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Selwyn Times: April 04, 2018


DID YOU KNOW... 50% OFF 50% OFF Autumn colour is easy to achieve in gardens and pots. Add texture and contrast by incorporating autumn/winter flowering plants like polyanthus and helleborus with the dramatic foliage colour of heucherella. Don’t forget to incorporate plenty of sheep pellets at the time of planting for an extra nitrogen boost, and keep your fingers toasty with the ever popular showa gloves. $12 . 99 PAIR Showa Gloves Great quality and bright colours. 6 Varieties $7 $ 14.99 . 49 EACH 5 Varieties $6 $ 9.99 . 99 EACH Heucherellas Grown for their foliage colours and variations, but they can also offer a charming floral display. Great for a shaded garden or pots. Helleborus One of the best winter flowering plants with beautiful, open, cupshaped flowers that provide welcome splashes of colour during late winter and early spring. Liriope Muscari This hardy, low maintenance perennial has clumps of arching, glossy, grass-like evergreen foliage and produces small, showy, lilac-purple flowers through the summer. 31 % OFF $7 $ 14.99 . 49 EACH $ $ 12 18.99 . 99 EACH Trachelospermum Jasminoides Also known as the Chinese Star Jasmine, this plant doubles as a climber or groundcover and bears clusters of small star-shaped white, fragrant flowers. $ 17.99 10 . 99 50% OFF $2 $ 4.59 . 29 Polyanthus Pacific Giants The winter garden staple, pretty shades of extra large mixed flowers. Great in pots, patio boxes or in the garden. Frost hardy. 9 PACK $ Sheep Pellets An excellent soil conditioner. $ 14.99 8KG 28% OFF Huge Selection $4 $ 6.99 . 99 EACH Oderings Perennials A massive selection of popular and more obscure varieties. Great garden fillers.