What are the Main Features for Creative Resume Writing in 2018-2019


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What are the Main Features for Creative

Resume Writing in 2018-2019

Resume writing keeps evolving as time goes on, so it’s of paramount

importance to keep moving with the times. So what is new for 2018-19? To

keep you on the right track, here are some of the top ​features for creative resume


Creative resume writing - pieces of advice

1. Don’t be generic

Now, more than ever, it’s all about showing your originality. Having a custom

style is a great way to demonstrate these traits.

2. Be selective when it comes to mentioning your experience

Your ​skills and achievements on resume 2018 need to be carefully selected. For

example, you might be pretty good at X, but what’s the use in mentioning it if

it’s not really relevant to the job position you’re applying to?

3. Readability is key

In making your resume readable, splitting the text in multiple paragraphs is one

of the ways to do it. For a greater effect, make sure to use plenty of subtitles and

style the text when needed.

4. Spice it up with visual media and infographics

Nothing is worse than a resume that’s too plain and boring. To decrease the risk

of it coming across like this, spice it up by using images, videos, and

infographics. Basically, the reader must have an enjoyable time reading it.

5. It’s all about the keywords

Did you know that nowadays, people who do the hiring frequently use

automated software to comb through a sea of resumes so they can quickly

identify the most promising candidates? How do they do it, you may ask? This

one is quite easy to answer: by scanning the documents for buzzwords and

keywords! So make sure throw plenty of them in there.

6. Don’t forget to add a place where they can find you online

Whether it be social media, your personal website, or a blog where they can find

more about you, make sure not to leave it out.

7. Instead of providing boring job descriptions, add a personal note

In other words, focus on what the challenges were, how you ended up

overcoming them, and what you learned from doing this. In other words, try to

put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Ask yourself what would please you and

what you’d find interesting to read about, then structure the content in exactly

the same way.

8. Do list your accomplishments

When writing a resume, you should never be shy about your accomplishments.

Just make sure to make it interesting and readable.

9. PDF format is all the rage

This is an obvious one: no matter what type of device your resume is going to

be read on, the PDF format will always display correctly. All in all, it’s the most

professional way to present it.

10. Times New Roman is out!

New fonts are in. Just make sure it’s something readable and not too out of the



And this concludes the ​resume do's and don'ts 2018​. Have you learned

something new? Great, now make sure to use it in practice and get that dream

job you’ve always wanted!

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