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The House News March 2018

NEWS The best of last year! Year Xl - n° 69 March 2018 The great moments of a year that deserves to be remembered! One more The House student approved in Test! ‘‘I am Ricardo and I want to tell you my little story about my most recent accomplishment at the Toefl Test ITP and how The House School helped me to make it.’’ Abílio Borghi principal Editorial We can say 2017 was really a tough y e a r . . . F i r s t because of the economy crisis that has held the country... Global business . speaks English Ready or not, English is now the global language of business. page 2 page 14 The Happy Hour came to you!! The idea was to bring the same activities we have in our Happy Hour so that students had the opportunity to participate of a different class! pag 5 Social project FÁBRICA DE TALENTOS 2017 pag 31 In the kitchen Simple Miso page 3 fun page 30

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