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2018 ISSUE #1

Insurance Agent Bot


Hi! How can I help you


what does "claims

made" mean?



With certain qualifications,

a claims-made policy

applies coverage to

claims filed while the

policy is active.

i don't understand. why

wouldn't it?



Well, there are also

occurrence policies that

cover you...

Improving the Customer Experience

With InsurTech

InsurTech is the latest buzzword in the industry. But is it for real or

just the latest “game changer” that falls flat? An improved customer

experience may be the answer. Page 2

2 | The Current 2018 ISSUE #1

Improving the Customer Experience With InsurTech

Pundits speak of “disruption” as a foregone conclusion

when it comes to a new technology, but whether

there’s true disruption depends on how companies

deploy the technology. At their best, new technologies

enhance what’s already working while judiciously

displacing outdated or inefficient processes and

business models. The companies that benefit from

any new technology are those that deploy it in smart

ways targeting concrete business goals.

InsurTech technologies aimed at bringing efficiency,

cost savings and innovations may disrupt some

aspects of the MPLI industry over time. In the shortterm,

however, these new technologies—especially

artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning—offer

benefits now that enhance the agency/carrier model

by improving the customer experience at all phases of

the buyer’s journey.

Carriers that succeed in 2018 will be the ones that successfully

merge technology with agent interaction to create the best possible

experience for customers. 2

- Insureon CEO Ted Devine

Improved Data Analytics

While big data no longer has the buzz it

enjoyed a few years ago, the concept is still

very relevant: extract actionable insights

from massive amounts of data. With A.I.

maturing as a technology, carriers can

now analyze market trend data and buying

patterns to better understand customers,

enabling them to provide the right products

and services 1 that offer a more compelling

pitch for agents to present to prospects.

Improving the Buying Experience

A.I. technologies can inform chatbots to

handle basic queries in the early stages

of a buyer’s journey, which people tend to

prefer. 2 Machine-learning models can then

combine the data obtained from these

buyer interactions with other data and use

it to build better scripts to help agents give

the right advice to prospects at the right

time, and to better inform agents for more

complex questions. 1

Faster Claims Processing

A.I. technologies are helping carriers speed

up claim processing by reviewing paperwork

such as medical reports. Reducing the time

spent evaluating each document allows

faster claim resolution, enabling doctors to

put a claim behind them sooner. 3

By deploying InsurTech solutions to help improve the customer experience, carriers and agencies can improve customer satisfaction and

bolster both new and retention business.





2018 ISSUE #1

The Current | 3

Message From Ron Rumin

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

As our CEO Scott Diener shared in the last issue of The Current, 2017 was an exciting

and productive year for NORCAL, with new initiatives, continued growth, and a leveraging

of our collective strengths, all of which helped NORCAL grow into the fourth largest writer

of physician and surgeon MPLI nationally.* We’re very proud of these successes, but not

resting on them as we continue our efforts to remain a top-tier national carrier.

NORCAL is in an exceptionally strong position for 2018 and beyond, thanks largely

to the relationships we continue to build with you, our agency partners. Relationships

are important in all industries, but perhaps even more so in ours. As a company, our

relationships with you, as well as with our policyholders, are our primary focus and the

cornerstone of all we do, and we continue to maintain this focus in 2018.

One important way we’re strengthening our relationships with our producer partners is

with our move to a production team model. This model fosters collaboration between

business development and underwriting with the aim of customizing clients' accounts

to best fit their needs. This model will help us deliver more focused service through

strengthened relationships and an improved customer experience.

We continue our efforts to remain a top-tier national carrier and build on the combinedratio

successes of the past few years, and we continue to look for ways to strengthen

our relationships with you and our policyholders. We encourage you to pick up the phone

and call us to let us know how we’re doing, how you’re doing, and how we can help you

position NORCAL as the MPLI carrier of choice for your clients and prospects.

I thank you very much for your partnership with us and look forward to serving you and

your clients for many years to come.

Our relationships with

you, as well as with our

policyholders, are our

primary focus and the

cornerstone of all we

do, and we continue

to maintain this focus

in 2018.


Ron Rumin

Senior Vice President

& Chief Operating Officer

Albuquerque, NM

HCP available throughout New Mexico starting 3/1/18

* Data compiled from S&P Global Market Intelligence (formerly SNL Financial) on March 19, 2018 for direct

premiums written in 2017.

4 | The Current 2018 ISSUE #1


Six Organizations Receive Grants in the NORCAL Group Foundation’s

Inaugural Giving Cycle

The NORCAL Group Foundation received significant interest from many impressive organizations and programs, all

vying for limited grant dollars. We are thrilled to be able to support six exceptionally worthy endeavors working to

improve patient health care, physician wellness or patient safety in their communities.


Project Access

(Anchorage, AK)


Angel Food

(Los Angeles, CA)

San Francisco

Community Clinic


Funding will support Anchorage Project

Access in providing low-income and

uninsured Alaskans access to primary

care, dental care, hospitals, imaging

centers, therapists, ancillary and other

support services.

Funding will support the expansion of

Project Angel Food's services providing

free meals and nutrition consultations for

people living with critical illnesses.

Funding will support the San Francisco

Community Clinic Consortium SOS

program using mobile medical clinics to

bring urgent and preventive medical care

to homeless San Franciscans.

“We are extremely proud to support such worthy programs that enhance

patient and physician wellness in our communities. The sheer number of

applications received is a testament to the extent of local need, and one of

the main reasons we established the NORCAL Group Foundation.”


President | NORCAL Group Foundation

Asian Pacific

Health Care Venture, Inc.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Community Service, Education

and Research Fund of the SEDMS

(Sacramento, CA)

San Diego County

Medical Society


Funding will support Asian Pacific Health

Care Venture’s caregiver support groups

and workshops for managing diabetes

and cardiovascular disease.

Funding will support statewide and

national training opportunities for the

SMART Medical Clearance program,

which is designed to standardize

clearance protocols for psychiatric

patients in emergency departments.

Funding will support Project Access

primary and specialty care services

assisting low-income, uninsured adults

(through pro bono care) in gaining

access to specialty healthcare services

to address disability and potentially

life-threatening conditions.

New grant cycle open now! Visit for information on eligibility and the grant application process to

share with your clients and prospects.

2018 ISSUE #1

The Current | 5


REMINDER: Pennsylvania Policyholders Will Now Receive Their MCARE Assessment

and Premium Invoice Together

NORCAL has always strived to make our policyholders’ participation in the Pennsylvania MCARE program as seamless as possible. Beginning

with 2018 policy terms, we’re streamlining the process even further for policyholders by including the annual MCARE assessment on the

renewal installment invoices along with the premium amount.

2018 Proxy Campaign Kicks Off April 2 —

Prize Drawing for Early Voters

The 2018 proxy campaign kicks off April 2 for all eligible policyholders.

Two candidates are up for re-election at the annual policyholder

meeting: Alice H. Gannon, FCAS, MAAA, CPCU, and M. Diane

Koken, JD. The Annual Meeting of Members will be held on May

31 in San Francisco. All NORCAL Mutual policyholders eligible to

vote in the election of their board of directors will be notified of the

annual meeting and provided a ballot to submit their vote by proxy.

Policyholders who submit their vote by May 2 will be entered into

a drawing to win an iPad, Apple Watch or $200 gift card. Please

encourage all your clients to cast their votes by mail or online.

Voting is open until May 28. Visit for

more information.

New State Market:


NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company began offering our HCP

policy to the health care providers of New Mexico on March 1.

NORCAL offers two policy type options in New Mexico—claims

made and occurrence—to better serve the differing needs of

each medical practice. This is the 40th state in which NORCAL

operates, including the District

of Columbia.

NORCAL Moves to a New Home in San Francisco

After 20 years at the Davis Street location,

NORCAL has moved to a new home at

575 Market Street. We have embraced an

expanded remote work force model with

our San Francisco office that has allowed

greater flexibility for our teams to better

serve policyholder needs in their local

markets. We have also extended our remote

workforce model to our Pasadena office

and no longer operate a physical location

in Pasadena, beginning Feb. 15, 2018.

This greater localized reach strengthens

the service we are able to provide in all

markets, both regionally and nationally.



6 | The Current 2018 ISSUE #1


Claims Rx Offers Exclusive Monthly CME Opportunities for Policyholders

Each award-winning Claims Rx publication is available in MyACCOUNT and the MyNORCAL app (iOS and Android)

for two years after its original release date and is typically designated for one AMA PRA Category 1 Credit. As it does

every year, Claims Rx in 2018 delivers a wide range of topics to your clients:*












Managing Risk in the Physician–Advanced Practice Professional Relationship

Telemedicine Risk Management

Situational Awareness Errors Impacting Anesthesia and Patient Safety

Protecting the “Late Career” Physician/Surgeon: Patient Safety and Ethical Considerations

End-of-Life Issues and Ethical Considerations

Emerging Trends in Claims

Angry, Uncooperative and/or Non-adherent Patients

Diagnostic Error: Problems With History, Exam & Work-up

Diagnostic Error: Breast Cancer

Diagnostic Error: Issues in Radiology

Clinician Burnout and Prevention

The2018 NORCAL Group Risk Solutions & CME Activities” flyer describing the NORCAL Risk Management

program is now available in MyBOOK and at

The NORCAL Risk Management Program strives to

help our policyholders:


Decrease frequency and severity of claims


Increase defensibility of claims


Enhance the practice of medicine through education


Improve loss ratios


Improve patient outcomes


Improve patient satisfaction

Thanks so much for your

assistance — I’m thrilled

with your CME offerings.

They’re some of the

best CME I’ve found."

A policyholder who completed CME through

NORCAL’s webinars and Claims Rx

* Topics subject to change. NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical

Education (ACCME) to provide CME for physicians. NORCAL Mutual fulfilled the accreditation requirements for Accreditation with

Commendation set forth by the ACCME and was awarded accreditation for six years as a provider of CME.

2018 ISSUE #1

The Current | 7


Live Webinars and On-Demand Webcasts Offer Variety and

Online Convenience*

Live risk management presentations and webinars are scheduled throughout the year with CME credit available.

Visit for the current schedule and details.

Lessons Learned in Litigation: Reducing Risk

in the Perinatal Setting

Obstetrics has traditionally been an area of professional liability exposure:

malpractice cases alleging negligent obstetric care tend to be emotional and

expensive. However, medical practices can use risk management techniques to

prevent such claims from occurring, or mitigate damages associated with claims

that do occur. This webinar will focus on high-risk areas identified in NORCAL

claims stemming from injuries incurred during the perinatal period. Discussion of

actual closed claims will reveal how risk management strategies, such as improved

communication, follow up and informed consent can help increase patient safety

and decrease liability risk exposure.

Registration Required

To register, go to


Date & Time:

Wednesday, April 11

4:00 p.m. Pacific / 6:00 p.m. Central /

7:00 p.m. Eastern


Kelly Rinehart, RN

Senior Risk Management Specialist,

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company

Patient Follow-up and the EHR: Risk Management and

Patient Safety Considerations

Many practices use their electronic health record (EHR) systems to track and

manage patient follow-up. However, integrating follow-up into an EHR doesn’t

guarantee that follow-up occurs, nor does it correct an existing, faulty process.

Further, inadequate or poorly used follow-up systems can support negligence

allegations and shed a negative light on defendants during malpractice litigation.

This webinar will identify common deficiencies related to follow-up in the EHR that

can endanger patient care and leave medical practices vulnerable to claims. The

presentation will offer risk management techniques to improve follow-up systems

and reduce professional liability exposure.

Registration Required

To register, go to


Date & Time:

Wednesday, May 16

4 p.m. Pacific / 6 p.m. Central /

7 p.m. Eastern


Jane Mock, CPHRM

Risk Management Specialist,

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company

* Topics and dates are subject to change.

8 | The Current ISSUE 1 2018

Why Your Agency Should Consider Starting a Blog

Your clients and prospects are online, and they’re searching for information about medical malpractice

insurance. Maintaining a blog for your agency is an effective way to take advantage of this changing landscape

of online knowledge and virtual business relationships.

The Benefits of a Blog

Digital marketing experts tout the use of blogs for business growth. Because blog posts improve a website’s ranking in search results,

they can result in increased traffic to your agency’s website and increased consumer interaction, which can, in turn, lead to increased new

business acquisition.

A marketing strategy to distinguish your agency brand and reach your clients and prospects in meaningful ways is also important

because communication and access are among the top issues affecting customer satisfaction. For both new client acquisition and

improving satisfaction among existing clients, a blog—as an “always on” communication channel and source of trusted information—

offers several benefits:

Increasing Your Agency’s

Brand Awareness

Blog posts can boost your website’s

ranking in search engine results and give

your website a higher level of authority with

search engines, leading to increased brand

recognition and visibility for your agency.

Establishing Trust

Trust remains a constant factor for a good

business relationship. As your blog provides

information that directly benefits your

prospects and clients, you are also building

their confidence in your expertise and ability

to proactively understand their needs and

connect with them.

Strengthening Existing Relationships

By disseminating the specific information

your audience needs and providing an

additional communication channel to

serve them, you are controlling the online

conversation to some degree while

reassuring them that you understand and

can effectively serve their needs.

The Challenges of Launching and Maintaining a Blog

The most obvious challenges to starting a blog are time and expertise.

Hiring an outside agency or a part-time freelance writer for this purpose

may be a good option, but maintaining a blog will still require time

devoted to brainstorming, assigning appropriate blog topics and

reviewing final drafts. Despite these challenges, the benefits of a blog

for lead generation and new business acquisition make a blog worth the

effort for many businesses.

Using a blog to bring a personal touch to a business relationship may

sound paradoxical, but if technology is already driving communications—

and with younger generations, especially, who see online interactions as

inherently beneficial—making it as personal and meaningful as possible

will be more fulfilling for both you and your audience.

An expanded version of this article focused on a physician audience is available in the NORCAL Knowledge Library to share

with your clients and prospects:

ISSUE 1 2018


Proofreading Tips to Prevent Hramful Typos

The Current | 9

Typographical errors are not just a concern for fastidious grammar geeks. They can suggest a carelessness that might reduce

your credibility and could result in factual errors that could have practical implications.

When we write, our intent is to convey meaning (a high-level task), not to simply string together a set of characters. The brain

generalizes the component parts of the written word, such as letters and words. When we proofread our own work, our brain

already knows the meaning we’re trying to convey, so it will often gloss over typos.

Because the brain has this tendency to generalize the component parts of language*, proofreading your own work is not an easy task, since

the details are precisely the things proofreading looks for but the brain ignores.

The proofing tools in word processors are a good starting point, but they’re not sufficient. Combine these proofreading tips for

maximum effectiveness.

Set It Down and

Walk Away

When you come back after a

few hours or days, your brain

will be less familiar with it, and

you should be able to catch the

more obvious typos.

Read It Aloud

Slowly reading the text

out loud—being careful to

enunciate each word—will help

you identify typos you might

otherwise miss, especially

repeated and missing words, as

well as autocorrect fails.

Search for Commonly

Misused Words

Ensure correct use of similar and

oft-confused words like they’re,

there and their; it’s and its; and

too and to. Try these mental

substitutions to test usage of

these words. If the sentence

is grammatically correct after

making these substitutions, your

usage is correct. If not, make the

proper correction:

Request a Review

by a Colleague

They won’t know what it’s

supposed to say, so their brain

will pay closer attention to

details to seek meaning and will

catch more typos.

Use an Online

Proofing Service

The minimal cost might be

worth it for critical writing

projects such as a resume, a

CV or a proposal.

• Mentally expand they’re to

they are and it’s to it is.

• Mentally replace too

with also.

• Mentally replace their with

our and there with here.

An expanded version of this article focused on a physician audience is available in the NORCAL Knowledge Library to share

with your clients and prospects:


10 | The Current 2018 ISSUE #1


From the NORCAL Twitter Feed: Marketplace News You Can Use

WUWM 89.7 FM






2/12/18, 10:58AM

Why Some Doctors Thrive In

Stressful Settings, While Others


2/14/18, 4:20PM

The first blood test to help diagnose a

concussion has been approved by the

U.S. Food and Drug Administration.



2/9/18, 3:40PM


Researchers have developed ultraviolet

(UV) lamp that kills influenza virus but isn’t

harmful to human skin/eyes, according to a

new study in Scientific Reports.

2/12/18, 4:20PM

NPR Health News


OxyContin Manufacturer Says

It Will Stop Promoting Opioid

Painkiller To Doctors.




FDA clears smart watches to detect

seizures, manage epilepsy.


U.S. News


Some medical schools are

introducing elective courses in

culinary #medicine.


2/6/18, 9:22PM

2/12/18, 9:30AM

Cleveland Clinic






The 3 kinds of naps, and how

each helps you re-charge:

Harassment From Patients

Prevalent, Poll Shows.

2/6/18, 2:16PM

2/2/18, 9:22PM

For more stories like this and news about NORCAL and the healthcare industry, follow us online: @norcalmutual NORCAL Mutual

* The views stated in headings and quoted excerpts on this page do not necessarily reflect those of NORCAL Mutual or its subsidiaries.

2018 ISSUE #1

The Current | 11


Industry & Trade Show Events

NORCAL participation at events is subject to change. Check for the latest information,

including venue and registration links.

Texas MGMA 2018 Annual Meeting

San Antonio, TX

Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Association

(TOMA) Convention

Nashville, TN

Alaska MGMA 2018 Annual Conference

Girdwood, AK

American Association of Orthopaedic Executives

(AAOE) 2018 Annual Conference

Orlando, FL

California MGMA 2018 Annual Conference

Sacramento, CA

Georgia MGMA 2018 Annual Conference

Savannah, GA

2018 New England Regional Practice Management

Conference (NERC)

Cape Neddick, ME

Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk

Management (SCAHRM) 38th Annual

Educational Conference

Rancho Mirage, CA

2018 Nevada MGMA Annual State Conference

Reno, NV

2018 MGMA-Missouri Spring Conference

Osage Beach, MO

2018 OR/WA MGMA Annual Conference

Portland, OR


4 – 6


5 – 8


5 – 7


14 – 17


19 – 21

April 29 –

May 1


2 – 4


2 – 4

May 3


6 – 8


9 – 11

Risk & CME Events

Please visit for event registration details

and for a list of all CME events as they’re scheduled. Some live

and webinar-based events are open to non-insureds. See activity

descriptions on the site for details.

Live CME Webinars

Lessons Learned in Litigation: Reducing Risk

in the Perinatal Setting (See page 7)

Patient Follow-up and the EHR: Risk

Management and Patient Safety

Considerations (See page 7)

Live On-Site CME Events

Pain Management & Opioid Prescribing: Keeping Patients Safe

Northbrook, IL

April 17, 5:30 – 8:00 pm

Office Closures

All NORCAL offices will be closed on the following date:

May 28






The new NORCAL Coastal Series will focus on enhanced

producer education to provide added value for your agency, as

well as more one-on-one time with NORCAL team members.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect!

Baltimore, MD: May 14-15, Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Hotel

San Diego, CA: May 23-24, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

* Topics and dates are subject to change.

6034 West Courtyard Drive, Suite 310

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Customer Service, Billing, Underwriting, Sales | 844.4NORCAL

Risk Management | 855.882.3412

MyBOOK Producer business portal | Log in at

Claims Reporting | 800.416.0791


Please report changes to agency information, including

the following, to

Personnel changes

Changes to email, phone number or staff names

Changes to agency name, locations or mailing


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