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Selwyn Times: March 28, 2018

18 Wednesday

18 Wednesday March 28 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Our People Supporting young people in Rolleston •From page 17 I guess what gets me out of bed in the morning is making a difference for boys and girls who don’t have those strong role models in their life, where their parents may be absent in their life. To see them succeed and develop and become a really awesome young person and to take opportunities that come. I get a real kick out of that. I have done accounting, I was in that corporate environment. I just couldn’t sit behind a desk for nine hours a day. I really wanted to get out there and make a difference in people’s lives. Has there been anything significant in your life you have been able to share to help other people going through difficult times? I guess I come from a broken family. My parents separated when I was a teenager. I see a lot of that. My dad wasn’t a strong positive role model in my life. I guess coming out of the other side of that and going ‘what have I learnt and what do I hold onto?’ I think that has been a huge thing; to have been able to relate to those whose parents are separating. To feel their pain and feel their hurt and being shifted from one parent to another throughout the week and what that entails as well. Quite often kids are left right in the middle of that with a whole lot of things happening around them. Kids are right in the middle but not cared for. That is where I have come in and said ‘hey, I will support you, I’ll journey with you and care for you as much as I can’. What are the biggest issues in Rolleston? With the population growth the town hasn’t been able to catch up. Things for young people to get involved with and do, there hasn’t been that. It is starting to happen at a faster pace. For the first three or four years I was there, young people were really bored because all that was here was the skate park. We run a Friday night youth night as well, so that is something we have worked hard on. It is for intermediate and high school students and we have a team of youth leaders who run high energy activities. But also for high school, there’s more of that mentoring and trying to build a sense of identity, community and relationships. How have you found working in Rolleston College? This year especially I really think the culture is starting to INSPIRING YOUTH: Hope Youth Trust workers Joel Agnew, Courtney Forrest and Amy Anderson have been helping young people in Rolleston achieve their full potential. build. Last year everything was so new. This year, they have got some good policies in place and I think there is so much the young people can partake in. What needs to be done to improve Rolleston? I have spoken about this with district council people at a community level. Now that we have got a college, where do they fit in in terms of employment. We have got a massive Izone Business Hub here. Year 12 students and year 13 students as they arrive to the college- how do we transition them well into the workforce and what work opportunities are there? I don’t think that has really happened yet. How can we provide a good strong pathway for these young people to get into a workforce. How long have you lived in Selwyn? I moved there at the beginning of 2013. I love the family spirit of the community. Just walking down the streets and catching up with young people - that’s special. It is growing but has still got that small intimate setting I believe. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I enjoy running. I am a bit of an active relaxer so any kind of social sport .I have done three marathons and I am training for my next event. I am looking at doing the Rotoroa Half Marathon 2018 in May. What has been the most inspiring part of your job? I guess in our youth work we have had some pretty long serving people. It can be seen as a bit of a short term kind of profession. When I have wanted to throw it in I have thought about them. They have been through all seasons that has continued to keep me grounded, focused and finding purpose in what I do. There are people who have been doing it 20-30 years and I go wow they believed in that youth work. They believed in that profession even though it hasn’t been hugely or widely appreciated. BUSH INN PROVEDORE INTERNATIONAL FOOD MARKET Opening 2019! Development at Bush Inn Centre continues! Briscoes Homewares will open in early 2019. The Provedore International Food Market will also open in early 2019. The Provedore is a genuine alternative to supermarkets - all the basic supermarket supplies plus much more. This international food market will have a range of local, international and specialist providers from New Zealand, South East Asia, India, The Mediterranean, The Middle East and Europe. 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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday March 28 2018 19 Recognising success in our community The Selwyn Awards (formerly The Sensational Selwyn Awards), run by the Selwyn District Council, are an opportunity for the district to celebrate success within the following categories: Arts, Culture & Heritage Community Service Environmental Innovation Excellence Large Business Small Business Sport Tourism Young Achievers This year, for the first time, have your say and vote for the People’s Choice Award. All nominees are celebrated and award winners announced at the Selwyn Awards gala dinner. With incredible food and amazing entertainment this promises be THE highlight of the Selwyn social calendar. 2016 Selwyn Awards winners Agri-Business: Gladfield Malt Ltd Arts and Culture: Amelia Dunbar Community Services: Neville Sinclair Benny Environmental: West Rolleston Primary School, Te Kura o Te uru Kōwhai Establishment Board of Trustees (EBoT) Large Business: The Laboratory Small Business: COBi Digital Productions Ltd Sports: Francie Turner (represented by her father) Tourism: The Tea House Young Achievers: Elin Harris Key dates Nominations open 9 April–15 June Gala dinner tickets go on sale 28 May–27 July People’s choice voting 15 June–18 July Awards gala dinner Saturday 4 August Lincoln Event Centre For more information visit