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Players tackle Coward’s ‘crazy love’



Set aside the evening

of May 5 – that’s when

Manly-Warringah Choir and

orchestra will present their

‘Strictly Mozart’ program

at the Cardinal Cerretti

Chapel in Manly. Organisers

promise you’ll be entranced

from the moment

the orchestra bursts forth

with the very familiar and

youthfully exuberant opening

sequence of Mozart’s

Symphony No. 25 – indeed

the two main works were

popularised in the film

Amadeus. The Requiem

reflects profoundly on the

beauty and magnificence

of life, as the music ranges

from delicate to thunderous

and everything in

between. It is a work loved

and admired by musicians

and audiences around the

world for over 200 years.

Bookings and info 9953

2443 or manlywarringahchoir.org.au


Amanda (Karen

Pattinson) and Elyot

(Dan Ferris).

Anyone who has ever

been in love will

agree it can sometimes

drive you ‘bonkers’ –

which gets to the heart

of the Elanora Players’

new production of Noel

Coward’s classic ‘Private

Lives’ which premiers its

nine-performance run at

the Elanora Community

Centre on April 20.

Director Sarah Lovesy says

‘crazy love’ is the undeniably

scrumptious theme of the


“The plot outline is intimate,

funny, sensuous and full of

coincidences,” said Sarah. “This

theme interrogates the idea

that ‘do you opt for love that is

safe and comfortable or do you

opt for something that burns

fiercely and brightly but is incredibly

destructive?’… this is a

very contemporary question.”

Elyot and Sibyl are newlyweds

and are on their honeymoon.

Coincidently, Amanda

and Victor are honeymooning

right next door to their suite,

with an adjoining patio. Nothing

too strange about this –

except that Amanda and Elyot

used to be married to each

other a few years back.

“Now they find the moonlight

and their nearness irresistible

and all their romantic feelings

for each other come flooding

back, causing them to abandon

their new spouses,” said

Sarah. “The poor, bereft and

much saner spouses, Sibyl and

Victor, are left to ponder how it

all could have gone so

terribly wrong so horribly

fast.” Into this mix

comes Louise, the French

Maid, whose inability

to speak English and

her incomprehension of

the bizarre occurrences

in the Paris apartment

provide great comedy

(although written in 1930

this production is set in

France in 2018).

The cast are Dan Ferris as

Elyot Chase, Lela Keighley as

Sibyl Chase, Michael McCrann

as Victor Prynne, Karen Pattinson

as Amanda Prynne and

Iwona Abramowicz as Louise

the French maid.

Performance dates are April

20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, 28th at

8pm, with Matinees at 3pm on

21st, 22nd, 28th and on e 11am

show on the 22nd.

Booking on 9982 7364 or


com.au. More info at elanoraplayers.com.au.

– NW

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