON’s sedan and MPV is expected to hit

the market by 2021 and 2022. ST

(These cars are not yet on sale. They do not have type approval

and are therefore not subject to Directive 1999/94/EC.)

Credit: BYTON


Coco Chanel

Might Have Worked

for the Nazis...

During World War II, many famous fashion brands were accused of collaborating with Nazis. However, Coco Chanel,

the founder of the well-known luxury brand, is not only accused off fraternizing with Nazi officials, but that she also

capitalized on her powerful connections to oust Jewish business partners in her company.

Her loyalty to the German party did not end there though. Recent French documents revealed that she might also have

been Agent 7124 (Code name: "Westminster") for the Nazi intelligence organization, the Abwehr.

Her dark and insidious relationship with the Nazi party began in 1933. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's trusted and loyal righthand

man, selected a "secret attache" by the name of Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage to the German Embassy in

Paris. In this bustling metropolis, the handsome von Dincklage would meet and become lovers with Coco Chanel. ST

Credit: Ba-Bamail


But why


By Clinton Schembri Francalanza

– that is rarely invading inside the foot

i.e. surgery; however there are instances

which would require minor surgeries.

Next on the list is nail care and removal

of excessive skin – both of which do

cause a lot of discomfort and people,

suffering from such problems can easily

relate. Foot Dermatological problems

also fall under our realm: so the next

time you see a lump, bump or funny

looking lesion on your foot do not

hesitate to seek podiatric advice.

I get asked this question a million times;

and at the start of my career I used to

hesitate, trying to find the coolest way

to answer such awkward question –

because lets face it – feet aren’t the

most attractive thing in the world.

However, now I find pretty comfortable

answering this question, since with what

I do I make people happy!

I am Clinton, a Podiatrist with a keen

interest in Sports and fascinated by

movement analysis and biomechanics.

Going back to “making people happy“,

it’s not what you’re thinking, so you

can rub that cheeky smile off your face.

One of the biggest instant rewards in

my profession is the fact that after a

treatment the vast majority of my clients

leave pain free and gets to continue

with their everyday life – hence the

happy part. I am no miracle worker, and


sometimes treatments might cause some

discomfort, but all is for a good cause.

The foot is an intricate piece of

machinery, which supports the whole

body, be it when standing in a queue

line, running with your friends or

walking around in Valletta, and so on.

All of these situations exert different

forces on the foot, which sometimes

can be the cause of pain. This could be

due to ill wearing shoes, wrong shoes,

or else foot problems, which would

need professional care. As a podiatrist

I help people to prevent these painful

situations and that’s just the beginning

of what I do.

Socrates once said that if your feet hurt,

all your body hurts – and anyone who

has ever had a foot problem can relate

to this quote. As a podiatrist I treat foot

problems, with conservative treatments

Lower back pain – wait aren’t you just

a foot specialist, what does the back

have to do with feet? Our body is made

up of a series of linkages– so a slight

misalignment in the foot might have a

significant impact on the rest of your

body – especially in the knees and

lower back areas: and we are the go

to persons when such problems arise.

I work with a multidisciplinary team

of physiotherapists, sports masseurs

and Coaches to help achieve the best

result for my clients’ needs. Keep in

mind that one must always build on a

strong set of foundations; so if your feet

aren’t sustaining your body well your

penthouse might be in trouble.

And one last minor thing – the

professional nomenclature is Podiatrists

and not podologists – it sounds sexier

too :)

The author is a State Registered

Podiatrist ST

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018

Nature, fashion and drama come together.

Brighten this holiday weekend with Dolce&Gabbana’s Spring/Summer

Collection. Introducing an elegant season which is inspired by the beauty

of nature, offering unique pieces for men, women and children.







HP Design

Fabrics, Curtains,

Cushions & More

We are based in Gozo (Triq Il-Kunsill Civiku, Victoria) but we have also

our showroom in Malta – in Rabat and we provide all service including

home visits and installation.

Our showroom in Rabat (Malta) is newly opened and we have got new

exclusive fabric collections there. As we are still at the beginning we are

there mainly by appointments. Please just contact us and we can meet

at our showroom or come to your home with selection of fabrics at any

time that suits you.

Our newly opened showroom in Rabat.

T: (+356) 99683422; E:;



We offer full service so we make any soft furnishings – Curtains,

Sheers, Pelmets, Roman Blinds, Cushions, Bedding, Table

cloths, Headboards, Upholstery, Covers… We provide as well

as vertical blinds, roller blinds, Japanese blinds, curtain poles &

rails and we do installation as well. We work also with projects

and contract – like hotels, restaurants, apartments…

Do you need curtains or blinds, add some warm touch to your

home? Just come to us and get professional service you need.

• DESIGNING - we help you to match and design your

curtains or other project

• FABRICS – professional help to choose the best fabric for

your project


full curtain/blind service - blinds, curtains poles & rails,

bedlinen, sofas,…

• HOME VISITS – designing & taking measurements

• MAKING QUOTE – all prices separately – you can see any

item and service separately and total price before order

• SEWING – any soft furnishings, any design and item we

can make from fabric

• INSTALLATION – we fix any curtain poles, rails and blinds

and we provide hanging of curtains as well.


Credit: HP Design - Fabrics, Curtains, Cushions & More


We import many fabrics for indoor and outdoor (we work only

with EU factories) – Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany,

Netherlands, UK, France, Greece….. And we have got suppliers

that you will not find anywhere else in Malta. Our selection

includes cheaper fabrics (start from EUR 10/m, 280cm width)

to the most luxury selections from Germany, Netherlands and

the Czech Republic.

We have got some fabrics in stock - nice selection of sheers

and cotton fabrics and very vast fabric collection on order. You

can find fabrics suitable for curtains, sheers, blackouts, fireretardant

fabrics, upholstery, bed linen, table cloths, outdoor

furniture, baby cotton fabrics, special fabrics…

You can be sure that your curtains will come perfectly and we

will show you and inform you as well how to wash them and

care of them. ST

There’s nothing quite like a cold beer on a

hot day – that hoppy, rich and refreshing taste

just goes down a treat. It’s the most popular alcoholic

beverage in the world, and it’s the third most popular

beverage overall, after water and tea.

It has received somewhat of a bad reputation in recent years

for being fattening and high in calories, which is unfortunate

because there are actually various health benefits to be

gained when drinking beer in moderation. So put your

feet up, pour yourself a pint and read about beer’s

awesome health benefits!

The Health Benefits

of Drinking Beer



It Reduces the Risk of

Heart Disease

It's Good for Kidney Health


Before you think this benefit is free license to drink as

much as you want, think again. Drinking too much is harmful

to your kidneys, however moderate consumption of beer has

been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing kidney

stones - they develop when there's too much calcium in

your body. Hops, which are used to make beer, have

been shown to assist with releasing calcium

from the bones. ST

Creditline: Baba

Whatever kind of alcohol you like to drink, studies

have indicated that when consumed in moderation,

beer thins the blood, making it less likely to clot.

Furthermore, it helps reduce the risk of heart

disease and increases the amount of good

cholesterol in the blood.



& Elegance

We transform Old

Floors into Works

of Art!

Malta Tiles:

Open Mon- Fri 8am to 4.30pm,

Sat 8am to 12pm


Kalkara tal-Gir Alley, Triq il-

Karmnu, Fgura

T: 7989 6534



Steve should have been celebrating. A 30-something

entrepreneur in the Sliema area, he had just closed a multimillion

dollar round of Series A financing for his start-up.

Instead, he found himself in his doctor’s office – 8 kilos overweight, physically

exhausted, sleep-deprived and with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. This news only

aggravated the anxiety and disconnect he had been feeling for months.

Steve was burned out. It’s called “burnout” for good reason — at the cellular level, our

bodies are literally inflamed. This does not happen overnight. It’s a chronic condition

that’s a direct response to our 24/7 “always on” work cultures – which, combined

with a climate of economic uncertainty, make for a perfect storm in our physiology.

Our stress response system evolved to protect us from danger. However, it cannot

distinguish between a saber-toothed tiger in the wild and a harsh email. Each time

one of our three primal survival needs are not met – for safety (e.g. a company

downsizing), reward (e.g. poor performance feedback) and connection (e.g. working

on a team with a cut-throat “each to his own” philosophy), the “fight or flight” stress

team of biochemical reactions in the body kicks into gear.

Over time, the effects of chronic stress are insidious, reflected in our lifestyle choices:

we toss and turn each night struggling to sleep; use caffeine to jolt us into alertness in

the morning; confront mid-afternoon slumps with a pastizz or soda; and then numb

and soothe ourselves at night with junk food, alcohol, social media, or medication.

We wear our “crazy busy” badge of honour with pride, while sacrificing prime time

with family and friends in order to keep pace with the demands at work.

In the body, all kinds of stress lead to one destination: inflammation – that “fire” in

our cells. Inflammation is simply the body’s protective immune response to any kind

of toxin or injury. Think of how your skin recovers from a cut, for example – there may

be swelling and redness followed by scab formation and, finally, healing.

When our life spins out of control, we turn on genes that cause chronic inflammation,

the root cause of the largest global health epidemic of our time: lifestyle-related

chronic disease (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety and


In the Malta, three out of four of us will suffer from at least one chronic disease in our

lifetimes. Collectively, those diseases account for more than 86% of our healthcare

costs. Stress in the workplace costs the Maltese economy upwards of hundreds of

thousands of euros per year. And despite the popularity of social media, loneliness

and social isolation are on the rise, with one in four Americans reporting they do not

have even one person to discuss important matters with.

How can productivity, creativity, and innovation thrive under such circumstances?

While there are many systemic issues that need to be addressed, there is something

we all can do to start taking better care of ourselves. The path to inflammation and

chronic disease, fortunately, is not a one-way street. We can reverse overwhelm and

build resilience.

Enter the power of lifestyle and epigenetics.

Epigenetics (“above” or “beyond” genetics) studies the influence of our environment

on gene expression. At any given moment, a gene — such as one associated with

inflammation — may either be active and turned “on” or inactive and turned “off.”

Our lifestyle — what we eat, how we move, how much we sleep and how mindful we

are — acts like a powerful dimmer switch.

Resilience is our ability to adapt successfully in the face of stress and adversity. The very

essence of epigenetics is adaptability — our DNA does not change, but its expression

is dynamic and malleable. In fact, up to 80-90% of chronic disease is completely

preventable and sometimes reversible, when we pay attention to the lifestyle choices

we make each day.


Where to start?

Pick a habit — a keystone habit — and make it stick.

A keystone habit is a change that often triggers other

good changes, because it alters how you see yourself.

(For example, starting an exercise routine first thing

in the morning is a keystone habit that can positively

affect the choices you make the rest of the day.) Ask

yourself: What are my core values? What lifestyle habit

will help me embody those values and become the kind

of person I want to be?

Surround yourself with like-minded people. Sticking

to a new lifestyle habit is easier, more fun and effective

when we do it with others. This social support is a

bonus independent factor helping us live longer and

healthier lives.

When you stumble (and you will stumble), pick

yourself up with compassion. Life will get in the way

of your new habit – it’s inevitable. But there is now

overwhelming evidence that being kind to yourself,

treating yourself as you would your best friend, is more

motivating than being self-critical.

Battling the

P hysical Symptoms


Steve identified his core value as

“creating impact.” He wanted his product

to help change the world for the better. To

do that, he knew he had to stay calm and take

better care of himself on the entrepreneurial

rollercoaster. Mindfulness became his keystone

habit. He started with just five minutes of practice

a day and switched his weekly happy hour at the

local bar to an hour of socialization with a local

mindfulness group. As his practice grew, it became

easier for him to eat mindfully and make better food

choices. His energy levels and sleep improved. This

in turn, helped him stay focused under pressure and

make better business decisions.

With a little help from epigenetics, he was on his way

to a more resilient lifestyle. ST

of Stress


Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS is a Harvard- and

Columbia-trained physician on a mission to create

a compassionate society where health is the

default. She moved away from clinical practice to

focus on chronic disease prevention. She serves

as Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, Inc. She

also provides lifestyle-as-medicine consulting to

academic organizations, business and individuals.

Follow her on Twitter @parneet_pal.

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018


The Malta Baby & Kids Directory front cover

photography competition 2018 edition

By Crysta Darmanin


The Malta Baby & Kids Directory launch their latest exciting front cover competition, for children in collaboration with The Foto Grafer.

If your child is between 6 and 14 years, take a photo of your pet and send it in to be with a chance to win! Your child's photo of their pet

could feature on the cover of the next Malta Baby & Kids Directory.

The competition, with the theme ‘My Pet’ aims to promote creativity through the love of animals and encourage an active interest in

photography from a young age.

Encourage your children, students and/or friends to get snapping and email in their photographs of pets which they own (or those which

they wish to!). Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase their budding photography skills.

To participate, they are to send in their photographs which must be in good quality for printing and can be taken on any device- whether

smartphone, tablet or digital camera, by 18th May 2018. Be sure to include name, date of birth, email address, mobile number and

school details on the email to, attaching the photograph which they wish to enter.

The winning entry will grace the cover of the next Malta Baby & Kids Directory publication and receive a prize of a digital video camera

kindly donated by The Foto Grafer. The entries of the top dozen runners-up will also feature in the directory and there are other prizes to

be won. Keep in touch with by signing up on the website to recieve updates of the many exciting prizes! You’ve

got to be in it to win it!

Prizes include: Two games of indoor laser tag, for two adults and two children, courtesy of Cybermaxx, worth

€40; Five family tickets, for two adults and two kids, kindly donated by Velocity Trampoline Park. ST

Creditline: Malta Baby &

Kids Directory





Pic Credit: Twitter/@MEENAVOGUEE





Pic Credit: Twitter/@LecheroNestle

Taraji Henson's reaction exactly shows when someone doesn't find a

green room to adjust the slip and the slip-up begins to show, well almost.

Photo Credit: AP

The Mystique of X-Men, Jennifer Lawrence, stunned all at the Oscars. She jumped seats

and posed like an independent bird. Was it for her momentary transformation to the reel

life or is that glass of wine to blame?

Photo Credit: AP

When a Jet Ski became a Hovercraft, not literally! Helen Mirren and Mark

Bridges posed sitting on a Jet Ski which the latter won for delivering the shortest

acceptance speech at the Oscars. Would he be parking it in the garage now?

Pic Credit: Twitter/@miagaluppo

Danny Glover (left) tried to calm the aggressive Lakeith Stanfield (right), keeping a

hand's distance, by saying, 'Gentleman, even I am also running out of gold'.

This guest decided to take the Red Carpet too seriously... Andra Day sat down on the

carpet to pose for the camera at the Oscars.


This is what happens when you ask the tailor to stitch you

a tuxedo in a single day! Shane Vieau, at the back, got his

tuxedo's sleeves cut out till the elbow! Come on! Is that a

style? Really?

And we all thought the Winter Olympics is over! Tiffany Haddish lifted her

gown to jump in front of Meryl Streep. ST

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018

Pic Courtesy: Twitter/@miagaluppo

Sunday Trends BORGES Olive Oil Chef

of The Year Competition

Win a free air ticket for 2 persons to Turkey

courtesy of Turkish Airlines.

Thousands of people can't be wrong... According to the people who voted in this year's surveys IN The Definitive(ly) Good

Guide 2017 Awards, these are the best chefs around the island.

David Grech Urpani Chef Donald Baldacchino Chef Marvin Gauci

Chef Edward Diacono Chef Joseph Debono Chef Kevin Bonello

Do you know a chef who you think has what it takes to make it be voted as BORGES

Olive Oil Chef of The Year? Send us your reply at:

and win a free air ticket for 2 persons to Turkey courtesy of Turkish Airlines.




Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor, producer

Born: US 1974

Annual: USD 27,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,250,000.00

Weekly: USD 519,230.00

Daily: USD 73,972.00

Chris Pratt


Born: 1979 US


Children: 1

Annual: USD 26,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,166,666.00

Weekly: USD 500,000.00

Daily: USD 71,232.00

Vin Diesel

Actor, director, producer

Born: 1967 US


Children: 3

Annual: USD 54,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,541,666.00

Weekly: USD 1,048,076.00

Daily: USD 149,315.00

George Clooney

Actor, Film Director, Producer,


Born: 1961 US


Children: 2

Annual: USD 16,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,375,000.00

Weekly: USD 317,307.00

Daily: USD 45,205.00

Matt Damon

Actor, Scriptwriter

Born: 1970 US


Children: 4

Annual: USD 55,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,583,333.00

Weekly: USD 1,057,692.00

Daily: USD 150,684.00

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)


Born: 1983 Australia


Children: 1

Annual: USD 27,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,250,000.00

Weekly: USD 519,230.00

Daily: USD 73,972.00

Bradley Cooper


Born: 1975 USA


Annual: USD 41,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 3,458,333.00

Weekly: USD 798,076.00

Daily: USD 113,698.00

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)


Born: 1968 Australia


Children: 2

Annual: USD 23,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,916,666.00

Weekly: USD 442,307.00

Daily: USD 63,013.00

Jackie Chan

Actor and Director

Born: 1954 Hong Kong


Children: 2

Annual: USD 49,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,083,333.00

Weekly: USD 942,307.00

Daily: USD 134,246.00

Robert Downey, Jr.


Born: 1965 US


Children: 3

Annual: USD 48,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,000,000.00

Weekly: USD 923,076.00

Daily: USD 131,506.00

Tom Hanks


Born: 1956 USA


Children: 4

Annual: USD 26,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,166,666.00

Weekly: USD 500,000.00

Daily: USD 71,232.00

Brad Pitt


Born: 1963 USA


Children: 6

Annual: USD 31,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,625,000.00

Weekly: USD 605,769.00

Daily: USD 86,301.00


Eddie Murphy

Actor, Comedian

Born: 1961 US


Children: 8


Annual: USD 13,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,083,333.00

Weekly: USD 250,000.00

Daily: USD 35,616.00

Russell Crowe


Born: 1964 New Zealand


Children: 2

Annual: USD 18,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,500,000.00

Weekly: USD 346,153.00

Daily: USD 49,315.00


Tom Cruise

Actor, Film director

Born: 1962 USA

Children: 3


Annual: USD 43,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 3,583,333.00

Weekly: USD 826,923.00

Daily: USD 117,808.00

Alec Baldwin

Actor, Director, Producer

Born: 1958 US


Children: 1


Annual: USD 8,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 666,666.00

Weekly: USD 153,846.00

Daily: USD 21,917.00

Adam Sandler

Actor, Comedian, Musician,

Film Producer

Born: 1966 USA


Children: 2

Annual: USD 50,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,208,333.00

Weekly: USD 971,153.00

Daily: USD 138,356.00

Sacha Baron Cohen


Born: 1971 UK


Children: 2

Annual: USD 26,567,028.00

Monthly: USD 2,213,919.00

Weekly: USD 510,904.00

Daily: USD 72,786.00

Will Smith

Actor, comedian, singer

Born: 1968 USA


Children: 3

Annual: USD 20,500,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,708,333.00

Weekly: USD 394,230.00

Daily: USD 56,164.00

Johnny Depp


Born: 1963 USA


Children: 2


Annual: USD 48,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 4,000,000.00

Weekly: USD 923,076.00

Daily: USD 131,506.00

Daniel Craig

Actor and producer

Born: 1968 UK


Children: 1

Annual: USD 27,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 2,250,000.00

Weekly: USD 519,230.00

Daily: USD 73,972.00

Harrison Ford


Born: 1942 USA


Children: 4

Annual: USD 15,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 1,250,000.00

Weekly: USD 288,461.00

Daily: USD 41,095.00

Robert De Niro

Actor, director, producer

Born: 1943 US


Children: 5

Annual: USD 6,000,000.00

Monthly: USD 500,000.00

Weekly: USD 115,384.00

Daily: USD 16,438.00

Daniel Radcliffe

Actor (Harry Potter)

Born: 1989 UK


Annual: USD 68,742,185.00

Monthly: USD 5,728,515.00

Weekly: USD 1,321,965.00

Daily: USD 188,335.00

Creditline: © WageIndicator 2017 -

- Actor Salaries




Guest editor Simon Sinek has nominated a series of people who he believes we can all learn from

when it comes to fulfilling our potential in 2018. First up we hear from the inspirational Bruce Deel,

a man responsible for turning around the lives of thousands of people.

What I know about fulfilling potential

"I have really come to admire the intensity with which

Bruce Deel trusts people. That's an odd combination of

words, I know - intensity of trust. But that's the best way I

can describe what Bruce does.

Bruce Deel is the founder and CEO of City of Refuge, an

organisation that has changed the fortunes of over 20,000

people during the past two decades. The organisation,

which first opened its doors in Atlanta, Georgia before

spreading to cities across the US, is a leader in social

transformation. In simple terms, City of Refuge seeks to

partner with individuals and families in crisis to clear a

pathway out of poverty and into a thriving community.

Bruce Deel

During the last 20 years Bruce’s work has not only taught

him a lot about how to get the best out of himself, but also

how to provide others with a platform to fulfil their own

potential. Here Bruce explains how the two are linked and

what he believes we can all do to be our best person.

I believe we are all created with an innate desire to help

others. Sometimes we get lost in our own agendas, our

own life goals and dreams - which means we may miss

opportunities to help others. But if we take the time to

invest in the lives of other people then it will bring out the

best in ourselves. Sometimes we search for the good in

ourselves from a selfish perspective and it’s a futile exercise,

but when we choose to help others find it in themselves

then it releases the goodness that’s residing in us too.

"He trusts in people others do not. Bruce sees potential in

people others do not. It is because those people feel seen

and heard and trusted, some for the first time in their lives,

they find the power to work to their own potential."

Help others find their purpose and by doing so you will

locate your own. I used to focus on making sure I was

successful and taking care of my family, but once we started

City of Refuge and spent most of our time helping people

on the margins I began to feel better at the end of each day.

It was hard work but investing time in other people’s lives

became incredibly rewarding. There was one point where

Rhonda [Bruce’s wife] and I looked at each other and just

said “this is the way to live”.

Creditline: Virgin

I think am fulfilling my potential, but I’m still on a path. One of the potential things that’s

inside of me, which I can see unfolding slowly, is the need to inspire others to do the kind of

work that we are. Not because it’s the right thing to do but because it will unlock so much in

their own lives, I think there’s the potential inside me to inspire others to look beyond their

own world.

Too often we choose to segment life into business, family and recreation. In my view it’s all

one and the same, those three areas should all meld together. If you approach it in that way

then you’re not going to make the mistake of focusing on one more so than the others.

Technology can help unlock potential, but folks who need it most don’t have the access.

For those of us involved in the work we do, new technology is making it much easier to

help people fulfil their potential. Increased awareness, the sharing of ideas and resources -

all those things make a big difference to what we’re trying to achieve. However for folks in

poverty they do not have the same access,

so the changes in the world will have

passed them by. This is one of the things

we’re trying to catch people up on.

If I was to meet the younger version of myself,

I would tell him to stop being so inward

looking. You can’t find the answers there,

you can learn so much about yourself and the

world by talking more to those around you.

They will identify qualities in you that you

didn’t even know existed. It’s important to

be outward looking, engaged in other people

and not working with your head down

focused only on the idea of success.



Enemy Of

The Christians

Complied & Edited by Martin Vella



The Knights Hospitaller held one of the last remaining Christian

crusader outposts in Anatolia at Smyrna. They had been one of

the very few groups of Christian warriors to hold out against the

Ottomans and the Turkish horde, so when Tamerlane arrived

and offered to leave them alive and in peace (which was out of

character), they felt confident in refusing the kind offer. The walls

were attacked with siege engines and undermining, and stones

were dropped in the harbour entrance to prevent reinforcements

from assisting. The outpost fell, and all were put to death violently,

with their heads mounted on stakes after the victory.

Sivas, in what is now Turkey, came under attack in 1399. The town’s

garrison was mostly Christian Armenian soldiers. Tamerlane told

the defenders of the city that, if they surrendered, no blood would

be shed. They surrendered. He kept his word to the defenders—by

burying 3,000 of them alive.

Timur had invaded Georgia a total of seven times in his campaigns

against Christians in that area. King Bagrat V of Georgia proved to be

a hard nut to crack, and for years, Timur had attempted to persuade

him to convert himself and his country to Islam, but the king had

a strong reign and refused. The destruction wrought by Timur’s

consistent ravaging of his country, however, destabilized his hold on

power, and he lost the throne. He devised a scheme wherein he

would pretend to convert but remain a Christian secretly.

His ruse convinced Timur, and Bagrat was allowed to retake his

throne, being offered 12,000 soldiers by Timur to help convert the

rest of his country. The king told his son what he had done and

ordered him to ambush Timur’s army before it arrived at the capital.

This was done, and the army was destroyed.Timur was furious and

swore dark revenge. His troops marched through the countryside,

devastating, burning, and killing all before them. He and his army

arrived at the town of Kvabtakhevi, where the people had hidden

in a monastery for fear of their lives. The young and strong were

carried away from the town; the old and weak were run through

with swords. The remaining townsfolk were given an ultimatum:

to convert immediately or be burned alive in their monastery. The

Christians chose martyrdom and a horrible death, singing psalms to

God as the flames devoured their bodies.

Southern Georgia and Armenia suffered harshly from Timur’s

attention. The area was destroyed systematically in 1399, with vast

areas being depopulated. More than 60,000 Christian slaves were

taken into captivity when Tamerlane overran Armenia and Georgia

again in 1400. Timur returned yet again in 1403 to revisit devastation

to these Christian lands that were still suffering from his previous

visits. The Eastern Church, aka the Nestorian Christian communities

of Asia, were virtually wiped from history by Tamerlane, except in

Iraq, where some pockets still survive today.

Source: Listverese; BabaMail; BEAU BOIVIN


he Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John

of Jerusalem (Latin: Ordo Fratrum Hospitalis

Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani), also known as the

Order of Saint John, Order of Hospitallers, Knights

Hospitaller, Knights Hospitalier or Hospitallers, was a medieval

Catholic military order that became the modern Sovereign

Military Order of Malta, which remains a sovereign subject

of international law, as well as the Protestant members of

the Alliance of the Orders of Saint John of Jerusalem. It was

headquartered variously in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, on the

island of Rhodes, and in Malta, and it is now headquartered in

Rome. The Hospitallers arose in the early 11th century, at the

time of the great monastic reformation, as a group of individuals

associated with an Amalfitan hospital in the Muristan district of

Jerusalem, dedicated to John the Baptist and founded around

1023 by Gerard Thom to provide care for sick, poor or injured

pilgrims coming to the Holy Land. Some scholars, however,

consider that the Amalfitan order and hospital were different

from Gerard Thom's order and its hospital.[1] After the conquest

of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade, the organisation

became a religious and military order under its own Papal

charter, charged with the care and defence of the Holy Land.

Following the conquest of the Holy Land by Islamic forces, the

knights operated from Rhodes, over which they were sovereign,

and later from Malta, where they administered a vassal state

under the Spanish viceroy of Sicily. The Hospitallers were the

smallest group ever to colonise parts of the Americas; at one

point in the mid-17th century, they acquired four Caribbean

islands, which they turned over to the French in the 1660s. ST



Car-Free Destinations



This tiny island commune in Normandy is a famous landmark

and draws 3 million visitors a year, who come to see the walled

isle with an ancient and historic monastery. The narrow streets

mean it is impossible to bring a car and all transport is banned

here. Instead enjoy a walk and make sure you climb to the top.



It seems impossible to escape

traffic these days, even when

you are on holiday. However,

we have found some car-free

destinations where you can do

just that. Good walking shoes

are essential of course!

One of the most magical and charming cities in the world

is totally car-free, in fact it is the largest car free zone in the

whole of Europe. The 118 little islands are connected by 400

bridges so enjoy strolling through the narrow streets, take a

gondola or otherwise a water taxi to get around. Step back in

time and relax for a bit.




This is the most ancient part of Fes and is not only famous for

being home to the oldest university in the world but is also

considered to be the largest car-free urban area on the planet.

Cars are banned from the tiny ancient streets of the medina and

it is no wonder - some parts are so narrow you could barely walk

through them let alone drive a car. Best leave the wheels at home!

Have you been to any of these car-free destinations? Please

let us know by commenting below and post your own tips

and photos to Sunday Trends. ST

Credit: WAYN



Why drive when you can ski? The pretty village of Zermatt is

a car-free zone. With such breathtaking surroundings in the

shadow of the famous Matterhorn mountain, this is a place

to don your skis and forget about cars. There are over 20,000

people in the town during busy periods but absolutely none

of the chaos of noisy engines, traffic and fumes. Pure bliss. Oh

and if you do want to take the weight off your feet you can

always get a horse drawn carriage.



The beautiful medieval walled city of Dubrovnik is world

famous and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a tourist

hub and traffic is banned from the old town. There are many

churches, cafes, bars and palaces to visit without a car in sight.

The pedestrian friendly streets make it a safe place for kids too.




This small and beautiful island of 12,000 acres has pristine

beaches, maritime forests and marshes, along with a very

scenic golf course. No cars are allowed so residents and tourists

get around on electric golf buggies or on their own two feet. It

is accessible only by ferry from the nearby town of Southport.

Away from the hustle and bustle, this island is famous for its

'Loggerhead Turtle Walk', with a chance to watch the turtles

nesting on the beach.



Known for its scenery, beaches and architecture, this island is

off the coast of Xiamen in Southern China. It is a popular tourist

destination for Chinese people and is on the list of 'National

Scenic Spots’ in the country. Cars and motorcycles are banned

but the island is very small so it is easy to walk around by foot

or get a ride in an electric golf cart taxi.




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