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Selwyn Times: March 28, 2018

30 Wednesday

30 Wednesday March 28 2018 Latest Christchurch news at MY PRIDE AND JOY SELWYN TIMES Building, showing, buying and selling hot rods and classic cars You’ve probably seen it cruising around Rolleston, Selwyn, and beyond. A bright yellow ’55 Chevy pickup. It’s hard to miss. It’s the pride and joy of the fleet at Custom Made Garage Doors, and the latest in a long – and it’s really long – convoy of classic cars and hot rods that have gone through Mal Hurrell’s many garages. Mal always had an interest in cars – driving them, looking at them, thinking about them, buying and selling them. But most of all he loves building them. He’s built a lot of cars over the years, for himself, for his wife, Jill, for friends, and even for a few strangers who became friends. He bought his first hot rod in 1979, a ’39 Chevy. But he sold the wheels off it to get a deposit for a house. As you do. For a number of years he dabbled, built a really successful garage door manufacturing company, raised a family with Jill – including, she calculates, as many as a thousand foster children over their 40 years – but always in the background was that passion for building, showing, buying and selling hot rods and classic cars. “I enjoy the journey of building cars from scratch to finish,” Mal says. “I’ll take good care of them for a few years, then let them go. My passion is always to build another one.” Literally dozens of cars, he’s built. Early eAster extrAvAgAnzA modiFied invAsion Plus south islAnd streetstoCK ChAmPs (FridAy) And rAmP rACe derBy (sAturdAy) good FridAy & eAster sAturdAy 6Pm stArt on in their marriage he built Jill a ’30 Hupmobile coupe, and at the same time, he built himself a ’29 Model A coupe, hers in blue, his in pink. Go figure. Later on he built her a ’27 roadster, which they then sold on to be raffled. Someone bought if for eighteen bucks! But perhaps the sweetest of many stories is that Mal was able to buy it back many years later, and give it to Jill as an anniversary present. When Mal started his own Garage Door business in 2001, he built a ‘54 Chevy pickup and painted it bright yellow. It was the flagship for his business. He eventually sold it, but just last year he decided to get another bright yellow pickup for the business – and his hobby. This one came from LA in 2017. He spent some time sprucing it up, put the Custom Made Garage Doors branding on it (subtly) and now proudly drives it to shows, burger runs, hot rod breakfasts, and anywhere else he can. Mal’s living the dream, he reckons. The business is going well; the kids are all doing well and are an important part of his life; could be that Mal has a bit more time to build some more cars. It’s addictive, he says. “If I didn’t have a car in the garage, I’d be pining like a lost puppy.” Looking in Mal’s garage, there’s not much chance of any pining happening soon. douBledAys roAd KAiAPoi inFoline 03 364 8833 Adults $20, seniors $10, Children $5, under 5 yrs Free FAmily PAss $40 (2 Adults & uP to 4 Children 14yrs & under) 9198779AA Jones Road, Rolleston, RD 7 Christchurch Ph 347 8703 Fax 03 347 9576 Mob 027 228 2854 Email • Panelbeating • All insurance claims • Sandblasting • Spray (Bake) Painting • Truck Refinishing • Windscreen Replacments • Chassis Straightening • Motorhome Refinishing • Loan Cars 3 TRUCKS 3 CARS 3 LUBES 3 SERVICING 3 FLEET WORK 3 BOATS 3 DIESEL INJECTOR 3 & PUMP SERVICING 3 ENGINE TUNING Mon-Fri 6.45am-6pm, Sat 8am-12 noon (WOFs only) 3 BRAKES 3 MAXXIS TYRES 3 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS 3 BATTERIES 3 WOFs 3 CAMBELTS AND MUCH MORE! 839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday March 28 2018 31 MOTORCARE PROFESSIONALS Do you know what to do if you are involved in a car accident? Assuming, and hoping, that you are okay, there are some practical things you should do. Usually, the question enters your mind immediately after you’ve been in a fenderbender. But that’s too late. There are nine tips listed on R O Jones Panelbeaters’ website, plus some facts you should know about getting your car repaired. After checking everyone is okay, did you know it’s a good idea to make a quick diagram – or take some photos - of where everyone is seated, and of the direction of the cars, and where they ended up. Such details can easily be forgotten, but may prove important later. If you can, look at the other driver’s license, and make a note of the number. The tips and facts on R O Jones’ website is valuable information. When it comes to repairing your car, they are dedicated to fixing it correctly and quickly. That’s their promise. Owner, Scott Jefcoate runs R O Jones at 107 St. Asaph Street in the city. Three years ago, he also purchased Laycock’s Collision Repair at 17 Epsom Road, and he now runs that business, too. Both shops are operated with the same philosophy. A Rolleston local, he’s been in the auto body repair business since he left school. At just 24 he purchased R O Jones, and now provides quality repairs and service, factory quality painting, and high-end custom and restoration services. They also repair campervans, caravans, boats, truck cabs, fleet vehicles and more. R O Jones and Laycock’s are proud to be the preferred repairers for St. John’s Ambulances. Scott and the team know that fleet vehicles especially, but all clients, need to be back on the road again, so turnaround times are kept to a minimum. “We try and make everything as easy as possible,” Scott says. The secret to the quick turn around? “Planning. Making sure everything is ready to hit the ground running the day your car turns up here.” Insurance claims are no problem. The team at R O Jones and Laycock’s will manage the process, providing quotations and comprehensive information to all the major insurance companies, making the process stress-free and easy. Look for more information at www. and Laycock’s Collision Repair 17 Epsom Rd Ph 341 7156 R O Jones 107 St. Asaph St Ph 366 3483 Specialists in Collision Repairs From small dings to major repairs O NEW TYRES O USED TYRES O MAG WHEELS O BALANCING • Two great locations • No job is too big or small • Collision repair specialists • Free loan cars and vans • Insurance repairs, smash repairs, rust repairs, fibreglassing • From motorbikes to horse floats O WHEEL ALIGNMENT O BATTERIES 175 70R 13 RP28 $75 175 65R 14 TA31 $99 185 65R 14 RP28 $85 195 60R 15 RP28 $89 205 65R 15 RP28 $93 205 55R 16 TA31 $106 215 60R 16 RP28 $105 235 45R 17 SA07 $119 265 70R 16 RY87 $169 265 50R 20 SA07 $179 All prices included GST and fitting, only while stocks last 9/25 Illinois Drive, Izone Phone: 03 420 1852 Email: 107 St Asaph St, City Central • 0800 RO JONES • 17 Epsom Road, Sockburn • 0800 LAYCOCKS • Jones Road Auto ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS › While You Wait WOF’s › Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics › Repairs › Servicing › Batteries › Tyres Phone 347 4020 851 Jones Rd, Rolleston