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Slipstream - April 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

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When 1+1=3: How Tall is Tall Enough For a Garage Lift? By Jim Hirsch photos provided by author How many Mavericks have more cars than garage space to park? After many years of living with three cars and a double garage, I made a purchase last fall that required me to re-think how to properly store all three vehicles. In the past, I simply jockeyed the cars around in the driveway as needed, with one usually relegated to the outdoor parking space under a high quality cover. Yes, severe storms, especially hail, always created some anxiety as even the best outdoor cover doesn’t provide enough padding to protect from large hail. Adding extra layers and strapping everything down was the best protection I could give. That said, back to this fall’s Porsche purchase. A long time Maverick Region member was letting go of his 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo after 24 years of enjoyment. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and convinced him I should be the next caretaker of this beautiful piece of 80’s Porsche history. That presented the dilemma – none of the three cars we currently owned could afford to sit outside any longer. I didn’t even want to think of renting or purchasing a remote parking spot since driving any of these at a moment’s whim is the point of having more cars than people in our household. The solution? A four-post parking lift. The challenge? A typical 1993 home with a 20’X20’ garage with a ceiling height of 9’ 2”. Most people said “no way” when I began researching lift options. Long story short, my research paid off with a solution that fits both Porsches in our garage with room to spare in a single spot. First, your garage door itself is a primary limiting factor. Standard height rails keep your raised door around 7’ 6” off the ground. No matter how you park a car on a lift, you will need more than 8’ of garage door clearance for that upper car to fit under the door. The easy solution? Replace the existing rails with a high-lift option (more vertical lift before going horizontal) and add a wall mounted lift opener. I used a LiftMaster 8500 series. Next, do your math. With the right lift, you only need to accommodate the combined height of the two cars you plan to park on the lift plus 8”. In my case, my cars were 50.1” and 50.4” tall, so I needed a total of 109” and had 110” height in my garage, so I was good to go. Here are my two Porsches tucked nicely into their single garage space. Of course, not all lifts work properly within that formula. You need to purchase one that has adjustable lock rails, plus needs only one inch of raise to unlock. My best advice if you’re thinking of getting a lift for your garage? Stop by and see one in operation and take as many measurements as you can to see how things will fit in your garage. Like most recommendations, our members will have all manners of favorites. I have Greg and Julia Cleath to thank for letting me spend time with their lift, even though they have a much higher garage height and depth than I do. The key to me in addition to a high quality lift is the installer. Mine spent the necessary time with me to park and re-park the Porsches in both “bunks” and then dialed in my adjustable locks perfectly. With a little studying and planning, that’s how I made 1 +1 = 3 in our limited garage space. 25

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