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Page March 28 - April 3, 2018 How to Submit Letters to the Editor Marc Maravalli, B.S., R.Ph. Publisher/Editor, The Town Common Letters to the Editor provide a useful way of communicating concerns, issues, or suggestions to all members of the community. The Town Common encourages all citizens to submit letters concerning issues of interest and concern to the local community. Letters selected for publication may be edited for length and clarity. Some letters may serve as a catalyst for other articles or coverage, and community leaders and agencies will be offered an opportunity to respond to letters concerning their areas of responsibility. All letters must be signed and include a daytime telephone number. Letters may be submitted to: The Editor c/o The Town Common 77 Wethersfield St. Rowley, MA 01969 or preferably via e-mail to: The Town Common deadline is 5pm Wednesday (except when a federal holiday necessitates an earlier deadline). The Town Common serves the communities of the Upper North Shore of Mass. & Coastal New Hampshire and welcomes your participation. Send your Organization or Group Notices, Birth or Engagement Announcements, Photos, Articles and Letters to the Editor, by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail to: 77 Wethersfield St., Rowley, MA 01969 Phone: 978-948-8696 Fax: 978-948-2564 E-mail: The Town Common Marc Maravalli, Publisher / Editor Graphic Design Services Advertising Opportunities Event and Announcement Submissions 77 Wethersfield Street Rowley, MA 01969-1713 Phone: (978) 948-8696 Fax: (978) 948-2564 The Town Common is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions, but reprint opportunities do exist for prompt notification of such errors. Advertisers should notify The Town Common of any errors in ads on the first day of issuance. No credits &/or refunds are offered or implied. All material and content cannot be duplicated without written consent of the publisher. The right is reserved to reject, omit, or edit any copy offered for publication. Copyright 2004-2017 The Town Common © - All Rights Reserved In loving memory of Liz Ichizawa, Reporter (1956 - 2005) Mansion Hill – Hardening of the Arteries for Rowley Sr. Citizens Petitioning citizens reviewed the town’s reaction to the closing of Sea view Nursing Home by the Massachusetts Division of Public Heath (DGH) Services recently which prompted this opinion letter. This group of concerned citizens sought to investigate the lack of concern by our selectmen and petition them for governmental support. The particular class discriminated against are senior citizens. In particular, the 62 citizens dear to all of us at Sea view Nursing Home. Rowley citizens think that the injustice served by a state department upon Letters To The Editor Community Announcements As a parent of two children in Rowley MA, I’ve worried for years about whether they look both ways when they cross the street, whether they get enough sleep, and whether they’re polite and respectful even when I’m not around. Some of the new things I worry about is how big their classes could be, whether they will have access to arts and sports and so many other programs, and whether they have relatively recent books and technology. Massachusetts needs to help fund our schools Community Connections Business Spotlight the way they should, so that our students can learn, thrive, and grow into adults that can make solid contributions to our communities and to society. I hope our legislators will fully fund regional school transportation, a $100 per pupil increase in state funding, and 75% Real Estate For the nursing home is a Sale tragic miss-application of governmental mussel • For Sale flexing with no compassion for the area elders served over the last 6 decades. From the news account reported on March 1, 2018 in the Newburyport Daily News, the lack of compassion and disregard of public opinion by a state agency has been demonstrated by a lack of Medicaid funding and on placing fees on Essex County Nursing homes. This excludes other (non-Essex County) facilities. Sea view Convalescent Home received a favorable decision in Superior Court in 2016 concerning their plight of the Essex County Nursing facilities. It should have ended there!!! The State appealed it an overturned that decision. These are the questions that those people about to enter the elderly class of citizens should ask: Why, pray tell, didn’t it end there!!! Why didn’t the Rowley selectmen get off their duffs to promote our elders’ desire to keep this facility open! Joseph Perry, Chairman of the Rowley Board of selectmen, said Monday, “The Board members were aware of the Nursing Home’s situation with the state, but added, “This has nothing to do with the town at all.” Why is the Sea view residents threatened in their living situation over an Essex County Fee dispute? Why didn’t the selectmen stand up at the Monday, February 19, 2018 selectmen’s meeting to defend our elders? Why do area senior citizens have to worry about a future potential, close to family and friends, landing spot? A clean, cozy, well managed, personal, close, nearby to loved ones, safe with beautiful panoramic views. Both the Rowley selectmen and the DPH should follow suit with Senator Bruce Tarr, Representative Brad Hill, Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives, Rep. James Kelcourse as well as the dozens of residents of Sea View Convalescent Home. The community demands that negotiations favor a solution to promote their protection. Are the selectmen planning on buying “commuter passes” for their family or themselves to visit convalescent home landing spots? This should be initiated by Rowley political representatives first to benefit this class of our most precious citizens being adversely discriminated against foolishly by those governmental bureaucratic powers. Why, why, pray tell, are our Rowley Selectmen not leading the pack for elder protection? Do the elders and senior citizens of Rowley feel represented? No! Is there “Hardening of the Arteries” at the Rowley town hall? Yes! Tim Toomey Former Chair – Rowley Water Board Don't miss what's important to YOU! Sign up for your weekly e-mail service at More Concerns for Parents of the Special Education reimbursement, as well as make significant strides toward funding the Foundation Budget Review Commission recommendations. That’s this year – down the road, a review of state Sports • Sports • Sports funding methods, with an eye to regional school districts, is needed as described in Senate Bill 217. If you support this, I hope you’ll let your legislators know as well. Nerissa Wallen Pets, Animals, Plus Rowley, MA Health & We Fitness Need Help From Our State As I sit and make my first attempts to write a thoughtful, provoking, factual letter, I am stuck. I’m stuck trying to wrap my head around what we are faced with. Like many of you, I wear quite a few hats. I’m a mom, I’m a volunteer, I’m a leader, I’m a wife, a small business owner, a community member, a coach, a daughter, a sister…you get my point. Each day, I wake up, and put forth my best effort in fulfilling the roles that I have taken on and keeping the promises I have made. I do it because that is who I am and I am accountable for my actions. I am writing this today on behalf of my children at home and “my” children at Triton, because I believe, that as the adults, we have a responsibility to be their voice. To be their advocate. Massachusetts is rated one of the top public educational systems in the nation. Why is it that at Triton, our children are potentially left short changed? Why is it that OUR CHILDREN are at risk to lose art programs, music, TV, language, electives, and EDUCATORS?! Why are they at risk to become 1 in dozens of faces in a classroom. Why do they take the loss? Why are our children paying the price for broken laws and funding formulas that aren’t applicable to Regional Schools? UNDER MASSACHUSETTS LAW, regional school districts which bus students are “obliged to provide transportation for all school children in grades kindergarten through twelve.” G. L. c. 71, § 16C. The statute goes on to promise that, except for students living less than a mile and half from their schools, “the commonwealth shall reimburse [regional school districts] to the full extent of the amounts for such transportation.” The last time the legislature fully reimbursed regional school districts’ eligible transportation costs was 2001! Furthermore, the very formula that was created to ensure equality and quality education throughout the commonwealth is flawed. Massachusetts’s State auditor, Suzanne Bump’s report concluded that regional school districts are still struggling with the effects of Foundation Budget formula that “underestimates and therefore underfunds costs for increasing numbers of students receiving special education services and for growing employee benefits.” These shortcomings have jeopardized my children, our children’s, right to a quality education. Our government, our society place high expectations on children’s education. Make no mistake, I believe in setting the bar high, I believe in shooting for the stars. Especially when it comes to our children. More so, I believe in providing the tools so that said expectations can be obtained. That’s why you are reading my story and I will continue to share my story in hopes others will share theirs too. Please contact your local legislators and advocate for fully funding regional school transportation and S217. Pop on: ( for more information. Thanks for reading. Warmly, Jennifer Roketenetz – Mom, Sonny (9) & Lucy (6) President, Salisbury PTA & Chair, We Are Triton

March 28 - April 3, 2018 Page 3 Easter Egg Hunt at the Nation’s Second Oldest Farm Continued from page 1 The town issued two cease-anddesist orders stopping him from booking weddings and other events. He ran into objections from the fire department that wanted him to widen the road to 20 feet to accommodate fire engines. The conservation commission insisted that he not widen the road. The building inspector declined to permit the barn. And there was some ambiguity of whether visitors could use his driveway, which is shared with the town. Faulkner asked Sabatini, “Why do they hate you so much?” She said, “They came at us with everything. It’s ridiculous.” They spent months answering questions from the town. The Zoning Board of Appeals ruled that the farm has the right to stage events. The Conservation Commission met several times on his plans and insisted that he provide additional protections for the wetlands on either side of the driveway. A Pizza Delivery That Made a Difference Continued from page 1 manager, Viken Dumeciyan, if he would deliver the order. “I was home. I wasn’t doing anything. So I said why not?” Dumeciyan said last week. He and the owner drove the pizzas through the night to the Ipswich Fire Station. They didn’t want to ask one of their drivers to make the late night run through the wind and the rain. The 20-minute ride, he said, “was Continued from page 1 serving as Cashman School’s principal, I had the good fortune of having probably the best Remedial Reading teacher in the area, Carol Dugan, on my staff and faculty,” said Peter Hoyt, retired Cashman School principal. “Carol’s kind and gentle demeanor endeared her to all of her students. She had the ability to teach struggling readers to realize success as they accessed text in a stress-free, structured, and supportive environment. Her love of quality children’s literature and her expansive repertoire of current and classic high interest books maintained in her classroom library made her a valued “go to” teacher, Hoyt said. “Colleagues frequently visited her classroom seeking advice and literary recommendations. In fact, it was not unusual for me to look to Carol for advice when considering the purchase of Reading-specific instructional materials and programs for Cashman School After installing staked sand socks on either side of the driveway, the conservation commission issued its permit. The fire chief signed off on the occupancy permit three weeks ago. And the building inspector came to the farm to offer several helpful suggestions, including adding handicapped railings. The driveway is shared jointly with the farm and the town because the town owns all but 7 of the 120 acres it bought in 2007 for $2.75 million. The public lands are used for recreation. This month, the town started using the farm’s driveway for fully loaded dump trucks to bring in loam from the Public Safety Building construction site. The loam is planned to be used to construction ball fields behind Pine Grove School. “If the driveway was good enough for 25 dump trucks, it’s good enough for our guests,” Faulkner said. When he picked up the occupancy permit, Sabatini said he dark.” There were no street lights from the Newburyport Rotary, where the Domino’s shop is, to the fire station. “We were glad to help out,” Dumeciyan said. “I’m writing this letter because as a firefighter, we have to be out there braving the conditions when on one else is,” Edwards wrote. “Your drivers came all the way down to Ipswich to help keep students and teachers. “After her retirement from the Amesbury Public Schools, I was happy to know that the students of the Barnard School in South Hampton would continue to benefit from Carol’s expertise as she continued sharing her professional life. “A cherished friend to many and a treasured colleague, Carol Dugan will be sorely missed by family, friends, and former students alike.” Carol Dugan Memorial Fund “Carol Dugan Memorial Fund has been established to honor Carol’s legacy as a reading teacher and lover of books,” said Patricia Hoyt, member of the AEFI executive board. “The Fund will be used to buy books for the school libraries where Carol taught both in Amesbury and at Barnard School in South Hampton. “The Carol Dugan Memorial Fund honors Carol’s lifelong dedication to helping struggling readers find books that they will was “humbled” by all the support he got from town residents. And he is looking forward to using the farm for local fundraising events. The first event will be the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31. Faulkner said she is expecting at least 40 to 50 children. The event is free, but the farm asks that participants donate a canned of food for the Rowley Food Pantry. Make your reservations on line at ROWLEYEGGHUNT@ gmail. com. Registration begins at 10 a.m. The hunt starts at 10:30 a.m. Faulkner said they plan to start tours of the farm this weekend. About 100 couples have contacted the farm about holding a wedding at the barn. The farm-to-table events will use vegetables grown on the farm. Other food items will be bought locally from other farms, and the wine will be purchased at Mill River Winery, which may plant vines on the farm. For more information, visit us going when no one else would. You have no idea how happy this made all of our personnel who were all very hungry.” Edwards asked in the letter to the manager to thank the drivers. What he didn’t know until last week was that the delivery drivers were the owner and manager. “It wasn’t just any pizza delivery,” Edwards wrote. “This one made a big difference.” AEFI Establishes Carol Dugan Memorial Fund enjoy.” AEFI’s mission as a non-profit organization is dedicated to providing a funding source for donations that support Amesbury Public Schools. Since AEFI was incorporated, a number of scholarships and memorial funds have been established that have a variety of special purposes. AEFI manages the funds for those who have established them, and dispenses the funds according to their wishes in ways that benefit students. Donations to the Carol Dugan Memorial Fund may be made through AEFI at https://www. Checks should be payable to AEFI Amesbury Educational Foundation, Inc., with the comment “For Carol Dugan Fund” in the lower left of the check and mailed to: AEFI Amesbury Educational Foundation Inc., PO Box 245, Amesbury MA 01913. Sea View Retreat -Since 1954 An extended Care Community Come in for a visit and compare! (978)-948-2552 •Private & Semi-Private Rooms with Baths and Beautiful Views • Medicare/ Medicaid certified • Social Services-Speech, Physical, Occupational, & Massage Therapies • Full Activity Program • and much more... The Town Common MANSION DRIVE • ROWLEY, MA • JUST OFF ROUTE 1A Rocco’s BaRBeRshop The Friendly Town & Experienced Staff Common & Family Atmosphere “Come in for a haircut and let us be your barber!” (978)948-2555 HELP WANTED: Get the Smile OLD FASHIONED You’ve Always Wanted! Experienced BARBERSHOP EXPERIENCE! Across from Agawam Diner Teeth Whitening, New Patient Special! See us on at TD Bank Plaza Come in for your new patient exam and x-rays and receive free in-office bleaching ($100 value)* Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted! 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Page Consultant Insurance today! has provided P: 978-948-8696 • F: 978-948-2564 residents of the Newburyport area with protection and peace of mind through insurance coverage on homes, motor vehicles and businesses. Contact us for any of your insurance needs: Auto Business Contact your Home Advertising Consultant Boat today! P: Condo 978-948-8696 • F: ATV/RV 978-948-2564 Renters Flood Umbrella AUTO | HOME | BUSINESS Barber Wanted Please Call 57 State Street | Newburyport, MA 01950 T 978.465.5301 | F 978.462.0890

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