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Safety First: Reducing risk on Mona Vale Rd. We Will Remember: ANZAC Day. Tina Harrod: Island Life. 40 Years' Courtship: Careel Bay Tennis Club

Palm Beach in a spot


Northern Beaches Council

says it will welcome

an application for a

memorial bench from the Palm

Beach Whale Beach Association

to recognise the contribution

of lifetime resident Herminie

Swainston who passed away

suddenly last month (see p71).

Ms Swainston had been a key

liaison representative in the ongoing

consultation with Council

in the design and construction

of the walkway linking Palm

Beach Wharf with Governor

Phillip Park.

Ms Swainston pointed out to

Council that its planned route

at the northern end of the walkway

would see up to nine muchused

car parking spaces, mostly

used by members or visitors to

Palm Beach Golf Club, lost and

the unnecessary narrowing

of Barrenjoey Road at its most

dangerous point (pictured).

But Council said the narrowing

of lanes to 3.8m each was

a Roads and Maritime Services

(RMS) requirement and an

attempt to slow vehicles down

– and a requirement regardless

of the pathway location.

General Manager Environment

and Infrastructure Ben

Taylor told Pittwater Life that

safety was the key factor.

“The northern end of the

walkway will provide the safest

possible path, minimise the

removal of trees and also maintain

parking,” Mr Taylor said.

“We have designed the walkway

to maximise safety of pedestrians

and will also provide

access to the current informal

path as requested by Ms Swainston,”

he continued, adding the

design of the walkway had gone

through several independent

Road Safety Audits as required

by RMS.

“The construction of the

Palm Beach walkway is expected

to be complete in July 2018,

Case #1

a key milestone of our incredible

36-kilometre Palm Beach to

Manly walkway,” he said.

PBWBA member Mitch Geddes

said Ms Swainston believed

the walkway was so important,

and in such a special location,

that it had to be done properly –

“without compromise”.

“Her recent hand-drawn

sketches involved walking up

and down the hill near the

northern end of the walkway

many times with measuring

tape in hand,” Mr Geddes said.

“These sketches helped the

PBWBA understand that Council

was placing the northern

section of the walkway in a

location that would threaten the

continued use of highly-valued

car parking spaces, or would

otherwise cause Barrenjoey

Road to be narrowed here unnecessarily.

“Herminie knew that to properly

understand the issues here

required a formal sketch from

Council showing the walkway

location with respect to property

boundaries and traffic lane


He added her request for a

formal sketch had not been

actioned by Council.

– Nigel Wall

18 APRIL 2018

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