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Slipstream - April 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Kruder’s Cars &

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation By Bill Kruder photos courtesy of Bob Molyneux This month’s “conversation” one could say was 35 plus years in the making. When we first met a couple years ago we learned we both had worked for J.C. Penney for well over three decades and had never met. Matter of fact my lifelong friend and mentor’s wife is best friends with his wife, yet that never came up. So it took Porsches, years after we both retired, to finally meet and strike up a friendship for the ages. So here is the next in my series of “conversations” I would like to share with you… Bob Molyneux, member since 2013, Owner 2009 Carrera (997.2) Bill Kruder: So are you originally from here? Bob Molyneux: No I grew up in Downey, Ca. and stayed there till I left for college. It was a great place to live, I was thirty minutes to the beach so I surfed as a teenager and I was about an hour from the mountains so I skied too. BK: And where did you head off to for college? BM: Well I stayed close to home for the first two years attending Cerritos Junior College. I worked out my schedule so I could surf and go to school, some days I did both (laughing). After two years there I transferred to the University of Denver and got my B.S. in Accounting. BK: What did you do after college? BM: Right after graduating college in 1973 I started with J.C.Penney. They hired me as Field 12 April Auditor out of the Denver office, which was actually a satellite office for Dallas. Now this was long before the company ever thought of moving its headquarters to Plano. BK: I understand that you moved a few times? BM: I did. I was only in Denver for three years. They then moved me to Florida and on to Detroit, then finally to Dallas. We arrived here in 1984 and have called this home ever since, matter of fact we live in the same original house in Plano. BK: So tell me how you and Anne met? BM: Now that’s kind of interesting. We met while both at U of D, I was in a fraternity and she was in a sorority and we hung in the same circles. I knew who she was but that was about it. Then about two years later I was skiing at Copper Mountain, CO. and in those days if you were going up ski lift you would yell “single” to let someone know that you needed a lift partner; to my surprise who joins me is Anne. So with that after some time we started to date. Then it was St Patrick’s Day we were at a party and my roommate said he was sure going to miss me when I moved to Florida, well I kind of neglected to tell Anne that little detail (laughing). So we did this long distance romance for a bit then married in 1977. BK: Ok let’s talk cars, what was your first? BM: My dad bought me a 1966 VW Beetle for my sixteenth birthday, think they stickered for like $2,000. BK: And what’s your memory of always wanting a Porsche? BM: I always thought they were a cool car as a kid and a guy in our neighborhood had one. But I think what really did it was when I lived in Florida and went to Sebring. I was hanging around with some car guys and we attended a race and a Vette and a 934 were racing down the track towards the turn we were in. Well when the two cars braked coming into the turn the 934 then just shot out of it. I just remember the sound of the engine. BK: Now I understand you had a brief brush with history at Watkins Glen? BM: Well not sure about history but we were at the Glen for the F1 race, think it was around 1978 and Mario Andretti was doing some pre race laps when suddenly he crashes. Well I had my 8mm video camera rolling and caught the whole thing; the friend I was with said he didn’t think the CBS cameras caught that. So we go over to the CBS tent and tell them what happened and that I caught it on film. Well sure enough they hadn’t captured it and bought my footage and used on TV for the opening segment; they paid me $400 in which we promptly bought a washer and dryer (laughing).

BK: So tell me about your car? BM: Well it’s a 2009 Meteorite Grey Metallic 997.2 over Black; we bought it in 2013 from Boardwalk Porsche and joined the club the same day. 997 along the Talihena Highway BK: I understand you and Anne attend a lot of club events? BM: We do. We try to get out to Mavs & Mochas, some of the tours, socials now and then and we have been to Palooza twice. BK: Oh yes let’s talk about Palooza; I also recall you were awarded the “buck stops here” award at Founders Day? BM: Oh geez talk about a day to remember, or as Anne would say forget (laughing). It was the first drive of what was a three day tour, the morning was just perfect. We all took off, think there 20-25 cars in the group and we head out on the perfect road. Well, the group approaches and about half the cars passed a garbage truck. We were next to pass the truck so we accelerated around the truck to find the lead cars well ahead and gone so we decide to keep the speed down to about 45 as to let the 10-12 cars behind us catch up with us. About this time I had this strange feeling that someone or thing was watching us. Well someone was! It was a deer and I swear our eyes locked on each other! Not sure who’s eyes got larger (laughing). Next thing I know the deer leaps and flies into the left front of the car, hits us and runs off into the woods. So we stop to assess the damage and decide we could continue to drive, but little did we know we were leaking radiator fluid badly and only made it another couple miles. Lucky for us one of the sponsors of the drive was Ozark Import Specialist in Fayetteville. We had the car flat bedded and they had us back on the road the next day. So there you have it! If Bob and Anne had not decided to join us for coffee at Pearl Cup for our then Porsche DFW Cars and Coffee we might have never met even after spending over 35 years with the same company. Now that’s Driving Friendships. 13

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